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Should the Flames start their rebuilding process by trading their stars now? Are there any deal imminent for the Sabres? What does the future hold for Canadiens defenseman Chris Campoli and Stars blueliner Nick Grossman? Read on for the latest.


Time for Flames to deal their stars?

ESPN.COM/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: The Flames recent humiliating 9-0 loss to the Boston Bruins has given rise, once again, to speculation over the Flames shopping Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff and commence rebuilding in earnest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Will GM Jay Feaster be willing to go that route? He’s said no many times before, and likely will continue to say no from now until the trade deadline, after which the speculation will die down until season’s end, when it’ll pop up again heading into the summer. Ultimately, it’s up to Iginla and Kiprusoff to decide if they’ll accept trades, as it’s believed they won’t ask to be dealt.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier claims no roster shakeup is imminent as the club’s on-ice struggles continue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One gets the sense Regier wants to be a “buyer”, but if things don’t improve soon, he could become a “seller”.

LA PRESSE: Richard Labbe reports little used Canadiens defenseman Chris Campoli faces an uncertain future in Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canadiens gain ground in the standings, he might be used as trade bait to add depth at forward. If the Habs slide out of the playoff race, he’ll be dealt for a draft pick. Either way, unless injuries whack the Habs blueline again, I believe Campoli won’t finish the season with the Canadiens.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, in response to a reader’s question, suggests the Stars will have to make a decision about defenseman Nicklas Grossman if he’s not re-signed by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Grossman will be a UFA this summer, and currently earns $1.65 million per season.


  1. If either of those players were willing to accept a trade, Feaster should wait until at least the deadline and if he doesn’t strike gold, hold onto them. I was looking for a list of Flames players with NTC, can anyone help?

  2. Go to they will have the info you are looking for

  3. Neither one of those players will approach Feaster for a trade, both of them believe in loyalty,respect and not about “individual” accomplishments. If that was the case they would have asked for one two years ago. A team will have to approach Feaster with an outstanding offer for either player and then if Iggy or Kipper really do believe the “Flames” will truely benefit from the offer they may accept the trade to a true contender. Either way niether of these two players will need a CUP ring to get into the HHOF when they retire.

  4. Clarke:

    Unless he finishes his career in a Tim Thomas like fashion, there is absolutely no chance Kipper even gets discussed, let alone in to the HHOF. Give me a break

  5. I feel for the Flames fans out there .. I really do. What I would find extremely frustrating, is the fact the Flames have been in this very same boat for years .. without any measurable improvement. Guys like Iggy and Kipper can still play, and play well. But with a limited supporting cast of; Gio and Jaybo, there’s really not much to cheer for after that. Either piss or get off the pot Feaster .. stop applying bandaids like Jokinen and Tanguay .. and put this team through some major surgery. The team as is, will not win the cup and the star players currently on the team don’t have much time left as true impact players, so I don’t think they can withstand a legit rebuild. How did they acquire Iggy? They had to give up an impact player at the time; Joe Nieuwendyk. So if you’re in the same boat as the Flames, and you don’t have a definite future impact player in the system, how do you acquire one? If you can’t get one through the draft, then by moving an impact player in their early 30′s to a contending team with one they feel they can spare, so they can win now. It’s not rocket science. I’m not saying Feaster’s job would be easy, but he’s gotta do something between now and the upcoming draft. I’m pretty sure Iginla does have a full NMC, so anything potentially done with him, has to be approved by him and his camp .. however .. I think Kipper’s NMC expires after this season. If anyone knows, the specific details of his contract please let the rest of us know.

  6. Agree with Poultsy. The Flames have been banging their heads against the same door from years hoping somehow it’ll unlock. What was that famous Einstein quote on the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

  7. Good Luck Flame Fans
    Jay Feaster is Calgary’s version of Bob Murray.

  8. It’s not just the Flames… it’s the way the draft works.

    For the last 5 years now, the Flames have been in the margins (just outside of the playoffs) and when teams are stuck there, they get mediocre first round draft picks. Meanwhile teams that tank like Chicago and pick up all stars 1st and 3rd overall now have franchise players while Calgary continues to be in the margins. And next year Edmonton is going to be a really tough team to beat, why? Cuz they now have some franchise players of their own.

    And how long until the Islanders explode?

    But teams like Florida and Calgary… teams that sometimes barely make the playoffs and a lot of the times.

    So really, it pays to tank. Colorado won’t be in the margins long either, not with guys like Duchene and Landeskog developing, let’s not forget the guys Colorado has in their system that show great potential.

    That’s why I think first overall pick should go to teams in the margins, and if you’re last place, you get 14th overall. Otherwise, teams stuck in the margins stay there while the teams that are tanking explode to first and win a cup (Pittsburgh, Chicago).

