Latest Oilers, Hurricanes and Coyotes Rumors – April 24, 2014.

Could the Oilers shop Jordan Eberle or their first-round pick? Is Cam Ward’s time in Carolina over? Will the Coyotes try to re-sign Antoine Vermette?

Will the Oilers trade Jordan Eberle this summer?

Will the Oilers trade Jordan Eberle this summer?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy reports on speculation suggesting the Oilers should shop winger Jordan Eberle for a top-two defenseman or a big second-line center. Citing Eberle’s contributions to the Oilers, McCurdy believes Eberle will remain a a key cog of the Oilers core for several years to come. Jonathan Willis, meanwhile, doesn’t believe there’s a case to be made for the Oilers to shop their first-round pick (third overall) in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers will be among the clubs garnering considerable attention heading into the draft weekend. It remains to be seen what significant moves (if any) Oilers GM Craig MacTavish makes this summer. If he does trade Eberle, it will have to be for a substantial return, which I doubt is out there.  Ditto their first-round pick. 

YAHOO! SPORTS: Dmitry Chesnokov reports Carolina Hurricanes netminder Anton Khudobin gave his opinion of teammate and fellow goalie Cam Ward at a recent Russian National Team press conference. Khudobin respects Ward, but wonders if the Hurricanes might shop him this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears Khudobin is primed to take over as the Hurricanes’ starter from Ward next season. There’s been considerable speculation Ward could be shopped this summer.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan recently reported Phoenix Coyotes forward Antoine Vermette was pleased with his offensive output (24 goals, 45 points) this season. He’s entering the final season of his contract ($3.75 million annual cap hit). Coyotes GM Don Maloney admitted he’s interested in re-signing Vermette, but it remains to be seen if a deal can be reached.


  1. If the Oilers opt to shop their 1st rounder this year, fans should take some comfort in the fact they will be in the top 3 again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and……… Time to restructure the draft!

    • Nope… Your just pissed because your team is usually a bit better then average. Not bad enough to get a top pick and not good enough to get the Cup. The draft is good as is. All these people complaining about the draft is hilarious IMO. Hell it should be worst gets first. No lottery. Hell why not give it to Stanley Cup winner? Unbelievable.

      Oilers will be better next year. They’ll get a couple of good defensemen. Get an okay return for Gagner and not to mention one of the top 5 in this years draft. Klefbom and Nurse should be ready next season as well.

      Will they be in the playoffs? Nope. They will be at around the 10th overall pick next year.

      • Not so much. I don’t think Stanley cup winners should be awarded a 1st overall. But I don’t think teams should be awarded for being perennial failures either. NO team should be allowed to pick in the top 5 more than 2 consecutive years. It’s a joke the way it stands today. Look over the last decade + of teams drafting in the top from the Penguins trading away any talent and tanking to the Oilers forever losing. Something has to change. We cannot have future stars being awarded to teams that don’t care or try to find success, especially in the smaller markets.Right now as it stands (You’re right about being caught in the middle like NY) teams are rewarded for failure, while other teams are punished for being mediocre or good and trying to win.

        • How is that a joke? Giving a good team on brink of the playoffs a chance at the first overall is a friggin joke.

          How did the Pens tank man? Do you know what tanking is? Money troubles and ownership troubles is why Pens had to trade their stars not because they were tanking. Edmonton hasn’t tanked, they’ve just been bad. The only team I’ve seen tank is Ottawa for Daigle.

          How in God’s name are the Oilers not trying to win? Just because their not winning doesn’t mean they are trying to lose. They’ve made a few trades to make them better.

          Let the better teams get better and worse teams get even worse…. How are they supposed to attract UFA’s? Nobody is gonna go to those losing teams if they do not have that one player that can make a difference. Ya that makes sense. Keep talking though….

          Guaranteed you wouldn’t be complaining if the Rags were in Edmonton’s position.

          • If you miss the playoffs you get 1 ball same chance as anyone else missing the playoffs. Playoff teams go in order. The draft lottery is a joke the way it stands, rewards incompetence. Lowe and MacT just let McKenzie and Craig Button do their job for them.

          • Jes,
            Overall you have a condescending way about you when you don’t agree with someone or something. Before you even knew where I was going with the conversation “It’s hilarious” But maybe you’re mad because Buffalo is looking no better than the Oilers for the next few years, so the way the draft stands, I’m more than sure you are happy with.

            How did the Pens Tank? Seriously? A team that couldn’t afford the exiled players (Jagr, Kovelov etc) shouldn’t be rewarded with future superstars that will financially break them down the road (Malkin , Crosby etc.) Boo-hoo we have no money! Now reward us for being fiscally irresponsible! It’s a pretty simple financial understanding, I learned when I was 5, You don’t spend what you don’t have.

