Latest on Doan and Bernier.

Updates on Shane Doan’s supposed asking price, while the Kings aren’t in any hurry to move goalie Jonathan Bernier.

TSN.CA: cited a report by David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail claiming a source said Shane Doan is seeking a four-year, $30 million contract if he leaves the Phoenix Coyotes via free agency.

KUKLA’S KORNER: George Malek cited “tweets” from Shoalts and Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic last night claiming Doan didn’t hear from prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison yesterday. Shoalts also noted Doan’s agent denied his client was seeking a four-year, $30 million deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I was suspicious of that initial report over Doan’s asking price, as it’s exactly the same as the rumored offer he received a couple of weeks ago from an “unnamed Eastern Conference team”.  That Doan hasn’t heard from Jamison doesn’t bode well for the long-time Coyotes captain staying in Phoenix.

Nothing new for Bernier.

FOXSPORTS WEST: Jon Rosen reports the LA Kings aren’t in a hurry to honor the trade request of backup Jonathan Bernier, who has one season remaining on his current contract. Rosen doubts Bernier will be moved until the Kings 2012-13 needs are more clearly defined and more potential trade partners emerge.

TVASPORTS’s L.A. Lariviere reports via Twitter sources saying Bernier has spoken with Kings GM Dean Lombardi since telling him he wants a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible someone might be willing to overpay for Bernier this summer, but I believe it’s unlikely, and expect he’ll  be back in the Kings lineup to start the upcoming season, though he might not finish it with them.


  1. If your Jamison, and you see the interest in Doan from big money NHL franchises, why wouldn’t you call your team captain and atleast have a conversation? To me, that look like the new owner is saying “I’m not buying the team for you. I could care less what your doing”. I didn’t think that Doan was demanding a certain amount of cash, but I’m sure he will be over paid because that’s what happens with FA’s. I really hope Montreal makes a solid pitch for him.

  2. With Jamison not speaking to Doan regarding the purchase of the team, says to me that the sale of the coyotes will not happen. The desert will soon become a little quieter when the team moves north. My guess Quebec will once again be cheering their nordiques.

  3. With Jonathan Quick, I have no idea why LA is so stuck on not letting Bernier leave. Just give the guy a break and let him go!

  4. I think the reason why LA wont let Bernier go is…young goalies in the league now a days are so hot and cold. Better to have couple young studs. Look at Halek, Price, Varlamov, Fleury, Reimer, Mason, Smith, LecLaire,and all the flyers goalies. All these guys have had a great season at one time, everyone wanted them or spoke so highly of them then the next season they just became a mediocre goalie. Some of rebounded back others just float from team to team now. If i was LA unless i could get back another young goalie which shows the “promise of Bernier” i wouldn’t trade him.

    • Yeah, LA would be way better off to play both guys an let Bernier’s value build and when some teams finally decide they need a new solution in goal they will get quality prospects and probably a first rounder for him. Right now teams are settling into their roster make up and just exploring what other options look like. The pressure isn’t there like it is during the reg. season.

    • Sound reasoning. Andrew Raycroft was one of those goalies as well. Quick winning the Stanley Cup doesn’t make it absolutely certain he will stand on his head for the next ten years. Lombardi has a fresh example in Marc-Andre Fleury, who won the Cup in a most dramatic fashion against a really top-tier team in a game 7.. and struggled mightily in the playoffs last season.

  5. Hey Lyle do you think that if the sale of the coyotes doesn’t go through that a dispersion draft would occur rather than move the team to new location especially considering the league could charge more money to have a team put in Quebec or any of the other previously mentioned cities?

    • Ron: Doubt if there’s a dispersal draft. The league will carry the team for one more season while they find a buyer (hello there, Quebecor) to purchase and move the team.

  6. You know – I’m thinking that Doan already knows what he is gonna do – he’s made his decision and is just hoping Jamison and the league make some sort of committment to Phoenix. Thing is, he knows who wants him and he has the offers – just a matter of the door being closed in Phoenix.

  7. @Steve,
    You may be dead on here. He may give The Yotes on e lasy chance before he visits a few cities and makes his move.

    Moving the team is the only option for Gary B. Anything else will cause him to loose face with the rest of the owners. Unfortunately, I see the next team heading to Seattle instead of up North. Gary is trying to force hockey on the US market in areas it has no business.

  8. Doan like Phoenix is gone.Then again,it is almost August first and the CBA? No body may play this year anyway.

  9. The hockey world just sits and waits for a 30 something to pick his new home,I like Doaner but please this guy isn’t even a star and he isn’t a game changer. The wild will regret their signing in due time to ,why all the fuss about a 20-25 goal guy if that’s the case a 50 goal guy should be given a franchise in his name. Just sad…

  10. Everyone is over paid anymore. Pickings are slim so teams overvalue players. It has been this way awhile and keeps getting worse. I don’t believe it will nor can be fixed.

  11. Bernier will be moved during the season. Injuries will happen, other guys won’t pan out and the offers will come rolling in.

