Latest on Jamie Benn and Shane Doan – September 4, 2012.

Why a new CBA could force the Dallas Stars to pay more for Jamie Benn, and why Shane Doan’s latest contract deadline means more than his previous ones.


Could a lockout affect Stars efforts to re-sign Benn?

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: cited a report by’s Allan Muir suggesting a new CBA could force the Stars to pay more to re-sign RFA forward Jamie Benn. Muir writes it doesn’t make sense for Benn to re-sign now, as his pay could be reduced under a new CBA if salaries are reduced by increased escrow payment, unless he’s given a higher annual average salary.

Muir also suggested Benn could threaten a holdout when a new CBA is implemented, as the struggling Stars could ill-afford the negative optics of starting the season with its best player on the sidelines. It’s believed the Stars would prefer to sign Benn to a “bridge contract”, taking him from the end of his entry level contract up to his eligibility date for UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Benn’s contract negotiations have been kept out of the media throughout this summer, but the potential of a lockout and its implications, as well as recent contract extensions for comparable players like Edmonton’s Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, are pushing his contract status back into the spotlight. It remains to be seen if the Stars re-sign Benn before a lockout or afterward, but one way or the other, it appears he’ll be earning big bucks.

VANCOUVER SUN: Blogger Harrison Mooney suggests Shane Doan’s latest contract deadline means more than his previous ones, as the September 15th expiry date on the current CBA combined with Doan’s desire to get a new contract before then could push him to consider other alternatives (like the Canucks) if the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes fails to go through before then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The current CBA expires next Saturday, so the clock is ticking for the Coyotes and Doan.


  1. As with Benn, so it goes with Ennis – another notable holdout.

  2. does anyone think that the naming of Landeskog as captain signify that Statsny could be on the way out? and what would a trade look like?

    • At 6.6 a year, Statsny doesn’t bring much back. he has shown flashes, but not much more. If Col would take a first and a couple of B prospects, that’s a good deal just to move the salary. The guy has only ever sniffed 30 goals and that was his rookie year, averaging about low 60 points a year, the more I talk , the more I remove one of those B prospects. Good player but doesn’t bring much back, second line center on most teams.

  3. Benn could soon be the leagues best power forward… the stars will lock him up long term , Doan just sign already……… far as the Avs what a huge mistake ,right guy wrong time ,expect big changes in Denver .. seems like Matty was over looked.

  4. doan is a jackass….like he’s worth the money he’s asking for…please..old man river.

    • he is hardly a jackass if he can get a fat money contract with term … you would do the same thing …

  5. Shane Doa……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.