Latest Oilers, Maple Leafs & Capitals Rumors – October 11, 2013.

Is it time for the Oilers to dump Devan Dubnyk? Is Jake Gardiner bothered by trade rumors? Will Martin Erat seek a trade?

Should the Oilers shop for a replacement for Devan Dubnyk?

Should the Oilers shop for a replacement for Devan Dubnyk?

 EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples acknowledged Oilers goalie Devan Dubnyk has struggled early this season, but doesn’t believe it’s time for the club to start seeking a replacement. A number of Oilers observers still believe Dubnyk is capable of providing the Oilers “solid, if unspectacular” goaltending this season. Staples also noted there’s not much available in the trade or UFA markets which would be an upgrade over Dubnyk right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though Jonathan Bernier appears to be taking over as the Maple Leafs starting goalie, I don’t see the Leafs moving James Reimer right now.  The Blues are off to a hot start and currently have no reason to shop Jaroslav Halak (who’s been among the reasons for the Blues hot start), Brian Elliott or Jake Allen. The Sabres asking price will be steep for Ryan Miller, who carries a partial no-trade clause, carries a $6.25 million salary and will likely test next summer’s UFA market. The best free agent option is Ilya Bryzgalov. So, the Oilers appear to have little choice but to stick with Dubnyk for the time being and hope he improves.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports struggling Maple Leafs blueliner Jake Gardiner claims to be unconcerned over the trade rumors swirling about him, blaming the speculation on the media. ““You are aware of it a bit. You remember Luke Schenn a couple of years ago? It seemed he was talked about every single day to be traded and nothing happened for the longest time.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some rumormongers are trying to link Gardiner with the Oilers, who are reportedly sniffing around for blueline help, but the asking price is reportedly a first-line forward.  Unless the Oilers are willing to part with one of their top young forwards, don’t expect to see Gardiner donning the copper and blue anytime soon. And no, the Leafs won’t be interested in Ales Hemsky.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley recently asked Capitals winger Martin Erat if he’s considering a trade after being limited to fourth-line minutes. “No, not yet”, replied Erat, adding he wants to see what happens as the season unfolds. Gormley noted the two years and $9 million remaining on Erat’s contract doesn’t make him trade-friendly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The decline in Erat’s play also doesn’t help. 


  1. Who ever Bernier or Riemer when things gets figured out (pretty sure it wont drag on past the dead line with Riemers contract status) chances are looking good that we could possibly get the same type assets back at least that we gave up for Bernier in the first place. Win win better goaltending with out giving anything up. If Bernier takes the job and continues as he has Riemer should be able to bring in a pick possible back up and a third liner at least I think, possibly even a little better if someone is desperate with his cheap contract. Or If Riems gets the net by out playing Bernier who has looked very good so far you have to think Berniers value has only increased. Cant see this playing out more than this year but its a very nice problem to have right now. Lets try this Riemer and Gardiner at the deadline for Stepan and a pick, thought being if Lundvquist continues to choke it up and contract talks take a bad turn (right now who thinks hes worth 7-8mill max term?). Still early I know lots of time for things to get straightened out but you never know…

    • I am really beginning to think you could see a Reimer and Gardiner type deal to a team at this point like the Oilers ….is a Yakupov and a piece in return to much or not enough ??
      Id say just right !

      • I think there are too many similarities between what the Leafs and Oilers would be looking for for there to be any possible trade between them. Both have top 6type wingers both have good young developing D, both need a shut down type D both could use some depth at center Edmonton could possibly use a little help in net but its way to early for Riemer to be dealt yet and Im not do sure he is an upgrade on Dubnyk anyway. Gardiner and Riemer to the Oilers for Yaks is even if it was an even deal is just shuffling the cards its not addressing anything.

        • Who you taking out of our top 6 to put in Yaks? Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Clarkson, Bollamd Raymond it dosent make any sense. From the oilers view they have a Gardiner in Schultz. And they have a young goalie in Dubnyk with very similar qualities and numbers to Riemer they ill still have trouble in their end due to d and the Leafs have still no depth at center and no shut down physical stay at home type d.

