Latest on Luongo and Semin – April 19, 2012.

As Cory Schneider takes over in goal for the Canucks against the Kings, speculation is growing Roberto Luongo could be moved this summer. Check out the latest, plus an update on the contract status of Washington Capitals forward Alexander Semin.


Will there be a changing of the goalie guard this summer in Vancouver?

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre believes the Canucks are Cory Schneider’s team now, suggesting the club will try to re-sign him rather than move him via trade this summer, and could instead look at moving long-time starter Roberto Luongo, who’s in the second year of an expensive, twelve-year contract. Luongo also has a “no-trade” clause, but MacIntyre believes he’d waive it to play elsewhere, rather than play second banana or split the duties 50-50 with Schneider. MacIntyre also suggested the Canucks, if unable to re-sign Schneider, a restricted free agent, before July 1st, they could take him to arbitration, solely to avoid him getting an offer sheet from a rival club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacIntyre isn’t the only Vancouver pundit to suggest Luongo, not Schneider, could be on the move this summer. Luongo’s contract does make him difficult to move, but not impossible, though his “no-trade” clause would certainly limit potential suitors, so forget about him going to, say, Columbus. I’ve seen some fans suggesting the Maple Leafs should acquire him, but there’s currently a feud going on between Leafs GM Brian Burke and Canucks GM Mike Gillis, so that might not be a fit. The Tampa Bay Lightning are in the market for a goalie, but it’s believed GM Steve Yzerman wants a younger, affordable one, rather than taking on another veteran, especially one with a fat contract. It remains to be seen what the outcome of all this will be, but a Schneider trade this summer no longer seems a certainty.

PUCK DADDY columnist Dmitry Chesnokov recently “tweeted” the following on Washington’s Alexander Semin: “Just heard something interesting about Semin’s possible contract. Don’t expect him to resign, will wait until the summer most likely.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, Semin might not re-sign before July 1st, as he could test the market, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be back with the Capitals. He could determine what interest is out there on the open market, and perhaps get the Capitals a chance to match it. We’ll see…


  1. As bad as Luongo’s contract is, I would still take him over Bryzgalov (not that the Lightning should take either). Luongo played decent in the first 2 games, Bryzgalov just stinks!

  2. Lyle
    I agree on the Luongo to Toronto front. Plus Burke has said publically many times he will not participate in those crazy long term deals and wants them dealt with in this CBA. With 10 years left on Luongo’s contract at age 33 it is impossibe that Burke will take that on that nutty contract and look like a hypocrite to all his peers.

  3. Luongo as a Leaf!, please no! I still believe that Riemer is going to resume the number one status next year

  4. I doubt burke and gillis let that impede a potential deal.

    I think only three teams would be willing to take that contract: tbay, toronto, and florida.

    Luo will want to start so him waiving his ntc for those teams could be no problem.

    Im a leaf fan and i would love to have him. Maybe something slong the lines of our second and a spec. Or lupul + for luo and raymond/ burrows ( i always mix them up; whichever one was rumoured tradd bait at the deadline is the one i mean.)

  5. Yeah, I thought Luongo to TO might’ve made sense, but I didn’t realize there’s 10 years left on that contract. And with a NTC, well, interesting predicament for Vancouver!

  6. @ beergoggles:
    I dont think ive ever heard burke say he wouldnt aquire a player if they had one of those deals, he just said he wouldnt give them out. I could be wrong but im pretty sure hes never said that.

  7. I wouldn’t be as quick to jump on the band wagon of Luongo only accepting trades to certain places. If you want out you want out and to me Luongo wants to play for a team he is the guarenteed starter. If Vancouver gets a deal anywhere and Luongo clams it down, well we saw how that worked for Heatly. If Vancouver is going forward with Schnieder, Bobby Lou is going to say that he wants out, maybe behind closed doors but it has been a long time coming. The fans in Vancouver barely have any respect for him and treat him like crap.

    Semin I don’t believe will be back with the Caps. A lot of teams are looking for scoring and I believe under a different system we could see the Semin of years past or even the one that looked poised to be the NHL’s top scorer after 40 games a few years back before falling into the abyss. The question I ask is what will his market value really be? He only scored 54 pts this season, but was also a better two way player then Ovi!