            How are the Oilers not trying to win? Well lets look at it….Instead of stock piling draft picks/prospects, they may want to consider moving some of their younger assets for pieces that help them win now! Ala Columbus Blue Jackets… (It took them about a decade to learn this) Not Bryz, Hemsky, Shultz….which landed them….say it with me….more picks! Fasth? A 31 year old guy that has started 37 NHL games is the answer to all their prayers? THAT is hilarious!

            I’d consider myself a pretty knowledgeable, level headed person here…. I don’t spout off on ridiculous trades, unrealistic FA acquisitions etc. Now a ridiculous, blind hilarious prediction is Edmonton jumping 7 spots next year in the standings. They finished 28th, 10 points out of 27th! But next year they will jump/leapfrog 7 teams because of? Jes said so….That’s why!!!!

            13-14 bottom 3
            12-13 bottom 7
            11-12 bottom 2
            10-11 dead last
            09-10 dead last
            08-09 bottom 10
            07-08 19th overall
            06-07 bottom 6

            Yeah, 10 more years of awfulness they just might mess around and grab one of the 8 playoff spots out of 14 teams in the west! (provided they get 8 more picks in the top 5 every year)

          • And before you say “you wouldnt feel that way if it was the leafs…” ya I would Dave Hodge has been saying the same thing for years and I ve always agreed the process is flawed. Itmakes no sense it doesnt prevent teams from tanking any more than not having a lottery at all does.

          • How did the Pens Tank? Fiscal responsibility! We can’t afford Jagr Kovalev today, We can’t afford Crosby and Malkin tomorrow, yet we will get rewarded somehow? Something I learned at 5 years old, you have $10, you can’t spend $20

            “How in Gods name are the Oilers not trying to win?” Lets take some of these high picks and prospects and flip them for a return that at least starts pointing us in the right direction (Columbus even learned this after a decade of failure) Nah, lets stockpile picks for another decade, seems to be working like a champ!

            How are you supposed to attract free agents? How many free agents are looking at Edmonton and Buffalo as their wishing spot….even with all those draft picks and prospects? ZERO! Florida is more attractive, at least it’s 80 degrees year round!

          • My apology for the double post. The 1st didn’t show up for over 1/2 hour. I thought it was shot down so I cut it back and changed the wording a little.

          • And all this isnt even taking in to account if 1 division is superior to the other is the “worst” team even in the running for the top pick? I think if the Flames possibly the Oilers are probably not a bottom 4 or 5 team yet if you put Columbus back in the west they probably dont make it. All non playoff teams should have an equal shot at the top pick. The NHL is all about competitive ballance accept in this one thing with drafting. It makes no sense.

          • Condescending? You should talk bud. You run around here saying the same stuff I say. So don’t be hypocritical. You seem to be very condescending as well. Seems like it`s how you say NYR`s way or the highway…

            So a team losing all it’s money, it’s fans and its ownership is in turmoil and has absolute no choice but to get rid of high priced players don’t deserve to be picking in the top 3? How will free agents sign with them when there`s nobody there? Other then the draft they won`t land those game changing players… Not all of the teams can be the Rangers and Leafs and just buy our players…

            You want to screw up the whole lottery because of one friggin team? Like seriously bud get real. I usually love your opinions and replies on here but on this you couldn’t be more wrong. You want to be fair keep it the way it is. Don’t be kicking an awful team out of top 5 just because they have been sucking for years.

            How many spots did Tampa jump from last year? What about Colorado? Ya that’s what I thought…. Teams can easily turn it around. Especially a team like Edmonton who easily have the talent to start putting wins on the board next season. Not playoff worthy but will start winning more and will not be in the top 5 come draft day. With Nurse and Klefbom up next year full time and possibly another good defensemen through free agency or trade + the number 3 draft pick the Oilers will be clicking soon.

        • NYR – I can agree with having a two year limit on being allowed to pick in the Top 5. Thing is – a lot of these teams are mortgaging their future by signing long term deals – some containing NMC/NTC with their talented players like Sid, Malkin, OV, Parisi, Suter to name a few. I’m not sure if I would say Edmonton is tanking, I just think their management didn’t make good decisions with regards to attracting UFA’s or making trades for players that had a few years on their contracts.

          Being a Bflo fan, my premise is that if they come to play, they will want to stay. We could argue Drurey and Briere, but that wasn’t a Bflo fan or area problem – that was a management SNAFU. Bflo doesn’t have the best reputation, but most players that have played in Bflo – enjoy their time there. Its a good place to raise a family, the fans are knowledgeable and appreciate their players and you get more bang for your buck. So, when I suggest trades for players – I always try to suggest a player that has a few years left on their contract so that they can’t just play out the rest of the year and then leave. Edmonton has/had the picks and prospects to do some deals and they just haven’t done them. They could have traded Yaks for a d-man, but they didn’t. I really don’t see any team trying to tank, I don’t see player egos allowing them to. Bflo was horrible, but you saw Chris Stewart come back early to compete in the last couple of games, you saw Ehrhoff have his ear split in 2 and come back and play – they didn’t have to, but they did.

