Latest Oilers Rumors – February 19, 2014

Are the LA Kings still interested in Sam Gagner? Could the Oilers consider shipping him elsewhere? Read on for the latest.

Kings no longer interested in Sam Gagner?

Kings no longer interested in Sam Gagner?

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lisa Dillman reports it now appears doubt the Kings will continue their pursuit of Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner when the Olympic trade freeze is lifted on February 23.

SI.COM: Allan Muir believes this could provide an opportunity for the Nashville Predators to acquire Gagner, noting they’ve had previous interest in the 24-year-old. He notes Predators defenseman Ryan Ellis played with Taylor Hall during their OHL days with the Windsor Spitfires, but believes the Oilers would want a more defensively responsible blueliner in return. Muir suggests prospects

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples notes Gagner’s trade value is low because he’s been hurt this season and failed to develop defensively, but believes he still have value for teams seeking second-line depth.

EDMONTON SUN: Robert Tychkowski believes it could be better for Gagner if he were dealt to a team where he’d be a better fit. Tychkowski also believes the best time for the Oilers to swing a blockbuster deal is during the summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sticking point in shopping him now is teams could be asking the Oilers to pick up part of his salary. The Predators, for example, would probably love to land Gagner, but not at $4.8 million per season through 2015-16. If the Oilers want to move him by the deadline, it could take absorbing part of Gagner’s contract.

It might even be best to move Gagner during the summer, when teams will have more cap space and willingness to take on his salary. The problem, of course, is Gagner has a no-trade clause which goes into effect on July 1, giving him full control over potential destinations (provided he’s willing to waive it) and limiting where the Oilers can send him. I expect the Oilers will keep trying to move him by the trade deadline. Failing that, they’ll aggressively shop him leading up to the June draft.


  1. I understand teams dealing in the summer to avoid cap issues, thing that gets me is if you dont think a player is worth the contract because he has been hurt or hasn’t produced, chances are he still is not going to be worth the contract in the summer. The Oilers should have learned this from Hemsky, If they can move him by the deadline and improve their team they should. I doubt that after the finals there will be a rush to pick up the remainder of Gagners contract no complete with a no trade clause.

    • Well said my friend.

  2. A one dimensional midget defenseman still unable to play solid defensively is not what I believes solves anythinf for the Poil, so that’s not happening…and I really have trouble believing the fans AND management are looking prospect at this juncture, as their roster is filled with players they are waiting to reach their next developmental level.
    Hemsky is not a big want by any team, but trading Gagner should get them an equal player of need, not one or more of lesser value…so he isn’t going anywhere for less.

    • Again with the typing errors!

      anythung not anythinf
      for the OIL , not for the Poil.

      one hand is always hit the keyboard before the other….

      • Anythung? :)

  3. Does anyone think that the Leafs could be interested in a Gagner + for Kadri +? It’s been rumoured before that the Leafs have had interest in Gagner & There have been rumours as well that Kadri has fallen out of flavour with Randy Carlyle. Maybe a change of scene would be good for both teams & both players.

    • No way. Not straight up anyway. Change of scenery couldn’t do anymore good for Kadri IMO. He’s been lighting it up recently hasn’t he? Oilers probably have to give up more to get Kadri IMO. Do Leafs have any use for Hemsky? Add him for more offensive depth on your team. Maybe Hemsky + Gagner + draft pick 3rd or further along for Kadri. Oilers won’t take salary back though so I don’t know what else the Leafs could give up to make the deal work financially speaking.

      Love how you said Kadri seems to have fallen out of flavour with Carlyle. Lol.

      • You Maple Leafs fans are ridiculous, no way Kadri is worth that much, keep dreaming!

        • Umm… Jes is a Sabres fan lol
          I’m not sure most Leaf fans want to trade Kadri. This is a recording….

          • Shtick – Leaf fans do overvalue Kadri and he clearly isn’t one of Carlyle’s favorite flavs. What TO should do is trade Kadri for McDonald and Cizikas – shores up their D and also gives them a pretty good prospect while getting rid of a “non-Carlyle” type of player. I also think the Leafs should try during the off season to add one more veteran presence – maybe someone like Cammalleri or Legwand

    • I’d say zero chance. Leafs don’t want or need Gagner. It would not be an upgrade and Leafs can’t afford Gagners contract right now. Kadri and Carlyle seem fine right now but you are right they have had their issues during Kadri’s short career. Any deal involving Kadri would need to net the Leafs back an upgrade either at D or center. Gagner does neither of these things.

      • Down grade if anything, with a more expensive hit and ntc. The Oilers would need to add. Randy isnt going to persuade management to give up on that kind of potential in Kadri for a player who has more experience and hasn’t lived up to his potential. Kadri has nearly 25 more points over the past 2 seasons than Gagner and is club controlled. If Randy has issues with Kadri it would be his defensive game over that same period Gagner is -26 Kadri is + 5. Randy wont like Sam much either.

  4. The Kings don’t really need to make a trade. Look at their forwards: Brown, Carter, Richards, Williams, Kopitar, and Stoll. They have Kings, who earlier in the season looked like the second coming of Cam Neely, and they also have Toffoli who is a very promising rookie. If those guys can’t score, what exactly would adding Gagner do?

