Latest Oilers, Flyers, Panthers & Rangers Rumors – November 9, 2013.

Are the Oilers and Flyers trying to work out a deal with each other? Are more moves coming for the Panthers? Could the Rangers shop Michael Del Zotto?

Are the Oilers pursuing a trade for Wayne Simmonds?

Are the Oilers pursuing a trade for Wayne Simmonds?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis has the roundup of Friday’s rampant speculation claiming the Oilers were on the verge of shipping winger Ales Hemsky to the Philadlephia Flyers, including reports from Twitter which finally rejected those rumors.  Willis suggests if the Oilers are keen to acquire a big, physical forward they should set their sights upon Tomas Kopecky of the Florida Panthers.

Jim Matheson, meanwhile, breaks down the signing of Ilya Bryzgalov and the trading away of defenseman Ladislav Smid by the Oilers, noting they’ve cleared $3.5 million in cap space which could be put toward adding another player, like Philadelphia’s Braydon Coburn (whom they pursued last summer) or Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds.  Smid’s agent told Matheson he feels the Oilers aren’t done dealing.  As for rumors yesterday claiming the Flyers were pursuing Jordan Eberle, Matheson doesn’t believe the winger will be dealt.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector believes the Oilers are indeed working hard to acquire Wayne Simmonds from the Flyers. He claims Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is willing to listen to offers for anyone on his roster except Claude Giroux and Steve Mason. He also noted the rumors Hemsky could be headed to an Eastern team but doubts the Flyers are the destination.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports a league source claimed the Flyers had interest in Jordan Eberle but that was dismissed by the Oilers as “laughable”. Panaccio believes the Flyers are in need of a major move if they’re to avoid missing the playoffs for the second straight season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers want a true impact player, which explains their rumored interest in Eberle, but the Oilers won’t part with any of their young forwards.  I also don’t believe Nail Yakupov would be of interest to the Flyers, not because he’s Russian but because he’s yet to reach the point where he can be considered a true impact player.  

The Oilers would love to land Simmonds, but the Flyers won’t part with him for Ales Hemsky. They’ll want a substantial player in return. Same goes for Coburn.  While I don’t doubt the two teams have talked, I don’t see where there’s a deal which could be to their mutual benefit. To land Coburn and/or Simmonds, the Oilers would have to part with a player like Eberle, and they won’t do that.

The Oilers probably aren’t done dealing and I don’t doubt Holmgren is desperately shopping around for help, but it doesn’t seem like the two teams can work out a deal between themselves.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon claims the firing yesterday of his coaching staff is the first of many moves to come for the club if they don’t improve under the new coaching staff. “This is just the beginning of our changes that need to be made”, said Tallon. “If our players don’t respond to this, then they won’t be Panthers for very long”. LeBrun believes the only untouchables on the Panthers are young players like Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov. The Panthers also put defenseman Ryan Whitney on waivers yesterday. Of the Panthers veterans, Dmitri Kulikov has garnered the most interest.  LeBrun also reported via Twitter Tallon has tried “might hard” to find a trade fit over the past two weeks.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough lists Tomas Fleischmann, Marcel Goc, Jesse Winchester, Shawn Matthias and Tom Gilbert among those veterans who could be shopped soon by the Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers have been on an endless loop for years through several general managers. Lots of talk of untouchable youngsters and available veterans, but no real improvement in the club’s fortunes.  Wash, rinse, repeat. Expect a fire sale of veteran Panthers starting near the trade deadline and carrying on into the summer.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks noted the poor play and reduced ice time this season of Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto, who could soon be benched if his play doesn’t improve. Brooks believes Del Zotto could be had on the trade market, but the Rangers would need a defenseman capable of playing 19 minutes per game on their right side. Though the Oilers, Flyers, Sabres and Panthers are willing to make trades, Brooks doesn’t believe Del Zotto is a fit with those clubs.


  1. Oiler’s gave up a major shot blocker…….and will now give up more goals per game as a result. Oh, they also signed the craziest goalie possible. When is this team gonna be ran properly? Yesterday Oilers were a 9.2 on the joke’o’meter, ratings improved this morning to 9.7. Hows that Mac T?

    • The thing is, let’s say Bryz is actually not bad, and he’s ready to play up to a high standard. (I don’t think that’s true, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it’s correct):

      How the heck is he supposed to have any success goaltending behind an already weak defense that just got weaker?! No chance he can succeed. The moves make no sense to me.

