Latest on Canadiens, Oilers, Flames and Jets – June 3, 2012.

Another update on the Canadiens search for a new head coach, a suggestion over who the Oilers should select with their first overall pick, and more.

RDS.CA: reports Canadiens legend and current Quebec Remparts owner/GM/coach Patrick Roy is out of the running for the role of Habs head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roy’s been in and out of this so much it’s getting difficult to believe reports about his status. We’ll know for certain when the Canadiens finally announce their choice. It’s believed former Habs coach Michel Therrien and former NHL coach Marc Crawford are the leading candidates for the job.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson suggests the Oilers should give serious consideration to blueline prospect Ryan Murray with the first overall pick in this year’s entry draft. He feels the Oilers need a potential number one defenseman more than another scoring forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree. They’ve already got three budding offensive superstars in Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. They need a potential top-two defenseman to anchor their blueline in the future.

CALGARY SUN: Flames promising forward Sven Baertschi is looking forward to the challenge of playing for Flames new head coach Bob Hartley, who is known for being demanding, especially with his young players.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Tim Campbell looks at potential draft options for the Jets, who hold the ninth overall pick in this year’s entry draft.


  1. Take ‘BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE’. Murray is not a flashy player and would constantly be compared to Yakapov. the demanding fans in Edmonton would run him out of town.

  2. I like the idea of Ryan Murray learning his trade with Randy Carlyle but that’s unlikely as Murray will be picked in the top three. He’s going to be in the NHL for a long time.

  3. I was hoping that the new Canadiens management would look farther than simply recycling an NHL coach from the past. Maybe they have and maybe Therrien or Crawford are the best options available… but it still has the feel of narrow thinking to me.

  4. It would do the oilers well to trade Down if their intention is to draft Murray… I would ask for a first plus another (young)dman that can be inserted into the line up and play to further shelter Murray from minutes he may not be ready for. If they can convert that pick into two serviceable players, that would be a win for them but being the oil, who knows what they will do..

  5. If Edmonton really wants Murray, they should have no issue trading down to 2nd overall with Columbus, with the gentleman handshake that Columbus takes Yakapov. Not sure what that would take, but I think it’s foolish to not draft the supposedly best player at the draft otherwise.

  6. I agree with Ron and Habs, trde down with Columbus. they will take yakupove IMO. Who or what they get in return is the question.

    As for the habs new coach, I really hope it is not Therien. I think Roy should spend time as an assistant in the NHL before head coach. Roy as an assistant until/if Quebec gets a team would be ok. I would have been ok with Hartley as coach but I am a little unsure of Crawford as coach.

  7. Am curious to hear from you habs fans, would The canadiens consider Murray at 3 or could The Oil concievably Trade even further Down, if Murray really is their guy?

  8. In my opinion, its very risky to not take the best player in the draft. Imagine if Tampa had been in a similar situation to the Oilers in 2008 and had traded the 1st pick for the 3rd pick and another player. Regardless of who that other player would have been how ridiculous would you look having dealt Steven Stamkos for Zach Bogosian?

    There is often a huge gap between first overall and others. Look at even 2007 where Patrick Kane went first and Kyle Turris went 3rd.

    If the Oilers feel like most scouts that Yakupov is the best player, it’s an absolute must to draft him. I believe this is what they will do.

  9. There has not been a single case of teams trading the 1st overall and coming out the winner, going back as far as Lafleur. Secondly, there are very mixed reviews on Murray, calling him a definite #1 is ridiculous. Every single scouting report basically says he does everything well, and nothing exceptional. More a Chris Phillips than a Chris Pronger. Which is easier to find in a trade? A solid defenceman or a Pavel Bure type forward?

    • Well said!

  10. Habs should take whichever big center the can get, Galchenyuk or Grigorenko. Time and time again, big solid first-line centers are the hardest to get. Defensemen are a much easier commodity to land through trades.