Latest Oilers, Panthers, Avalanche & Flyers Rumors – December 17, 2013.

Ales Hemsky unconcerned about trade rumors, Panthers’ owner promises his club will be active in the free agent market, the Avalanche search for a blueliner and comments by the Flyers’ owner sparks talk of a trade.

Ales Hemsky untroubled by trade rumors.

Ales Hemsky untroubled by trade rumors.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL:Winger Ales Hemsky is resigned to the fact this season could be his last with the Oilers, but says trade rumors aren’t on his mind. The Oilers tried unsuccessfully to move him last summer. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer and isn’t expected to re-sign.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis addressed a recent Ottawa Sun rumor claiming the Oilers had interest in Carolina Hurricanes goalie Justin Peters, noting the Oilers already traded a goalie (Jason LaBarbera) and suggesting Peters isn’t much better than LaBarbera.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s almost certain Hemsky will be moved by the trade deadline, as that’s when the bulk of his $5 million salary will be paid out by the Oilers. As the Sun piece noted, Hemsky’s been a good teammate and loved playing in Edmonton. If Hemsky stays healthy he could fetch a decent return, though not a top draft pick as some pundits have suggested. As for their rumored interest in Peters, they’ll have to move another goalie to take him on, and since they dealt LaBarbera to make room for the returning Ilya Bryzgalov, it wouldn’t make sense to add another goaltender now.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Craig Davis reports Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola will spend to allow his club to pursue elite free agents next summer. “We won’t hesitate, not at all,” Viola said, referring to the possibility of signing an elite talent next July if the opportunity arises.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers went down that path in the summer of 2011, and while it helped them end their decade-long playoff drought the following season, they’ve been mired in mediocrity ever since.  I hope that the investment this time will be in quality rather than quantity.

THE DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater reported via Sulia the Colorado Avalanche are seeking a defenseman but he doesn’t believe it’s New York Rangers blueliner Michael Del Zotto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All recent indications were they were very interested in Florida’s Dmitry Kulikov, even rumored close to a deal until one of the sides backed off.  

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports recent comments by Flyers owner Ed Snider regarding the club’s recent performance suggests changes could be coming, perhaps a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers goalie Steve Mason has struggled of late but the real reason once again is their defensive play, blowing leads and giving up too many goals. If this keeps up, expect the trade rumors which dogged the club earlier this season to resurface.


  1. Interesting where Hemsky will go. He isn’t exactly a goal scorer/shots on goal guy, so it would need to be a team that lacks playmakers. I think the Columbus Blue Jackets will look to get him.

    In 2011 the Panthers didn’t necessarily go for elite free agents. That year the Panthers really had no depth after a fire sale and so they added 11…12 players through free agency and trades. I wouldn’t consider any of them elite except for Campbell.

    I think by elite talent he means along the lines of Gaborik, Vanek, Stastny, Miller….and with RFA players… O’Reilly, Schenn…

    • Oilers
      need a #1 Goalie for the future Dubnyk is done and Bryz is a bubble gum fix….Mac T is an aweful Gm who wants something for nothing …a TRADE means you move out a decent player to get a better player to fill a much NEEDED hole moving forward and anchor your team and give depth to the system ….WHY is he looking at Peters who is a back up …he should be making a serious pitch for who I think is the next great young Goalie in Khudhobin …this guy is the real deal trade an asset to get a major asset long term that you are desperate for , they don’t need another back up !

      • Goalies are always crap shoots. I wouldn’t blow the load on any goalies that may be billed as the next big thing. Team defense can make any goalie look good and give him confidence to play better then he is. The Oil need to trade for good D men and sign a decent UFA goalie, not trade out a great roster player for a potential star goalie and retain a bunch of below average D men.

        • @24/7

          Respectfuly disagree …sorry you need a franchise Goalie moving forward with a caliber team as everyone knows that Goalies get you to the dance and win cups !
          They need a goalie who can grow with the team as the players they have now are not moving forward and have no confidence in the back end …deleting one significant player now for a top teir goalie wont change the team that significantly long term as it takes 22 players but one goalie makes a difference !

          • You can get by without a franchise goalie if your defense is solid. Edmonton lacks that luxury, and the only way they’re going to fix it is by rebuilding the blue line via draft and trade. Move one of those forwards for defensive depth or a stud, draft some defenders for a change, and stop drafting forwards all the time.

          • BC
            Wasn’t saying a goalie can’t make a difference. The point is goalies are always a crap shoot from year to year case in point Anderson in Ott. You never know what you are going to get so why waste trading a good young player to get a goalie that might be good one year and crap the next. I’d rather trade for a quality D man as Chaas said and hope to get lucky with signing a decent UFA or a Bryz for the time being while the team becomes a better defensive team. Have a look at the Leafs, their goaltending is stellar most nights but yet they are barely holding on to the last playoff spot. Wouldn’t you rather trade for quality D?

