Latest on Brodeur, Stastny, Prospal and Bryzgalov – October 26, 2013.

Should Martin Brodeur move on from the Devils? Could the Avalanche shop Paul Stastny? Could Vinny Prospal return to the Rangers? Could Ilya Byzgalov be a good fit with the Oilers?

Is it time for Martin Brodeur to move on?

Is it time for Martin Brodeur to move on?

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox noted Martin Brodeur has lost the starting goalie role with the New Jersey Devils to Cory Schneider and wondered if it was time for him to move on  if he hoped to get in more playing time this season. “It’s not hard to project that some team, a contender, would be more than happy to have Brodeur, who’s $4.5 million contract expires this season, on the bench as insurance when the playoffs begin”, writes Cox. “Pittsburgh? Boston? Montreal? Detroit? Washington? Heck, the Carolina Hurricanes, with Cam Ward and Anton Khudobin out with injuries, could use him now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Brodeur toyed with the idea of signing elsewhere as a free agent in 2012, I’ll be very surprised if he moves on from the only NHL team he’s ever played for. Yes, it’s disheartening to see one of the all-time greats possibly finishing his great career as a backup, but Brodeur has been very loyal to the Devils and they to him.  He’s almost certainly got a front office job with the Devils waiting for him when he retires.  He’s accomplished everything that can be accomplished as an NHL goaltender. I just don’t see him opting to leave for one last shot at playoff glory.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports there’s been no contract talks between the Colorado Avalanche and the agent for Paul Stastny, who will become an unrestricted free agent next summer. While it’s assumed Stastny could be moved by the trade deadline or depart via free agency, coach and VP of hockey ops Patrick Roy praised his performance. Despite the logjam of talent at center, Roy claims there’s been no problem ensuring they all get their share of playing time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s assumed Stastny would be shopped for a quality defenseman, but if the Avs are still playing well by the trade deadline, they could retain Stastny and take their chances on losing him for nothing to free agency next summer.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather has “held conversations” with free agent forward and former Ranger Vinny Prospal and his agent, though there’s no indication yet Sather has pitched the 38-year-old Prospal a contract. Brooks believes Prospal would be “a low-risk move with potentially substantial reward”, and doubts Prospal would want more than $850K.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No offense to Prospal, but this shows how desperate things may be for the Rangers.

SPORTSNET.CA: John Shannon and Mark Spector don’t consider free agent goalie Ilya Bryzgalov the answer to the Oilers goaltending depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Oilers truly wanted Bryzgalov, they would’ve signed him by now.  I think Bryzgalov’s best bet to return to the NHL could come via Carolina (Cam Ward and Anton Khudobin both sidelined) or Nashville, where the Predators could be forced to use unproven backups if Pekka Rinne is sidelined for a lengthy period.


  1. Paul Stastny is taking all our defensive zone draws right now. ROR has been money on the top line with Duchene, so I don’t think you’d move him back to center if Stastny is traded. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take those faceoffs, so I think that means the Avs would look for a defensive center in a package deal along with a defenseman, or in a separate deal at the deadline. MacKinnon moves between Tanguay and Landeskog, and the new guy centers McGinn and probably Downie. Stastny could sign-and-trade, increasing his value to the new team.

  2. I suppose that fact that no other nhl has offered Prospal a contract is telling, but even at 38 he showed he can still be effective. He played complete seasons two years in a row and has strong numbers.

    I would think both Phila and NYR would look at him. The Rangers are battling injuries and appear to be a bit lifeless. Their pp could use a jolt in the arm, even if its only the second unit.

    The Flyers on the other hand are getting chances and hitting a ton of posts, but even when they had a decent offense they still needed another creative player in their lineup. The fact that he can play the left wing which is exactly what they need and he can flat out pass the puck should push them at looking at him.

    Prospal refused to take a tryout and now he is getting blacklisted. I would think the Flyers and their anemic offense would at least take a look at him. Especially if 40 stays on the first line.

  3. Once colorado comes back down to earth I think they’ll search hard for some d. Statsny could be a great trade chip as he’s a top face off guy and lots of teams seem to be struggling in that department but his contract will be tough to fit in on most teams.

  4. How about Stastny, & a 3rd rounder for Franson, Liles, & Kulemin.
    The salaries amount to the same.
    Colorado gets 2 d-men. One of which enjoyed a decent career there.
    Kulemin which adds to their wing depth.
    Toronto gets a #1 center, we also move Liles, cap relief, & a draft pick

    • I’d imagine the Leafs might want a depth defender (#7) in return, if giving up two d-men. Otherwise, it looks pretty reasonable to me. Nice suggestion, Kevin!

      Note: it’s reasonable… provided they can sign Stastny as part of the trade. Otherwise, too much to give up for a rental/UFA.

      • Actually, didn’t realize Kulemin’s a UFA, too. Might make the deal fair, regardless.

    • absolutely not. Colorado is eating filet mingon and doesn’t want your cheese and crackers. Toronto fans shouldn’t even concern themselves with Colorado’s stable. If need be, we can acquire a much better and younger class of “building blocks” with our forwards, which only Dater, in his own fantastical delusional imagination, is the only one dreaming these awful things up. Stastny is not going anywhere this season. The only people with itches in their britches trying to push/pry Stastny out of Colorado is the slap-happy media trying to sound intelligent before hand. And as usually they keep digging this non-story out of each other’s butts! And as usual Toronto fans take it as gospel. C’mon TO your team is actually pretty good this year, let your team build up some credibility for you fans before you start trying to tear it apart by grasping at the greener grass. Now is the time to enjoy what you’ve got.

  5. Great idea! I’ll grab the phone right away!

    • However, Franson I’d keep. Replace that offer with Gunnerson.

  6. Brodeur is still solid. He can play on a solid team like the Tampa or Carolina and give them solid numbers.

    Statsny won’t get much in return. He’s not that good.

    • Brodeur isn’t going anywhere, he’ll be one of those players that played his whole career for the one team (Lidstrom, Sakic, etc.). If anything, Brodeur will continue to be the back-up this year, and retire at years end.

  7. To Toronto: Stastny
    To Colorado: Phaneuf + D’Amigo

    Both Toronto and Colorado are in the same boat with Phaneuf and Stastny, as they’re both set to become UFA’s. Toronto throws in D’Amigo (good prospect) to stay under the maximum cap hit, as Stastny makes $1K more than Phaneuf. With Phaneuf, he’ll eat up a lot of minutes and score a lot of points at the same time, which is what Colorado needs on the backend. Toronto finally gets a 1C-type centerman they’ve been waiting for.

  8. Other than perhaps enjoying Brodeur’s services for WELL under market value for most of his career, how exactly have the Devils been loyal to him?