          I can’t really think of any team tanking – as much as some fans would want their team to tank, I just don’t see it. Maybe this year well see it for the McDavid Lottery.

          • Well like Shticky said, incompetence shouldn’t be rewarded either. While it may not be a direct “tank job” it is still a failure. They have plenty of assets. Forget Yaks, he isn’t landing you a top 1-2 d-man imo. Taylor Hall…. He will! Ditto RNH. You have to be able to manage your team. Drafting top 5 every year isn’t helping Edmonton, It’s hurting them. By the time they become competitive through draft Hall, Eberle, Yak and RNH will be collecting their retirement.
            Then look at Colorado, Tampa. Teams that had a bad year last year and turned it around. The rebuild process shouldn’t be a lifetime, 8-10-12 years. It just seems Edmonton either doesn’t care about winning, or does not know how to build a winner or even a contender…. forget winner. Either way 3 consecutive 1st overall’s is the reward? and still in the top 5? Something gotta give!

      • Excellent post Jes. The Oilers play to win but the plan to improve just hasn’t worked. The carousel of coaches shows they are desperate for change. They had a decent 2nd half even though they were clearly out of playoff contention. Eakins and MacT seem to have them going in the right direction (finally) and the goaltending is the best the Oilers have had in years. Hall is showing he’s an elite talent to build around & there’s a good stable of young players. I’d say they’ll compete but miss out on the playoffs next season. Meaningful games down the stretch will be a nice change. The fans deserve it. New arena is under construction, brighter days ahead.

  2. Honestly I think the Oilers are holding because they want Ekblad … if Seth Jones slipped to #4 last year there is no reason to think that Reinhart & Bennet might come off the board first. I personally maintain that the Oilers have enough young defenders with size that need a look, but lack enough Powerplay quarterbacks (where they struggled immensely) and would benefit from a Keith Yandle type if they had to talk about moving the pick. Eberle is going nowhere.

    Khubodin will be the Hurricanes starter next season, it is the end of an era but the Hurricanes need to look forward. The only question is, will they be capable of finding a taker for Ward. I still think he can be a starting goaltender in the league, just needs a change of scenery. Islanders (if he agrees to waive his NTC) seem like a good destination if the price is right.

    • The Oilers’ PP was 21st in the league but they gave up more goals than any other team in the NHL. They don’t need a Keith Yandle, they need a stay at home defender that makes players think twice about hanging around their goal, someone like Barrett Jackman.

      You’re not the first to think the Canes can trade Cam Ward, however, IMO his salary and declining play make him virtually un-tradeable. Sportsnet ranked him 50th of the 83 goalies that saw action in the 2013/214 season. Last year he was 45th in GAA and 35th in save percentage so this year is not an anomaly. Not sure what you see in his play to believe he can still be a starting goalie. If the Canes can get a 3rd or 4th round pick for Ward to get rid of his salary they would be viewed as winners of the trade but, realistically, I doubt there are too many teams willing to pay huge bucks for a shaky backup.

    • @JJB not sure what the Isles did to you to make you wish Cam Ward on them :) His play has been terrible and he’s paid like a superstar. If it were me I wouldn’t take Ward from the Canes unless they offered to pay half his salary and throw in something of significant value.

      • @Gored … have you looked at the Oilers prospect pool? People are often so focused on the now they forget to see what is building up and the Oilers have a deep blueline coming very soon. Nurse, Marincin, and Klefbom. The Oilers do not have a donified powerplay quarterback … 21st in the league on the PP is pathetic with the offensive talent they have upfront. They have so many appreciating assets that they might as well continue to be patient. Nurse, Marincin, Klefbom, Yandle, Schultz, Ference has the makings of a solid blueline.

    • Yandle? The guy can’t play defense, why would they need him?

    • JJB – Ward is a $6+ million backup. He hasn’t been starter material for a long time. He had one good season. He’s always injured. It’d be hilarious if Snow does trade for him. It’d be the DiPietro situation all over again.

      • Breaking News! Snow trades for Ward then offers him a 15 year contract! 😉

  3. The oilers will be called an awful lot leading up to the draft. They have to do something, with the exception of yaks being involved in the deal I don’t believe there are a lot of other players on the table. They could move yaks and their first for a very good dman. Won’t be getting weber or N elite dman for it but they would be on the cusp on that second teir. Yandle, phaneuf etc. I actually think phaneuf would do well in Edmonton. You can have him, seriously name a price and you can have him…please?

    • The Oil don’t want Phaneuf or his stupid contract.

    • Think there was a typo, you said the Oilers will be called an awful lot. I think you meant to say the Oilers will be called awful a lot :). Oilers seem to feel they have D men in the pipeling and they added some goaltending depth. They have problems IMO that go well beyond just needing a D man or two. The Oilers have way more talent than a number of the teams that finished ahead of them in the standings. They have a serious identity problem. The Oil seem soft, they need size up front and a lot more intensity all over the ice.