      • Its the only way the Oilers can get a #1 NHL goalie witout having to make a trade for a potential UFA that will not resign with them and then having to give up a quality asset and loosing out on the deal in the end if they dont resign i.e Jonas Hiller or Ryan Miller type scenario …they pretty much had no choice !!!

      • it’s not rue. Bryzgalov sucks

    • You are absolutely right DChamp. The question for Mac T is how does trading away Smid make us tougher to play against especially in front of our already beleaguered goalies? I hope Mac T does make a pitch for Derek Engeland from Pittsburgh. As for Eberle to Philly as long as we get Coburn and Simmonds in the deal. I say do it Arcobello is better suited as a center and we could/should move Gagner’s to right wing.

  2. All I am going to say is that its ….OPEN SEASON… right now on the trade front and any QUALITY move for some of these teams can be had or take them in a new direction and improve them and shake things up may happen ….so most of you who post and say… that will never happen …. they will never get rid of him for that ….WATCH YOUR TONGUES !!!! Their could be some major player moves on a number of teams Oilers , Flyers Panthers are the obvious some big names will find some new homes very soon !

    OILERS – I have no idea why the Oilers traded away there only physical D man ????
    Luke Schenn would fit in nicely there as a replacement !! Hes still young and has an upside of development with Eakins !
    If your talking Eberle Id want Giroux in that conversation as well !!

    I would put… R N H …on the block hes highly skilled but to small for a #1 Center on Edmonton and he can fetch you the absolute best return right now in multiple impact players in a multi player deal !

    If I was the Oilers Id look to make 2 moves right now #1 for Luke Schenn and Simmonds and # 2 with Florida for Flieschman and Gudbranson ….I would also look to trade again with Calgary for Baertschi as he is an awesome set up man and would be unreal with Eberle and Hall !!

    There is also a very good propect in Anahiem that Ive followed that would or should be on the Oilers radar for a solid stand up physical D man who is young and hungry :
    KENTON HELGESEN 6′ 2″ 186 MAR 19, 1994 19 GRAND PRARIE, AB, CAN

    He can most likely be had for a mid level prospect or depth player in a trade !!

    • I so agree. I’d move rnh and eberle for Laughton, both schenns plus. If they can grab an extra pick too so they can flop it for a goalie good

  3. The rumours of Hemsky for Simmonds or Coburn are just laughable, I know Holmgren has made some questionable trades he is not that stupid. Oilers couldn’t give away Hemsky at the draft, and he still doesn’t have much value. I agree Lyle if they want those guys Eberle needs to be included.

  4. Both Philly and Edmonton need to make serious major trades but I don’t think they would make good trading partners. I’m not sure Nonis would move his as he is needed but Philly needs a Phaneuf type player since Pronger went down. Toronto needs a center and might be willing to part with a defensemen now that Fraser is back. A guy like Gardiner who developement has stalled and gone backwards this season. Remember when he was untouchable? I pretty sure he is available at the right price. The good news for both the Flyers and Oilers is they do have the trade chips to improve their teams fairly quickly but I think they both need new GM’s making the moves. Both have quality players or in Edmonton’s case potential quality players that would do better else where and could command a decent return.

    • Back Checking
      Not sure that Ducks would trade Helgesen at this point. Ducks are deep in young forwarders, deep in goal and thin on young D-men. Remember they lost Schultz and
      Gardiner so they are thin there. Also Bob Murray stated a few weeks ago that he was interested in finding a young puck moving d-man ( don’t all GM’s want them ?).

      • Him not making the club leaves him as an asset to be traded …I would look to acquire him if I was another team this point the Ducks need to look down the road to replace both Koivu and Selanne and may have to part with some youth to do so and a solid D man is in high demand . WHO KNOWS???
        If I was a GM Id inquire thats all!


        • Backchecking
          I know what your saying but I don’t think replacing Selanne and Koivu is the biggest concern. Ducks have Etem, Bonino, Rakell, Palmieri, Smith-Pelly and
          Silfverberg up now and down the road a year or two away are two Gems in Roy @ Notheastern and Kerdiles @ Wisconsin. Bigger concern is replacing Bryan Allen and Souray on defense. Very thin here. Have a great day.

          • Ducks have looked great ….what a fricking goal by Getlaf last night in the slot top left corner on Miller for his second …absolute ROCKET !!! WOW!!

