Latest on Luongo and Subban – August 7, 2012.

Updates on the trade status of Roberto Luongo, and on P.K. Subban’s contract talks with the Montreal Canadiens.

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen reports Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis maintains he’s been listening to offers for goaltender Roberto Luongo, but has no timetable to move him, and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Luongo remaining in a Canucks jersey when the upcoming season begins.

Canucks no closer to moving Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, nothing has changed in Luongo’s status, and it doesn’t appear as though a trade will be coming anytime soon. If Luongo is dealt, the earliest I suspect it happens is in the period between the implementation of the new CBA and the start of the upcoming season.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault recently weighed in on P.K. Subban’s contract talks with the Canadiens, noting Subban’s agent Don Meehan and Habs GM Marc Bergevin aren’t pressed for time to get a deal done. Bergevin isn’t concerned about an offer sheet as he would easily match one, payroll isn’t an issue, and there’s still about five weeks until training camp is scheduled to begin. Meehan is one of the most cunning agents in pro sports, and probably knows the Habs aren’t keen to start this season without Subban.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ignore the trade rumors about Subban, the Canadiens aren’t trading him to Edmonton, Philadelphia, or anywhere else. He’ll be re-signed, probably just before training camp. Bergevin doesn’t want to overpay, but he also wants his first season as an NHL GM to begin as smoothly as possible. 

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  1. the Luongo situation could change at any time, all you have to do is look at what happened to Philadelphia’s defense when Meszaros tore his achillies tendon. now look at Holmgren’s position 3 of his top 4 dmen from last season are gone and all the top free agent dmen have been picked up. the Weber offer has all but poisoned the other GM’s against him (anyone that might admire him for making the offer were pissed that he thought of it first)and now he’s going to have to overpay for whatever’s left or what someone can convince him to take in a trade.
    at this point it’s thought that Toronto and Florida are the only teams interested in Luongo but an injury during the offseason to one or two top goalies and all of a sudden it’s 3 or 4 teams interested. the first team to blink and give in to what Gillis wants or convince him to take what they’re offering gets him and there’s no consolation prize. Toronto missed the playoffs because their goalies couldn’t win enough close games, Burke is already on thin ice in Toronto and won’t survive should they miss the playoffs again. Florida made the playoffs but know with better goaltending they could’ve beat New Jersey and maybe ended up in the finals. perhaps Florida’s goaltending will be good enough but it wasn’t last year and Theodore & Clemmensen are a year older.