Latest on Luongo – April 20, 2012.

Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo has been relegated to backup status in his team’s series against the LA Kings, stoking speculation he could be dealt this summer. 


Trading Luongo easier said than done?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes it is implausible Roberto Luongo will be back next season with the Canucks, having lost his starter’s job to Cory Schneider. Luongo has declined to speak to the press, but it’s believed at some point the fiercely competitive Luongo will have enough and either seek or accept a trade this summer. Botchford also claims there’s an “out clause” in Luongo’s contract for whatever club he plays for eight years into his deal. Having already played two years, Botchford claims whoever acquires Luongo could only be picking up six more years of his deal.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance points out Luongo has a “no-trade” clause. He also consulted with “a couple of NHL general managers” who doubt Luongo’s contract could be moved this summer. Custance believes the Canucks have three options: hope for an amnesty buyout in the next CBA, try to trade him to a limited number of teams (Florida? Tampa Bay? Toronto?), or keep him and deal with the subsequent salary cap difficulties which could come from having his $5.33 million per season salary eating into their cap space.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: David Shoalts provides more information on Luongo’s so-called “out clause”. “The only thing related to an out in Luongo’s contract is a modified no-trade clause. Within 48 hours of his team’s last game of the 2013-14 season, Luongo can provide his team with a list of five teams to which he would approve a trade. The trade would have to be done between July 1 and July 15 or by the end of the 15th day after the free-agent period opens. In 2018, if Luongo does not provide a five-team list within 48 hours after the last game of the 2017-18 season, his team can trade him to anyone prior to Sept. 1, 2018.”

Shoalts also listed possible trade candidates as “Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Columbus Blue Jackets and Edmonton Oilers. An argument could also be made for the New Jersey Devils, given Martin Brodeur’s advanced age, but their financial problems rule out taking Luongo’s contract.”

CBC.CA:  Chris Iorfida also weighs in on Luongo’s situation, adding the Washington Capitals among the list of potential destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, not really much of an “out clause” there for any team willing to take on Luongo’s contract. As always, the devil’s in the details. Speaking of the Devils, they would be an intriguing destination if Brodeur retires, but of course there’s their oft-rumored financial problems, plus the fact we don’t know if Luongo would accept a trade to New Jersey.

Luongo has personal connections to Florida, but it remains to be seen if the Panthers are willing to bring him back, let alone if he’s keen to return there. Yes, the Lightning appear a great fit, but only if GM Steve Yzerman is willing to add Luongo’s big contract to a payroll which is already heavy with several expensive, long-term deals. Yzerman apparently wants a younger, less expensive option. The Capitals won’t need another goalie with Braden Holtby playing as well as he has in this year’s playoffs. I don’t see Luongo having interest in going to the Blue Jackets, given their woes over the years.

That leaves the Maple Leafs, meaning GM Brian Burke would have to find cap space for Luongo’s contract, as well as put aside his rumored feud with Canucks GM Mike Gillis. And of course, Luongo would have to agree to go there. Trading Luongo appears easier said than done. It’s not impossible, just very, very difficult.


  1. I just don’t see Yzerman hand-cuffing this team with that horrible contract. the previous management left him with Lecavaliers nightmare and I am pretty sure that he won’t add to it.

  2. The OUT CLAUSE means absolutely nothing at this point and the closest time frame would be this time next year and that is ridiculous …Luongo wants out NOW!!!! or at least at the end of this season …Tampa and Florida are the ONLY two options …I would be embaressed to even say another teams name …..why would Luongo want to go and live in the middle of a US state and major city afetr having played in beautiful Vancouver and lives in sunny Florida ……….lets be honest here theses are serious factors for ones style of life …If he has an option hes going to choose hios family everytime he all ready has quarenteed cash !!!!!!
    If luongo is smart Folrida is the better Team but with players such as Stamkos ..St Louis …Lecavalier ….its hard not to choose to play for an Yzerman team …IF HE GETS THE CALL!!!