    My guess would be Semin grabs $5.5-6 on the open market which is a pay drop, but he could snatch a longer term deal, I think it depends where he is willing to sign.

    • I think Semin might be KHL bound to be honest. If he signs in the NHL nobody will take him on more than a one or two year deal and at a fairly low amount (if he plays for any form of a playoff team). If he wants anywhere close to 5-6m range next year he’s going to be signing with a team like Columbus or a basement dweller.

      • Somebody will sign Semin, but I don’t think he is a $6M player. He’s not even a $5M player because he has many holes in his game.

        He probably fits best with a team that can surround him with guys that have toughness, defensive awareness, and leadership. This speaks to me of: Boston, San Jose, Detroit, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Carolina. Not a very long list.

        • Problem now-a-days is people being over-payed.

          Toronto and Edmonton fans can tell you 5 million reasons some players get more than they’re worth.

          He’ll get 5-6 million this off-season.

  8. The thing with Luongo is that he could probably be had for much less than what his value as a player actually is. I think with Tampa if you see a deal it will be Lecavier being sent to Vancouver with a pick and prospect for Luongo. They would trade bad contract for bad contract.

    The Leafs wont touch Luongo. Burke has stated that he is looking for a vet who can do split duty or 30-50 games for a few years. Burke believes that Reimer is the guy long term. So who is available in that 30-34 year old range who still has a few years of quality game left, can be signed or had for a reasonable price and is not on a massive contract.
    The following goalies meet that qualification:
    Thomas, Vokoun, Kipper, Biron, Khabibulin, Nabokov and Theodore.

    I don’t think Calgary will move Kipper at all. This all being said Burke could go the complete other direction and bring in a young goalie. However, One of these goalies is what I believe he will target.

    • I think you missed this joke from Down Goes Brown:

      Burke: OK. My strategy going into this draft is to build from the goal out, while focusing on big, physical players who throw body checks and fight. So my pick is Marion Gaborik.

      Daly: Um, you just did the exact opposite of what you told everyone your strategy was.

      Burke: Do you have a point?

    • Lightning WON’T trade Vinny and Yzerman has stated he wants younger, not 33 year old on the decline.

  9. I don’t know why GM’s give a ntc on radiculously long deals. I’m sure the player wants it so he doesn’t get shipped to Siberia for the last decade of his career, but the length of the contract acts like a ntc anyway. Who is going to take Luongo’s contract? I still think he’s a good goalie, but he’s signed till he’s 43?! They can’t trade him…nobody will take that contract.

  10. I have maintained all season that Luongo is the odd man out- not Schneider.

    I’m not sure how (or to whom) you move a 10 year deal on a player who has had declining play over the last 2 seasons… The Leafs and Lightning are desperate, though. Perhaps he is traded to either team, and then they use the CBA window to buy him out and resign him? Who knows.

    I think TB has the upper hand in acquiring him, becasue they have equally long/bad contracts to move. I’d suggest something like a Luongo/Burrows for Lecavalier/Malone kind of framework. The only way TB inherits Luongo’s contract is if they can eliminate their comittment to Lecavalier. Plus TB have more than one 1st rd pick this year to play around with.

    Highly unlikely the Leafs lock themselves into a goalie for 10 years when the think Reimer is on the cusp of becoming a legit #1. I’m not sure Luongo is a fit there. I think an shorter committment to a veteran that han teach Reimer is a better option for them. (Kippursoff)

    Don’t count out the Islanders… They drafted Luongo, dealt him for a lesser goalie, and have a history of signing guys to long term terrible deals- and have a very wealthy owner who doesn’t care about writing cheques….

    • Lou and Kipper are work horses. They aren’t going to a team where they play 50 games. They play 65-70 games.

  11. Yeah he would be a good pickup fro a non-playoff team as he seems to crump at that time.
    Perhaps a change of venue would help.

  12. @ EVERYONE


    …..Luongo is a CONTROL FREAK …he will dictate where he wants to go ……end of story !!!!!
    Thats it thats all end of story !!!!

    Ive been posting that Schnieder is not going anywhere all year !!!

    Luongo is NOT going to Toronto !!!!!!WHY !!!!!
    Hell Hole….. with no chance next year at all!!!!

