Latest on Doan, Weber and Nash.

Shane Doan to starting considering his options today, a call for the Predators to sign or trade Shea Weber, and suggesting the Blue Jackets retain Rick Nash for next season if a suitable trade cannot be made this summer.


Doan could start fielding offers today.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan could start fielding offers from rival teams today. His agent expect Doan will probably start doing so on Tuesday, adding there was nothing imminent. Doan decided to wait until today to determine the progress of the Coyotes sale to the Jamieson group, but currently there’s an effort afoot to force a referendum on the issue by pushing the arena lease agreement onto the November ballot. The Doan camp has been in constant contact with Coyotes GM Don Maloney, and there’s no deadline as to when he could reach a decision over where he’ll play next season.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James believes the Red Wings will push hard for Doan if he’s willing to listen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers, Flyers, Penguins, Canadiens, Bruins, Panthers, Stars and Kings are also believed among the clubs who could get into the bidding for Doan, but by the sound of things, it could be a while (perhaps weeks) until he makes a decision on which club he signs with.  And if the effort for a referendum on the lease agreement falls through, that could open the door for his return to the Coyotes.

THE TENNESSEAN: David Climer believes the Predators should either sign Shea Weber to an expensive new contract or trade him for the best return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, if Weber is willing to sign a multi-year deal, I believe the Predators will work hard at getting it done, but if he only wants a one-year extension, it’s time to shop him, rather than risk losing him for nothing next summer, or have another season of uncertainty over one of their top defensemen hanging over the team.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Rob Oller believes the Blue Jackets should retain Rick Nash for next season if the right deal cannot be find, dismissing the possibility it could have an adverse effect upon the team’s morale.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ideally, the Jackets would want to move Nash before the start of next season, but given how stubbornly they’re clinging to their high asking price, it wouldn’t be surprising if they went into this season with him still on the roster.


  1. Hofully something will happen today. Long term deals make the off season very long. We won’t see these type of players on the market for many years now. Something has got to give. Too many Yashin, Gomez, Redden, Drury, and that Islanders goalie deals,who will be the next to kill there career. Ryan Smyth did it right this time, he will be a good player for the Oilers.

    • Ryan Smith did it right from the beginning. Put your self in his shoes and than tell me whats right or wrong. Hmmmm do i stay in Edmonton or go to NY for a few million more and shed a few tears. Are you one of the owners or something I say let the players make as much as they want. The owners i dond give a sh_t about they dont entertain me.

      • @ Michael

        I couldn’t disagree more. The owners have to run a business, and the players are employees. When a team loses money or a player underperforms, I never see them offer to give money back to the team or take a pay cut.

        I also think there is a tremendous amount of loyalty between both players and owners. Take Selanne for example. He could be a mercenary but he continually re-signs with the Ducks. Look at the long-term deals that are signed. Those are a commitment by the teams to their respective players.

        • JDBiGC – Do you own your own businness?
          What give an owner the right to expect a guarantee that he is gonna be making money. Im in business as well and NO ONE gives me a guarantee that im gonna be succefull at what I do, plus the players need to run there own busines as well Take Peter Mueler How long has he been in the league how much did he make and now he is hurt and who knows if his ok or not..
          We say we have a free country here but yet we put limitations on how much a hockey player can be paid. Do they do that at the English premier League . NO NO and NO

          • Does the NHL as a company make as much as the English premier league? NO NO and NO.

          • Disclaimer that I do not nor ever have run my own business.

            I’m a big believer that those who produce/manufacture the product deserve at least an equal share of the profits. Whatever the total profits of the league, the players should get at least half since they are producing the product. The owners also deserve a cut since they take on all the risk of the business and do quite a bit of work to drum up interest in the product.

            It’s funny, I think if this was any other business, the employees (players) would be making a share probably well below 5% (wild guess).

  2. I thought Suter was going to stay in Nashville, until I read of the 90+ million deals he was getting, but I figured weber was gone for sure. Now, the Preds lose Suter, sign Gaustad to stupid money, and weber is still unsigned (or unextended? Lol). Not looking good for Smashville right now.

  3. I am just throwing this out there, but if the Ducks came calling and offered

    To Predators:
    Bobby Ryan
    Luca Sbisa
    Brandon McMillan
    2013 2nd

    To Ducks
    Shea Weber
    Austin Watson

    But this would be including Shea agreeing a contract of say 7-10 years at 7-8 mil per…

    What do you think?