    • OMFG you actually think the third overall + Yakupov for Phaneuf is a good trade for Edmonton? Absolutely ridiculous. Leafs fan alert!!

      • I could see a phaneuf for the 3rd overall pick get done, shanny gets to to pick his captain and basically makes dion his scapegoat

        • Wow you must be a Toronto fan….

        • Phaneuf is nowhere near worth a top 3 draft pick nor a top 5. Hell I wouldn’t even give up a top 10 pick. Throw in Kadri and you’ll start a conversation. Edmonton’s not just trading for Phaneuf but also his horrid contract. He’s worth a good $4.5-$5 mill a year not $7 mill. You will have to give up something for that money they are putting into a player like that. I’m still laughing at that statement a Leafs fan typed up on here a few weeks ago. “Phaneuf is a poor man’s Shea Weber”. LOL OMFG. You guys sure do put your players on a pedestal. Which is hilarious and exhausting at the same time.. Maybe 1-5 out of 100 trades suggested out of the mouths of Leafs fans on here are realistic.

          Shticky is the only TO fan on here that I can think of that came up fair trades that would benefit both sides. There’s a guy on here that thinks Gardiner and Kadri is enough for Tavares.

          • Yet you dance right by ROR for Myers straight up? I guess it’s only okay to critique trades (Not saying this is a good one) as long as Buffalo isn’t involved? Then ridiculous trades are all good.

          • If Phaneuf does not = top 3 pick, how does Myers =ROR? Is Myers that much better? Someone should tell him about this!

          • And when exactly did I say Myers straight up for ROR? Show me where I said this… If I remember correctly it was Robert Esquire who stated it. I was against it. If you are hard at reading I will type it in caps for ya starting NOW….


            Ehrhoff and Grigorenko can easily peak Avs interest for ROR add a late first it’s done.

            Myers and a 2nd can land you Edmonton’s 3rd overall. Ehrhoff and a late first can easily land you the 3rd overall Just like Girardi and a late first could probably get you the third overall. Phaneuf and a 2nd will not land you Edmonton’s 3rd overall.

            Ehrhoff > Phaneuf
            Myers > Phaneuf
            Girardi > Phaneuf

            All by quite a margin…

          • You didn’t say it, You made a draft joke and an opinion of mine that I never stated….but that was all good, and NEVER went answered! You just bypassed it. Then went on to ignore the ROR for Myers straight up by a fellow buffalo fan! LOL HOMER!!!!!………………………………………………………………..
            Ehrhoff > Phaneuf
            Myers > Phaneuf
            Girardi > Phaneuf Really? Girardi also = …..Girardi> Myers or Ehroff…. Nobody is giving ROR, or anything in that area of talent for Myers / Ehroff. Stop pretending for 1 minute that Buffalo is somehow better than Toronto! I hate Phaneuf’s contract…..but make no mistake about it… I take his talent all day over Ehroff’s!…PLEASE. Let’s not make him out to be a Norris candidate in the near future…..or past!!! You are BLINDED by being a fan/cheerleader!!!!!

          • When did I say Ehrhoff is a Norris candidate? Lol it sure does seem like you need reading lessons. First the ROR for Myers thing now this lol. But whatevs keep talking buddy. Love how you and Shticky are attached at the hip now.

            When did I say Ehrhoff and Myers can land you ROR straight up you? Man learn to read for the next time you post. ALL I SAID IS A DEAL OF EHRHOFF AND GRIGORENKO WILL GET THE CONVERSATION STARTED AND IF THEY ADDED A FIRST THEY’D GET IT DONE.

            If you’d take Phaneuf, his “talent level,” and his contract over Ehrhoff or over a still developing star in the making in Myers then sorry bud you have no idea how to rate players.

            robert esquire stated that the Myers for ROR trade would be a good trade NOT ME… Grigorenko is a top 20 prospect in the league. A team like the Avs would be foaming at the mouth for this type of prospect. Especially Patrick Roy who absolutely loves the kid.

            Phaneuf can’t land the 3rd overall straight up, neither can Ehrhoff. But Myers alone can.

            But anyways NYR4Life nice chat. Have a good night. Let’s battle tomorrow on a new topic.

  4. What might be an interesting trade would be Meyers or Ehrhoff packaged along with like the #31 or #39 draft pick in exchange for Edmonton’s #3. Buffalo could then pick Eckblad, Reinhart, Bennet or Draisaitl. Edmonton would get their D, plus a reasonable pick. Instead of banking on 2015 for the top pick, get two of the top 5 for this year.

    • Ehrhoff and Meyers were -27 and -26 respectively. None of the Oilers’ current D had a +/- near that bad and they gave up the most goals in the NHL. How does adding two more D like this help them?

