Latest on Johnny Boychuk and Tomas Kaberle.

Could Johnny Boychuk join the Oilers as a free agent? Could Tomas Kaberle join the Devils?

Could Johnny Boychuk join the Oilers?

Could Johnny Boychuk join the Oilers?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Edmonton native Johnny Boychuk loves playing for the Boston Bruins, calling the club his hockey family. However, his eligibility for UFA status next summer combined with the Bruins’ tight payroll could make it difficult for him to remain in Boston. Matheson wonders if Boychuk might consider an asking price similar to that of Washington’s Brooks Orpik ($5.4 million annually). Matheson believes if Boychuk becomes a UFA the Oilers would be interested, though it remains to be seen if they could afford him.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty also reports on Boychuk’s desire to remain with the Bruins, as well as the potential financial difficulty posed in re-signing him. Citing the Bruins’ plethora of defensemen and the Oilers’ forward depth, Haggerty suggests a swap of Boychuk for Nail Yakupov could solve the problems of both clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Haggerty isn’t saying that swap will happen, pointing out the Bruins hopes of winning the Stanley Cup this season could take a hit if Boychuk were dealt before or during this coming season. Reports out of Boston this summer suggest Bruins management prefers to retain Boychuk, both for this season and beyond. Still, that could prove difficult. They have to re-sign center David Krejci, who’s also eligible for UFA status. They still haven’t re-signed Torey Krug and Reilly Smith yet for this season, and if they ink one-year deals the Bruins will have to re-sign them again next summer, when they’ll have arbitration rights. It’ll be interesting to see how the Bruins address their current payroll issue.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports the New Jersey Devils have been in talks with Tomas Kaberle regarding an unsigned training camp tryout.  Gulitti also reports there’s nothing new regarding the Devils’ efforts to re-sign RFA defenseman Eric Gelinas and UFA forward Ryan Carter. The Devils currently have 14 forwards, meaning they’ll have to move one or two to make room for Carter.


  1. Boychuck to the coilers makes a lot of sense but it would have to be Yakapov+++. I could see them asking for Yakapov and a second rounder or Yakapov and an A level prospect.

    • Then Boston won’t get Yakupov. I agree Yakupov hasn’t produced well enough to make this trade look fair if they two were traded by themselves with on additions. However Edmonton seems to have high hopes for Yakupov and they are not going to dish him off while his stock is low. It is apparent they believe his potential reaches the ceiling and they won’t trade him and add much to the package. They watched what happens when you give up on a young to player to early and I am sure they will remind Boston of Seguin.

      Therefore it is my belief Yakupov won’t go anywhere as Edmonton’s demands will be to high, set by potential. While their trade partners will be offering a low price as they will negotiate on past production.

    • Sorry, did I miss Boychuk’s Norris Trophy and first team all-star finish?

  2. One year of Boychuk for Yakupov? Its not gonna happen sister!

    • wow, I can’t believe the love for an unproven potential second line player…. The oilers would be idiots not to make this move if it was even an option. They don’t need soft “skilled” players as that has only gotten them high draft picks. If they want to win, they’re going to need defensive help. The oilers team is bad, there is no denying it. Saying that they’ll eventually be good is really just going to get the same results they’ve seen for the past few years. The team needs to change if they want different results. Having too many soft 1 dimensional players isn’t the way to build a winner.

      • The Oilers have defensive help on the way through their farm system. They actually have quite a few promising young talent and have decided to build through the draft. They are not giving up any of their top draft picks if they believe in their futures. They have proven they have maddening patience to wait for the likes of Nurse to take some tender care of their blue line. Their core is still so so young. They have time to allow this to evolve. There is no reason they need to give up their higher quality talent even if it is not proven to get a defensman that may leave after 1 year.

  3. I think Gomez, Holik and Claude Lemieux may be available.The devils could use some aging vets……

  4. Id like to see the oilers pick up Boychuk as well, but its not going to be a Yakupov that goes the other way. Yakupov may be an enigma right now, but he has undeniable talent and you dont trade all that potential for an aging but still effective Defenceman.

    • @Patrick that’s why the Oilers never get any better. they have the same mentality you have.

      • They oilers don’t get anywhere because they have to build through the draft as attracting free agents is difficult unless they over pay. This results in various problems for them such as trading a promising young forward for a veteran defensman that may not even stay with the team. Especially if they team isn’t a contender. Right now the West is slanted to the likes of L.A. Chic, St. Louis, etc. Even if the Oilers made this Yakupov for Boychuck trade it will likely not end up in a stanley cup. It does not even assure a playoff spot. The Oilers due to the positioning and skill of other teams in the west are situated quite nice to wait for their young talent to develope. It is maddening yes. But you’d think in 3-4 yrs some of these top western teams will have players moving on and start to regress and the oilers young talent will be reaching their prime and the balance of power could shift. I see no reason for the Oilers to make this move unless they can pull off others to make them contenders.

