Latest on Kesler, Spezza and St. Louis – March 4, 2014

Are Ryan Kesler, Jason Spezza and Martin St. Louis on the verge of being dealt by deadline day? Read on to find out.

Trade speculation growing about Ryan Kesler.

Trade speculation growing about Ryan Kesler.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports the Canucks’ asking price for Ryan Kesler is the highest in this year’s trade market: a first-round pick, a 20-25 year old established NHL center and a top prospect. If they don’t get close to that, McKenzie doubts they’ll move Kesler at the deadline. Darren Dreger claims the Maple Leafs are among the clubs interested in Kesler. He speculates if a deal is reached it would cost the Leafs Nazem Kadri, their first-round pick and either Jake Gardiner or Morgan Rielly. Kesler must also agree to waive his no-trade clause to go to another Canadian team…Pierre LeBrun reports NY Rangers captain Ryan Callahan has softened his salary request (Note, this was covered yesterday in my evening rumor roundup)…Dreger reports the Ottawa Senators aren’t shopping captain Jason Spezza but claims a couple of teams “have recognized that Spezza’s name was brought up in a general sense, in a bigger dialogue.” He considers it “very, very unlikely” Spezza is traded on deadline day.  McKenzie reports the Senators want to re-sign defenseman Chris Phillips to a one-year deal while Phillips would prefer two years. Regarding speculation the Sabres could flip Chris Stewart to the Senators, McKenzie claims talks between the two teams are “very cool” right now…LeBrun also touched on the possibility of the Sabres flipping Jaroslav Halak and  the Wild’s possible interest in Halak or Martin Brodeur. He also doubts the LA Kings pursue Mike Cammalleri or Matt Moulson unless the asking price for both comes down…Dreger claims there’s some interest in Sabres defensemen Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers… McKenzie says there’s some interest in Dallas Stars’ defenseman Stephane Robidas.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma considers Kesler the Canucks best bargaining chip. He won’t waive his no-trade clause for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings are considered among the front runners for Kesler. Kuzma suggests the Flyers Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier could address the part of the Canucks asking price seeking a young center to replace Kesler.

SPORTSNET’s Nick Kypreos reports via Twitter: “Told #Canucks given a short list Kesler would wave NTC. Believed in mix include #Pens #Flyers #Rangers. Van reluctant to trade him in West”.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Rob Rossi reports Kesler, Devils defenseman Marek Zidlicky and Oilers winger Ales Hemsky are atop the list of players the Penguins are interested in approaching the trade deadline.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports two league sources claim the Flyers tabled a substantial offer for Kesler plus they also have interest in defenseman Alexander Edler. Seravalli notes such a deal would require both clubs to move substantial salary both ways to make the dollars work.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray denied rumors claiming he was shopping captain Jason Spezza. Garrioch also reports Murray is still working the phones. He could have interest in Sabres’ winger Chris Stewart but the asking price is high. Oilers’ winger Ales Hemsky could be an option. Murray could also gauge trade interest in winger Milan Michalek and defenseman Chris Phillips, though he’s still trying to re-sign the latter.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson reports trade rumors regarding Lightning captain Martin St. Louis have grown quiet since reports last week emerged claiming he sought a trade after being initially excluded from Team Canada.  Erlendsson speculates the Lightning could be quiet on deadline day.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of interest in Kesler, but that high asking price could mean he won’t get moved (provided he agrees to waive his no-trade clause) until the off-season. The Flyers could offer up Schenn or Couturier but such a move now could have negative consequences for their playoff hopes this season.  Spezza’s not going anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of clubs expressed interest in him but it’s obvious Murray doesn’t want to move him. If he did, you can expect the asking price would be steep. I don’t see the Lightning trading St. Louis or making any major roster moves at the deadline. They’ve got Steven Stamkos due to return very soon, which is as good as a trade acquisition. As for Myers and Ehrhoff, the Sabres won’t be giving those two away. Of the pair, Ehrhoff is more likely to be dealt than Myers, as I suspect GM Tim Murray prefer to keep the younger blueliner.


  1. I think Tim Murray should win GM of the year. He has set him self up for 2 top 5 picks in this up coming draft. he is taking this rebuild the right way good for him! if he can move some more peaces out by the deadline and some more move’s at the draft BUF should be a good looking team in 2 or 3 years!