      • Exactly

      • It helps them by keeping them at the bottom of the standings = another top 1-3 pick next year. LOL

        • I don’t think the Oil need to import players to get a top 3 pick next year. Their lack of experience, size and grit (including that gutless clown Gazdic who initiates fights while wearing a visor) as well as a coach who seemed to be overwhelmed at the NHL could ensure them a top 3 pick for the next couple of years.

          • They will be better next year. Only way they get into the top 3 next season is if they win the lottery somehow.

        • Ahhh here we go.

      • Ehrhoff and Myers are a country mile better then that Phaneuf character. They were in the minuses because they were on the worst scoring team in the NHL in the expansion era. Also add one of the worst defensive teams as well. That +/- stat gets overused IMO. That’s more of a team stat then it is a personal stat.

        • You understand thats 2 defence men that you call good then say the team is bad defensively right? If they were good wouldnt it stand to reason with Miller playing in net the team would be a better defensive team? Cant really just blame the offense for being a bad defence. Wouldnt it stand to reason good goalie + good defence men = good defensive team. Cant really have it both ways. The Kings and Blues have a terrible offense yet they made the playoffs. I think the +/- when its that bad says something and more about the players than the team. Ovi has a terrible plus minus because he dosent play defense at all it by far is worse than the rest of the team, same as Buf was until the moved him to forward. I do normally agree abou plus minus not meaning as much but come on man those guys are near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to d men and how are saying how great they are?

          • Jes has a point that the Sabres were horrible both defensively and offensively. It doesn’t mean that Ehrhoff or Meyers were awful – the reality is that the Buffalo Goalie was getting blasted with 40+ SOG per game. I agree…both Ehrhoff and Meyers stunk up the 1st half of the season – they were paired with rookies, the D suffered injuries and let’s face it, the coaching situation was horrible. Ehrhoff will log a lot of minutes, can QB a PP and is pretty durable – aside from that…..his salary is pretty reasonable for the rest of the term. He would lend a veteran presence to Edmonton’s Blue Line. Meyers on the other hand is young, has improved his play and is in his own way a “vet”. He also can play a lot of minutes, can be physical when needed and has a wicked shot. If he can continue to improve and play up to expectations – he could be a good trade for Edmonton – meaning – we all know how he is capable of playing and while he’s had a rough 2 years, he seems to be back on track. About as much risk as a draft pick except Meyers is already seasoned. I’m not saying just trade either for the #3, I’m also saying the Sabres throw in the #31 or 39 pick in the deal.

            While I really like O’Reilly – I don’t see CO giving him up unless they resign Statsny and there is a problem with giving players ice time.

          • @Steve
            Even if playing time becomes a problem, they aren’t giving him away for a Tyler Myers straight up. But if they are willing to roll the dice like that, I’ll send Marc Staal straight up, I may even throw in Hagelin. ROR would land a much better return than Myers. But again, I say he is going nowhere.

          • You can say the players are “great” by indicating that their defence partners were absolutely disgustingly bad. Weber was a tank machine. He sucks. So does Tallinder, he is too slow to keep up these days. He is a human pylon.
            Next we have McBain who averaged 20:01 mins a game. He was a cast off from the Canes because he was so bad. He was brought in by Darcy for the tank.
            Sulzer was marginally better, but with all the injuries he was near the top pairing….

            The teams lack of depth…quality depth left them having to play Myers and Ehroff over 22 mins each per night.
            No wonder the +/- is so high.

            We all know how well the offence came back to help out in Buffalo.
            Not to mention when you score less than 2 goals a game some numbers are going to be messed up.

          • Lol yet Phaneuf who was on a team that was equally as bad defensively according to shots worse even is a plus player is “worse by a country mile”? Do stats and excuses only count when we are talking about Sabres?

          • OMG here goes O’Shticky…. What excuses are you talking about? You run around here saying Phaneuf played against the best competition in the league over all the other defensemen in the league which is absolutely hilarious and stupid on your part to even think. Since the best d-men on every team play against the best players.

            Myers 22 pts in 62 games, full season average 29 pts

            Ehrhoff 33 pts in 79 games, full season average 34 pts

            Phaneuf 31 pts in 80 games, full season average 32 pts (By rounding up)

            Toronto -Total goals 222 – Goals against 252 = -30 less goals scored for then goals against

            Sabres Total goals 150 goals – Goals against 243 goals = -93 less goals scored for then goals against

            Phaneuf would’ve had a hard time reaching 20 points on the Sabres let alone 30. Phaneuf’s +/- is due to being on a team that only had a difference of 30 goals between Goals For and Goals Against compared to the Sabres you almost had 100… If your so keen on looking up stats look up those stats. It’s not complaining it’s simple addition and subtraction.

            What you were saying about Phaneuf playing against the best competition over every other good defensemen in the league is complaining and making up excuses that I honestly never thought I’d hear someone say. But then again you are Shticky and a Leafs fan so I should have known better. The guy was also your teams leader in penalty minutes (144 minutes I believe). Ehrhoff and Myers don’t even have that combined. Myers and Ehrhoff would be 50 point guys on Toronto’s blue line.