    He holds all the cards here …hes going to TELL Gillis if you want me out I want to go where i want to go IF NOT IAM STAYING HERE ….OR BUY ME OUT !!!! And thats if Gillis is still there next October …Luongo goes to Florida or Tampa as both need his expertise in a rebuild and to compete and both can carry the term ….its all but a done deal ….FOR SURE !!!!!

    Semin will be back in the KHL ….hes all about the money $$$$$…..and there he can play his erupen style and at the end of the day float around and take his money with ABSOLUTELY NO STRESS ….he doesnt care about the Stanley Cup ….TRUST ME !!!!

    • Luongo will only be coming to TBay if he get bought out and is a UFA.

  13. @S&S
    I think you have it regarding Lou. If the CBA includes a buy out window, this is the guy in Vancouver who gets it. They would buy out his crazy contract and let him walk and resign elsewhere. Unless a trade is available where Vancouver trades his negotiating rights elsewhere and then buys him out.
    This buy out option could change the entire face of hockey contracts. I struggle to see how the players would be willing to accept it. The owners are going to have to be really good in the negotiations to slide this through without a lockout. (which nobody wants)
    Think of all the teams that could sign crappy contracts with the understanding if it doesn’t work they can dump him in the off season.

  14. Lou is one of the best goalies in the league. His contract is huge but his cap hit isn’t that bad. Burke is backed into a corner and I think he’ll take a look into it.He has to because of the caliber of goalie Lou is.

    Plus I think the Nuck will treat it more as a salary dump and I don’t think it would cost an arm and a leg to get him out of Van.

    But Lou controls where he goes. He doesn’t deserve the way the fans treat him, and you think the pressure in Van is bad, imo if he was traded to TO.


    I guess my other prediction of Bryzgalov caving has come true …as I said …..and all you guys crushed me here!

    I have and always maintained the possibilty of a major trade with Calgary for Kipper …with JVR or Schenn as a starting point with Bryzgalov as part of that as well so Calgary can take on slary to make the deal …..Ive said it before and everyone crapped on me …but Iam saying it again !!!!!
    This is a very true scenario Holmgren will explore this to get rid of the 9 year contract !

    • Won’t happen.

      Just because one GM wants to explore it; doesn’t mean the other one wants to as well.

      Calgary has 4 goalies in their system that have a better chance of being a top tier guy over anything Philly has currently.

      If CGY trades Kipper, it’s going to be for a handful of assets and a first round pick.

  16. Luongo, isnt as bad as some would make him out to be, he has family issues if rumors are true, as his wife would prefer Florida over any
    other potential destinations. I’m sure if the asking price isnt too
    high, he could go to Tampa. I’m sure Yzerman would jump at the chance to get Luongo if it’s for only a first rounder.

  17. Slap&shot, Bryzgalov benefitted from Tippets defense first system in Phoenix, Luongo has played in front of some suspect defence in
    Vancouver and has aquitted himself well, if Philly was to do a
    deal, It would be for a draft pick. Kipper’s career is winding down
    and although he has played well, how much does he have left?

  18. Big Boss, Kipper is old….Khabibulin, is even older, Biron is a shadow of his former self, Vokuon is ok, and Thomas will retire a Bruin.

  19. In all honesty – I don’t think any team that signed a long term deal with their “superstars” should be given relief from them through a CBA window. Seems to me that when a team is desperate enough to land a superstar by giving them a 10-12 year deal with a NTC, they should then live with the $ on the books for that period of time even though the “superstar” is in decline – that is the cost of doing business. If Vancouver wants to trade Luongo – then they need to find a partner willing to take on the salary and term, but they also need him to approve the team. Otherwise, they should pay him until the term of the contract runs out.

  20. Luongo’s ntc will definitely cock block any deal. Hrs a good goalie, but out of the 2-3 teams that MIGHT take a look at him regardless of contract, what are the chances he’ll except a trade there? Vancouver made it’s bed. Schneider is the best bet to keep, but I believe their hands are tied.

  21. Would Luongo even accept a trade to Tampa? He kind of controls his destiny, he may not like playing second fiddle, but may prefer that to some destinations.