  5. On a side note I d also say that Edmonton should look into Evander Kane …hes on the outs in the Peg and has the size and skill they need and Oilers have many pieces that Jets could use as well even if it takes a 3 way deal to make it happen !

    • I agree with you BC as a Oiler fan I would love to have Evander Kane on the Oilers but at what cost? Mac T has limited chips to play here and he is showing himself as a over spender in his deals here. A lateral move at a position we already are set at helps us how?

      • I feel RNH is to small and will be injury prone his whole career ….Id look at that deal along with another piece …..

        Ryan Nugent Hopkins – Lander – Klefbom & 2nd Rounder 2013
        Bogosian – Kane – Setagouchi

      • Mact hasnt really over spent on any trades he got perron for pajarvi great pick up he got rid of horcoff I belive for larson but lets be honest a bag of pucks would have done the trick he got an amazjng goalie in the smid trade horak has some potential right now it definitely looks like calgary won that deal but I think you well see in a couple years brissot was a great pick up mact over spends on free agents forsure I feel like im sticking up for mact which is weird cause I think hes a horrible player coach and gm hes best knowen for faceoffs and not wearing a helmet and pronger took them to the finals not mact im curious on the next move cause I think its going to be a blockbuster and edmonton is going to look good on it

  6. Lyle – I’ve been a Flyer fan since going to my first game as a 7 year old in 1972, and this has to be the most painful season I’ve ever witnessed – even more so than the 2006-07 55 point effort. It seems to me that the combination of horrible trades over the years: Brind’amour, Lupul, Fedotenko, Williams, Richards, Carter, Van Riemsdyk etc. and the decimation of their farm system along with an almost nepotisitic management system dedicated to hiring retired Flyers has doomed this team for 40 years now. I realize they have had great seasons along the way, but they always seemed to be missing a key element(s), usually a goalie, to truly compete for the Cup. Mason seems like the real deal, but the entire team in front of him is like a group of ill fitting parts that just don’t work together. If you owned the Flyers – what would you do? It seems like a mess of epic proportions that will take at least a few seasons to fix.

    • CT–

      go to the article that Snider is frustrated. read the message board. i have about 6 posts today that explain why your opinions here are not supported by the facts

      under my name Jango27

  7. As a huge oilers fan im glad to see they made an effort as something had to happen ! At the beginning of the season I would have said no way but now I welcome that crazy russian with open arms and the biggest move outta that smid deal is brissiot that guy is a future number 1 great goalie I dont belive he won a memorial cup but I do belive he had won two whl championships with the oil kings and should have been named to canads national junior team giving up smid was a blow to a otherwise poor defense but there must be a move up mact s sleve as they have been looking for help on the blue line I dont think they would have gave up a guy who stops more pucks then the 3 previous goalies combined I just cant belive they traded him to the flames as that could come back to bite them and BC I also agree if eberle goes to philly it has to be giroux coming back in that deal

    • Just as a casual observer, it’s seems that all oilers care about is offense and no planning for defense. It’s almost like Kevin Lowe is pulling the strings in the background trying
      to recreate the oilers of the 80’s.

  8. The rumor on TSN last night was Simmonds and Schenn for Eberle and Hemsky…

    • That was from a fake gord miller twitter account.

  9. eberle, teubert, yakupov for pk subban, ryan white, gionta

    • No

      • Teubert isn’t an Oiler…..

  10. When you have the worst defence in the league you have to start to rebuild it from some where. Smid has been the only constant on a horable blue line that has been used to loosing for years. This move is part of changing the culture of the team. Also with some young prospects who are expected to make the defence next season you have to make room.

  11. You can never say Bryz will be a bust 100%. When he played for Pho he carried a lousy team many nights. I have my doubts like everyone else but it’s a one year contract so no skin off the Oil’s back. If he shines MacT looks brilliant and if not he’s gone at years end.

    • A lousy team that had Derek Morris , Ed Jovanaski , Oliver Ekman Larson and Keith Yandle on Defense ….he didnt carry anything and CHOKED BIG TIME in that playoff year …TERRIBLE !

      • Time will tell. You may be eating crow in a few months or be totally right. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds

      • BC
        BTW I was kind of referring to the team as a whole (nothing but Doan up front) not just the back end.