    Closing NOTE : Florida has the better and depper assets to make the deal ! There woulkd be no sense for vancouver to trade money for money …they have to clear some of his cap along with the deal so taking youth will be more important in the deal !!!
    NOT LECAVALIER for all you crazy people !!!!!!!!

  3. I am sorry but if you’re a GM of a playoff team or one that is close to being one forget Luongo. Seems to get pretty small when the moments get big. The Canucks will want a kings ransom for the guy and for what an inevitable goaltending flame out in the postseason. Sure he’ll carry your team during the regular season might even win a Vezina with your team.

    Forget Toronto there is the one place he would fall apart in the REGULAR SEASON. The pressure there night in and night out would cripple him. He should go to Columbus where College Football rules the sports pages. Go to Columbus Roberto you can be the big fish in the small pond. It will feed your ego just enough and low enough expectations where you will always have an out. Plenty of people will pump your tires there buddy.

    • Show me where he gets small? You mean in the finals last year when they won 3 games because of lou? The four they lost wasn’t because of him.

      Or the first 2 games of this series where he put up good numbers but the team wasn’t playing?

      I would take Lou over 98% of goalies in the league.

      • Finally someone on here who has a few brain cells….wtf did Luongo do in the first two games to deserve to be pulled for the remainder of the series…..nothing other than make save after save to keep the offensively challenged canucks in two games they had no business being in. The fickle city of Vancouver almost riot because the Nucks lose the first two games BECAUSE OF LUONGO???? There is a reason we Canadians are foaming at the mouth for these Nucks to lose against the Kings, I being one of them….the $hit and abuse that Luongo has received in the last year is a joke. How many defenceman were out of the finals for Vancouver last year…..oh yeah….all Luongos fault. Here’s hoping Luongo does move on this year and the first game back in Vancouver I hope he shuts them out and skated off saluting all the Nucks fans the way they treated him this year…..middle finger salute. But Luongo has class….something the Nucks will have none of once he leaves the team. GO KINGS GO….

  4. For Luongo to get moved, it has to make sense for all parties involved- not just Luongo, or Luongo and the Leafs. Florida has Markstrom as its goalie of the not-too-distant future, with Clemmenson/Theodore providing very serviceable (and cost-effective) tending for the moment. Why would the Panthers handcuff themselves with Luongo’s contract for the next decade? And I sure can’t see them giving up young assets- and minimal salary back- in the process.

    Tampa needs a goaltender, sure…but if Yzerman is going to take on that contract, he’s going to want to dump a long-term one of his own- ie, Lecavalier. So unless a third team is drawn into this, TB seems a no-go as well.

    Toronto…Burke is under more pressure than ever for results RIGHT NOW and isn’t going to be concerned with sticking his successor with Luongo’s contract, so if he & Gillis can put aside their feud, T.O. might be a viable trade partner. But even then, the Nucks are going to be asked to take back a bad contract (hello, Mike Komisarek) and there’s certainly no guarantee that Luongo will go.

    • Haha…I meant “Luongo and the Canucks.”

      • I agree the only reason I could see Burke trading for him is because he needs results NOW , and Lou would get you wins.

    • Well said.

  5. I don’t see him here. Anders Lindback, Thomas Vokoun or our own Riku Helenius. Possibly Harding too, but he has injury issues.

  6. Noticed I forgot to comment on the idea of Luongo to the Oilers. In a word: No. The Canucks won’t deal him to a division rival, unless another team “flips” him there. And we don’t know if he’d be keen to go there, he seems to prefer warmer climes.

  7. – I can see Luongo working in Toronto, but i don’t see them taking on a long term contract

    – I don’t see Florida as an option as they have Markstrom and there is no need to put a roadblock infront of a high-end prospect…. and you definately don’t need Luongo to be outplayed by another young golaie- then he has no value at all and goodluck trading him. Dale talon is smart enough not to create a future goltending controversy.