            And yes by a country mile….

            Ristolainen and Zadorov will probably be better then Phaneuf next season lol.

          • Both Ehroff and Meyers would be 50 point d men on the Leaf blueline? and you make fun of things others say?? Ill just leave it at that…

          • QoC Jes I wont try and pound it in your thick dkull but it is an actual stat ….hilarious and stupid look it up and tell me how many guys are ranked as high as simple mindedness who dont understand something so it mut be stupid and hilarious. Phaneuf plays a higher quality of opponent more often than most D men in the league simple.

          • For real Shticky how in God’s name is Phaneuf playing against hard competition a stat? Lol you belong in the looney bin bud.

            How many times do I have to pound it in your thick skull that Keith, Ehrhoff, Weber, Suter, Pieterangelo, Subban, Doughty, Karlsson, Bogosian, Enstrom, Myers, Yandle,E. Johnson, J, Johnson, Wisinewski to name a few all play against the best opposing offensive threats in the league.

            Show me your website where it says Phaneuf plays more against the best players in the league. Make sure it’s no Leaf blogger either or a reporter for the Laughs. Make sure it’s a respectable site… Show me these stats that you talk about so much….

            I showed you exact stats of why those +/- are more of a team stat then they are a player stat. I also showed you how close those players were in terms of points with actual stats. Yet they were so close in terms of points even though TO scored 72 more goals then the Sabres. On a team that scored 72 goals more then the Sabres Myers and Ehrhoff would be at least in 40 points category and +/- would be much better.

          • is one hockey prospectus is another NHL by the numbers is another…how does a sabres fan not know about Corsi? Its not some kinda voodo Jes they are stats available lots of different places.

        • Ehrhoff and Myers have attributes that could make them more attractive a trade target than Phaneuf, but neither has played as well as Phaneuf over the past 3 seasons. Problem with Phaneuf is valuing him is hard because many Leafs fans over value him in trade proposals way too much, while non-leafs fans tear him down more much more than he deserves because they get so irritated by the crazy trade proposals.

          Leaving salary out of the equation for now, Phaneuf is a defensemen that can play 22 minutes a night in all situations, play against the other teams best line, and be a threat on the powerplay. There are very few defensemen who are significantly better in both offensive and defensive ability than Phaneuf. What he isn’t is an elite power play quarterback, or shutdown behemoth capable of playing 26-28 minutes a night over a full season. He wears down when he plays too much and makes more mistakes when he is over used. I am not a fan of his contract, especially for the Leafs situation. He is making 7 million, which isn’t so crazy IF you can make the best use of his skills, and have a need in every area he can help. The problem is that the Leafs have 3 defensemen who are younger, and likely going to start cutting into Phaneuf’s PP time, meaning its quite likely within a year or two Phaneuf could be a 7 million dollar shut down defensemen, not a great deal.

          A team like Edmonton needs to improve in every area that Phaneuf can help. I am not saying that it’s a likely trade, or that it should happen, or even suggesting a price or that he would be worth the cap hit over the term, just that he would be a good fit and a big improvement for that team.

          Myers and Ehrhoff could be more attractive for different reasons. Ehrhoff could be very affordable in terms of both trade assets, and his cap hit of 4 million per season. Myers has a better term, cap hit, and more upside than Phanuef. The trade value would likely be more, but since there is upside in the deal, it could be a good gamble.

          • Yes Danny Phaneuf would easily help the Oilers. Oilers best defenseman right now is either Ference or Schultz. Phaneuf, Myers or Ehrhoff would take the #1 spot right away. Nobody is disagreeing with that. What the debate’s about is that Phaneuf is or isn’t worth a third overall draft choice. Which he isn’t. If a player like Bennett, Reinhart or Ekblad is available over Phaneuf you do not think twice and you take one of the top prospects. If you toss Kadri into the deal that will get them talking. Even Phaneuf and the Leafs 1st for the 3rd overall would be good trade. But Phaneuf straight up for the 3rd overall is a joke IMO.

    • That could very well happen. The +/- arguments are bogus. However I’d much rather see the Sabres trade Meyers for O’Reilly straight up. I think that would be a win/win for both teams.

      • Myers for ROR straight up isn’t anywhere near reality.

        • Neither is your argument for good teams getting the first overall lol.

          • Show me where I said “Good teams should get 1st overall” And I’ll show you a Norris trophy winner on buffalo!

          • Your making cases for teams like Rags, Yotes, Toronto etc for the first overall and they are all good teams man. They were all playoff teams last year I believe. 2 of the 3 lost a step.

          • Again, Show me where I said Rags, Toronto or Yotes should land a 1st overall. Let’s not put words in my mouth. What I said was “NO team should be allowed to pick in the top 5 more than 2 consecutive years.” , But hey, who said reading comprehension was an important thing to have?