    • I don’t see how Nashville wouldn’t want Ryan and Fowler in that deal…

      • Of course they would WANT both. I am a Kings fan and really have a dislike for the Quacks. But, there is NO way Nashville would get both in the deal. The problem is that if Nashville is going to trade Weber, it is only because they could not sign him long term. If that is the case, they are not going to get much more than what Ducks93 put out there. At that point, Nashville should take what they can get. Again, they will only deal him if they can’t get him signed long term. Holding on to Suter already bit them in the behind.

      • Agreed. Good for both clubs

    • @ Ducksfan93

      I still think the Ducks are giving up too much in that deal. I think Ryan for Weber straight-up is pretty close. The Ducks would have to give up a little more. Maybe Ryan and a first.

      Honestly, if they don’t have something in the works to extend Perry and Getzlaf, I’d send one of them to Nashville for Weber straight-up and without any pre-conditions.

      • This is more agreeable. Signing both Getz and Perry to long term contacts this year will be tough. Keep Ryan and trade Getzlaf while a lot of teams still think he is good. How about Toronto for Bozak, 2013 #1 and Morgan Riely

  4. I would certainly add The Leafs to the lsit of Doan suitors. He may not fill an on-ice need per say, but he addresses everything they require from a dressing room perspective. he may not want to go to a non-layoff team, though.

    Rick Nash may play in Columbus until the deadline. Isn’t the all-star game in Columbus this season?

    • Doan would be great on any team! He brings great leadership and a solid secondary scoring.

      I hope the Hawks can get him.

  5. As much as I would like Doan for a year OR 2, I wouldn’t want him any longer and if that’s what he’s looking for, I’ll pass.

    As well, Doan doesn’t want to go anywhere, but may be forced to because of the situation in Phoenix. If ones heart isn’t in the city they’re playing for.. do you really want them there? How are they going to perform?

  6. I don’t see how the Blackhawks wouldn’t express interest in Doan. Obviously they need a 2nd line center more than a winger, but they were fully willing to give Parise a ridiculous contract, so why not pay Doan, a proven playoff performer, something that would be easier to absorb? But maybe they are interested and just haven’t been linked to him by the media.

    • umm… “Doan a proven playoff performer”???? Really, and what long history does he have? Yes, he has been in the league a LONG time. But, in that LONG time, his team made it out of the first round exactly 1 time, this year.

  7. Much like the Coyotes situation itself, the Doan situation will drag on for months with hundreds of discussions as to where he’ll go. And then he’ll re-sign with Phoenix anyway.

    Much ado about nothing.

  8. Take the Habs completely off that list of Doan destinations, as was noted yesterday by soemone. The Habs could throw $100 million on a one year, hell one month deal and he would say no (ok ok an exageration, he might say yes to a one month deal). Remeber a couple of years ago when he was accused of making a racial slur against Pierre Champoux? The French media went after him with a vengance and one politician tried to cruxify him. Doan had to sue for slander before it went away. The Habs are the one team that I really do not see Doan picking up the phone for. The sad part is that the Habs drafted the pick ater Doan was selected by Winnipeg and he was the guy Savard wanted. Instead, we got Terry Ryan and missed Iginla!!!! What a horrible draft for the Habs!!!!

    • That’s good news. Doan can come to the Bruins then and win himself a cup. This is why the Habs suck. Instead of putting talent and team needs first they care about players making racial slurs to referees. Why would the Habs even care about what some player said to a ref? Oh that’s right, because french referees are paid by the Canadiens. Whatever Doan said I’m sure it was awesome and he’s my new favorite player. The pathetic Habs will be in the cellar of the East once again this year. I can’t wait………….GO BRUINS!

      • Really Jim? Take off your Bruins hat for a minute and think. Doan is a UFA. I never said the Habs would not want him, just that he would not choose to go to a place where he will be roasted but politicians and media, ie people outside the Habs control. It is the same reason PK Suban would not sign with the Bruins because of all the racial slurs he would receive from bruin fans. Oh, but I guess, from your post, no one should care about racism in our world. Nice.

        oh and the Habs pay refs? Yeah, from the guy whose team had the son of the former disciplinarian on the team. Bruins where SOOO hard done by. Pacioretty gets destroyed by Chara and Boston fans say he was faking. Booth gets cleaned out, does the same things a Patches and he is the hero/wounded warrior.
        Come one, show a little class.

        • Show a little class to who? The most classless, ignorant, delusional city and fanbase in the world? I think not. Go boo the national anthem and hold picket signs up outside the Molson Center because your coach doesn’t speak French. PK Subban wouldn’t sign with Boston because of racial slurs? Where did you read that idiocy, the Montreal Gazette? I’m sure Willie O’Ree felt the same way when the Bruins made him the first black player in history. If you honestly think Boston is a more racist city than Montreal you are out of your god damned mind. It’s true though, we really do hate black athletes so much in Boston. That’s why the Celtics have had such a hard time winning 17 NBA championships, because it’s so racist here in Boston that none of the black players would ever play for us. Moron.