  9. Great points MJR,

    And the problem with drafting in the margins as you call it, is to move up in the draft, teams who are in the top 5 draft pick region will want 2 picks for one, or a core player plus your first rounder, if they are willing to bargain at all.

    If you do not have a great supporting cast, which is Calgary’s issue right now, it would take years to get to the kind of position that Pittsburgh and Chicago enjoyed, and what teams like the Panthers have just experienced.

    Having said that though, i do not see the league changing the draft structure.

  10. Atta boy Poultsy. Best comment i’ve read in a while

  11. I hope Feaster stands pat.. I mean he wouldn’t want to take back his comments about the Oilers rebuild at the start of the season, that would show humility.

  12. What do you guys think it would take for Iginla to play with the Canucks? I know both teams are at the cap, so $$ players would need to come back to Calgary along with picks and or prospects. I was just thinking Jerome could still be with a Canadian team, a contender at that, and I would love to see Marchand try to rough up the Sedin’s with him in the lineup. I am neither a Flames or Canuck fan, but who would not love to see that for a Flames rebuild (needed), and a gritty skilled finishing touch to the Canucks?

    Stand by Lyle..going viral…

  13. MRJ: So if you are a close to playoff contender the league should throw YOU the bone and give you the superstar? Thus leaving the teams that are nowhere close to being there getting ‘no real improvement’?

    I think the comments about mediocre draft picks are not accurate. Its all about drafting and scouting. A top 5 pick does not always mean the best players in the entire league. Let’s take a trip through time.

    2000 – DiPietro, Heatley, Gaborik, Klesla, Torres, Hartnall, Jonsson, Alexeev, Krahn, Yakubov
    2001 – Kovalchuk, Spezza, Svitov, Weiss, Chistov, Koviu, Komisarek, Leclaire, Ruutu, Blackburn
    2002 – Nash, Lehtonen, Bouwmeester, Pitkanen, Whitney, Upshall, Lupul, Bouchard, Taticek, Nystrom
    2003 – Fluery, Staal, Horton, Zherdev, Vanek, Michalek, Suter, Coburn, Phaneuf, A. Kostitsyn (good 10)
    2004 – Ovie, Malkin, Barker, Ladd, Wheeler, Montoya, Olesz, Picard, Smid, Valabik
    2005 – Crosby, Ryan, J. Johnson, B. Pouliot, Price, Brule, Skille, Seteguchi, Lee, Bordon
    2006 – Johnson, Staal, Toews, Backstrom, Kessel, Brassard, Okoposo, Mueller, Sheppard, Frolik
    2007 – Kane, JVR, Turris, Hickey, Alzner, Gagner, Voracek, Hamil, Coutoure, Ellerby
    2008 – Stamkos, Doughty, Bosagian, Pietrangelo, Schenn, Filatov, Wilson, Boedker, Bailey, Hodgson

    We’ll stop there as other maybe need ‘development time. But take a look at that and there is only over a 9 year draft period a handful of totally impact players from the TOP picks, a ton of mid picks, and a ton of busts. But over those same years you peak at the mid 10-20 the ‘margain’ picks and you get

    Myers, Karlsson, Del Zotto, Stewart, Kopitar, M. Staal, Rask, Zajac, Carter, Brown, Getzlaf, Burns, Semin, Hemsky, Umberger, Hainsey, Frolov, Volchenkov … just to name a handful and that isn’t even mentioning great drafting in later rounds and later in the 1st.

  14. @ JJB .. you beat me to it. I wanted to make the same post, but didn’t want to do the research for it 😛 .. so thank you!

  15. Y don’t the canadiens fail to draft a true superstar like yakupov
    When was the last time we had a superstar on offense when?
    Trade gio and a 2 round pick for a first
    Moen for a second
    Gill And a third for a first
    Kostitsyn for a first
    Weber for a 2
    Compoli for 3
    Cammeleri for a first a second and a top prospect to the kings
    If they got penner for the same then cammeleri can get more
    No kings fans?

  16. Just to add a few more late first rounders (20th or later) that are, or are becoming, impact players; Niklas Kronwall, Steve Ott, Brooks Orpik, Cam Ward, Ryan Kesler, Corey Perry, Corey Schneider, Mike Green, T. J. Oshie, Mike Richards, Jonathon Blum, David Perron, Jordan Eberle, John Carlson, Steve Downie, Semyon Varlamov, Patrik Berglund, and Claude Giroux.