  5. The article says top TWO defenseman, meaning almost impossible to get. It’s hard to get a top four “D” man, as there are 30 teams x 4 = 120 top 4 “D” man positions out there. Go ahead see if you can name 120 “D” men that you would consider as being a top 4 type. On top of that Oilers are young and would want one that’s young, meaning price tag would be even more than an aging one. Oilers have done a good job of collecting young assets, it would be stupid to start trading them off BUT adding more inexperienced “D” men is not the answer. Adding an experienced D-man or two as UFA would do a world of good for the youth the Oilers have, don’t have to have a lot of offensive talent, as what they need to have is someone to teach the young guys how to play NHL defense. A Matt Greene type would really help them without being robbed blind.

    • What would LA want for Greene? Maybe Gagner… LA would probably have to toss someone else in that trade for it to work.

      • Greene is a UFA this summer. He has been a healthy scratch in LA. I can’t imagine he would re-sign in LA.

  6. Again failing to grasp the point, its not saying those teams SHOULD get first overall teams should not have a better chance of getting a number 1 pick because they continuiously have bad management, or they realize they are not going to make the playoffs and strip their team down. The draft lottery is a joke.

    • THANK YOU!!!!! I guess what I was trying to say was lost in translation! Seems pretty black and white to me, but I guess not.

      • Yes, the repeat offenders should have issues. The Oilers teams in the league should be prevented from this in the future. Give teams 3 top 5 picks then they must slide to at least 10th or 3 in 5 years.
        What gets me about the Oil is the balls of the owner to demand money for a new stadium. The guy is so greedy. I think he is the Harold Ballard of the modern era.

        (for those who don’t know, Ballard was the Leafs owner who traded players instead of paying them bigger contracts. He kept a balance, the minimum he could spend before tickets sales suffered. He was miserly)

    • Maybe after 3rd year automatically make the team (Edmonton) pick in 13th place and have the rest of the teams automatically move up one spot. Takes about 3-5 years to rebuild through the draft for most teams. 2 years is just to quick and would not be fair to the new rebuilding teams when past teams got what they wanted.

      Worst overall doesn’t seem to get the first overall anyway. They usually end up with the 2nd.

      • Are you now agreeing with what you have been fighting all day? Really? Sybil? Is that you? Where were you in the beginning of the conversation? ? Oh that’s right, you were the opposition to the change? Because????? You couldn’t/refused to see the original point?

        • You want to kick a team out of the top 5 if they picked there twice in row which is little ridiculous/ I proceeded to added one more year to it. So no I didn’t agree with what you said in the beginning where you basically declared that the teams who are winning should have a chance at the top 5. And I sure as hell didn’t agree with the 2 years in the top 5 and then you are vetoed? I agreed with the that type of system not the numbers you associated with it.

          Shticky’s I believe was give all non-playoff teams equal chance. Didn’t argue against that but that’s a horrible idea. Me and Shticky have bad blood so didn’t wanna argue with him on top of arguing with you on the same subject.

          You have a good one NYR

          • “where you basically declared that the teams who are winning should have a chance at the top 5.”……where did I say this? Do you only read certain parts and try and make the rest up? I NEVER SAID WINNING TEAMS SHOULD HAVE A TOP 5!!!!! Stop being so creative with my words!!!!

  7. I think the draft lottery needs to be changed, if for nothing else than to make it exciting. I would like something along the lines of worst 5 get roughly 10% chance each, next five get 6.5% each, last 4 get 4.375% chance each. I mean why should the fewest points autmatically get the very best chance? Doesn’t mean they were the team that needs the most help. Edmonton and Buffalo played in different divisions, had different amounts of man games lost, played against different competition. I like dividing it more along the lines of the really bad teams, bad teams and borderline teams. They could also look at a full re-ordering based on weightings. Draw every pick but use weightings by standings, that way it’s likely that a bad team picks 1 overall, but not a lock, and it becomes likely some borderline teams moves up a good number of spots. Both scenarios still reward the bottom teams most often, but make it less appealing to tank.

    Also, I am not sure why people have been so surprised Edmonton has been so bad for so long. All the perennial contenders and teams that never seem to miss the playoffs draft well, and have some very smart moves you can point to in their rebuild. Until the Perron trade, I don’t remember any great oilers trades over the past 6 years or so. The oilers haven’t drafted overly well, haven’t made many good trades, and haven’t had great success with signing players. The teams strength is supposedly their high end skill, however that still isn’t exactly mind blowing. They have skill, but are not anywhere near the most skilled teams in the league, and those more skilled teams also have better bottom six forwards, better defensive ability in their top 6, better defense and better goal tending. MacT has seemed more interested in adding some pieces to insulate his drafted players, and has made a couple of good trades now, so hopefully for Edmonton’s sake he can continue adding assets in other ways than drafting in the top 5, since that is what it will take.

    • Wow, NO!!!!

