Latest Oilers, Coyotes and Avalanche Rumor News – February 13, 2014.

Are the Oilers shopping Nick Schultz? Will the Avalanche trade Ryan O’Reilly? Are the Coyotes in “sell” mode? Read on for the latest.

Could the Oilers shop Nick Schultz?

Could the Oilers shop Nick Schultz?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis suggests if the Oilers intend to showcase defenseman Nick Schultz for a trade, they should put him on the third defense pairing where he belongs. Schultz is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though only 31, Schultz’s stock is in decline. Part of the reason could be playing for the woeful Oilers in recent years. If the Oilers shop him (and I expect they will) they shouldn’t expect much of a return.

NHL.COM: Dave Vest reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney said he’s not in “sell” mode and prefers to add to his roster when the Olympic trade freeze is lifted on February 23. He acknowledged the difficulty of doing so with only five teams around the league prepared to move players for younger assets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams like the Coyotes looking to add will only have a narrow window of opportunity leading up to the March 5 trade deadline. Maloney’s status as a buyer could change during that period if his club struggles post-Olympics and they slide down the standings.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater recently reported the following via Twitter: “Ryan O’Reilly will not be traded this season, per sources.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: O’Reilly’s name popped up last month in the rumor mill because the one-year restriction on trading him lifts on February 28. The Avalanche matched an offer sheet for O’Reilly from the Calgary Flames last February 28, so under NHL rules they couldn’t trade him for one calendar year. Given O’Reilly’s importance to the Avs improvement this season and the front office changes last year, he wasn’t going anywhere this season. For that matter, I don’t believe he’ll be dealt this summer, expecting the Avs to re-sign him to a lucrative long-term extension.


  1. Ryan O’Reilly’s Qualifying Offer will be $6,500,000.

    • Yep which will put them over 60 mill with 16 guys signed so about 10 mill for 6 players including Stasny and 3 others in their top 9 (Cliche McGinn and Wyman) ….they are going to have to make a move or 2.

      • They are pretty loaded at center, but need a top 6 D-man. I still think they’ll do a trade. I think in today’s world of hockey – the only untouchable is Sid.

        • I agree and a good trade partner would be Buffalo and Tyler Myers. Last week Tim Murray was on an Ottawa radio show and said Zadorov, Ristolainen, Pysyk and McNabb are his defensemen of the future, no mention of Myers who is still young at 24. Myers has played much better under Nolan. This trade of equally young players would meet the needs of both teams,

      • The QO only counts for the minimum to retain ROR’s RFA rights, which is a one year offer. The two sides can agree to any contract they want. Based on Landeskog’s and Duchene’s deals, expect ROR to get five years and $5.5M/yr.

        The real question is what to do about Stastny. He is proving to be a very valuable two-way player and the team could use his services to make a deep playoff run. I guess they’ll see if there’s any trade offers, but I’d be more inclined to trade McGinn or PAP.

        • Ya the Avs need to keep Statsny in the loop. But IMO he will leave for greener pastures.

          Teams like Florida have the green light to spend up to the cap and will give players like Statsny stupid money.

        • After the season he is having, you honestly expect him to accept a $500K raise and sign in for 5 years??
          The term maybe right on, but the raise doesn’t seem right. Especially after him holding out last time and signing an offer sheet.
          I think he will ask for another raise closer to the $6.5 M per. Whether he gets it or not is a different story. Maybe not from the AVs.

          • You don’t flush a 30/30 player sith ZERO PIMs down the toilet. Roy is a smart cookie and will get him under contract.

  2. Moot point about O’Reilly since THERE ARE NO TEAMS offering up top two pair defensemen, right?

    Starting to think in most cities the scribes in charge of hockey understand little about making trades.

    • That’s one of the best things about this site…the more you visit and read the links and read through spec’s thoughts on it you’ll see how much these ‘experts’ just make things up so it seems.

      • Eklund is hilarious with this… Lol…

  3. Colorado will not have a five million third line centre. All hinges on stasney. If they feel he will walk they could move him. The only issue is the team us doing great this year. I don’t know what they will do

    • They are doing well but are they a legitimate threat? This is what Sakic has to figure out, if they are still a year or 2 away they might as well deal Stasny at the deadline to improve down the road. There is no point in keeping him going out in the second round, if you can move him for a more affordable piece or pieces that will be in need during their “window” as mentioned 4 of their top 9 forwards and 3 of their D are all rfa or ufa this year as well as their backup goalie. If they Keep ROR and sign him long term it will be tight, unless they deal Parenteau but at that point you need to fill yet another roster spot.