          • Nonis says he wants a top 6 player ( forward )

      • Yakapov?!?!?

        You can’t be serious. You are drunk on your own kool-aid.

        • Amen- although my assesment of that talk was far more colourful

          If Reimer loses his job to a guy that had basically no actual NHL experience it doesn’t make him worth Yak and pick. It means he’s not that good .

          • Do you even watch hockey TJ? Do stats mean anything in your world? Not that good? No one said Riemer for yaks it was Reimer and Gardiner who is basically just as good as the second coming of Paul Coffeee Shultz there that you guys are all ga ga over, I am not saying its a wonderful trade or anything but lets not get carried away with how bad the offer is, you can keep the guy who is minus 3 with no points who Eakins will probably make a healthy scratch very soon even with one of your precious top 6 out.

          • Are you one of those Oiler fans who doesnt mind finishing last so he can say “ya but look at our draft picks…” and waits for the future to come but sadly it never arrives?

          • Im not sure Reimer has lost his job yet and that guy who basically has no experience has a gaa of under 1. So far and a save percentage over .97 ya Reimer must suck lol

          • With your method of absolutes, apply as a GM somewhere in the east for some easing fleecing, please.

        • @AssMoses

          Totally agree with you AssMoses. These Leafs fans keep over valuing there players. Reimer won’t do any better than Dubnyk in a Oilers uniform. I guarantee you that. Leafs fans are overrating Reimer because of his awesome performance in the playoffs. Honestly a smart GM wouldn’t give anything more than a 3rd liner and maybe a late 2nd rounder up for Reimer. Yakupov isn’t on the market. Gagner I believe is the only higher ranked forward that is available on that team due to the fact that they are so deep at center. Add to the fact Hemsky is gone after this year, makes no sense either way you put it. Maybe Gardiner and Reimer for Dubnyk and Gagner would make more sense. But for Yakupov you’d have to throw in a top end winger and maybe even a first rounder. Because Reimer sucks.

    • Never happen; Rangers have a glut of Dmen and Reimer is not an upgrade on Lundqvist – struggling or not. Not to mention it’s simply not enough value for Stepan.

      • Probably true Mr. Sir I was thinking kinda outa the box there more along the lines of the possibility that for whatever reason Lundviquist and the Rangers maybe end up parting ways with his play so far this year and contract status (which I believe will turn around aswell) could it effect what the Rangers are willing to give him and if he moves on. Kind of thinking more about the value of the players involved then the scenario, I guess is what I am getting at.

    • Typical Leafs fan trade- guys that you don’t want for the best player on someone else’s team. Reimer and Gardiner for Stepan, Reimer and Gardiner for Yakupov…heck, why not Reimer and Gardiner for Tavares or Stamkos, right?

      • Who says we dont want them? Bottom line is do they fit in the future? Both are RFA with very little in the way of money to spare with other contracts and other players to fill their roles that have contracts. No one is trying to get rid of garbage look around and pay attention to wbat people other than Leaf fans say about these players. If Gardiner is no good why have people called about him. Why have people other than Leaf fans criticized Nonis when he got Bernier by saying we already have a starter as evidenced by his stats? Typical hater criticizing every possible Leaf trade. Also I am not sure Id compare Stepan to Stamkos just yet or be so quick to say he is the Rangers best player.

        • Schticky- are you for real?

          You are trying to get rid of your garbage for something better. Gardiner is on the out due to his play, not because he’s awesome.

          Reilly you could argue, Gardiner- no way.

          Next you’l be trying to convince us Phanuef if one of the best D-men in the League…

          • If you ever watch a game or look at his stats you would probably realize hes top 20 in the league last year top10 in scoring top 20 in every thing else.

            Why dont you tell me the arguement he is not..and please dont use turnovers unless you are saying Karlsson Subban and Letang Doughty etc etc suck too.