      • BC
        Since you called me out on Bryz just a little note

        Bryzgalov Games played since 2006/07 – 392, Avg save % .912
        Luongo Games played since 2006/07 – 406 Avg save % .918

        Bryzgalov’s craziness aside I’m sure you would be praising MacT if he had of just signed Luongo to a one year contract for peanuts.

        Let’s see how this plays out. Like I said no skin off the Oil back taking a shot. They can’t get any worse.

        • @ Leafs24/7

          Hey Bud ….I wasn’t calling you out….. AT ALL ….just pointing out that there was SOLID D in Pheonix at the time he was there….Bryz is a good goalie but he lets in 2 softies a game thats his problem !

          In Edmonton I see worse D then in Philly by a country mile …it can only be the same as Dubnyk and Bachman …they have a poor team ….its just that simple !!

          • Agreed, lets see if he has anything left in the tank and steal some games. Maybe and that’s a big maybe a Christmas miracle will happen

  12. You know that is one thing I see with the rebuilding of the Sabres is the focus on D. Yes, we are going through growing pains and the “suffering”, but I do like what I am seeing from our youngsters. My jury is not out yet on Tyler Myers – we see glimpses of his talent and then he looks absolutely confused. What bothers me about Philly is that they keep signing these huge contracts for “retreds” – theres really no quick fix because putting together a winning team, especially with a salary cap is a blend of vets/youngsters and chemistry. Not as easy as it sounds.

    I agree – Edmonton, Philly, Bflo and Fla need to make some trades – the thing is the trades need to be smart and help improve a team – not a trade just to make a trade and do something.

    • Problem with Buffalo and Flordia is they don’t have that great of trade chips to improve. Both Philly and Edmonton could improve dramaticly trading a few quality players recieving back other quality players. I believe both Philly and Edmonton need major shake ups as they have the players that should be winning but they are absolutely terrible. The Oilers and Flyers need to get new management that have no ties to their organization to get fresh unbias ideas on the direction the team should take. Unfortunitly I think MacT is going to mess up the Oilers more then fix them this year as if that is even possible.

      • Buffalo has some trade chips in Ehrhoff and Myers for Defense, up front they have Moulson, Ott, and Stafford

        • Id trade Phaneuf for Myers straight up !!! IMO

        • You word be crazy to trade myers. They need to move out more of the crappy contracts and keep doing what they are doing. Be patient and as much as I hate it….they will be fine.

  13. Finally the oilers figure it out! I’m not saying Bryzgalov is a savior but with the goaltending they were receiving, any goalie with some experience would definitely do them some good!

  14. Simmonds & Coburn for Eberle should get it done, and maybe they add picks also to get it done..
    I’m not a Flyers fan, I’m a Pens fan but I think that if the Flyers want to make this deal that is enough..

    • I agree this seems like a fair deal and would shake up both groups. Moving Smid is crazy unless another equal or better dman is coming back in another move.

      I wouldn’t of minded the Bryz signing if it wasn’t at the cost of Smid. Any change had to occur in nets. Its silly that ownership didn’t just bite the bullet and sign Bryz unconditionally.

  15. For Phllly…..

    A Coburn/Schenn +Meszaros+ Simmonds+Couts/Shenn for Eberle + Hemsky+ D prospect is possible

    • I would really not wanna trade eberle right now but if I was mactavish I think I would make that deal especially if you get rid of mezarous and make it shenn and coburn not one or the other probably to much for philly to give up though


        • I would if the right people were involved. Let’s l be fair though…if they trade these guys for more compmete., bigger players they will have to change their style.

          I don’t like the idea of trading yakupov but if I had to, he’d go to montreal for fucale and maybe a guy like tinordi or their first pick from this past draft.

  16. In my professional Armchair GM assessment, the Rangers could move Del Zotto for a forward if they really think it’s necessary, but that may be short-sighted. Hagelin and Kreider have ignited the offense, and they’re scoring from other sources. The need is a first line sniper or a healthy Rick Nash. Trading Del Zotto will achieve neither of these things.

  17. JUST AN F Y I ………….OIler Philly playing right now 2 – 0 Philly …..Who stays and who gets on the bus !!


  18. Simmonds, Hartnell and Coburn all have NTC’s as do Grossmann, L.Schenn and Timonen if I’m not mistaken.

  19. MDZ has all the skills and not quite the smarts. Rangers need a more consistent D to replace him which is not easy move to make. D for D….not a usual trade.