Latest on Drew Doughty – September 12, 2011.

Drew Doughty’s absence from yesterday’s Kings “fan fest” raises more questions on the status of his contract negotiations as training camp approaches.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports Kings defenseman Drew Doughty missed the club’s “fan fest” on Sunday. GM Dean Lombardi will meet with team ownership to discuss how far the club will go to re-sign the 21-year-old blueliner. In an interview, Lombardi suggested the stumbling blocks in talks were amount and length of the deal, adding the two sides haven’t reached the stage of discussing trade or movement clauses. Elliott also noted Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos recent tweet of the Doughty camp rejecting a nine-year offer worth over $61 million, but pointed out it’s believed that offer was made early in negotiations and the two sides have since moved on to shorter options.

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: J.P. Hoornstra also reported on the Kings lack of progress in negotiations with Doughty, noting Lombardi said the blueliner will be with the team “for a long time”. Teammates Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar and Jonathan Quick have been in touch with Doughty and believe his contract talks will be worked out.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Rich Hammond also noted the recent Kypreos tweet, adding that offer was made two months ago, not recently. Lombardi said he’d spoken with Doughty’s representatives three times last week, and still hopes the blueliner will be ready for training camp when it opens on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s obvious talks are ongoing and both sides are discussing shorter term. Lombardi has earlier suggested he’d be willing to make Doughty the highest paid player on the team. No indication at all the Kings have reached the stage where they’ll consider shopping Doughty, nor do I expect they’ll reach that point.  Expect this story to receive more attention the closer we get to week’s end.




  1. ” ready for training camp when it opens on Friday.”
    that was my favorite part of the article. Let the friggin puck drop already!!!!!

  2. Preseason hockey always gets me excited. I like seeing who’s next in line.

  3. It will be interesting to see who blinks first with this situation. From what I heard the main issue is not money its term. The kings want to lock him up long term and skip the 2nd contract an go to the big long and big pay check contract locking up doughty into his prime to avoid paying him big bucks then. Doughty’s camp wants the contract to end when he is first eligible for FA to decide what’s best for his future, both money, location and team/organization, all the while getting paid very well to that point and also making even bigger coin (think of how the cap inflates over the seasons) when he becomes a FA. Both parties need to do what is best for them short and long term and it will be interesting to see who wins or how they compromise to get this done as I firmly believe that is the goal of both parties.

  4. A. Donnybrook…Thats exactly what I have been hearing also, not the amount of the contract but moreso the term. I love how everyone who knows nothing is calling him greedy and not a team player, but Schenn Marchand and Bogosian are doing the same thing and its alright.

  5. This is the problem with “the business” that they expect a young star to want to commit to lengthy terms. Established players in their late 20s or 30s are happy to accept the lengthy contract and resulting windfall. They’re staring career mortality in the face and are more likely to be “established” in their private lives. It is short-sighted to think that a young man wants to commit himself to a team or city indefinitely. And given the rapid rise and fall of teams in today’s NHL, I cannot blame a player like Drew for not wanting to sign his career to the Kings. Of course, not that I am comparing them, but Subban will be crazy not to sign long-term with the Habs. ; ) … oh those fickle fans. Heartfelt sympathy to Kings fans. Hope it works out for you guys and Drew.

  6. In a few days, Doughty will have signed a 4-5 year deal worth 23-33M.

  7. i can’t see this not being worked out before the season starts. Doughty is the future of the team and Lombardi knows it, he ‘s been preparing his payroll for this contract for years.

  8. Doughty will sign a 7.3 mil/year contract which will buy out only 1 of his ufa years. Such is the price for not wanting to give him a contract that would rise with the cap, e.g. 6.7 for the first year, 7.2 for 2nd, 7.8 3rd, 8.4 4thy, 9.2 5th, and ad nauseam until both sides think it’s enough at around 8% rise/year. A 9 year contract would earn him something like 12.6 on it’s 9th year if you cut the apple this way. That’s a far cry from the first offer for 9 year @ 68 mil or something.

    It’s like this: you want to buy a guy’s UFA years? Fine lets talk about His anticipated worth at that point in time. Ohhh you want to play careful with talks of uncertainty w/r revenue and cap ceiling rise? Well …. I guess he’ll take his chances with that.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Doughty sign a one year contract. Neither side really wins, but neither really looses either and it buys both sides more time to see what the future holds and gets Doughty into camp and ready for the start of the season. If I remember correctly Lombardi signed Johnson to a one year contract two seasons back prior to locking him up longterm.