Latest Oilers, Panthers and Rangers Rumors – November 16, 2013.

Could the Oilers pursue Shea Weber? Are more moves in store for the Panthers? Will the Rangers shop Michael Del Zotto?

Could the Oilers pursue Shea Weber?

Could the Oilers pursue Shea Weber?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was referring to Nashville’s Shea Weber when he recently said he’d love to have a “stud defenseman” on his blueline. Matheson acknowledged the asking price for Weber would be huge, and given the Predators lack of offense, it would have to involve one of the Oilers young scoring forwards. MacTavish said he’s willing to part with his 2014 first round pick. Matheson speculates the Predators wouldn’t mind Sam Gagner, and believes they’ve scouted Oilers prospect defensemen Darnell Nurse and Oscar Klefbom.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough says we don’t know if Predators GM David Poile is willing to entertain offers for Weber, but noted the blueliner’s hefty salary, the presence of Seth Jones, and the Predators need for offense could be reasons to tempt him. Brough believes the Oilers would have to offer up Taylor Hall as part of the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Poile has previously dismissed the Weber trade speculation and probably will again, but of course one should never say never.  Unless the Oilers part with either Taylor Hall or Jordan Eberle, along with the first round pick in 2014, and one or two promising prospects, Poile won’t move Weber.  If we take MacTavish’s recent comments at face value, he’s not moving his core of young scoring forwards. So, no Weber for the Oilers.

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford (citing a tweet from the Miami Herald’s George Richards) reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon vows to remain aggressive in his efforts to improve the roster. Tallon shipped Kris Versteeg to Chicago Thursday night and a week ago sacked his coaching staff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tallon had to absorb half of Versteeg’s remaining salary to facilitate the trade to Chicago. He might have to consider a similar option if he intends to move more of his high-salaried veterans.

CBS SPORTS: Chris Peters cited a tweet from TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie who claimed he’s heard a trade of NY Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto is a possibility. Del Zotto will be a healthy scratch as the Rangers face off tonight against the Montreal Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My take on Del Zotto’s status can be found here



  1. Bottom line for the Oilers. You move anyone if it makes your team and organization better. Note that I didn’t say give away or trade just for the sake of trade. I have a real problem with a GM who says I won’t trade this guy or this guy etc, etc. The team is 1st. If MacT expects Nashville to say give us Hemsky for Weber he will be waiting a long time. The Oil are now last in the league and poised for another 1st overall pick. 8 guys should not be deemed untouchable.

    • This is easy trade your 1st round 2014 plus gagner plus nurse
      And that should do the deal with weaber don’t forget weaber salary isn’t cheap in this day and age committing that much money on one player especially a dman is suicide but hey Edmonton has nothing to lose … Nashville is laughing they stole foresberg off of Washington for erat and now they will still nurse a top 3 pick this year and Sam gagner plus save on the cap for a player that could dominate but isn’t dominating anything in Nashville plus you have jones for cheap for now over weber thank philly for that … Trust me do the trade Nashville you won’t regret it … Dmen are not worth Crosby money no matter who you are I believe max sal for a great dman is 6.5 mill maybe 7 mill but he better be top 3 Norris nominee every year weber is not in the top three get rid of him and get young players plus high draft pick and save on the cap

      • Frankanthony….I am far from a Preds fan but if you think Weber is not worth every penny he makes then you are crazy. D men and Centers are the hardest thing to come by especially stud d men like Weber. There is no way in hell that BS package (Gagner, Nurse and a first) land Weber. Get a grip man, Kurt said it best above you, if a team is in last place in the league they shouldn’t have 8 untouchables.