      • It really depends on how healthy Tanguay is. He’s staying for sure, but he’s had nagging injuries. The Avs could really use a #2 defenseman to take the load off Hejda’s shoulders. Apparently he’s really worn down as the games pile up.

    • Ummm they don’t have $5 mill dollar third line center. Duchene is their 1C and Stastny is their 2C, O Reilly has moved to wing and is playing great their, they will be able to keep all three as they will be moving PA’s $4mill via trade soon enough.

      • Still kinda tight, 14 mill with 8 guys to sign if they keep him as you suggested looking at 5 or 6 for Stasny. Leaves 8 mill for 7 guys some of which are pretty important roles not million dollar types.

        • Schticky… I’m not sure what your talking about? If the Avs re-sign ROR at $6.5 mill and Stastny at $6 mill, then trade PA they would have almost $21 mill with 7 players left to sign. Out of those 7 they need to re-sign McGinn and Barrie, who won’t cost that much, maybe $3-4 mill for both. Like I said before they will be fine.

      • I think the Avs are at least two decent defencemen (1 top 4, 1 bottom 4) away from being a real threat for the cup IMO. They kind of remind me of the pens. Nothing to great on the back end and everything at the forward spots.

      • Small math error (thats what I get for not opening capgeek) I do apologize, but if you sign ROR and Stasny for say 13 mill its 57 mill (which is assuming neither get much of a raise) with 17 players signed minus Parenteau 16 guys 53 mill. So that leaves 17 mill with 6-7 guys left to sign and a team with little besides Johnson and Hejda as top 4 d (is Hejda really a no. 2?) No Back up goalie, McGinn is going to cost more than 2 mill to resign, Cliche is going to need big raise or there is another top 6 spot, Wyman theres another over a mill….its not going to be as easy as you make it seem. Its tight no matter how you cut the cake.

        • Like all the work you put into that Shticky…

          I think one of ROR or Statsny will have to leave. Especially with the holes on there defense.

  4. If you only have 5 teams as sellers, that means asking prices will be VERY HIGH for rentals.
    Guessing that for a lot of teams they will try and make a deal for long term fix rather
    than a rental deal.

  5. Just a general comment. One of the things that I see all of the time is we should deal this guy for something rather than let him walk for free, or unless you feel you can win the cup why bother holding someone and going out early. I just have a few comments to this when considering trades.

    1. When you are in the playoffs anything can happen, so you do want to keep your guys just incase they click and hit at the right time and make it to the finals.
    2. This all makes sense from a fan perspective, but from an owner perspective they want/need to make money. Playoff revenue helps with that, so if a team holds someone and is knocked out round two or three and everyone “knew” they wouldn’t make it, you are forgetting the revenue those extra games brought in. Sometimes that additional revenue can be more valuable than the player themselves.

    Just a thought.

    • I don’t think the Avs are worried about losing Stastny in free agency. Duchene, ROR, and MacKinnon can all center top-6 lines. Mitchell, Talbot, and Cliche center checking lines. Stastny can help the team in this year’s playoffs, and you can use his cap savings next year on a defenseman via free agency or trading prospects and draft picks

  6. Regarding the Nick Schultz trade rumor out of Edmonton, what might be fair return? A mid pick? A so-so prospect? or a roster player for roster player? Granted I being an Oiler fan, don’t see much of a return coming back for us either. At this point, since we have no chance of making the playoffs yet again, I’d consider trading away as many vets as they can who are not in the future plans of this team. Then taking back as many picks or prospects as they can. Players I see of note packing their bags would be, Schultz, Hemsky, Jones, Joensuu, maybe Potter & Belov? And even though they just picked him up and still has a bit of a contract left, maybe Hendricks? I haven’t seen him play enough to know how is worth is to this team. I guess he’s supposed to be like a forth line centerman but looks like he’s playing on the wing at the moment. But yeah, if we can unload some older talent who are kinda out the door anyway, and just play as many younger guys as they can. Bring up some talent from OKC. I’d hope if they do get some players back in return, they should try and get some younger guys who they can work with for next year. Anyway, for Schultz, I don’t see much coming back. I’d like to see like like a prospect and maybe a 3 rounder? Too much? Or not enough? 2nd rounder? ;p