          • Joel Ward.
            Better a moron than a proverbial osterich.

  9. Poor Howson in Columbus, everytime he thinks Nash is the big piece for people to fight over, someone else takes the spotlight….Doan, and now, maybe Weber.

    As far as Doan, I think his value lies more in his leadership than his offensive production. He is still productive but as others have said, he is a borderline top 6 now.

    • 50+ points a season makes him a border line top 6? And thats on Phx, put him on a team like Pits, Hawks, Van, LA, where they have the skill set to set him up. + on top of his leadership, grit, physical play, defensive play he brings.

      • Eddie you said it the best about Doan.
        I hope he ends up in Vancouver

      • Agree with Eddie and Soldier on Doan. So many teams out their have the talent and skill in their lineup but not enough leadership and character to get them over the hump. I compare him a bit to Bill Guerin at the time he went to Pittsburgh. Doan could help put a team into contention in a similar way.

        As far as Howson, that guy missed the boat long ago. I don’t see Nash playing in Columbus with the Howson circus. Smell that stink in Columbus. Trade the guy already and quit holding him hostage.

  10. Habs have no cap room left to sign Doan. Who ever makes up these rumors just makes them up. Molson went out publicly to say this is the team and more trades. Also Gomez is not being traded.

  11. GMs will wait it out on Doans decision much like they did Parise and Suter and then on to Semin, then Ryan and so forth down the order. That is way it goes when the free agent pickings are slim for teams and many for the players.

  12. I think Poile has learned a lesson and will handle the Weber situation like Shero did with Staal.

  13. You can add the Buffalo Sabres to the list of Doan suitors. It’s almost certain Darcy Regier wants Doan on the team. It has been reported that Doan he doesn’t want to go to Buffalo, but he hasn’t encountered Pegula yet. He’ll get the jet warmed up and the Sabres leadership will most likely be paying Doan a visit as they did when they convinced Robin Regier to sign last year.

    One reason Howson is so adamant on strong compensation for Nash is the embarrassment he felt in that awful deal he made with Philly last year. He gave up too much and doesn’t want to be the fool again.

  14. Depending on how the Weber situation shakes out in Nashville – I think the Penguins should absolutely jump at the chance to trade for him, granted the Penguins are thin on offensive prospects, but on the defensive side I don’t know if there is a club in the NHL that fields a deeper defensive core of prospects. I know it comes down to what Nashville wants and what other teams are willing to give, but make it happen Shero..

  15. Doan wants to stay in the Western Conference. Period. Plus he wants a chance to play on a team with a chance to win, so that automatically eliminates teams like Toronto and Montreal. The Canucks are in the mix and the Red Wings have shown some interest. I think he would look good on either team but would love to have him on the Canucks as he is the type of veteran leader that this team has been lacking.

  16. Pens should offer 10 years 90 million to weber and force Nashville to decide. Pens have 4 first rounders to waste because they will be picking late the next 4 years anyway. He would beast it here and really help the powerplay

    • Nope. Too much money for weber. 7.5-8mil tops

  17. Ken Holland has to do something with this club. Your not going to get Rick Nash, the cbjs are asking way too much and want Flippula in return. Go after Bobby Ryan, the kid can play both wing and would be a tremendous asset to Dats and Zetts. We have 3 Ready goaltenders in the minors/juniors, a few prospects and picks galore. Brendan Smith is not our answer, who is he going to learn from? Kronwall? Heck we inquired about Semin, no deal. I am not interested in a 35 year old Shane Doan, get a deal going soon with a team because you keep telling the local paper that we have all summer.. no we don’t.

  18. Doan seems like a terrific fit with either Vancouver or SJ.

  19. I think Edmonton has the right mix of assets to make a Weber deal take place. If Weber is willing to only commit to a one year deal then his trade value will sharply decline with his unwillingness to commit longterm. Nashville is by all accounts a defenseman factory, so if Edmonton got in the mix I’d be willing to say a package starting with Sam Gagner would be sufficient for the Preds.


    Conditional pick and prospect. *based on whether he signs an extension or not*

    The Oilers have the forwards to make the deal happen. You can easily switch out different guys here and there but I’m guessing Gagner would be a jumping off point and guys like Pajaarvi and Omark would get a shot at better minutes.