    • Im not sure just getting high draft picks for players that were there before you were makes you gm of the year candidate, He had nothing to do with the Vanek trade and why not maybe wait to see who he drafts with those picks before we anoint him for gm of the year. Miller and Ott was a very good trade but lets not put the cart in front of the horse. Murray hasnt really done anything yet.

      • new Coach +
        Vanek trade +
        Miller trade +
        Still lots of peaces he can move +
        team stinks –
        name one other GM that has made a move that improve’s there team more or even close to what he has done already. he started out with a bad team and there are still bad but he has given everyone in BUF something to look forward too. everyone in BUF should be excited i no i’m impressed and i’m a leafs fan.

        • sorry forgot he was the assistant GM didn’t make the moves but i bet he had his hands in there

          • He was the Sens assistant GM he had nothing to do with Nolan or Vanek.

        • GM of the year usually goes to a gm of team that has made his team better that specific year. Not based on hopefuls.

        • He basically got little for Miller and Ott…maybe too much fore Vanek. Maybe when the GM and his scouting staff are held accountable on the DRAFT TABLE and actually are ABLE to pull impact players out of the drafts you can’t pin any medal on Tim Murray.

        • Joe Sakic. Last to third in one season.

          • I think if Joe Sakic were to be named GM of the year Greg Sherman (Colorado’s GM) would be really pissed off!

        • how has trading away miller, ott, and vanek improved your team?

        • I think Murray’s true test will be over the next 24-30 hours. I think the Miller deal was in place long before Murray arrived, but packaging Ott made the deal a little sweeter. I like Stewart and if Murray can parlay him into a high draft pick – then I will give him a little more creed, otherwise having Stewart for a couple of years works for me.

          Thing is, Buffalo’s assets are really Ehrhoff and Meyers – the bulk of their contract was paid up front in bonus’ and they are affordable. Meyers has raised his value under Nolan, but for how long? Also, we have a stable of studs who are almost ready to come up. Moulson and Halak are UFA’s after this year so in most cases I don’t see teams overpaying for them – like Toffolli for Moulson, but if he’s packaged with another player you might get him.

          Anyway, We’ll see how well Murray does in the next day or so.

    • If that was all that is required to make GM of the year, Darcy Regier would have won that award years ago!

      Tim Murray has the opportunity to build this team because of the work of Regier. The stockpiling of picks plus the talent coming up is purely the result of his efforts.

      Tim Murray will have to fill big shoes and so far the Miller/Ott deal falls short. Let’s see what he does in the next 24 hours.

    • Ummm Regier set us up with a possible top 5 this year not Murray.

  2. Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardner and Toronto’s 1st in 2014 and a 2nd in 2015 to NYI for Kyle Okposo and Andy McDonald! $$ works both ways.

    • Too much to give up on Toronto’s part.
      It’s becoming obvious that Okposo needs Tavares to keep up his production.
      McDonald is quite good, and that would be the key piece in this trade.
      Strike out the 2nd round in 2015 and that may be more even.

    • As an Isles fan I would say no to that deal. I know that Kadri has shown some great offensive skills but he has been so inconsistent. Gardner is a great skater but has not figured out how to play defence. The Isles have a lot of depth in defensive prospects and will have more D men than they have spaces in a few years.

      The Isles cannot afford to move Okposo, he has size and grit and has been extremely good. I cannot see them moving a core young player for prospects and picks.

      • I wouldnt do it from the perspective MacDonald is ufa…what if he walks? You just traded Kadri a first a second and Gardiner for Okposso? Nothing against Okposso but that price seems a little high lol

    • plz. explain how this makes any sense.

  3. The Flyers need a defensemen, not another center.

  4. I would do the Kesler for Kadri/Gardiner and 1st rd pick. I would then flip Kesler to the NYR for Stepan,Klein and a pick. That would fit into our age and need category.

    • Too many moving parts I think if the Rangers offered that package to Van they would take it and it would be an easier sell to Kessler who would definitely waive to go to the Rangers before the Leafs. If anything the price for the Leafs is going to be higher than the price to a team that Van knows Kessler would waive to go to. I dont think the Leafs package you mention is any better than the Rangers offer so why do a deal like that unless Sather dosent read news papers or answer his phone?

      • 3 way deal I’d give it a shot anyway. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t happen. Proactive GMing

        • Im not sure Id give that package up for anything but a true top pairing D man or a true top line center. If you look at where the Leafs are why a young team that should be building is trading a young no.2 center a young top 4 type dman and a first round pick a way for an older no.2 center doesnt make much sense.