  22. @Stinner

    Handing out a 10 or 12 year contract to a 33yr old goalie to reduce the yearly cap hit is the same as trading for a guy with a contract like this. If Burke deals for Luongo that says he agrees with these stupid long term deals which he has publically said many times were insane and he would never be a part of. There is no way in hell Burke would ever take this contract on or it will make him look like the biggest hypocrite in the leauge and he knows it. Luongo will never be dealt to Toronto as long as Burke is at the controls.

    Kiper is another story because he only has two years left on his contract and is 35 years old. The problem is Calgary would want a lot for this aging Vet (not to say he’s not worth it.I agree with some who say Kiper won’t be coming to TO because Burke wants to split duties with a young goalie but at the end of the day with only two years left on Kipers contract they can ride him for 60 games this coming year and the playoffs and 40 games in his final contract year and split duties in the playoffs in this second year. It’s all about taking the pressure off the young goalies to allow them to develop well being mentored. If the Leaf goal coach quits (as being speculated) Burke will have no choice but to go out and get a number one starter.
    The big questions are will Calgary part with Kiper and what would the cost be? Burke needs a playoff berth next year or he’s a gone’r..

  23. @ Patrick ….Kipper is not old Philly has a 2-3 year window that Kipper fits into to win the Cup ….Kipper has been the best Goalie since the lock out …played the most goals and has the best record …right now he is arguably the best goalie in the world and being a fomrer Junior goalie myself I can tell you if this guy was on a team that actaully had the force Philly does offensively…. they would be unstpoppable with Kipper in net and this Pittsburgh series would be over !!!!!!!

    The only reason calgary has not finished at the bottom of the league for the last 3 years with that offense is completely because of Kipper!!!!! Plain & simple !!!!!
    If you are a team on the cusp of winning the cup and you have a so / so goalie right now and you can land Kipper for next year to make a run ….YOU HAVE TO DO IT !!!!
    Plus it takes off $50 million off the books for the next 9 years on a guy you cant trust !!! And you can use that to go after a UFA in a VERY strong UFA marekt next year to compliment Kipper and GO FOR IT HUGE!!!!

  24. Kippur is old.. but not too old for an elite goaltender. He whave seen Brodeur, Hasek, Cujo, Belfour all play well into their late 30s.
    Kippur has never had a history of injury problems, is in tremendous shape and flexibility, and has a strong work ethic and the right mentality.
    He is a winner, and any team would be as lucky to have him at 35 as they would at 25.
    If the Leafs, TB, Islanders, or Devils get him would be HUGE upgrade.

    On this, i agree with S&S.

  25. Look for Luongo to go to Philadelphia. He wants his name on the Stanley Cup as bad as Philly wants to win it. With the Broad Street Bullies in front of him he would not have to worry about crease crashers or anyone protecting him anymore.
    Even if Philly gets the series win over Pittsburgh they still know they have a sieve in goal with either of the B’s in net.
    While he does live in Florida the expectations of a cup win are better in Philly and he would like the Eastern travel much better than out in Raincouver.
    If he was made available to them the Flyers would take him and work around his contract Ina heartbeat.

  26. Look for Luongo to go to Philadelphia. He wants his name on the Stanley Cup as bad as Philly wants to win it. With the Broad Street Bullies in front of him he would not have to worry about crease crashers or anyone protecting him anymore.
    Even if Philly gets the series win over Pittsburgh they still know they have a sieve in goal with either of the B’s in net.
    While he does live in Florida the expectations of a cup win are better in Philly and he would like the Eastern travel much better than out in Raincouver.
    If he was made available to them the Flyers would take him and work around his contract in a heartbeat.

  27. @Elkund…errr…Slap & Shot

    I agree that Kipper at age 35 is still an awesome goalie and one of the best in the game. However, he will degrade over the next 4 years. For the duration of his contract he will be a very solid, top end number one goalie. However, after that he’s kind of a mystery. The deal between Calgary and Philly would be an interesting one but it would never happen unless philly sent some really good quality young players back the other way. With the way Bryzgalov has played in the playoffs over his entire career and with how much of a headcase/loose cannon he is with the media, would any team in Canada or a hockey market want to take him on? Philly is certainly showing why it is a bad idea. If you think this sounds like Hogwash then take a listen to his “lost in the woods” speech infront of the media where he “needed to find it in his soul to play in this city”.