      • Frank–

        clean out your bongwater, dude. Weber is the best in the biz, hands-down

        the teams who win the Cup win it because they’re the strongest teams defensively. start with the goalie and work your way out to the FW. The Devil won 3 Cups with Brodeur and Stevens

        Weber is a game changer. Karlsson won the Norris last year. he’s not even close to as good as Weber defensively. Karlsson got it because he’s fast and offensive. i think Letang was also nominated and he sucks defensively. not only is Weber the best defensively but he can put 20 pucks in the net a year

        the package you’re talking about for Weber is a joke. i’m a Flyer fan and i would offer a lot more, see my post below

        • Letang was a nominated off of Orpiks defensive work and Subban won it on Gorges. Weber is the total package and I’d quickly sell the farm for the franchise defenseman he is

    • Guys I’m not saying weber isn’t a good dman but I would never pay 7.8 mill on a guy that never won a Norris let alone since Ryan his d partner left for minny he’s been worthless … You would give up the farm for a player making 7.8 mill for the next decade who is a minus 8 and has 10 points in 20 games well thank god for Nashville you guys aren’t running the team if you can get a good young dman like nurse to actually play D and be a plus and get a young scorer up front plus get a top 3 pick in the draft for a player that is not dominating and is a minus 8 plus making 7.8 million on top of that tried to run out of Nashville accepting phillys offer please not a player I’d want especially if I could replace him with young good players hell I’m not saying Nashville has to accept just those three in a deal but at least minimum those three have tone involved shoot for eberle or rnh or even hall or try and get yakupov added to those three but remember it’s a cap world one player making 7.8 million especially on dman that’s a minus 8 in the first 20 games isn’t what I call a sell the farm type player a Crosby or ovechkin is a franchise player not a weber he doesn’t make everyone better hell he doesn’t even make himself better he needs talented dman to be good and it is showing … Anyways you guys that understand my logic will get what I’m saying one player that isn’t helping your team and if someone out there is willing to pay 3 or 4 young good players for that one guy do the deal because Nashville isn’t a team with superstar young potential so if they could build some by trading weber do it and count your blessings he’s not worth 7.857 million a year period

  2. With Pekka Rinne out long term ..and possible future in question ……now is not the time to trade Weber and if they did ….they would need
    RNH… Nurse …a 1A prospect and 1st rounder to get him ….at least …..!!!!

    look at the Vanek trade or other trades involving that caliber player this is a stretch if anything good for newspapers and journalism !!!
    Nashville will not take Yakupov for noteable reasons so hes out of the equation !!

    Del Zotto is a complimentary player on the second unit 3 – 4 defender a team with some depth and veteran presence would be the best fit here …San Jose ..Ducks …Blues …Boston …Chicago ..Stars

    • MacT should start with Sam gagner the 1st pick this year that could very well be ekblad or reinhart. Plus maybe gernat or marincin which are both projected to be good NHL d man in the future. That’s a good start. I don’t know why macT doesn’t start trying to get a deal like this. That would be bold and stepping stone to build from the defense up. Of all the young players I’d part with RNH. Kid lacks size.

  3. I think if I am the Oilers I offer Hall or Eberle for Weber straight up. Sure the Oilers are giving up a flashy scorer, but in return they will get a difference maker dman that will be on the ice nearly half the game.

    • ROTFLMAO. You are as delusional as Matheson. 😉

      Seriously, you said it yourself: Weber is a huge difference maker on the ice nearly half the game. That should tell you that Hall alone won’t come close to getting Dman of Weber’s ability.

      • RNH plus the 1st and a prospect. That’s fair enough value for weber. That’s a loss for oilers big time and preda get an amazing talent in RNH and replace a stud d man with another in ekblad. At least high possibility. If not him a decent forward like Reinhart. And a good prospect to boot. Can’t ask for the world for weber. It’s gotta be sensible.

        • Jmac–

          are you high??? yes they can ask the world for Weber. best D man in the NHL, no one even close. Big, physical, laser shot, and can score 20 a year. and is 28, right in his prime for the next 6-8 years

          that package isn’t even in the ballpark….for the Predator to even think about it, it would take RNH, Eberle, Nurse, and the Oiler 1st round pick in 2014

          • Hahaha stop it ask the world for weber really come on man since suter left for minny he’s been nominated for the Norris where was weber a minus 2 your telling me the best dman and he’s not even nominated for the Norris you people make me laugh yes he’s a good dman no ones debating that but just because he has a laser shot with no precision doesn’t make him the best dman … Chara is known for that and everyone jumped on the weber bandwagon because he had the 2nd hardest shot the difference between chara and weber is he won Norris trophys and he’s a plus not a minus he makes people better around him weber needed suter for his stats to look good now he has no one and he’s a minus 8 in 20 games he’s not worth 7.857 especially in a cap world if you offer me a player that doesn’t put up points and just hits and blocks shots and is a plus player I’ll take him over your fancy weber at 7.85 million especially if your giving me young players and a top 3 pick in the draft lol oilers need a goalie they need to call Boston or Montreal and find out what it would take to get fucal, or price and Boston’s subban or rask because let’s face it these guys will be fighting each other for the number one job eventually call them up oilers and forget a over priced weber minus 8 for 7.857 million

    • Hall or Eberle for Weber????


      they couldn’t get Weber for both those guys.

