Latest on Karlsson, Bouwmeester, E.Kane and more – June 16, 2012

Erik Karlsson upbeat over his contract talks, speculation Jay Bouwmeester could be dealt, a rumor Evander Kane is unwilling to re-sign with Jets, and update on the Oilers plans for the first overall pick.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allan Panzeri reports Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson remains upbeat over his contract negotiations with the club, noting it’s still early and there’s no rush to get a deal done. Karlsson doesn’t foresee any problems getting a deal done and doesn’t see holding out in his future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The one certainty is Karlsson is going to get a hefty raise. It just remains to be seen how hefty it’ll be. Rest assured, Senators fans, Karlsson will be re-signed. The Senators won’t trade him, nor will they allow another club to sign him away with an offer sheet.

Could Bouwmeester be on the move at the Entry Draft?

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson believes if the Flames decide to make a major move during next weekend’s entry draft, it could be defenseman Jay Bouwmeester who gets shopped. Johnson also feels Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff won’t be moved, basing that opinion in part upon the recent coaching hires. He suggested Bouwmeester as a trade candidate because incoming head coach Bob Hartley failed to mention the blueliner in a recent interview in which he didn’t mention Bouwmeester when listing the core players on the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps it was simply an honest oversight on Hartley’s part. Still, “Jay-Bo” has been mentioned as a possible trade candidate, though his $6.68 million per season cap hit and “no-trade” clause makes moving him difficult, though not impossible. If such a move happens, it’ll be the second time Bouwmeester gets traded during the entry draft weekend. The last time was June 2009, when he was dealt to the Flames from the Florida Panthers.

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoid took to Twitter to report he’d heard ” from a player on Winnipeg that (Evander)Kane doesn’t want to negotiate a new deal?”  Lavoie added, “Kane has no arbitration rights, he’ll get a QO from the Jets, scored 30 goals…can he be traded?” and appeared to suggest some Jets players weren’t impressed with Kane.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word in the Winnipeg media, Kane or Jets media about this, though I daresay this’ll blow up over the course of today, sparking a response from one of those camps. Kane’s name has kicked around the rumor mill since the Jets moved to Winnipeg a year ago. No disrespect to Lavoie, but I’d approach this one with caution until we get further clarification.

SPORTSNET.CA’s Mark Spector took to Twitter to report the Edmonton Oilers “won’t trade No. 1 overall pick. Also won’t decide until Thursday night, Friday morning who they’ll take.”


  1. I would be upbeat about getting resigned also. Karlsson should be all smiles with the contract he’s about to get.

    Flames should move JBo. Not sure just how much they’d get for him with his salary.

    Would be sad if these Kane rumors are true. Though the Jets could get a good return for him I am sure they much rather continue their successes with him fully on board.

    • Lyle, I’ve seen rumours this week concerning JBO and the teams linked were Philly, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit. “if” a trade was to happen, really what could Calgary recieve in return? I know Philly needs to fill the void of Pronger and detroit of Lidstrom/Stuart but Chicago or Montreal i dont see unless with Montreal they have little faith in Markov making a return. Any thoughts.

  2. I don’t believe the Habs or Blackhawks have any interest in Bouwmeester. The Wings apparently will pursue Suter, but if they lose out,might (emphasis on “might”) consider Bouwmeester as a trade option. If the Flyers are willing to part with a good young forward, perhaps Bouwmeester could be an option there. Of course, this is mere speculation on my part, as we don’t know if Feaster is seriously considering a trade of Bouwmeester.

    • JBO is way too important to Cowtown. While disappointing offensively, he has filled the role of logging tough minutes and moving the puck effectively. I think the only action from The Flames will be unloading Jokinen.

  3. Jeez, more unsubstantiated negativity about E.Kane. Five or six months after the last set of rumours, still nothing has been proven. Now this. He has no bargaining rights now, but if this keeps up it will surely be his last contract in the Peg. One more Canadian city’s media hurting their team.

    • No word in the Winnipeg media, Kane or Jets media about this! How bout you slow down and read it fully!

  4. I can’t see the Flames trading Bouwmeester because they would never get a Dman back to fill the minutes void. Im not the biggest Jbow fan but he logs a ton of ice time and his ironman streak speaks for itself. My Flames need a top four dman as it stands now IMO so trading Jbow won’t help that situation any. Looking forward to see if some major moves take place between now and the deadline though.

  5. Montreal doesn’t have the cap space for Bouwmeester, they need to sign PK and Price to new contracts.

    That is.. unless Calgary wants Gomez or Kaberle(and nobody want’s either)

  6. Boother, i totally agree and I’m expecting JBO to be a bigger threat offensivly next year with the new coaching staff. I always felt that Butter didn’t make plays to get JBO good scoring oportunities like he had in Florida.

  7. The Flames do need to make some typle of splash on draft day,I don,t think jbo will be traded as he logs a ton of minutes, maybe time to trade kipper to the Leafs for Colbourne and Reimer.

  8. Blow up the Flames already. They aren’t good and realistically have little chance of getting better without drastic changes (read: rebuild).

  9. @Hughey, I like Colbourne and suggested back in November that the Flames try and trade for him, but not by sending Kipper the other way. I have read that he is not overly physical which is a shame considering his hulkish size. That being said, there is no way in he!! the Flames would trade Kipper for Colbourne and Riemer. It doesn’t matter how old Kipper is, we don’t have someone who can step in and play as a number one and Riemer isn’t that guy either.

    • Boother, r u forgetting about Kari Ramo, if they can pry him away from the KHL maybe then the flames can trade kipper, flames had kipper last year and still didnt make the playoffs, something is up in cow town, stay tuned.

      • Nope, didn’t forget about Karlsson, Irving, Ortio or Broissot either…but sinced you asked I’d trade Ramo for Colbourne maybe then the Leafs can pry him away from KHL and start the season with him as the number one? Like I said earlier, Flames won’t trade Kipper…not before this years deadline if at all cause there isn’t anyone ready to take over quite yet…Only way I see it is if the Flames went in rebuild mode, which it doesn’t look like the ownership is ready to commit to yet. And you would need a lot more than Colbourne and Reimer to get him to hogtown and that doesn’t mean your guys whipping boy Kadri either, but really what do I know, just a fan who is as far away from any real hockey “insider” circle as you could possibly get…cheers buddy, it should be an interesting week coming up though.

  10. Time for Mr. Bouwmeester to get moved out of Calgary, in my opinion.

    Is he a good defencemen? He’s not bad.
    Is he worth every penny? No.
    Is he what Calgary fans expected? Oh no.

    Although there would be a void on the blue line left by JBo; I don’t think his play is not replaceable by Wideman/Carle/trades.
    Depending on the return Calgary gets, it could be the first step in changing the direction of that team. There are some decent players under contract there, but they haven’t been able to put it together in a very long time. Time to start thinking of moving large pieces to get some new Talent.

    They already got away from having the same coaching system for the past decade by picking up Hartley.

    As on the other rumours page, Islanders might be an ideal place for Bouw. But I would hopefully expect something nice in return (I know the fourth overall would be hoping way too high); Hamonic + Tavares are of course, off the table… but the Islanders have some nice pieces Calgary could start to work around.

  11. Kings get kane jets get beriner and penner

  12. Bouwmeester has to be the real most over rated and over paid player as well as being the softest player ever. I LOL at Calgary for picking him up and paying him 1M for every 3 points the guy gets. Good luck in trading that.