Latest Oilers Rumors – November 8, 2012.

Elliotte Friedman weighs in on some of the wacky Edmonton Oilers trade rumors.


Eberle for Luongo? In yer dreams, pal!

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman recently wrote, “You can tell people believe we’re getting closer to a (CBA) resolution because trade-rumour insanity is hitting the internet”, referring specifically to speculation the Edmonton Oilers could make a big move post-lockout.

Friedman dismissed talk of the Oilers shipping winger Jordan Eberle to Vancouver for goalie Roberto Luongo, or 2012 first overall pick Nail Yakupov to the Montreal Canadiens for defenseman P.K. Subban. He expressed doubt the Canucks would trade Luongo to a division rival, or that the goalie would want to go there. “You know who’d make a lot of sense? Jay Bouwmeester. He also has a no-trade clause, but could you imagine Calgary and Edmonton making that deal?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No, Elliotte, I can’t imagine that deal. Not without a third team getting involved, whereby the Flames trade Bouwmeester to that third team, which then “flipped” him to the Oilers, provided he’d be willing to accept that move if his “no-trade” clause remained in effect after the initial move. Eberle for Luongo? Yakupov for Subban? Gotta love the active imaginations of some folks. Sure, it’s possible the Oilers could make a “wow factor” deal post-lockout, and I don’t doubt they have interest in Luongo, and would have interest in Subban. I just doubt they can land Luongo, and I don’t believe the Canadiens will move Subban, especially given the wonky knees of Andrei Markov.


  1. Why is this even up for discussion?
    The kids aint goin nowhere for nobody!

    • Althought I agree, you have to always have in mind “If Gretzky can be traded, anyone can be traded”. So, if Pittsburgh offered Malkin/Crosby, you’re telling us that Tambellini wouldn’t make that deal in a heart beat?

  2. Someone I think the Oilers should target is be a mobile top 2 Offensive D-man like Dan Boyle. I know he’s get’n up there in age, but he is still a legit top 15 D in the league, has tons of leadership and experience, and he can get the puck up and out of the zone quickly. He wouldn’t fix their problem in goal, but Boyle would help keep the puck at the other end of the ice more often.

  3. I’m not an Oilers fan but the real disgrace for these rumours isn’t if Lou wants to go to Edmonton or IF the Canucks would be willing to trade him to a divisional rival. It’s the hell would Edmonton give up Eberle for that sieve. I wouldn’t even give them paajarvi for Lou, let alone Eberle.

    • You think Lou is a sieve? Do you even watch hockey?

      • And have you watched the playoffs flyingv or did everyone just imagine schneider in the net.

      • Have you seen Lou play under pressure Internationally or for Vancouver? Lou is a sieve. Do you know Vancouver is making Schneider there go to guy and we have all these rumors? Lou is a sieve

        And I am a die hard hockey fan

        • Yeah, it isn’t like Lou doesn’t have:

          – Winter Olympics (1x Gold)
          – World Championships (2x Gold, 1x Silver)
          – World Cup (1x Gold)
          – World Junior Championships (1x Silver)
          – World U-17 (1x Bronze)

          Oh, and it isn’t like if he helped Vancouver go to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals! Yeah, he’s just another Toskala…ahem…I mean average goalie. lol

  4. Eberle and RNH wil never be moved. Those two will be oilers for as long as edm can afford them. They will be the first ones signed to big deals, even if it means losing out on hall, yaks,ect.
    If the cba comes in with the rumored 60 million fixed cap, the oilers should do everything in their power to get a proven goaltender and a top pairing defenseman as soon as possible.
    Eberle RNH hall yaks Shultz could all realistically avg 5-6 million. With guys like gagner paajarvi kliefborn who could be pretty good as well, it’s only a matter of time before the cap is spent. Maybe 3-4 years away.

    • The Oilers need a top notch dman and the cost of one of those is a top notch forward. So don’t say never.

      • Trade Eberle to Toronto for Gardiner. Toronto gets their 1C, Edmonton gets their 1D/2D. Even throw more in the deal, so that Edmonton can try to refill their C.

        To Toronto: Eberle + Luongo
        To Edmonton: Reimer + Schroeder + Toronto’s 2013 2nd Round Draft Pick
        To Vancouver: O.Roy + Bozak + Toronto’s 2013 1st Round Draft Pick

  5. Suggesting Luongo is a sieve makes the forum not worthy of even reading. He’s one of the top 5 goalies in the league like him or not. I can’t imagine MG allowing or wishing to put that sort of goaltending playing against him 8 games a year. Florida has a couple of quality prospects they’d like much fact any one in the east would be a preference.

    • And Florida has a Swedish Phenom names Jacob Markstrom. So why on earth do they want the Canucks problem. Everyone seems to think Gillis is some genius but he has shown with this contract that he isn’t.

  6. Is this for real? This article should be the complete contrary! It shouldnt be ” i dont think the oilers can land luongo” it should be ” the canucks will never land the likes of eberle for a goaltender like luongo!!” I mean cmon we are comparing apples and oranges much as the oilers need goaltending you cant even imagine trading away a talent like eberle who will be a core player for the team for another 15 years! Luongo is old, washed up…albeit hes got tremendous talent but that goaltending void can be filled without giving up any superstar player..anyway i found this quite ridiculous to read.

  7. WOW!!
    I am surprised at all the hate BIG LOU gets. Goaltenders get better with age. Lou is still sanding tall. I’m not a Canuck’s fan, but Lou and Schneider are an amazing tandem, with a slight advantage to the younger guy right now(who players a lot less games per year). Taking on the starters job may make a big difference. If the strike ever ends we may get a chance to see how he makes out.

    • He will look great during the regular season. Even help a team make the play-off. BUT when the pressure is on Lou is not.

      And I don’t hate Lou. He has class.

  8. ooops “standing tall” not sanding (kinda funny though)

    • He sand da floor as mister miyagi once said. Now he does like being on his belly on breakaways so you aren’t far off.