            Gardiner if he is traded is getting traded to address a need somewhere else we have lots of pmd men. Teams find him and his type valuable or else we wouldnt be talking about it because there would be no interest for him by other teams. Simple really

      • Yakupov the best oilers player, are you serious? Stepan the best is very debatable. Gardiner, while struggling somewhat at present has shown he can be a legit star in this league. Reimer has 54 wins, 32 losses, 10 overtime/shootout losses, and 10 career shutouts. Most hockey fans would consider those pretty damn good numbers for a leafs tender, except perhaps the haters. Imagine what his numbers would look like playing in a defensive system. So those saying he isn’t very good need to give there head a shake and quit talking out your butts. The leafs may not get Stepan but depending on the other parts included in any deal will see them get a bonifide player in return.

        • Its early in the Season and Stepan had no preseason to work on chemistry, skills and conditioning – so right now he is playing catchup. What is probably hurting the Rangers right now moreso is the question of Nash having a concussion and the timetable for when Callahan gets back on the ice and gets up to speed.

          I don’t see TO giving up Reimer – both he and Bernier make a great tandem – something the Leafs haven’t had in a while. I think what the TO fans forget is that Clarkson hasn’t even played a game yet – so I just don’t see the Leafs pursuing anyone right now. If anything they need to deal with the Liles situation.

          • lol Liles ship has sailed for now I think maybe in part of some package deal to balance salaries out but unless he gets some time with the big club I cant see anyone paying a guy in the American hockey league 3.75 mill for 3 years.

      • Aside from the fact Tavares and Stamkos play on different teams, sure, why not……

        • Brilliant! Head of the class….

    • Why do fans think its smart to trade away a 23 yr old PMD or a 26 yr old goalie that sported a very respectable S% just because you have a great starter (so you have seen in these short 5 games)? That’s a talent!

      Why dump Jake? Him and Ranger have been facing some serious minutes with most (on the team so far) of their shifts start in the dzone and not offensive zone which says a lot for two guys known as offensively gifted dmen.

      And what’s so terrible with having two good goalies? You’re leafs fans are you not? You don’t remember how much you wished the team had one goalie that didn’t suck? Well now you have two really good ones plus if one gets cold or injured, who plays, a guy you wished you had?

      If the Leafs were 1-4 I can understand wanting to make changes even though we are still talking 5 games in here…patience anyone? But the Leafs are 4-1 and still need improvements in their game but again, we are still just 5 games in.

      • Why dont you explain why its a horrible idea to possibly (Im not saying for sure or they should be on he next bus out of town) but possibly use an asset or 2 that we have in multiples to address an area of weakness. Thats all this is about agreed Jake is young and does some special things looked good last night etc. But Reilly again probably looked to be the better of the 2 both are young and when ot comes down to it in the future neither will be bottom pairing D men. I said the same with Franson as well there is only so much icetime at some point you need to choose who you go with, (my bet is Reilly stays Franson stays Phaneuf stays Gunnarson stays there is your top 4) If somone was to make a good offer for a pmd it would be Gardiner to go there is enough depth to fill bottom pairing or to possibly fill in for some injury time?This is all I am getting at so explain why this is such a horrible or dumb thing to possibly move him for a good young center or a good stay at home type D to help out with the Franson or Reilly? No one is saying he cant play in fact the opposite he is good at what he does problem is so are the other guys right now he is the asset that will get the best return.

  2. The Oilers need a genuine # 1 netminder with league experience ..this team is way to young and way to offensive ..they need a goalie who has been there done that and bail them out when caught in deep.
    Miller OR HILLER would be a perfect here .
    Oilers have the cap space and the assets to make any type of deal.

    Dubnyk is not getting them to the promise land …..lets just face the facts here hes not a……
    Cory Schneider !!!

    Wander if Brian Burke & ( Feaster ) will make a trade with the Ducks for Hiller , Gibson or Fasth, they have some defensman they could dangle that the Ducks are reportedly seeking and Calgary could use an upgrade too !! … for thought ! Some teams like to make a deal so other teams don’t steal the player first !

    If Gardiner gets traded to the Oilers or any team for that matte, it won’t be a PLAYER…. for ….PLAYER deal it will be multiple players involved.

    • The oilers might be interested in those guys, or better yet should be. However, I don’t see the flames making a move like that. They are rebuilding and are a few years away from needing a capable number 1 to carry the load.