    I think he would be a good fit for the Oilers. They need a guy they can build with going forward. I thought he was going to land in Tampa.

  12. Doan is so valuable because there aren’t a lot of players of his size and ability available. to be able to add a player of his ability for money alone would be a fairly significant addition for a lot of teams. there’s a reason why a budget team like Phoenix would keep a 35 year old as one of their top paid players, i’m sure if it were up to Phoenix’s coach Doan would still be with the team now.

  13. I don’t think at this point the league itself can afford to keep Phoenix again and the fact is there is an interested buyer group in Quebec providing relocation is allowed. Seattle doesn’t even have the arena to house an NHL team yet and won’t for at least 2-3 more years. Quebec has its temp arena and has already got approval for a new arena.

    I also wonder if there is any chance that Doan could bring a contract that he is being offered by another team and sign for a bit less in Phoenix with a NTC that he can waive to be traded to the team he wants to go to in an attempt to bring some assets back to the ‘Yotes.

    I also agree that Bernier isn’t moved until sometime during the regular season, he’ll be showcased a bit to increase his trade value while the Kings figure out exactly what they want to get for him. My bet is they will look to add a top six forward of some sort if their offense heads back to inconsistent like last RS.


    GMs are fast learning that NHL ready players and exceptional rookies are a very HOT commodity …they are evaluated by the best scouts in the business and have all ready played time in the NHL so it gives the edge to the GM selling that player as he now has mare value in the slim market as opposed to barganaing with a draft pick or unrpoven highly touted minor leauger.
    Lombardi is in no hurray to sell off an asset just because someone has asked for a trade when he is god for the club …he is property of the La Kings thats where he signed a contract, thats who gave him his shot and break in the NHL, hes unproven but Lombardi needs to get full market value.The problem for Bernier is 95% of the league has a #1 goalie so why give up so much for a back up that isnt even a proven starter!
    If Lombardi trades Bernier he needs a proven back up as well …so hes stuck if he doesn’t get one in the deal…everytone is looking for a very good back up ….so if he trades Bernier….. so is Lombardi !
    It may have to be a multi player deal 2 for 2 type thing as opposed to a straight up hockey deal !


    Whta’s really going on here is very simple …Doan is giving the Coyotes every opportunity to match any and all offers or come close to a deal that Daon would get anywhere else…If it was about the money Iam sure he would have packed his bags and headed to the best offer all ready .
    Doan is not wanting to move so if he is offered the same deal he will stay …he would rather see what the difference in funds will be to stay or go and if he will get long term money out of Phoenix.
    How can an impending owner give money to a guy if he doesnt know what he can spend or if he even owns the club ….any club can add Doan with a signature …they can wait it out …they dont have to give up players draft picks elsewhere to make a trade or sign him …..its not a matter of where Daon is going its a matter of wheather hes wanted at home if he didnt like it there he would have left months ago!

  15. Put a fork in the Coyotes they are done ,this league cripples itself out of sheer stupidity. Wings offer Doan fair value then bow out when things look like a middle aged player that plays in the dessert ya that’s right desert looks to be in the seven mil range atleast one franchise has a brain…move the team you dummies Doan doesn’t want to leave but its not based on the team its based on the fact he doesn’t want to move…that’s why he’s holding out ,anyone figure this team will ever win with the loss of whitney they will be sitting out this year ,Doan sign already you are starting to look as sad as that joke team you captain. Ig some one offers you six mil plus grab it and run then when ur riding the pine in 2-3yrs you can have the last laugh…

  16. Here is a quick stat that should really put the Bernier situation into focus a bit!!!

    Drafted in 2006 11th overall
    Has only played 48 NHL games since then ( 2012 now)

    How is this guy the next ONE!!! hes woth a deep first rounder or a fringe second liner and a second at best or a top 1A prospect …which is what he is …Lombardi only has the market value of goalies on his side ….Bernier is no better than any other teams 1A Goalies propect or back up goalie for any team in 95% of the league !

    He would have to be traded to a bottom 5-7 place team in order to even get a crack or sniff at 25 plus gamnes !

  17. I Agree with S & S (shocker). Bernier has not had enough starts in the league and his numbers are not tremendous. At this point he is not worth a high 1st pick. The problem for him is that he will not be able to really prove his worth with Quick getting 90 to 95% of the starts, something that won’t change barring injury.
    No comment on Doan, exhausted on subject, ready to blow chunks.

  18. Yotes going seattle, islanders going to canada

  19. If the league is forced to pay for the Coyotes again next season, how can they not justify implementing a revenue sharing program that actually works? This should be high on the to-do list in the CBA bargaining, for both sides.

  20. why not just stop with islanders and coyotes
    and divide the players in a draft. Would be more
    honest for the teams with 8 teams in there division.
    With 28 we can make it honest for everyone!!

    • @hockeyfan: You realize that there is still 6 five team divisions right? The Player’s Association blocked the 4 division realignment.