      Eberle, RNH, Nurse and 2014 1st round pick and that might do it

      • Eh Im not so sure Hall Nurse and 2 first rounders might not get the preds (the owner at least) listening.

      • Lol

    • The only problem with that move is would Nashville accept it ? I doubt it and besides that Mac T has said he won’t start trading his core players. An interesting sound byte from Mac T’s press conference he said he was looking for someone on a ELC. . Is MDZ.on a ELC ?

      • MacT is starting to look like a moron if he isn’t willing to give to get. He already made there d corps worse with smid going to there closest rival.

  4. i’m a Flyer fan

    For Weber, i’d give…


    and Morin (2013 1st round pick, #11) if it got the deal done

    • and the next day Weber gets hit in the head and has a concussion and is out for the season. How do you fill the holes you just created ?

      • Yep…tho to be fair anyone who would be interested in dealing for any player of that caliber would be looking at the same issue. Pretty much a rebuild around a piece acquired via trade.

      • that’s the risk with every player

        who’s to say that doesn’t happen to Giroux or any of the players involved

        same thing happened with Pronger. Flyer took a chance and gave up Lupul and other players, which worked out while Pronger was still playing but now they’re filling holes because Pronger is gone

      • here we go Nitro

        attack the messenger not the message

        and when challenged to put up your own idea, nothing but crickets chirping…the best you can do is personal attacks

        when you want to step up to the plate like a big boy and actually come up with your own opinion rather than what you do best–which is criticizing other people’s opinions–then we can talk……until then have another drink, stop picking your nose, and change your diaper you old windbag :-))))))))

      • oh yeah Nitro

        the last time you opened your mouth was defending how great a player Talbot is…..and how wrong i was about that one

        and Talbot got traded the next week, right after i got telling you how bad that guy sucked…’re the perfect reverse barometer (you might have to look that up)


      • alforducks–

        this Nitro cat….the last time he opened his mouth to me was to tell me how wrong i was, telling me how much of a stud Max Talbot was, when i said Talbot sucks

        the next week Talbot was traded to the Avalanche

        Nitro–what a pigeon!! :-)))))))

  5. Re: Oilers / Weber
    This one confuses the hell out of me.
    1) If Nashville wanted Draft Picks they would have declined to meet the offer sheet that
    Weber signed with Philly and gotten 4 First Round Picks.
    2) With little cap space how will oilers fit 14 million in ?
    3) Even if they could by dumping Hemsky and others, 14 million coming off the top of
    the cap for next several years won’t leave enough to resign the young players
    oilers have in the pipeline. I see log jam a few years up the road.
    4) You need more than one or two big contract people to win. Would rather see more balance
    in talent and payouts.
    5) Hate this sign one or two players to large long contracts and screw the rest.

    • Good points allforducks. I think you have pinpointed the Oilers flaw in this situation it is their approach . They will have to get some size in their forward group plus add a Norris trophy caliber.defenceman and goaltending and and a second line center like Kesler. In other words a lot lol 4 or 5 players still.

      • Agree with all that Alford Ducks ….this is just and purely a topic of conversation without any type of merritt i always say anything is possible for sure …this just is a pipe dream that 29 other teams have as well …the Oilers may be the closest team to have all the pieces to make this deal come true but HIGHLY UNLIKELY ….

        Its going to take more than one player to change this direction …aren’t coaches and teams saying that playing more in the offensive zone and with the puck is what they want to do ….getting Weber is like saying hes going to play offence ….defense and in Goal ….this is unrealistic to say that one D man no matter who he is is going to change the direction of this team … stated over & over again ..they are to small upfront ( NO CYCLE ) and need more puck possession time and better goaltending …COMPLIMENTED ….by a stud defender ….