    • Thing is – would Miller waive his NTC to go to Edmonton. Maybe a trade of Hemsky/Labarbara for Miller and let’s throw in a Stafford to sweeten the deal.

      • Seriously?….

        • K first of all Im not so sure aboit Miller for a few reasons 1 Does he really wanna play in Edmonton its closer on a map to LA but years away in so many other ways, 2.Edmonton and Buffalo have alot of similarities in the fact both young kinda building teams new coaches etc does he really want to be part of the same situation in a different town? I doubt it Ill stay here and play and pick where I wanna go as a UFA thanks
          3. Why would Edmonton pay that kind of money for 1 year of Miller when Bryz is there for oh… bout 5 million dollars less? Not like Miller is winning them the cup. And last year Bryz was not 5 million dollars worse of an option than Miller

          Miller to Edmoton is not happening.

          • Well Shtick crazier things have happened.

          • True

  3. Olier’s are heading right for that #1 pick overall again. Man, this team just can’t get high rookie talent to play together good like Pittsburgh, Chicago and LA have done.

    • As Brian Burke would say …WHAT PITTSBURGH …”: BLEEPen”… model ???

    • That’s because those teams made smart trades and used their assets to ultimately win a cup or two. It’s not just about drafting and to paraphrase Burke it doesn’t ate talent to pick out a lottery ball.

      • i wasn’t saying it was talent to draft. They picked high like the oilers, they picked good players like the oilers and succeeded. Oilers are getting worse still. they play like garbage most nights. 3 #1 picks and they should be further along in their development then they re right now.

        • Agreed look at the Avs, right now the Flames look as good as the Oil imo, Im sure it will change but the Oil should be better.

      • Sooo they used assets wisely? Like trading talented young players that may have not fit in because they had an abundance of them to address a weakness somewhere else? Youre right we should hang on to Gardiner Franson Phaneuf Rieily Percy and any other offensive type d men we have who needs centers or guys that play D?

  4. the bernier vs reimer saga will and should continue. I am huge leafs fan and its funny how some people forget how good james reimer is, after 5 games this season. and as cheap as both goalies are keep them both and ride into the (cross fingers) playoffs with them. Jake Gardiner, is a special talent, who will thrive in any organization, media and fans need to give him a brake its only been 5 games and last night in nashville he played very well. Been very impressed with morgan reilly. If gardiner gets moved i also believe as you have said it will be a multiple player deal and i can see edmonton, be a suitor. Lets just hope its not gagner in return.

    • Cant see it riding in to the playoffs but ya Im liking this so I kinda hope Im wrong.

    • There is no reason the oilers want ganger. They have 3 good skating, puck moving defensemen already. Shultz, fedun and larson. 2 were moved to okc because they have so many d right now. They also have grebeshcov. The oilers would be interested in phaneuf. They need a top 2 d. They have way to many 3-4 d men right now. You have to be retarded to think they would trade yakupov for reimer and gardener

      • Exactly and from a Leaf point of view why do we want Yaks? Want to play Bolland Kadri or Raymond on the 4th line? What do you do with Kulimen?

        • Yaks is like another Semin, flashes of huge talent, but VERY streaky. No thanks! I’d rather a player like ROR in March.

          • Yes i agree. The leafs have good depth on the wings, they just need a number 1 center which the oilers do not have to pass up. Snd if they did. The return would have to be huge. But realistically, you saw how bad hall was at center.

          • At one ti.e I would have said no to ROR too but Im starting to rethink that a bit he has looked solid this year, not sure it would work with contracts or what it may take to get him but….

        • Leafs could very well go into the off season an then trade Reimer (if he is indeed not the guy anymore) just like what LA did last summer with Bernier. I would think nonis would want a good back up for the play offs and he’ll for user have one if he keeps both goalies around.

          • Like I said hope this is true I really like the tandem, just not sure it will.

  5. Goaltending and starting pitching – if they’re solid, they give you a chance to win every night. Keep both goalies, hope they stay healthy and play well, and the Leafs remain a competitive team. Maybe Edmonton can draft a goalie – that seems to be their style.

