Latest Oilers and Maple Leafs Trade Rumors – November 1, 2012.

Could the Edmonton Oilers be planning a major trade post-lockout? Could the Toronto Maple Leafs trade Jake Gardiner? Read on to find out.


Could Sam Gagner be part of a major post-lockout trade?

OILERS NATION: Jonathan Willis of The Edmonton Journal recently noted Bob Stauffer of 630 CHED had reported he expects the Oilers to make a “wow factor move” in player personnel once the lockout ends. He noted Stauffer has a “better batting average” in getting things right regarding moves by the Oilers.  Willis went on speculate which areas the Oilers need to address (defense, center and goal), suggesting forward Magnus Paajarvi, Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner could be potential trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last month Roberto Luongo was considered all but certain to end up with the Toronto Maple Leafs post-lockout. Now, it also appears the Oilers could make a significant move. Perhaps they might try to land Luongo? Reports out of Vancouver claimed the Oilers had made a pitch for him. Speaking of Luongo and Toronto…

VANCOUVER PROVINCE:  Jason Botchford reported Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner, currently playing for the AHL’s Marlies, is likely too valuable for the Leafs to include in a trade for a goaltender like Roberto Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks wanted Gardiner as part of the return from the Leafs for Luongo, but it appears obvious GM Brian Burke won’t move the young blueliner. If Luongo is shipped to Toronto post-lockout, I don’t believe Gardiner will be part of the deal.


  1. The headline had me thinking a Leafs-Oilers deal! LOL
    I don’t put much stock in Luongo going to Edmonton (division rival) or Gardiner leaving the Leafs, anyone who says otherwise either has an extremely deep inside scoop or is bored that hockey has not started yet and is just rambling…

  2. Well, although possible, I doubt Burke trades Jake Gardiner to anybody. Luongo has a full NTC so he can veto any trade to any team and with the lockout on, nobody can go anywhere until the new CBA is in place.

  3. More blah blah blah from people just comming up with trades.

    • More blah blah blah from someone who needs to stop reading the RUMORS section.

      • Boo yah!

  4. Luongo will never go to Edmonton, for division reasons, rivalry reasons and for the fan reaction. Given Kats poor PR summer, any move to draw Luongo would be disparaged throughout the city. Now if the team was litereally “one player away from a cup” and Luongo fit that bill, then maybe…..but there is no way with a rebuild finally starting to reap rewards, they take on the term of Luong, especially with YAK/NUGE/SCHULTZ to be resigned in the next 2 years.

    One player who might be moving besides those you mentioned, is Omark. He is flying right now with the Wings Zetterberg and Brunner. Since he is not a part of Oiler plans, and Detroit would love to get a bit younger, I could see the Wings throwing something at the Oil for Omark.

    The rumours I have heard is that the Oil might be willing to move any or multiples for the players you mentioned for a player or two of the Kassian/Foligno mold. Young, big, mean wingers with hands to put create two solid lines, Hall at center/Yak and Foligno, EBS, Nuge and Kassian. Now I am not saying those are the exact players (god I would love to get the Foligno brothers) but players who fit that bill.

  5. scott, we are aware of your position.

  6. I cannot see Luongo going to Edmonton, if he had a choice between Edmonton and Toronto> From a hockey point of view, Edmonton might win him over, but on all the other tangibles, weather, proximity to family in Montreal and Florida, playing in the biggest hockey market in the league, there is no contest. If he wants to prove he is still topflight, he will get all the attention and media in Toronto he can handle. Frattin is the carrot that Gillis wants. He knows Gardiner is untouchable. I like Frattin, but he is a winger, its a lot easier to replace a winger than a puck moving defenseman.

    Yes, Edmonton needs help in goal. I can see a trade with Edmonton and Los Angeles. One of their young forwards like Pajarvi or Hemsky for Jonathan Bernier. LA needs to keep stocking up their forwards and Bernier wants out. Done deal.

  7. Ha ha, Scott….you got SERVED!!!!

  8. Neither Edmonton or Vancouver will get Gardiner. Sure Toronto NEED’s help up front (1C), but neither Edmonton or Vancouver are offering that. The absolute ONLY way either team gets Gardiner, is if this type of trade goes down:

    To Toronto: RNH
    To Edmonton: Gardiner + Kadri

    To Toronto: Kesler + Luongo
    To Vancouver: Gardiner + Kadri + Bozak + 2013 1st Round Draft Pick