          • Shticky, I agree. The same could be said about Stepan + Klein for Kesler…..why? Kesler is older than Stepan with identical numbers this year. They would have to throw in Klein? I can’t see the rangers moving Stepan at the moment with the Callahan mess going on anyway. I don’t see Sather blowing up the roster in NY. I think if anything Callahan may be on his way out, but they aren’t moving Stepan along with him.

          • It’s funny how Bozak isn’t mentioned in the trade rumours for Kesler.

            Could it have to do with Kessel pouting and not producing if they ever traded Bozak? lol
            Pretty sad state Nonis has got himself into. The Leafs are bound to Bozak for a long time regardless if a top line center comes along or not.

      • Rangers would Stephan+prospect for Kessler but not much more than that.
        Buying out Richards and trading for Kessler in off season makes more sense.

        • @24/7 Probably has more to do with he centers the best line in hockey since jan. Im not sure why you would mess with that combo by trading him at deadline day? Im not sure how you consider the way he has played for the Leafs this year a bad contract 35 points in 39 games plus 9. For 4.25 mill is not a bad deal

          • Not saying Boz hasn’t done well but I think if Getz was offered up tomorrow Nonis would have to decline based on Kessels past of production with different centermen.

          • Why does anyone want Kesler at these high prices? Gardiner is not a fit for Leafs, so let him go, maybe in a package with Kulemin? What ails the Leafs will not be fixed with a Kesler move (what is wrong is more emotional and psychological than physical, as is often the case in Toronto). and, by the way, why make that kind of trade just to flip? makes no sense. leafs should part ways with Kadri but will have to get someone really worth the risk. A defenseman. I would take Myers from Buffalo: great upside, need better team for him to develop long term, might be a fit with Leafs.

          • Im not sure your thinking on Kessel with different center men thinking he had 127 points in three years with the Bruins. Led them in scoring during the 09 playoffs and looked good this year at the Olympics both of these teams he did not have Bozak as a center. Just because he didnt play all that well with Kadri (he actually didnt play all that bad with Grabovski) doesnt mean he cant produce with out Bozak.

          • I think Bozak also doesn’t come up in trade rumours because every other team knows he’s not worth nearly what he’s being paid.

          • Again 4.25 for a guy like this years Bozak is a pretty decent deal. If he sustains almost a ppg or even close to it 4.25 mill for a guy who wins draws kills penalties and puts up around 50 + points is a bargain.

          • If you think any other team is taking on 4.25 for Bozak in trade, you’re dreaming.

          • Why am I dreaming? facts is facts a guy who puts up those type numbers for that salary is not someone I d be interested in trading, I dont care who he plays with. You think Ganger is going to get a huge return? He makes 600 k more and dosent do the things Bozak does. Im not saying Bozak has a tone of value around the league but that contract and doing what he does for the Leafs gives him great value to them. I would not trade Bozak if I was Nonis.

          • Yikes, my comment was more a shot at Kessel and how he pouts when another center is used in place of Bozak. I really wasn’t commenting on Bozak.

            Shticky you can’t use what he did in Boston before he became BFF’s with Boz and no he didn’t play well with Grabo, Kadri, McClement or Tiny Tim (some of which is justified). I think if the Leafs ever traded for a top line center and moved Boz down the line or shipped him out you would see Kessel pout and slump. I already commented on how Kessel and the entire line played great in the Olympics UNTIL it mattered most and then the entire top line disappeared. Kind of reminds me of Hossa every year when he was with Ott. LOL

  5. I do not understand why any team would want Hemsky, unless it was for something like a 3rd rounder… High $ + low output = pass.

    • He’s a UFA at seasons end playing on the 2nd worst team in the league. He can produce on a good team like Pittsburgh. Hell look at what Jokinen did with that team.

  6. Any chance dany heatly could be moved? Low risk high reward type trade for maybe the Pens or Hawks

    • Low risk, but also not great value and a huge cap hit. Wild would have to take back somebody else’s garbage to make the money work.