  6. I I remember all you LEAF fans where talking so bad about Bernier and that he wasn’t worth a 1st round pick or a top 6 forward in return.. Look at you guys now praising Bernier like he’s Quick or Lundqvist’s Level not even close, Now u guys are talking about trading Reimer for nothing LOL u leaf fans are something special LOL.

    • “all you LEAF fans”

      No, not all, I was praising the trade from day 1.

      • Me too thanks tho

        • I don’t think anyone said he wasn’t any good. It was more he hadn’t proven himself anymore then Reimer had at the time. It was more he wasn’t worth giving up big time assets as he wasn’t worth it at the time and really still isn’t. Needs some more games before you can say he is a number 1.

          • Big time assets? Frattin and Scrivens are hardly big time assets. After 15 games, Los Angeles will see that Frattin is a good 3rd liner. Scrivens will always be a back-up. The only thing solid about him, is being a #1 in the AHL.

          • The pick imo is the worst of it. Raymond is an upgrade to Frattin so far and Bernier is years ahead of Scrivens

          • Said it then and Id say it now Id do that deal 10 out of 10 times.

          • I didn’t say they were… I wasn’t referring to the deal that happened but to the rumors before the trade went down and what was going to be the asking price.. As shticky said I’d do that deal every time..

          • Also referring to king quicks reference of 1st round pick and top 6 forward… Wasn’t worth it at the time…

  7. Nonis will be doing NOTHING. He is a patient man, and will be waiting for a team and their important dman/men to go down with a big injury. Then they’ll be coming to the Leafs and proposing legitimate trade proposals. Until then, nobody is going anywhere.I just wish they keep Ranger buried in the minors, he is 1000x worst than Liles. And they can’t bring up Liles, because of their cap situation.

    • I agree Nonis will be patient. The only move he may be itching to make would be for Liles. So far I agree that Ranger has struggled and made several big gaffs but give him about 10 more games and he will have improved dramatically. He played well last year in the minors but will need just a little time to get up to speed with the NHL. Considering he has been out of the league for a few years he impressed the brass enough to sign him.

      • Ranger gets a little better every game he will be fine.

        • Agreed with shticky, ranger was much better against Nashville. Still not great but getting better.

          • Solid bottom 6 guy by november. Just rusty

  8. The Leafs are winning with many key players out of their line up so I don’t think Nonis is looking to make any trades right now. The Oilers might be interested but I don’t see the Leafs trading Gandiner because he is cheap and won’t get a huge raise until he blooms into his potential. I think it’s funny Oilers fans are over valuing Yaks. Yaks is not a Carlyle type player and offensive talent and poor defensively and we don’t need that kind of player on the Leafs. Who knows maybe in 4 years Yaks can count himself in the top 5 in goals scored over that time period. Then he will be like Phil. Right now he got no points and a -3 so good luck with that.

  9. Oilers need Bryz !!

    • Agreed make a minor move or 2 to clear out 2 contracts and sign Bryz for a cheap 1 year deal and as much of a space cadet he is I bet he plays his butt off.

      • Sign Bryz to a 1 year, $1M contract. With the cap space and lack of goaltending depth, if it doesn’t work out, oh well. They can always throw big dollars at these goalies in the Off Season:

        – Lehner
        – Elliot/Halak
        – Hiller

  10. Oilers should sign Bryz cheap and then pick of Bogasian from the Jets, I am telling you now this is the key to the Oilers becoming successful. Cap isn’t a concern, they’d make two demotions (that will happen soon anyway) and be a solid $2 mill remaining, cap goes up next year and they can let Smyth, Grebeshkov, and Shultz walk … re-up Petry and let Belov, Nurse, Klefbom, and Musil compete for a spot on the roster next year … This frees up an additional $6 million, bam $8 million plus rising salary cap so lets say $11 million. Re-up Hemsky with a small raise … and leave around $8-$10 million to pursue 3rd line depth or an extra defenseman or if Bryz/Dubs can’t do it a goalie.

    • Resign Hemsky??….and give him a raise???

      Sure makes sense I guess… K no really why would they do that? I was following ya till the Hemsky part

      • X2. Especially when they were looking to trade him. When they couldn’t they kept him, rather than buy him out. Hemsky is not apart of the Oilers future. And a raise? Why would they give him a raise, with all that I just mentioned?