    • i think Weber’s cap hit is $8M. he gets a $13M bonus the first few years

  6. Like I said yesturday; the Oilers want, want, want but will not give. Sad, sad Oilers …

    • Weber’s cap hit is $7.857M per year so the Oil could easily absurd this if Hall or Ebs were part of the deal.
      Nashville did not likely want 4 unproven picks. If you have established youth, developed prospects, and two decent picks = much better deal.
      Weber’s work ethic and play would breed confidence in the young group and is exactly what they need. I’m an Oilers fan and I would give up Hall or Ebs, Kliefbom, and a 2014 1st and a 2015 1st for Weber.

      • not even close to enough for Weber

        my deal with Flyer players gives them a lot more, with less risk because they’re getting more NHL players

      • Hall is the only one that’s untouchable. He drives this team. His last injury showed that. They were lost without him. I think Nurse should be as well.

        I would try to dump Gagne, Hemsky, this years 1st and next years second, Gernat.
        For Weber. (Exchange Gernat for Klefbom if I had to. )

        Don’t know if Nasville would accept. But would be a great deal for Edmonton in my eyes.

        • another oil fan–

          Predator GM would hang up the phone on that one

          • Lol more then likely.

      • Stand Corrected but it still means Oilers have to pay 14 mil for a few years.
        Cannot see Oilers taking that on without Nashville taking back at least
        8 mil back in bad contracts with players such as Hemsky that Nashville
        would not want, they don’t have a lot of bucks.
        Oilers have to stand back, take a deep breath, have it register mentally that
        this season is over as far as making playoffs. Then decide
        1) Is Craig T the guy we want to make the changes ?
        2) Is Lowe part of the problem.
        3) Try and get what you can for Vets like Hemsky
        that are UFA’s even if a mid round draft pick
        4) Except for Ference all their D-man have contracts that end this season.
        Wow will that be a mess, Figure out NOW who to resign, whomever is
        left or won’t sign by trading deadline, trade for whatever you can get.
        Don’t just let them walk away and get Zip
        5) Goal – Play both, try and figure out if either will do the job for you.

        Lots to get done before the trade deadline

        • @allforducks

          I’m a die hard Sabres fan but I do follow the Oilers regularly since I am Canadian and should have a favorite Canadian club.

          1. Yes, MacT is the guy to make changes. He’s a good GM. He’ll learn in the coming months that you do need to give up at least one of his young guns for a stud defenseman.

          2. Hell Yes!!! Lowe should’ve been gone years ago. Sad to say this is just another Darcy Regier type situation in Oil country. None of the fans want him to stay and he hasn’t brought any type of success since that finals appearance to Oil country.

          3. Hemsky won’t get you much like you said. He’ll go for like a 3rd rounder at the deadline. Probably could be part of a big deal that brings in a stud defenseman earlier in the year though. Just for cap purposes.

          4. Only one on defense I’d resign is Schultz.

          5. Might have to make a pitch for a UFA goalie. Unless Bryzgalov does good with them they’ll be looking. I’d look to Halak and Hiller as likely scenarios.


    • I think right now the Oilers would be giving up Yaks and a 1st rounder along with Nurse or Klefborn for Weber. Which is decent value. I’d do something like Gagner, Yakupov, Nurse and a 2nd rounder for Weber. Nashville probably have to pickup some of his salary. This way Oilers keep there 1st rounder which by all means looks like it’ll be a top 3 pick and they get rid of Yaks who they want to get rid of and Gagner.

  7. Ive been posting here for weeks now about Edmontons size problems in there top 9 and yesterday JJB commented that they don’t have problems upfront in size Ive also posted over the past month the top 6 weight and they average around 185 but thats actually a stretch ….RNH is only around 175 in mid season as is Eberle and Hall .

    Here is Coach Eakins explaining or hinting to this problem at 1 minute 40 seconds in this post game interview .

    This is on Edmonton Oilers web site.

    Arobello ..Acton… Eberle …Hall…. RNH.. …Hemsky …Yaupov are the top line players and dont have any size to use … you cant finesse teams with smaller players through 3 lines…

    Gagne and RNH are not intimidating first line and second line centers !!

    this size means a very poor cycle game in the corners and lost battles for loose pucks in the slot ….