        • vegetarian = Indian term for bad hunter
          patience = Oiler term for bad management

        • The problem for the Oilers wth the rebuild through the draft…as you put it…is that they cannot continue to accumulate players who will drive up their cap hit. With Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle and Hall all signed to big money deals, and Yakopov coming next year they will be in cap trouble before the newly drafted players ever make it there. And be sure Yakopov will want big money next year or the KHL will be calling.

      • …and why thankfully you are not their GM.

        So let me get this straight though, you are suggesting the Oilers never improve because they don’t do things like trade first overall picks straight up for journeyman defensemen. One that they could sign (or lose) for free in a year? Wow. Just wow.

        Tell me DaNk, are the Oilers going to win the cup this year? Even with Boychuk? So why don’t we let the kid play a little bit more before we give up on him and send him away for a bag of pucks.

        It’s amazing how people perceive the top rookie scorer in the league from one season ago. Did he have a rough sophomore season? Sure, but so did Jonathan Huberdeau, Cory Conacher, and a bunch of others, but the media seems fixated on the Russian, while you didn’t hear a whisper about Huberdeau.

        Most players Yakupov’s age last year were still in junior. He is that young. He is also still developing and has too much potential to trade away for such a small return. I think you would be shocked what other GMs would offer for the kid. and I think the Boston writer has to get his head out of his butt if he thinks that is a fair trade. Dream on Haggerty, you hack.

        • What I am saying is he oilers won’t give up a young talent who they feel is under performing and has high potential for a player that won’t give them any greater chance of winning than they already have and may not stay with the team.

    • I have been saying Boychuk for Yakupove plus a pick or two all summer long. The reason the Bruins where nocked out of the playoffs last year is because they don’t have any high powered offensive skill that Yakupove can bring and they have the defensive skill to protected him. Also needless to say that the Oilers need the help on Defence that Boychuk will bring.

      • Yakapov would thrive in boston with a couple veteran players, boychuk isn’t worth it. If you trade yakapov, why not go get green from Washington?

        • Because green only plays on side of the ice and has been injury prone. Boychuk is solid defensively and can contribute offensively as well.

  5. you guys are right…The oilers should probably just keep the team they way it is. I’m sure they’ll improve to at least 25th this year.

    • One trade and the Oilers would likely be in the play-offs. Trade conferences with someone in the East.

  6. To me the entire discussion may be pointless as it all depends whether Johnny Boychuck is willing to stay at a hometown discount and whether the Bruins think he is worth resigning at that discount or whether their money is better spent elsewhere.

    Sure we have see big time scoring players get traded when close to the end of their contracts with nice returns coming back to teams like the Bruins.

    But I feel certain that they won’t be getting true value on him, because he may look at the market at the end of his deal no matter what city he is in, and say, “Wow these GM’s are making sure they spend every dollar of the cap no matter how much it rises…and I have already seen what defenders who I know are not as good as me have gotten in the recent past…”

    So I think in all likelihood you don’t get equal trade value…and even more ridiculous to think you get Yakupov.

    Absolutely, Johnny is what he is – has solid seasoned vet who you don’t have to worry about out there.

    Start in 2010 and see what the Cup winning Chicago had shed to be compliant and check out if they got even close to equal value for the Ladd and the rest.

    Totally agree that Yakupov is a big shot with great speed…but not a complete hockey player yet.
    (To me he can be likened to Marcel Dionne’s first years at LA when he was SO fast but in spite moving so well, he still couldn’t play to that strength until he figured it out in development.)

    So it is nice to imagine a Bruins-Oiler trade but why would the Oil or any team trade a TWENTY YEAR OLD high draft pick at this juncture?
    Boychuck isn’t the final missing piece that makes the Oilers a Cup challenger, and I am not sure he is the one piece that gets them to the playoffs. Is he resigned and around in five years to be the glue on a strong playoff team?

    Even if he is (and believe me, not trying to denigrate Boychuck) seems silly to think the Oilers quit on Nail Yakupov already…he is not “Tyler Sequining” around Edmonton, is he?

    You simply do not cut bait on 20 year olds. You give them developmental time. Gagner was their “cut” and look how much time he was given to try an be “the guy.”

    • Well the Marcel Dionne dates you, your old, I know because I am and I used to go watch him at the “Fab Forum” in beautiful downtown Inglewood. He was truly a great talent to watch.