  11. Good thing McPhee traded Forsberg for Erat

    • lol…

    • Is that not one of the worst trades in recent memory??

      • Nope, Raycroft for Rask

        • I disagree.. Yes rask is now a good starter that was only what 7 years ago… They aren’t even using erat one year in and forsberg is already contributing

  12. I don’t understand the people thinking Yakapov is some sort of a bust. Last year he led the Oilers in goal scoring despite playing on the third line and the second power play unit. As an 18 year old he also tied for the league lead in rookie scoring – playing less minutes then players like Huberdeau and Tarasenko.
    He is off to a slow start this year but the whole team is as well. He is trying hard to learn his defensive responsibilities. He will be a complete player in the near future. Nothing against Gardiner but thinking Yakapov doesn’t compare is rather premature. Yakapov is 19 years old and has played 50 NHL games. Stamkos struggled through his first 50 games. I think by the time Yakapov is Gardiner’s age he will be a star in this league.

    • Yaks will be a fine player as will Gardiner and Riemer, it just gets a little sickening with the lack of perspective I guess. Some people who insist on looking at things with no ballance The proposal was Gardiner and Riemer for Yaks. I admit not a deal I can see happening, it dosent solve any issue for either team but Gardiner and Riemer are both probably more proven (you said yourself 50 games is not a whole lot of a track record) and they are quality players. (again as is Yakupov) It seems some people seem to think that draft order has more to do with deals, than the quality of the players or what they have done which to me is nonsense. If you want to hack apart someones ideas due to the negative aspects of a team or player should realize it goes both ways. I didnt mean to sound off quite so bad and for the most part was trying to be agreeable till some decided to get in to the peeing contest. Wasnt trying to bag on the Oilers or Yaks.

      • I don’t have a problem with what you have been saying. You have considered the Oilers perspective in several posts. Others however, likely have not even watched an Oiler game this year and have no idea what prospects they have. Oilers need a 1-2 pairing d-man and Gardnier is not there yet. By the time he is, so might some of the Oiler prospects (Klefbom, Schultz, Nurse).
        As for proven quality vs potential/draft position – I understand. Petry is a proven, quality player for the Oilers but I wouldn’t expect that the Leafs would trade Morgan Riely for him. Yakapov was drafted the same year as Riely.

  13. I guess if the Leafs traded for a bonifide number one centre Kadri would have to be part of the deal. The Leafs signed Bozak to be able to sign Kessel long term, so he is going nowhere. And there is no way Kadri or his agent are going to settle long term as the 3rd or 4th centre on the team, nor should he, as his skills are best suited for top 6 positioning. And if they did get that bonifide #1 centre then Bozak Kessel and JVR become your second line. So the real question is, who would be the best # 1 centre you could have a team trade to the Leafs in exchange for Kadri, and one or both of Gardiner and Reimer?I am not sure Yakupov is the answer! After 4 games he is pointless and a minus three. Mikhail Grabovski has 5 points.

    The point is nobody ( sane anyway) gives up their star #1 centre, if they have one, for any one or a combination of a goalie who has not played an 82 game as a starter, a defenseman who has not played a full 82 game season, or a centre who has not played a full 82 game season. Using that logic would the Leafs have traded Kessel for Bernier? No way! I think Nonis stays patient and lets these guys play and grow together. I cannot wait to see the regular lineup when Clarkson and Kulemin get back in the mix. I think the Oilers will get better under Eakins. They have lots of talent, they just need to put it together and I think Eakins is the best guy for the job. An upgrade in goaltending would help, and I think the Ducks could be trade partners and perhaps the Blues as well.

    • Ya I was thinking the same thing. Kadri may be one his was out if they actually are wanting a top line center… Especially if they want t testing bolland.. Which I would do…
      Jake Allen is just as green as dubnyk but would he be an upgrade in potential and talent?? If St. Louis resigns Halak I could see him being moved

  14. If the oilers are going to trade Yak why don’t the Habs take a stab with georges, budaj, bealieu. Habs will also take Duby and a second.