  17. @ AK,

    I think you are valuing those Habs players a bit high. Kostitsyn for a first round pick? I do not think so. And if you are comparing trades, perhaps you should not. Teams in trades have different motives, levels of desperation, anticipation. It does not mean they were good value trades. Each one has to stand on its own. Camilleri and Kostitsyn sit 5th and 6th respectively,both minus players on a team that is 24th in the league. Off years happen, but I cannot see how your evaluations make sense for these guys. None of those in my mind are worthy of a first round pick based on performance.

  18. Pegula doesn’t seem to be the type to sit back and watch Regier vacillate. After tonights loss I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lindy gone tomorrow and maybe even Regier. There is too much talent on that team to be 2-10 (I think) their last 12 games. Pegula knew regiers reputation of not being able to pull the trigger on deals, he has given him a chance, he has failed, get rid of him!

  19. Oh by the way, I blogged about the draft months ago.

    Let me give you the figures I came up with (this’ll be fun):
    I ranked the players according to their picks in the last 20 years and assigned them a point value. I’d just post the blog link here, but I don’t think that would be appropriate.

    These are the numbers I came up with:
    So if I placed value:
    1. 51 pts
    2. 47 pts
    3. 35 pts
    4. 27 pts
    5. 32 pts
    6. 26 pts
    7. 24 pts
    8. 21 pts
    9. 21 pts
    10. 19 pts
    11. 25 pts
    12. 19 pts
    13. 22 pts
    14. 22 pts

    The 1st overall pick had an average of DOUBLE the value of the sixth overall pick. In the figures, an astounding 68% of first overalls became first-liners while when picking fourth or fifth overall, you get a meager 25% chance to draft a guy who’s going to play on your first line. So yeah you can Luc Robitaille me all you like, but that’s a “guy who knows a guy” argument vs. my statistics.

    The point system functioned as followed: I looked at the players to see where they ended up. First line was assigned highest point value, second line a drop off, third-fourth line slightly less than second, and then bust. I awarded points according to the percentage of players in each category.

    And don’t give me “it’s about scouting”… you’re right to some extent, but sometimes it’s also about luck. You’d be nothing short of a prophet if you picked a good first rounder every year. Bottom line is, you have to predict the future of the game, and the skillset these players have (and their capacity to learn further), and examine it against their psychology, all three variables quite elusive to figure out, leaving much of the calculation you put into your scouting into your instinct. You can’t just list off players who turned up great and award a team for that, because every one of those picks you listed had an element of chance. It’s pretty much about scouting skill from 4th overall down, while the top three are typically pretty unanimous picks by all the scouting agencies.

    Then you have development–there you might have a case, but you can still develop a 14th overall all you’d like, they still won’t be equivalent to those 1st overalls you usually don’t need to develop. (Who’s the last 1st overall to get sent down? Mike Modano?)

    Injuries play a part, key teams you play for in the juniors and family environment play a part, intelligence plays a part, facing off against adversity, skill/talent capacity. Did Detroit KNOW they were getting a good player when they drafted Datsyuk 175843rd overall? Hell no, and it would be an arrogant claim to think they did.

    So you’re back to statistics. Do it how I did it, rate the players yourself. The teams with the best scouts tend to find gems at the later rounds and properly develop their players, but now it’s pretty fair to say that most teams are adapting this develop-first mentality, so that’s becoming less of an issue.

    Florida has never had a pick higher than third that they kept, and they’ve missed the playoffs for ten straight years. Chicago (Kane and Toews) and Pittsburgh have both had a slew of top 5 picks and they’ve won the cup. Washington won a president’s trophy, and they sure as hell wouldn’t have without Ovechkin and Backstrom. Tampa Bay gets a 50 goal scorer, Boston is dominating offensively with Seguin on their top line who has the best +/- in the league, while other teams are eagerly waiting to profit from their 6th-14th overall picks, only a quarter of those guys panning out to play the first line. Every team is liable to draft a bust in the first round. Every. Injuries can happen, etc. And really, Beaulieu, Murphy, those guys really compare to Nugent-Hopkins, who’s playing a rookie season at nearly a point-per-game pace.

    The teams at the bottom of the standings aren’t the worst teams; don’t be naive. They’re the teams that tank on purpose to get good draft picks. Philadelphia has a string of 100 point seasons and then they have what, 53 points one season and get JVR? Yeah because they were certainly the worst team when they bounced right back into playoff contention next season? And the year Ovechkin gets drafted, Washington gives away the farm… gee, think they were preparing for something?

    And take a look at your lovely drafts… take a very close look. The top 2 players tended to be among the best players in the draft, because indeed, if you get a top two (especially a forward), you’re getting a guy that has a much better chance of being a franchise player than the rest of them, who have a mere half that chance.