    -TB to me is a good option. I think Yzerman takes the risk as Luongo can mae his team a cup contender; something they likely want to do while they have St. Louis and lecavalier (maybe he is part of the deal- who knows) playing at a high level.

    -Islanders are a great fit. They need a high end goalie.

    -NJ is interesting, depending on what Brodeur does. A defensive style of play is perfect for Luongo. Perhaps that’s the key piece to convince Parise to sign back.

  8. @ golf pens golf ….

    Essentially what your saying is that Luongos contract cant be moved then ….becuase all 30 teams have the same issue with the length ……as a side note Clemenson is an OK goalie Theo is pretty much done and Markstrom is not a goalie you can hang the Franchise hat on begining the next season as he has not had any time to prove that just yet … in saying that Id say Luongo would be the perfect mentor ans starting goalie for Markstrom for the next 3 years anyewyas in Florida .

    The other thing is if you sign Luongo most likely in 8 years its not going to be this GM s problem anyways …but Luongo could make thi GM s job a little easier in the current situation ….thers nothing like passing the BUCK no pun intended …i would do what needs to be done in the Goal for both those Tampa and Florida first and deal with long term consequences later ..and maybe another GMs problem !!!

    I M O….Tampa and Florida really have nothing and need a serious upgrade in a very slim # 1 goalie pool to choose from …sometimes you have to give up something to get something for the present

    • No one is saying Markstrom has to be the stud #1 next season. But if the Panthers feel that he’ll be a #1 in the next 2-3 years (and the organization has given every indication that they do), then bringing in Luongo- who has, what, 10 years left on his deal?- makes zero sense.

      And why wouldn’t Tallon (or Yzerman in TB) not think they’ll still be there when Luongo’s deal finally expires? There’s certainly a chance they won’t be; then again, there are some GMs in the league with much longer tenures.

  9. Eddie is the Greatest-

    How many other number one goalies are being pulled from playoff games and whole series at times. There isn’t a goaltending controversy in Vancouver just because Schneider can play. Its also because how much Luongo disappears. He was pulled in Boston last year twice I think. He was pulled against the Blackhawks more than once I believe. I almost feel like if Schneider started those games in Boston the Canucks win the series. And thats coming from a Bruins fan. He needs to be coddled like an infant. Let him go somewhere where they deserve each other like Columbus. Someone mentioned the Islanders that would work too. Nothing like an owner admitting to his mistakes and reacquiring a player. Bottom line it doesn’t even matter anymore if the Canucks are still mulling over their goalie situation. He see’s Schneider passing him by I truly believe he’ll ask for a trade.

    • You mean the same series where he put up two shut outs and an OT win? That same series where the whole team in front of him disappeared? That series? Or the series where up to game 6 he was the gonna be the conn symthe winner?

      Or this year where the team hasn’t showed up to game 4?

      Or his years in Florida where he put up some of the best numbers in the league on one of the worst teams?

      Lou will be Team Canada starter in 2014.

  10. @ NIkk

    So dissappointed in you …..

    Toronto ..NEVER why would he want to go to that hell hole and booooed out of town by christmas !!!

    New Jersey can not take on more money at all …especially if they wan to to keep Parise ..Luongos money is Parises money !!!!!

    I really cant believ that you just said Vancouiver taking on Lecavaliers contract whoich is the same as Luongos
    ( all most ) absolutely NOT !!!! Its about clearing out some money for youth in that deal !

    Florida …there would be no goalie controversy in Florida if Luongo goes there with Markstrum …Markstrom is not a franchise goalie and having a bonifide #1 to mentor ( as per leafs ) would only help Markstrum if Tallon has a heart to heart with Roberto when he arrives and says he is only playing 40 games a year beciuase thats all hes going to get any wheer including Vancouver anywyas!

    • Slap,
      Just saying that maybe Lecavlaier will be part of the deal. Its not unreasonable to think that Vancouver will want a real return and a player who can help them win. I do not think that Yzerman wants to trade his captain. In my books, their contrats are both bad enough that we are arguing over who is the tallest midget.