    A team like the Blues or Ducks have size in the top 2 lines and use it to impose the style of play they need to do to win ….Oilers cant impose any style of play and loose puck battels in the corners and in front and have only opportunities to score off shots or on the rush …thats a hard thing to do and win !!!

    You have to out muscle players every game to win ! Oilers just aren’t able to do that …they need better size down the middle and why…

    IMO …..R N H should be the player traded first to try and address that !

    • I think they should make an offer to the blues. Sam gagner for Chris Stewart. Add a prospect to it. Or hemsky and gagner plus there 2nd for berglund and Stewart. If hemsky signs an extension then oilers 2nd can turn into there 1st. Then focus on getting a good dman. Weber is too pricey. But maybe if there willing to part with RNH for another top d man. Or see how much Tyler Myers costs. Or coburn. Certainly not RNH. But there could be another player or combo of sorts to grab coburn or Myers.

    • And if you read all of it I said that the problem up front will be worked out with time as they fill out. At their size if they were working out properly, they should all be around 190-210 at their smallest, clearly they don’t have strong strength and conditioning coaches. Further more you would have read that they do still need to add a top 6 forward with size, however their are more pressing needs that need to be addressed first aka defense and goaltening.

      Small people can play with size they just have to have the drive to do it. Conacher, Marchand, Pageau so many small guys in the NHL that play an effective gritty style. It is a myth that you need size to be effective, it is about teaching people to play to their body type and then a little beyond it.

      Should also be noted your compulsive need to be proven correct and for you to be praised for your postings is borderline disturbing.

      • Lol just borderline?

        • Thanks !!
          I am actually !!

  8. LEAF TRADE ….as per TSN .

    TORONTO — Forwards Peter Holland and Brad Staubitz were sent to Toronto on Saturday as the Maple Leafs traded defenceman Jesse Blacker and draft picks to the Anaheim Ducks.

    Holland, a centre, will report to the Maple Leafs and Staubitz has been assigned to the American Hockey League’s Marlies.

    The Ducks receive a 2014 third round pick — it could become a second round pick if certain conditions are met — and Anaheim’s 2014 seventh round pick, which was originally acquired by Toronto in a trade for David Steckel.

    The Maple Leafs need help at centre with the loss of Tyler Bozak and Dave Bolland to injury and the three-game suspension of Nazem Kadri.

    Holland, a 22-year-old native of Caledon, Ont., was originally Anaheim’s first choice, 15th overall, in the 2009 Entry Draft. The six-foot-two, 194-pound centre played four games for Anaheim this season, scoring one goal and adding two penalty minutes.

    In 10 games with the AHL’s Norfork Admirals he registered a team leading nine points (five goals, four assists) along with 22 penalty minutes. In 29 career NHL games he has earned five goals, two assists and eight minutes in penalties.

    The 29-year-old Staubitz played six games for Norfolk this season with 10 minutes in penalties. In 230 career NHL games with San Jose, Minnesota, Montreal and Anaheim, the six-foot-one, 207-pound native of Bright’s Grove, Ont., has 10 goals, 11 assists and 520 penalty minutes.

    Blacker played five games for the AHL’s Toronto Marlies this season, collecting one goal and four penalty minutes. He was selected 58th overall by the Leafs in the 2009 Entry Draft.

    • Except for Staubitz good deal…

      • Have to plug the hole …as per Carlyles post game …he just doesnt have ANYONE to play center anymore !!

        Nonis had no choice he had to read between the lines and if the Leafs are going to loose to Buffalo in this state they will be poor the rest of the way to ….record right now is 6 – 1 ….Kessel goal less in 6 …JVR 1 goal in 7 ..Clarkson NO GOALS Lupul 1 goal in 7

        WTF …is Carlyle doing sitting Reilly …this is just insane …and Please call up DeVane and Leivo and get back to playing good hockey !!

        • Jessel just scored against NJ last Friday ???

        • Devane? Last thing they need is another guy with hands made of concrete.