  7. Most of these teams interested in kesler don’t need another centre so I’m just not understanding why give up the amount of high pieces it would take to get a player that doesn’t really fill your need. Pittsburgh is set down the middle, they need defense with letang and Martin out. Don’t care how many young d they have those two positions can’t be filled from within. Same for the flyers why do hey need more forwards?
    As for the reported cost from dreger that is a way higher price then what Mackenzie listed it would cost it should be kadri, Leivo and 1st. Gardiner and Reilly aren’t prospects anymore.

    • While these teams have enough centers, they don’t really have a Kesler style center.

      • You mean the hurt alot type? lol

    • I am a huge Flyers fan, and I don’t want Kesler on the Flyers.

      Living in Vancouver, you hear all the crap about his me first attitude, and the injuries keep adding up.

      His 40 goal season looks more and more like a fluke.

      I would rather keep Schenn, and Couturier should be on the untouchable list.

      I don’t want Edler either, as he doesn’t fit the bill.

      To most fans in Philly, Frank Seravalli is more of a gossip writer. I haven’t heard anywhere else that the Flyers have made a significant offer for Edler and Kesler.

      You would think one of Metzler or Panaccio would have heard something to this effect, and nothing is mentioned in there latest online postings.

      I don’t believe it. It would be like the Flyers looking for another 5-6 dman. They don’t need it.

      Just put the phone down Homer.

      Walk away.

      Continue to like your team.

      • Your a Flyers fan you should know nobody on your team is ever safe by now.

  8. Flyers are ideal trading partners for Canucks. Holmgrem has no qualms taking on big salary. Canucks want to get younger and cheaper. Kesler and Edler for both Schenn’s and either Mezzaros or Cobourn.

    Timmonen comes off the books next year, Morin and Loughton are ready to step up next year so Flyers will have plenty of room to do more next year.

    Seeing at how Homgren works I could even seen him trying to find a deal where he lands Luongo too!

    • I am hoping Timonen decides to play one more year, but there is no indication right now on what he’ll do.

      Laughton could be I the NHL next year, especially if Brayden Schenn is traded away. Morin? I’m not sure. He might need a year in the AHL. Same goes for Gostisbehere. If he decides to forego his senior year at Union College that is.

    • both schenns plus mezaros for kesler and edler could work…brayden is due for a big raise next year anyways prob 3.5 to 4 plus luke is makin 3.6 thats 7 million plus. kesler and edler will make 10. better players for 3 million extra works. Throw in a prospect and/or picks…looks good. Any thoughts????

    • Morin is not going to be ready for a few more years yet.

      He is still learning how to use his size and play effectively.

    • Luongo? really?

      We just signed Mason to a 4 year extension.

      Luongo has no home in Philly.

      None of what you have proposed here makes any sense.

  9. On another note dreger just said on tsn radio Jordan staal may be available as Carolina is cutting salary … Another big name to add… If I’m a team looking at Kesler I’m now turning my attention to Staal

    • Now this is a player I could see giving. Up some valuable pieces for…still young been playing with crap wingers in a defensive role all year. Might be worth a look. Still not sure Id do Kadri a first and Gardiner. (Rielly is untouchable) still but this is more along the lines of a player Id consider if I was the Leafs.

    • If Jordan Staal’s available, the Leafs should be preparing an offer. Instant improvement on the PK, perfect combination of a strong defensive centre who scores big goals. Can’t see why Carolina would move him but he would be in demand. Much better pickup than Kesler at this stage of Kesler’s career.

      • Isn’t that Bollands role? Why do we need another defensive center?

        • Lol because Jordan staal at 6 is is far and away better than Bolland at 5. Also if you put some wingers around Stall he would produce. As I said not sure Id give up on Kadri but if a deal for Stall was going anywhere I figure Kadri would have to be a piece involved if that was the case Stall would be the 2 c with out a doubt not Bolland who you then trade or let walk at the end of the year. Stall is better than Bolland 7 days a week.

          • Stupid auto correct…lol

          • Losing Bolland for nothing would be counter productive but I understand your thinking.

    • This would blow up some peoples theory of Marc Staal signing with the Canes after next year….just so Carolina could have 4 brothers on the same team. LOL

      • I doubt Staal is available. Same situation with Spezza.

  10. Kesler for the Schenn bros ? I’ d do that in a heart beat. If Jordan Staal is avail Van should get him right now then trade kesler and elder and Lou for draft picks. I’m a canucks fan and it’s time for a change, first change is to make a decision on what type of team we’re gonna be. Right now feels like we’re in a nascar race with a dragster.