      As for New Jersey, well Brodeur is making roughly Luongo money, so if he retires, thats the cash for Luongo. Parise’s money will have to come from somewhere else. 100% he is not resigning there if they do not have a goalie.

      As for Florida- Markstrom is not the #1 guy now, ut when you have a guy with huge potential, you don’t bring in a roadblock for the next 8 seasons! that would have been like Montreal bringing in a golaie to block Price’s development, and the same thing if Buffalo did so before Miller got there. Its not an argument over their current contribution vs Luongo, its about succession planning. Blocking Markstrom isn’t right for that francise. And if you bring in Luongo now, I doubt you will get fair value for him in 2-3 years as you suggest. You’d get fleeced, esspecially if Luongo’s value continues to erode.

      Toronto makes sense only from a standpoint that they need a legit #1. Luongo would go there and make MAX dollars from endorsements etc. He’d be the kingpin in the largest hockey market. I doubt he wants that pressure, and like I said, I doubt Burke wants that contract.

  11. @ Eddie is the greatest !!!!!

    You had everyone agreeing with your SMART comments about the Vancouver team and Luongs stint …until you GOOFED and said he was going to be the stsrter in 2014 ………..Not a chance in hell !!!

  12. The Lightning won’t go after Luongo, Canadian National team is VERY different from this team. The former didn’t have to pay them the latter does. Lindback, Brenier, Helenius or Harding. Two of then come is trade, one through free agency and one we already own. At next seasons end we have some guys to sign so…. Go Luo Go (somewhere else).

  13. I think Luongo would drastically improve any team mentioned in rumours. Any of Toronto, Florida, TB, NJ would instantly become playoff regulars. Problem is, I can’t say he’ll do the same in 2018 and beyond. THAT’S the only problem. Implying he’s an average or over rated goalie is radiculous. If he were only signed for another 4-5 years, teams would be paying through the nose to get him.

  14. Luongo to Toronto shouldn’t even be mentioned here. Burke cannot take on the term of that contract without looking like a fool in everyone’s eyes and he knows it. Burke has said enough stupid things in the past (ie his pugnacity, testosterone, truculence comment, along with his comment saying, he will infact trade up to try and get Tavares in the draft but he can always point and say he tried to achieve those things in those cases.

    With his comments regarding long term deals like Luongo’s where he says “in my view, these types of deals amount to circumvention” AND “I don’t mind being on an island. I’ve done it consistently throughout my career where I believe there’s a principle involved. Until the league reached this settlement, in my mind, these deals constituted cap circumvention and I have steadfastly refused to do them” he can’t very well go back to the media and his peers and say “well I tried not to do them but did it anyways”….

  15. Trades
    Macarthur, Connely and a 2nd in 2012 for Luongo and Byron Bitz
    Schenn for Van Riemsdyk
    Garborski Franson 1st round in 2013 for Staal

    Lines will be as follows

    Staal Lupol Kessel
    Van Riemsdyk Kadri Kullimn
    Colbourne Frattin Bozak
    Steckle Brown Bitz

    Phaneuf Gardiner
    Lyles Gunnerson
    Komi Lashoff

    Luongo Reimer

    Is this possible and is it a play-off team

  16. Well he looks better than my pens goalie fleury and for that matter bryz at the moment. That beig said I think I’d still rather have fleury, he has come up big before multiple times when it counts.

    Ive been really busy lately and haven’t had much time on here but was wondering what you think about the pens Philly series lyle. In particular Crosby. I love the kid, what skill, but I was very disappointed with how (until game 4) he’s conducted himself on and off the ice.

  17. @ Rebnats I take it you mean for Jordan stall?