          • Franchise goalie? Khudobin is far from that. Why trade big assets for something that is based purely on potential?

  2. who would want them? lol

  3. D-Man anyone – how about Ehroff or Myers? Sounds like a perfect scenario for a ROR – Ehroff or Myers trade.

    • The Sabres aren’t going to move Myers…they would be crazy to do so.

      Ehrhoff, McBain, McNabb, Weber – those guys could be moved.

      • Why not Myers – he’s playing decent now, more physical, but he’s still making mistakes. If I were the GM, everyone on the team would be available except the youngsters – so, I agree with you.

        • Does a guy have to be 18-19 to be considered a youngster or does Myers at a whopping 23 still fall into that category? Do you know a lot of 23 year old defensemen in the league that don’t make some mistakes? That’s what I thought punchy.

    • Are you a sabres fan Steve? Your crazy for wanting to trade Myers. You obviously haven’t seen him play lately. Guys been an absolute beast since Nolan took over.

      • Jes, he’s playing more physical, but still makes glaring mistakes. I think overall the D on the Sabres had tightened up a bit, but I still think Myers is a work in progress and my concern is that he is always going to be a work in progress. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the kid to succeed, but I see too many inconsistencies. Thing is, we haven’t really seen the skill and talent that he showed in his rookie season since that season and its been what 2 going on 3 years now.

  4. Flyers should move out dead weight for picks and be patient. Morin and hagg coming. Draft ho-sang and wait

    • Alt will be with the big club this seaon. Mark my words.

  5. I wonder if Gillis would ask Edler to waive his no trade clause? With Tanev quickly becoming an indespensible part of their D-core it could be a possibility. Rumor is, he would waive for Detroit but they dont have what the Canucks need. Perhaps to Philly for one of their young stars?

    • wonder indeed, and whether it’ll be this year or the off-season.
      one of Read, Coutourier or Vorackek could be a nice return (with picks/mid-level prospects to balance out on either side).

    • Was thinking the same thing. Edler seems kinda stagnant under Torts/Sully, being outplayed by most of the rest of the Canucks’ Ds. Gotta think MG must be considering it. Philly would be an interesting destination as the Canucks could use some forward depth. Simmonds? Voracek? Not sure what the return could look like.

  6. Weirdly, I haven’t heard Steve Mason’s agent drop Carey Price’s name recently, what with Mason having around an .880 save percentage this month. Coincidence, I guess.

    • Lol so true I haven’t heard Jango on here with him saying Mason is one of the better goalies in the league for awhile. Lol wonder where he went.

      • Mason’s numbers still better than Miller’s. and that’s what i said. i take him over Miller

        anyone who follows the Flyers will tell you Mason has been their MVP so far

        they’re at 500 for the first time this season. and that’s saying something about Mason because their team sucks and their D is awful

        • yeah an 880 save percentage this month gets him all the way down to 924

          before tonight. and only 2 G and another W tonight against a good Capital team. although the Flyers played good team D tonight

          1st goal was on Mason. 2nd goal was on blown D coverage

  7. do to the laughter that will undoubtedly follow I must say that I am a Leaf fan

    • If it was Laviolette you got a deal….

  8. How about Hemsky for Clarkson? Toronto loses some physicality but also dumps his salary long term allowing them to resign other key pieces.

    If the Leafs were more wiling to move youth they could get Hemsky for Clarkson and repalce him with Hartnell from Philly.

    The deal with Philly would be a give and take with Philly sending Hartnell, Gustafsson and a 2nd round pick to Toronto and taking back Liles contract with Gardiner.

    While the Leafs give up the best player in Gardiner they are stronger this year with Hemsky and Hartnell and they are left in a much better financial situation in the future with Liles off the books, Hesky coming off after this year and Hartnell is $500,000 less per season than Clarkson and has one less year on the length of deal than Clarkson.

    While Gardiner has a very high ceiling the financial gain/flexibility from the two deals above make this a very sound business deal for Toronto and helps the other teams as well from a player perspective.


    Toronto gives: Gardiner, Liles, Clarkson
    gets: Hartnell, Gustafsson, 2nd round pick, Hemsky, approx $6,000,000/year cap relief.

    Philly gives: Hartnell, Gustafsson
    gets: Gardiner, Liles

    Edmo gives: Hemsky
    gets: Clarkson

    • Why would philly want Liles? An overpaid dman that they’ve already got plenty of. Hows Liles + Gardiner going to fetch that return when nobody wanted Liles for free on waivers?

      Flyers already have 9 dmen on one-way deals (not including Pronger, for obvious reasons.) They can undoubtedly use a young dman like Gardiner for the future, but I can’t see them ever adding Liles