    On TOP of all that, most of these guys that go top 10 are consensus through like 3 different scouting agencies. Tavares hasn’t really panned out yet as a superstar, but he was undoubtedly the top of that draft class that year by like everybody. Who WOULDN’T have taken him first overall? But from 5th overall to 30th overall, you’re getting very similar quality of players with a similar percent chance of drafting an all-star. Guys who make the Stanley Cup finals are just as likely to draft a decent player as guys who are drafting 8th overall. But the guys drafting top 2 are way more likely to get the superstars.

    So is it fair that Edmonton gets first overall pick two years straight? Hell no. Wasn’t fair when Pittsburgh got Fleury (1st), Crosby (1st) –though they were silver-plattered that pick by the league, Staal (2nd) and Malkin (2nd). Gee, they’re rocking the standings now… I wonder why. If Calgary or Florida had purposely managed their team into the ground for draft picks like those guys, would they be still in the margins?

    If losers didn’t win, I wouldn’t be seeing Pittsburgh in the finals two years straight and having won a cup. I wouldn’t be seeing Chicaco’s name on it after they roflstomped their way to it in 2010.

    Teams like Detroit can remain competitive because they get same quality draft picks as 5th overall, pretty much in the first round.

    The draft order won’t change, but the problems there are glaring for those who open their eyes to see them.

    Myers, Karlsson, Del Zotto, Stewart, Kopitar, M. Staal, Rask, Zajac, Carter, Brown, Getzlaf, Burns, Semin, Hemsky, Umberger, Hainsey, Frolov, Volchenkov … just to name a handful and that isn’t even mentioning great drafting in later rounds and later in the 1st.<– none of these guys are Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin. And even if they were, take their draft status that year and compare it to the players drafted at that position in the years past and see how many of them became first line players.

  20. (Florida drafted Jovanoski 1st overall, but that was back in 1994)

  21. King/Feaster should trade Iginla and Kipper, then there job will be complete. No good players left in Calgary and maybe then King particularly will feel his work is done and step down.

  22. Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on here! ….what GM is gonna give up ANYTHING for Campoli. If memory serves, any team that wanted him could have had him. Nobody came calling except for Gauthier with a cheque worth almost $2 miilion dollars. He’s repaid that investment by playing 9 games so far because of a leg injury and registering ONE point and going -5. My question is; what planet (or medications) are some of you watching hockey on that dictates Campoli has ANY trade value? Do they show the games in hi-def on this planet?….he’s worthless!! Only in Montreal would they think that Chris Crapoli will garner any attention at the deadline….sorry Lyle, but while I agree with you Campoli won’t be on the Habs roster at seasons end, it’ll only be because he’s a healty scratch or demoted to the AHL….oh! One more question; who’s fault was it that the Blackhawks lost to the Canucks in overtime? GM’s take that sort of stuff into consideration yenno!!

  23. MJR, longest post I’ve seen in a long time, save some space for others will ya, lol.
    I actually feel sorry for Feaster because he inherited this mess. However he has to get agressive if he is to improve this team. Perhaps he should call Burke for lessons. I know Iginla and Kiprusoff have said all the right hometeam comments but in reality I think they wouldn’t mind a change of scenery. It is going to take a few years to really turn this franchise around so just how patient do the flames management expect these guys to be. These guys will continue to say the right things because they don’t want to look bad in the eyes of the fans, but the end goal is to get your name on the Stanley Cup. If it is to be Calgary that would be great for them but is it going to be possible in the playing time they have left. I dont think so, so Feaster should do them a favour and set up a deal and ask if they would accept a trade. I would almost guarantee they would accept. When the flames stink for a couple of years they will draft good players and start to re-build. Unfortunately for the flames it may take a few years because they have the same problem as Edmonton has had over the years and that is attracting free agents. Most flames fans I have spoken to would suck it up and wait for the re-build because they are tired of the same result year after year with no sign of significant improvement. They love Iginla, Kiprusoff and other guys but understand this organisation is stagnant and needs to go in a differant direction.

  24. @AK:
    It is not guaranteed that Yakupov will be a superstar! And correct me if I am wrong, but he would be another small (but skilled) forward on the Habs…..
    In my opinion you totally overated your Habs!
    There is no market for overpaid underperformers like Gionta, Kostitsyn, Cammalari, Campoli, Gomez…
    May be you get a third rounder for Moen or a second for Weber, but who would give you a first rounder for Hal Gill (UFA at the end of season i think) and a third rounder?

  25. Feaster could have a problem or dilemma trading Iggy for 2 reasons…..If he wants to get quality draft picks he would have to trade him to bottom 5 team which might not be approved by Iggy. Secondly the teams (contenders) that want him and would create a better chance for Iggy approval will have latter draft picks so compensation would have to be in the form of prospects or young NHL players…..

  26. @ juicebox Not true, Washington has Colorado’s first rounder