    Not a chance. I Can’t see the pens moving him at all. I think they would sooner trade Malkin or gasp Crosby before him. Those 2 would command a kings ransom of talent/picks and Jordan’s 2 way play is much harder to replace IMHO. From a pens fan

  18. @ Icebear

    The Pens do have to look very hard at what they are going to do long term with Stall becuase both him an Sydney are UFAs after next season and they are stacked down the middle and having just resigned Nealand having to sign Sydney it makes it harder to pay Stall $6 million PLUS a year he will be asking for. IF Grabovski and Hemsky
    ( NO CUP) get $5.5 million Stall will get $6 MILL for sure and they may not be able to afford that ..this could be an option to get younger here and maintain Malkin and Syd long term and still have money for more players to stay competitive long term !

  19. I am not denying Luongo changes a some non-playoff teams into a playoff team. I am not saying he is the worst goalie in the league. But I am saying he is fragile. Some of you guys are making it seem like he is the second coming of Patrick Roy. The guy does not deal well with be challenged he does not deal well with his back against a wall. They were chanting his name mocking him in Boston when he was pulled last summer the man looked physically ill and highly annoyed. Come on man you are a professional and supposedly one of the best goalies in the league. HE WILL NEVER WIN A CUP PERIOD.

  20. @ Vinnie

    Luongo has been one of the better goalies over the last 10 years doubt .. I believe one year in Florida he stopped the most shots in a single season ever in the NHL …….But I have to agree with you ….If he wines the cup it wont be with a team that was suppose to win and they would slip under the radar when there was really no preasure to be that guy!!!

  21. Luongo coming to Toronto not happening (due to term see above)
    Schenn for VanRiemsdyk not happening (Schenn’s stock is to low right now and VanRiems concussion issues are to big a risk for any team to gamble on)
    Grabo ++ for Staal not happening (Grabo just sign for less money and less term to be in Toronto and with his limited no-trade clause he can veto a trade to Pits by not including them on his list of 10 teams).

    Colborne and Bozak both on the third line doesn’t make much sence since they are both centers and Colborne hasn’t proven that he can even make it in the bigs the way he played this year on the Marlies. Both those guys lack major grit for a third line. Kadri also hasn’t caught the eye of the Leaf brass especially as a center for the second line.

  22. @ Beergoggles

    You da man !!!! Bingo !!!

    If anything Kulimen & 1A prospect and 2nd rounder for Stall as Kulimen played with Malkin all through Junior teams and played very well ..and Pitt likes guys who play a solid two way game ..perfect for a thrid line there na dthey can fill a hole with the darft this year. Personally I would do this scenario and make Stall the first line Cneter

    Lupul ….Stall….Kessel or trade for … ( Nash )

    • Toronto would do that deal in a heartbeat. But why would Pittsburgh? Teams would be willing to pay through the nose for Staal, and Kulemin/non-blue chip prospect/2nd rounder isn’t even in the ballpark.

  23. please leafs fans, let us all stop this trade banter and be fair. there are not enough players out there for us. we should have been doing the full rebuild when burke took over and he didnt and now look at us, a few great players and no super stars. in my opinion, schenn should not be traded, and all they should do is dump contracts and draft picks this year or next year…and play their kids. who gives a sh*t if they are thw worst place team next year…it is a whole lot better than continuously being the 9th place team in the conference. play reimer, move players for draft picks. try to pick up one of the three good goalie prospects in this years draft and go slow…draft and sign young players, take our lumps and be better for it. there isnt a vetern on the team i would not trade for draft picks like, for example:
    armstrong for a 4th
    connolly for a 3rd (if lucky)
    gunnerson for a 3rd (hes good, i like him, but forget him)
    lombardi for a 3rd (get the hint…all their are worth)
    lupal for a 1st and 3rd(maximize his worth now)
    bozak for a 2nd or a 3rd/4th

    draft draft draft, they have built up their scouting dept ten-folds so use them, no more picking up this star or that star because it makes no difference, nash commign to toronto would put him in the same situation he is in now in columbus, i love the leafs, but it is true (for this year at least). let colbourne and kadri play…let holzer play and run the table this year….be happy with macKinnon next year

  24. @ mattybets

    Gunnarson should not be traded …hes the best d man they got !!!