  9. Size is very important when I watch the Oil play they never win a battle. Now they should win every race but some how don’t. They can’t trade all there youth for weber , draft a stud d man and goalie or trade young stud forward for a solid d- man. In three years look out but they still need to be patient now.

  10. I’m pretty sure if Nashville was wanting to move Weber for any one player on any teams line up, plus a first round pick, plus a couple of prospects Edmonton would lose out on this deal. Too many teams could and would offer players better then any Oilers players. If Edmonton wants a #1 defenseman they need to trade one of their young players+ to get one. Doug Mclean made a good point yesterday they only way for Edmonton to get good players is draft or trade. Free agents turn down more money from Edmonton to go somewhere else every year. Both Bozak and Clarkson turned down more money to sign in Toronto instead of Edmonton. Edmonton should focus of getting Phaneuf who is from around there and said loves playing in front of family and friends in Edmonton. If he is not resigned by the end of the season that where he will sign but that is risky waiting if I was Edmonton. I think Edmonton is just 2 young gun’s trades away from having a great team but by keeping all those kids they will have zero success.

  11. I’d like to hear the Ducks fans comment on Holland

    • @ Leafs 24 / 7

      This is a very high quality pick up and trade by Nonis …very well done !!


      2007-08: In 62 games with the Guelph Storm (OHL), Peter Holland registered eight goals and 15 assists for a total of 23 points. He added another helper in 10 postseason contests.

      2008-09: Had a great sophomore season with Guelph, racking up 67 points (28 goals, 39 assists) in 68 games. Selected to play for the Western Conference All-Stars in the OHL All-Star Classic (two assists). Netted four goals in four postseason games. Appeared in the 2009 CHL Top Prospects Game and the U18 world championships.

      2009-10: Plagued by injuries at the beginning of the season, Holland exploded in the winter, finishing the season with 30 goals, 50 assists, 9 powerplay goals, and 40 PIM in 59 games.

      2010-11: Holland made an impressive pro debut with AHL Syracuse following his final OHL season and was called up for the Ducks’ NHL playoff run though he did not appear in any games. Holland had a goal and assist in his first AHL game and scored twice in the Crunch’s season-ending win over Hershey. Holland was the third-leading scorer for Guelph in his fourth OHL season; scoring 37 goals with 51 assists and was +6 with 57 PMs. He scored 15 of his 37 goals on the power play. In the Storm’s six-game series with Saginaw he scored 3 goals with 6 assists and was -1 with 12 PMs.

      2011-12: Holland made his NHL debut – appearing in four November games with the Ducks – and had a productive first pro season with Anaheim AHL affiliate Syracuse. He scored his first NHL goal (and only NHL point) in his second game, a game-winner in a 4-3 win over Vancouver. He was an even plus/minus with 2 penalty minutes; averaging 7:42 of ice time with Anaheim. Holland was the second-leading scorer for the AHL Crunch behind former Flyers prospect Patrick Maroon. He scored 23 goals with 37 assists in 71 games and was plus-eight with 59 penalty minutes. Syracuse finished fourth in the East Division but Holland missed the playoff series with Saint John’s after suffering a concussion in a late season game against Connecticut.

      2012-13: Holland appeared in 21 NHL games with Anaheim in his second pro season and was the third-leading scorer for the Ducks AHL affiliate Norfolk. He scored 3 goals with 2 assists and was +4 with 4 penalty minutes; averaging 11:35 minutes of ice time with Anaheim. Holland was with the Ducks during the playoffs but did not appear in any games. In 45 AHL games he scored 19 goals with 20 assists and was -13 with 68 penalty minutes. The Admirals finished fifth in the East Division; two points out of an AHL playoff spot.

      Talent Analysis

      Holland has begun to put his game together in the past couple of seasons. Where he was a player who could have been described as having all the tools but no tool box, Holland has evened out his effort and consistency. He is a big player with a soft touch. Although he is more of a shoot-first center, he has the vision and passing skills to be a respectable setup man.

      • Disappointed to see Holland go. He seemed to be the last guy cut the last two years.
        Loads of talent but at times does not hustle. Frankly I think what he needed was to play a regular shift 1/2 a season and let him settle in but Ducks were impatient with him. During preseason I thought a good trade would have been Joe Colburne For Holland just to see if the change would do them both good, about the same level of talent. He became expendable with Getzlaf, Bonino, Perreault, Kouvi, Rakell ahead
        of him on depth chart. What is talent level of Blacker ?