      • I saw Dionne play as a rookie for Detroit against Gilbert Perreault’s and Rick Martin’s Sabres. That would have been Dec 71-Jan 72.

  7. Boychuk to the oilers will not happen if Yakupov is the bruins target. As stated above the oilers like this kids potential way too much to give up on him yet. What makes people think that the bruins will even get fair value for Boychuk anyways, all the GMs in the league know what a quandary they are in in regards to their salary cap situation. The oilers would be crazy to give up anything more than a couple of midlin prospects especially when Boychuk would sign somewhere else the following summer. Do you actually think he will want to play the rest of his career in Edmonton just because he is from there. Extremely doubtful.
    Kaberle old buddy, just hang em up.

  8. The oilers need to build through the draft…They just need one more first overall pick and they’ll be golden!

    All they have is one dimensional players who aren’t even that good at the one dimension they play. You’re kidding yourself if you think the team they have will be anything more than what they are now. Even the media who dubbed them as “something special” is souring on them. It’s funny because the fans at the games aren’t throwing jerseys on the ice for hat ticks, it’s because they see the team for what they are and they’re tired of it.

    But keep thinking an unproven, over hyped, one dimensional, soft forward is worth a top 4 defenseman from a top team in the league.

    Just wondering if the guys defending the oilers on here are McTavish and Lowe…

    • So a low scoring team should give up on a 20-year old offensive player to pick up another 3/4 pairing Dman that they will have for a year? Ask Calgary if they regret giving up on a couple of young one dimensional offensive players named Martin St.Louis and Brett Hull. Every team has made similar mistakes. Oilers shouldn’t add to that list. Boychuk won’t get them into the playoffs.

  9. I agree with both Bill and Drew. Nothing is being held against either Yakupov, Boychuk, the Oilers or the Bruins. The circumstances surrounding the whole situation is what causes me to believe this trade won’t happen. The amount of high talented top end teams in the west is what in my opinion causes the Oilers to be so patient. Windows of opportunity open and close. The Oilers are simply waiting fro theirs. Right or Wrong is up to you. Its just the way I see it folding out.

  10. Every time you hear a team has cap problems, you can always go to their roster and find one or more bad contract signings. The Bruins have pretty reasonable contracts until you come to Tuuka Rask. $7M per season is too much for Tuuka Rask. Consider that Jonathan Quick (two cups and a Conn Smythe) is making $5.8M. Rask signed the deal before the 2013-2014 season, so you can’t claim that the Bruins didn’t know. If Rask were making what Quick was making, they’d have an additional $1.2M in cap space. That would be big.

    • I think this is a little off base, Quick’s contract is also for I believe 12 years. Where as Rask signed for 8 years I think.

      As far as Boychuk goes I love him in a Bruins jersey, but he may just be a very good systems defenseman. He spent time in the Avs organization couldn’t crack that line-up, goes to Providence learns Bruins system and is in Boston about two years later. My point being Julien’s foundation is a strong defense first structure put Boychuk in Edmonton and he may not be the same player.

      • I have to say that I think the Bruins have done a stellar job at keeping contracts reasonable. Chara is in under $7M, Bergeron $6.5M, Lucic $6M. The Bruins have done great. And I don’t think Rask’s contract is insane, just a little higher than it should have been. But make no mistake, the Kings and Bruins are the model for payroll sanity.

  11. I think if the Bruins could swap Boychuck for Yakupov then they would. The only way the Oilers would make this trade is if Boychuck was first signed for longer term.

  12. Paul has no idea what he is talking about.. The guy was a first overall pick!! I would be willing to bet any amount of money that this trade would never even be talked about except between you morons. Give your head a shake.. I await your moronic response

  13. I’m a Bruins fan and agree a guy with one year left on his contract isn’t gonna get you a quality forward. I don’t think Yakupov is a Bruins type of player anyway. They build around toughness and gritty two-way players. I would love Eberle but would cost more than Boychuk. I’m curious from a Edmonton fan what would be a fair deal for Eberle.
    Boston needs a #1 right wing badly. I was thinking Hamilton would be a good start.

    • Bruins can’t afford Eberle they need to lower salary and move maybe Kelly and a D- man and bring up some kids. They drafted well and now it’s time to give them a shot at the big league.

      • Obe
        I know it would take some salary dump also going the other way.
        Kelly,Hamilton,Caron and Maquaid would equal Eberle.
        Not saying those are what the pieces would be.

  14. Something like
    Boychuk,Smith,Kelly and Maquaid or
    Hamilton,Kelly,Bartkowski and Spooner.
    Something in those ballparks
    Also Krecji could be a piece.