  11. Just a gut feeling but we are a little over 24 hours until the trade deadline is here. Little has happened and the Few sellers may be backing themselves into a corner trying to bid the price up. My guess is that if nothing happens today that starts the ball rolling you just may get panic from the sellers tomorrow morning and prices go down. The more time buyers are said NO to, the more time they have to think about,
    gee do I really need this old / washed up / has been on my team.

    • There’s hardly ever any trades a week prior to the deadline. Usually most of the trades happen within final couple of hours.

  12. How about:
    To VAN : Lars Eller+Nathan Beaulieu or Greg Pateryn+1st Round pick
    To MTL : Ryan Kesler

    Pretty much the price asked by Vancouver, and in my opinion superior to Pittsburgh’s package. I think Lars Eller is superior to Brendan Sutter.

    • How about:
      To Buf: Heatley, Brodziak and Proesser
      To Min: Halak and Stafford + pick

      • I wouldn’t do it if I was Buff, Heatley is all but finished (3rd line at best as his speed is gone) he’s also a pending UFA.
        So giving up Stafford and Halak AND a pick for Brodziak and Proesser sounds steep to me.

  13. Would Washington consider taking David Clarkson for Martin Erat and $$ to facilitate a trade!??

    • No..noone in their right mind will take on Clarkson.

      • At this point after all the bad you gotta give Clarkson 1 more year to save some face for the signing. If he improves next year possibly try to move him then with the higher cap. Gary is right right now besides maybe Leino or Erat he has the worst looking contract in the league and his is longer. No one is touching Clarkson this year even bad contract for bad contract.

        • I would rate the Clarkson as worse than Erat. Yearly amount and years far outway the Erat contract.

          Terms left starting next year:

          Clarkson: :6 years, cap hit: $5.25. He gets paid up to $7 million during this time.
          Erat: 1 years, $4.5 per.Actual pay is $3.5.

          Erat has 1 goal, 24 points in 53 games.
          Clarkson: 4 goals, 10 points in 42 games.

          I think someone might take a chance on Erat…bad salary for bad salary? lol

          Leino..I don’t know what to think.

          As a Flyers fan, he showed such potential after he came over from Detroit. The Hartnell, Briere and Leino line was a great line, and he looked like he was about to become a big star.

          He just doesn’t seem the same since going to Buffalo. He showed such promise, he could control the puck like it was tied to his stick, and dipsy doodle around with it while Hartnell planted himself in front of the net. When he signed with Buffalo, I thought it was a tad on the overpayment side to start, but if he continued to grow as he had the last 2 years..he might have been underpaid.

          I don’t think anyone thought he would disappear like he has.

          As bad as that contract is..he does only have 3 years and 11 million left on it.

          The Clarkson contract rates up their with Depiatro and Bryzgalov.

          • Don’t forget Leino.

          • A little overkill no? DiPietro had a 15-year contract, that’s 3 times the length of Clarkson. I’m fairly certain that was the worst contract of all time

    • No ones taking Clarkson to facilitate a trade unless u guys are open to taking on 50% of his salary.

    • As a Caps fan, I’d have to say no to Clarkson. Clarkson’s contract would restrict Washington’s ability to make moves for half a decade for what, 20-ish goals a season? We do need secondary scoring, but I’d rather see the Caps overspend on D and buy out Erat to allow him to move on to the next phase of his career.

  14. On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators.

    Also, veterans Scott Gomez and Scott Clemmensen were made available by the Florida Panthers.

    Other players placed on waivers on Tuesday included Trevor Smith of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Corey Potter of the Edmonton Oilers, Derek Smith of the Calgary Flames and Jake Dowell of the Minnesota Wild.

    The following players cleared waivers on Tuesday: Devan Dubnyk of the Nashville Predators, Frazer McLaren of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Philip Larsen of the Edmonton Oilers and Chuck Kobasew of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    • Someone picks up Conacher

      • Totally agree, possibly Corvo too.

      • Wow gave up on him pretty fast. Gave up one of the best goalies in the league this year for him. That’s gotta sting the Sens fans.

  15. Confirmed trades: Wash gets Penner for a 4th
    Wild get Bryzgalov for a 4th

    • Glad to have Pancakes in DC! This surprises me as I thought Anaheim would’ve kept him for the playoffs.