        • Ehh didnt live up to expectations to say the least, not great size but is chippy and can hit defensively not horrible but not great, pretty good skater decent shot. Possibly a 3-4 if he gets back on track but thats about the limit of his upside.

          • Agree with Shticky’s analysis on Blacker. Only thing I could add is he is in the same boat as what you said about Holland. Leafs have many D ahead of him so very tough to crack the line up. It’s worth having a look at him for sure. I guess at the end of the day they are both a work in progress that may never pan out. Only father time knows the answer.

  12. the NHL is getting younger, bigger, and faster by the second

    Oil have some decent young players with potential but they’re a team of smurfs

    can’t compete with fast teams who are big like the Duck, Blues, Shark, Kings

  13. Its going to take more than one player to change this direction …aren’t coaches and teams saying that playing more in the offensive zone and with the puck is what they want to do ….getting Weber is like saying hes going to play offence ….defense and in Goal ….this is unrealistic to say that one D man no matter who he is is going to change the direction of this team ….. again ..they are to small upfront ( NO CYCLE ) and need more puck possession time and better goaltending …COMPLIMENTED ….by a stud defender ….

    They are not a well rounded team no role players and no power forwards just finesse players ..why haven’t they got soooo upset in a game like the Flyers did when Emery fought Holtby in that ass kicking …..and get into some fisticuffs and show some aggression and a desire not to win BUT A DESIRE NOT TO LOOSE …I just do not see that desire not to loose …I will tell you why.

    They need a break out game that brings them together by being a team instead of individuals as thats what they are …..and the REASON they need to break free from some of those players !!

  14. Out of all the forwards in Edmontons group they would be willing to part with Eberle and Gagner. I think a package involving Eberle and Gagner along with Klefbom will be the kings ransom Nashville will want for Weber. Eberle and Gagner bring at least 120+ points on a good season. Weber would definitely shore up the Oilers defense.

    • Oilerman–

      i’ll have what you’re smoking

      lets see….

      Gagner, 6 seasons, solid 15 goal scorer……hasn’t even broken 50 points

      Eberle…looks to be solid, but best season so far is 76 points

      the great Crosby (and i’m not a fan. i’m a Flyer fan) has hit 120 only once in 8 seasons but the Oiler have not 1 but 2 120 point players just ready to bust out on a different team :-))))))))))

      as i said before to keep the Predator GM from not hanging up the phone, the Oiler would have start with Eberle…RNH…Nurse…2014 1st round pick

      Weber is in his prime, is big, is the best D man in the NHL, plays a physical nasty game, has a laser from the point, plays 25-30 minutes a game, and of yeah puts 20 pucks a year in from the blue line….he’d shore up the Oiler D alright. he’d shore up anyone’s D

      and you think you get that for a couple 1st round picks who haven’t done much in the NHL :-)))))))

      • I meant them combined, Gagner had a good season last year and he and Eberle could combine for 120+ points on a good season. I didnt say individually, so you can put down your bong. Webers contract also plays into the deal here, his contract is that of the Luongo type. The Preds are into him for a lot of money the first few years. I think that alone brings Webers value down a tad not a whole lot but just a tad and a small sense that his play went down after Suter left.

        • Oilerman–

          ok i put the bong down

          still not even close….plenty of teams would offer way more, like the Flyers

          Weber is a game-changer

          i know 2012 and 2013, the bonus was $13M each year. not sure if there are any more bonus years. but he gets a big chunk of the $110M in the first 8 years. he’s in the 2nd year now

          with Rinne out and already 32, and Rinne and Weber being the core of the team, the might be willing to trade Weber this year. missed the playoffs last year. looks like they’ll miss again this year. if the Flyers offer up a package of Giroux/Couturier/Read/Voracek/Morin (2013 1st round, #11, 6’6 D man, just turned 18), they could start a new core around Seth Jones and these Flyer players

          i hope the Flyers do it, but given that they just signed Giroux to an 8 year $8M contract this summer, not likely they trade Giroux. Giroux is over-rated and over-paid