      Horrible idea. Just to make that 3 minutes of coverage exciting. No thanks. Keep as is the only change should be what NYR said. If team is picking in the top 5 for a 4th straight year make them automatically go to the 13th overall. I added my own little spin to it NYR hope you do not mind.

  8. If I were the Oilers it wouldn’t be a stretch to trade at least 2 big pieces at the draft. They can go many ways about it but all I know is RNH,Hall,Perron,Schultz, Nurse and one of Eberle and Yakupov are the core for the Oilers to build off this summer and won’t be traded and think this is the year that the Oilers finally make a splash since they started this rebuild. They have Marincin, Klefbom, Fedun, and Jeff Petry for defence trade bait and for forwards have Sam Gagner one of Yakupov and Eberle and the 3rd overall pick ONLY IF THEY GET A HAUL BACK but If I were McTavish I’d be very careful trading anyone of the pieces I mentioned but more importantly be extra cautious about the 1st rounder,Yakupovs and Eberles future…
    My 2014-15 fantacy team lines, Why & How:

    #1Eberle-RNH-Hall( no explanation needed)
    #2E.Kane-Stastny-Perron (trade for Kane and sign UFA Stastny@ $6mil for 7 years)
    #3Morrow-Gordan-Komorov ( promote someone from within and sign UFA Morrow @ $2mil for 2 years)
    #4Jones-McClement-Hendricks (If the Leafs don’t resign McClement he’s a perfect PK/4th liner)
    McLaren ( is the perfect fighter for the Oilers to sign. Cheap and effective for such a young squad)

    Schultz-Orpik( Sign Orpik to a 3 year $4mil contract)
    Jones-Trouba(through trade)
    Ferrance-Nurse(call up)


    1st-To NASH- Yakupov and Sam Gagner
    To EDM- Seth Jones…
    Summary:Nashville has an abundance of high quality defenceman roster players and prospects coming up but lack young promising wingers and centers. They have Forsberg but having Yakupov and this guy on his wing and a young center in Sam Gagner that should be hitting his prime soon and playing in a defensivly sound organisation like Nashville should help him and having a farmiiar face in Yakupov should benefit both in a different organisation. And I think they will like living in Nashville than the freezing cold Alberta giving these kids a city they will want to stay in. Nobody wants to play in Winnipeg to Alberta(-40 weather).

    To Winnipeg- Eberle and 3rd overall
    To EDM- Trouba & Kane
    Tit for tat trade that very enticing for both teams. Winnipeg get a 23 year old consistent legit 70 pts scorer for another 7-15 years and another cornerstone piece most likely in the center position depending on the draft and the Oliers get 2 potential nhl ready stars in the waiting at their positions that should develop nicely with the rest of the roster I presented…

    To Toronto- Klefbom
    To EDM- James Reimer
    James Reimer is a solid #1 goaltender IMO but he has had a bad second half to this year due to lack of confidence from the Leafs acquiring Bernier and Carlyle throwing him under the bus(Leafs loss IMO) and Klefbom is the only one left I can think of that the leafs will settle for if another team isn’t lucky enough to get him.


    sign Brooks Orpik to a 4 year 3.75mil per contract…
    Brooks Orpik will give you only 20 pts a season but makes up for it with his heart and determination as a defensive defenceman. I’m a Leaf fan and he’s my favorite UFA for shut down defenceman and I don’t see Pittsburgh being able to resign him having so many younger up and commers(Maata, Niskanen) and over $45,000,000 locked up with just 5 players… OTHER OPTIONS ARE, Andrea Markov and Dan Boyle…

    Sign Paul Stastny to a 7 year $6,000,000 contract
    Youre not going to get Stastny with out paying. He’s an awesome face off/defencive forward and will put up between 50-60pts in the next 5 years if not more for a year or two. He’s an upgrade on Gagner although I do like him and think he’d offer more than what he is but on another team with a fresh start. The Only problem I have is Colorado has loads of cap to sign Stastny But have O’Rielly, Duchene, and future MVP Mackinnion making Stastny expendable but if O’rielly is happy resigning as a winger/center when theres an injury I don’t see Roy and Colorado letting Paul go, but who knows and Edmonton would be a perfect place for him if all my trades work out similar to what I suggested

    Go overseas and work hard on convincing Leo Komorov to come to Oil town instead of playoff cursed town Maple leafs. He’s the prototypicial type of 3rd liners the Oilers desperatly NEED!

    • @David
      You are insane if you think any of that will work.
      1) you are trading Eberle to Winnipeg and you also have him as part as your first line.
      2) Trouba is untouchable for that return. The Jets want to win and not rebuild.Eberle is good but he is no Crosby or Ovi.
      3) Why do you think anyone would want to come play in Edmonton? Big free agent signing last year was Ference(stay at home defense man in the twilight of his career)
      4) Seth Jones was a steal for Nas and no way they will part for that return.

      Oilers are a small market team and will need to overpay and build from within. Better management and they will be back among the elite