      I was going to say in my post regarding a Clarkson trade to DC, that we could get Clarkson’s production for much less salary. We got better production for about a third of the price! At the very least, it’s Penner, so it should be entertaining.

    • A 4th for Penner seems awfully cheap. Shocking!

      • A 4th is cheap for Penner but my uneducated, random guesses are:

        (1) Penner didn’t fit into the Duck’s plans for next year, and they had the chance to get something for a UFA (probably could have done better, but maybe no one else was asking – really this becomes Perreault for Penner if you want to add up the two trades)

        (2) maybe the Ducks finally wanted to move Devante Smith-Pelley into the lineup on a regular basis (he’s big, young, has good potential and is someone I would have tried to acquire if I were a GM)

        (3) the Ducks wanted to move salary to make another trade happen

        (4) IHOP has a marketing plan declaring today “National Pancake Day” and it was just too good an opportunity to pass up

  16. Frasth to the Oilers

    Not sure for what yet.

    • for a fifth and a 3rd next year.

      Anaheim also picked up Robidas for the 4rth they got for Penner.

      • Bryz to Minny also for a 4th I believe.

    • Not a bad little deal for the Oil. Scriven/Fasth is better then Bryz/Dubnyk

      • It also gets Ducks out of a jam with 4 goalies.
        Resign Hiller ( or Miller July 1)

        Draft another goalie in June with one of their #2 picks and develop him for
        3-5 years up the road.

  17. Anyone else find it kinda funny Penner was traded on pancake Tuesday?

  18. Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner and Toronto’s 1st in 2014 and a 2nd in 2015 to NYI for Kyle Okposo and Andy McDonald! $$ works both ways.

    Washington’s Brooks Laich and Martin Erat for Nikolai Kulemin and David Clarkson and Toronto waives Colton Orr.

    Peter Holland platoons the 2nd Line with Okposo and Lupul/Erat

    Dave Bolland centers Laich / Raymond/ Erat / Bodie

    • Except McDonald is a UFA.

      I’m normally for any deal that dumps Clarkson’s contract but picking up two long term guys at $4.5M each does not help the Leafs and will not help cap space. No thanks

      • Yes but you have 2 bad contracts of Washington that might justify the term of David Clarkson’s deal… The four moving parts might just work in production as well, for both teams!

        Okposo is a keeper (worth pursuing) and McDonald is a calculated risk for this Summer to re-sign but will help stabilize our defensive corps. Moving forward..

  19. MacDonald to Philly for a couple picks

    • Nice trade, Islanders get a 2014 3rd round pick and 2015 2nd round pick

      • Not so sure Islander fans feel that way.

  20. FYI, all trades are reported (along with my brief analysis of each) in the “News” section.

    • Lyle, ok, we’re just a bunch of excited hockey freaks!

  21. A question for Leaf fans:

    With Frasth going to Edmonton for a 5th and a third…where does that put Reimers worth?

    Both were back ups, one played on the top team in the league, the other on the Leafs. I would think that Frasth’s value will be higher than that of Reimer’s….just like a 4th for Robidas….a legit top 4 dman….not the big offensive top 4 but a good guy in your top 4 rotation. I would think both Franson and Gardiner’s worth also isn’t quite as high as previously thought.

    I am not trolling. I stating fact, and trying to bring some reality to the board. Reimer and crew still on the block? Or do you hold out and hope to mend some holes in the summer.

    • Robidas is coming off a broken wont play for weeks is a 36 year old UFA, Mac Donald is a UFA now the guys that Toronto has to offer are 1 younger 2 more cost controlled RFAs (Gardiner cant even go to arbitration) and 3 have way better tools to be on a power play than either of Robidas or MacDonald. I dont see much of a comparison between the D men you are talking about. Goalies ya Reimer is worth a second or third round pick, a little cheaper than Fasth salary wise.

    • How is Fasth’s value higher the Reims? really look at their numbers and total games played…. Reims played on defensively challenged leaf team to boot!

    • btw Riemer is 6 years younger, and has played over 4X as many games with similar numbers, fasth isn’t really a comparison to reimer

  22. Typical leaf trade scenario, a youngster starts showing progress and value to the team -> better trade him for a veteran about to decline with a high pick..

  23. once again gillis wants a new franchise for one of his players. kadri gardiner and a 1st? why not add a second 1st and pursue a franchise center? kesler is worth a first and a 4th, or a 1st and a 3rd line player with potential to move up