    • Yup, just need to find away to motivate them. This is the EXACT same thing that happened the year the Kings won the cup, they were having issues scoring, it was looking bleak then they went full throttle in the playoffs. They could finish 8th and still be considered a favorite.

      • Exactly, the Kings are built for the playoffs and I’m sure there are a lot of teams not wanting to face them in the first round. I don’t think the Kings will do any major trades at the deadline, but I do think they will be doing some changes in the off-season (ie. Brown).

    • I think Carter regained his scoring touch this Olympics as I think there was a lull and Richards was definitely in a funk. I don’t think LA has to do anything major, maybe just add a rental like Boyes – someone who doesn’t break the bank but can help in the scoring department.

    • For Right Now Kings do need some scoring. Would not trade a top prospect nor a #1
      or even a #2 future pick. If they can get a Hemskey type for third round pick and then dump him at season end, do it. Otherwise wait until summer and re-evaluate.

      • Fratin and a second for Raymond? lol

  5. Hope the Pens get Hemsky! give up couple young ‘D’ and a 2rd pick!

    Wishful thinking! Go Canada Go!!!

    • Wishful thinking? I wouldnt give up that much for Hemsky. Maybe a prospect (1) and a second.

    • I hope not. He has talent, but Hemsky at times has seemed to be unmotivated and at other times becomes completely invisible. We already tried a similar player out recently in the second try of Kovalev and it failed miserably.
      If it comes down to it, I would much rather keep the young depth on the back end and especially love to keep the 2nd (there is no way I would give up more than a 2nd only for Hemsky as a rental and even that might be generous).
      Pens are best left to grab some toughness in an Ott who can help battle teams like the Bruins (again, Hemsky would be doing the opposite) who they’ll most likely play against. For secondary scoring, perhaps a Boyes type would be ideal if cheap enough, but lets not forget that Bennett is coming off IR and should also play that role.

      • Good Point Aj! they do need Toughness! Ott would be Perfect!!!!

      • Agreed. Even if Despres get’s traded they are still very deep on the D prospects. Keep the picks and try and stock up on some O prospects.

      • Shero will pick up some grit and toughness which we lost when Talbot, Cooke left. Yah, adding Brad Boyes would help secondary scoring since we do not know when BB will be back and for how long. He’s made of glass

    • You’d give that much up for Hemsky? That kind of package could land u someone much better

    • Hemsky is worth a pick, that’s all. Any team taking on his salary is enough.

  6. gagner, yak, first rounder and a defensive prospect for shea webber!

    • That doesn’t even come close to landing weber

      • Wow not even close.

    • Replace Yak with Eberle and then you’ll get the convo started.

      • Replace Gagner with Eberle…lol

  7. The Dallas Stars have the cap space to fit Gagner’s contract. They are also interested in a second line center seeing as Cody Eakin is proving a more solid third line option. Fiddler wants out and Horcoff is still a very solid fourth liner. With the likes of Fiddler and Whitney likely heading out of town, this deal makes sense for today and the future. Exactly what Jim Nill says he is looking to do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some defensive depth shipped off to Edmonton with a draft pick for Gagner.

  8. I think the Sharks may take a chance on Hemsky for a third rounder, but only if Hemsky is a UFA at the end of the year. He’s looked good in the Olympics….

    Gagne, Eberle and a 1st for Weber….sounds like a fair deal to me….both teams get what they need!

    • How is Gagner what the Preds need?

      • Well he’s an offensive player + a center. With Legwand on his way out this offseason this would definitely be what the Preds would be looking for at least one of the pieces they’d want part of the trade involving Weber.

        • Who is a small second line center not very good 2 way play never had a 50 points and is unlikely to get 40 playing in that system….they wont give away Weber. This is like a Leaf fan wanting to throw Bozak in a deal for Weber.

  9. I’m no Oiler fan but if they trade all there young guns for one D-man there nuts. Weber is worth a 1st a good young player and a 2nd from any team. Nashville needs to start over might as well start now and unload a pile of cash.

  10. What’s with all this talk of the Oilers having to take on some of Gagner’s salary? Are they not dealing from a position leverage? It don’t make sense to me. It just seems if teams are interested in Gagner, then the Oil should be the one’s laying down the terms. I don’t see the Oil getting that big of a return for his services, but it should be a decent trade which works for both teams immediately. At least if I was GM of the Oil and I was looking to trade a player like Gagner away. I still think they should keep him around for another year. I gotta believe this team will finally turn around next season, and I would like Sam G to be apart of it. If, they fall flat yet again, then maybe by next year’s deadline, try trade him then. At least he’ll have less time on his contract and hopefully there will be more of this taking on part of his salary talk. Anyway, that’s my cent and a half. What ya think? ;)

    • I think if Sam has another season below expectations like he has for the past few years. (If he dosent get around 15-20 goals and 50 points) it could be tough to move a smallish not physical, fringe second line guy who makes close to 5 million bucks, at next years deadline. Even tougher with his no trade clause.