    The Calgary organization in no way wants to deal Kipper. He is their best asset for a rebuild and can be/will be, the back bone of that team until he retires. Flames management was open to extending a contract offer to Sutter for the next season(s). However, management and Sutter first sat down to discuss if he would be on board with the directional change of the franchise. Sutter wanted a full rebuild of the team. Burn it to the ground, get the 1st over all and build from there with a core of prospects (Calgary’s cupboard of prospects is completely bare). However, Management wanted to slowly build, keeping Kipper in the fold and possibly Iginla. Iginla has publically stated after Sutter and the team parted ways that he did not want to be involved in a rebuild again, he wanted to win. This may force the organizations hand a bit but in no means does that change the Flames organizational stance on retaining Kipper. As a Leafs fan i would LOVE to see Kipper in blue in white but i just don’t see it happening. Plus, as BeerGoggles said; it would cost a fortune to get Kipper.

    Lastly @ Patrick – All of those goalies would cover the 2-3 years it would take for Reimer to develop without the heat of the Toronto media.

    • I like the Calgary cupboard being completely bare comment.

      Should look at AHL and WHL all-stars this year.

  28. how about Luongo to New Jersey? I guess there are some financial issues there, but it seems like a good fit.Or maybe back to Flordia, Florida is always struggling to get above the cap floor, Luongo would help them do that, plus I think he would like to go back there and play with very little pressure.

  29. Luongo really isn’t that bad its just Schneider is playing really well and Luongo’s contract is crappy. But Luongo would still be a big improvement for many teams and will be taken by some team. He still has several solid starting goalie years ahead of him, a team who would rather not take a chance on a young goalie still yet to develop (if he develops) should go for Luongo. But the Canucks shouldn’t expect to get much in return as other teams will say “you want us to take that crazy contract on, we ain’t giving you much.” It would be wise for the Canucks to get rid of Luongo save the cap space and go forwards like that.

  30. Luongo is still a good goalie, long contract with a cap hit of 5.333mil per, with a limited ntc – player options and club options. He seems to play better when faced with more shots. Yeah, he had a meltdown last year, but sometimes the d in front of him just suck too. Not bad value with the cap hit. Still had a good season overall. Played okay to good in games 1 & 2 this year, but he can’t score so you can’t blame those losses all on him. And the Canucks seem to play better in front of the shrugger compared to lou.

  31. I have said it before, and here I go again. There are IMHO only 2 options for Roberto, and a guarantee he will go to either Lightning or Panthers.

    Tampa – They can afford him and have room under the cap. This year alone Roloson is eating up 3.5 million. As for his contract, while a lot of money and term, Yzerman can buy him out any time he wants if he is not working out, just as some of you have suggested Vancouver would have to do.He will be the undisputed # 1 in Tampa.Tampa could trade picks as they are loaded, and that is what they need, because there are no empty chairs in the Vancouver Dressing Room. Just ask Cody Hodgson. Lightning are contenders with all their talent and a bonifide # 1 goalie.Did I mention Lecavalier and St. Louis being fellow Quebecers? How about that he lives in Florida in the off season. How about a chance to do it all season. Travel? Easy. Does this help anyone in the Western Conference? Nope. Win Win for everyone.

    Second choice would be Panthers. Need to keep hitting Cap Floor. They have picks to trade back. Clemmenson is UFA. Theodore is affordable (and a little older) backup for Roberto. Parlez vous francais Roberto? Oui Jose. How about that he lives in Florida in the off season. How about a chance to do it all season. Travel? Easy. Does this help anyone in the Western Conference? Nope. Another Win Win for everyone.

    Lastly. Both teams have potential to be contenders. Both are in Florida, where he lives. In both he would be the number one goalie.

    Every other team has a significant reason why he would not work there,(not a contender,ability or willingness to take contract, quantity and quality high level picks or prospects to send back) aside from his being able to dictate where he goes.

    The only goalies I see going to the Leafs is Hedberg, Biron, or Clemmenson (for a second time), although he will be in demand as a UFA.

  32. For those suggesting Florida – I doubt Dale Tallon wants to block Jakub Markstrom – Thedore and Clemmensen were clearly placeholders while Markstrom finished up his AHL apprenticeship, though injuries put that plan to test. Plus, I don’t believe Florida would spend the money on the contract, regardless of the cap hit.