    Schenn is horable …cant give him away !
    Wait until you see how horable he is in team Canada Jersey to validate that its not just the Leafs team he looks that bad on !!!Same with Phaneuf!!

    Ive watched a number of games Live this year the later with Colbournne in Buffalo along with some of the Marlies games too and Colbourne is not NHL material… not even a country mile ….
    I wouldnt be so fast to pump his tires !!!!

    This I agree with you !!!

    armstrong for a 4th
    connolly for a 3rd (if lucky)
    lombardi for a 3rd (get the hint…all their are worth)

    • thanks stap&shot. i dont get to see colbourne in calgary so i can only go by his size and what people say. to be honest with you, i follow junior hockey here and in the Q (live in halifax) and i have no qualms getting rid of kadri or colbourne for first round picks in this years draft. they have to be an upgrade no doubt. but man i cannot get rid of players fast enough. i have a horrible soft sport for schenn i will admit. but i just want to wait to see how he does with someone other than komi helping him, and witha year under carlyle

  25. Are Army, Connely and Lombardi all in their contract years next season? If so, and barring any significant change to the forward line-up in the offseason, I’d move Grabo to number 1 with Kessel/Lupal (they’re talented enough to make it work) and make ACL the second line. Though maybe ACL isn’t the best acronym for this injury prone bunch, their need to audition for new contracts next year should motivate them to a high enough level of performance during the season to be able dump them at the deadline to a playoff bound team (which, without the aforementioned significant change, the Leafs won’t be) for some decent picks/prospects. Then the Leafs finally emerge from the long nightmare in 2013/14.

    And I’d take Luongo if I were the Leafs and there was a deal to be had.

  26. @ Mattybetts


    I had a soft spot for Schenn to but after this year its clear he is digressing amongst he class …hi skating is suffering he can not move the puck up Ice with any confidence or accyracy and his pivot game to catch a player who is in stride is a disaster …not very good in the corners fishing out pucks and can not control his man infront …he went from a a possible 1st round trade baiyt to a 3rd line depth d man !
    I would say untradeable for value in return!

    is superb he has magic hands and sees open ice & passes like no other… he has been undervalued and IMO to undervalued by Leafs brass he is just as good as any second liner and on in dpeth on the present leafs club BY FAR!!!!

    is a really big guy Ive seen him play about 5 times this season two with Leafs and 3 with the Marlies ..he skates at a minor league pace and thats it but his problem is that he does not use his body in any way and when he does skate around the Ice he really has no destination …or so it seems! He is totaly expendable for almost anything IMO.

    should have been the third line Center all year here and they would have won another 60% of the draws along with Steckle .

    Burke should never have traded Aulie for Ashton …NEVER!!!

    Blacker & Holzer should get a shot with the big club next year and if the Leafs play there cards right maybe Gysberg as well !

    Other than that not much depth .

    • Steckel and Bozak were both in the top-20 in faceoff %, so realistically they couldn’t have improved much more there.

  27. @ Canadian Friend

    is the only player that can be snet down as he has does not have any clauses in his contract…he can be sent down or traded ! $3.5 million contract 1 season left

    has a limted no movement
    ( tradeable but has to agree)2 seasons left

    has a full no move clause ( STUCK) unless buyout or we find the biggest sucker in hockey !!! 1 season left

    1 more year standard contract can be moved out

    • I’m saying the Leafs are probably stuck with A/C/L next year, but they might produce enough in a contract year to be able to move them at the deadline for some modest but useful returns. And that I’d entertain the idea of putting them together as the 2nd line to give them the opportunity to raise their market value.

      I’ve got no suggestion for Komi at this point, other than the remote hope that he finds his game under the new coaches.

  28. A Canadian Friend

    I hear ya …I hope none of them play on the Leafs next year !

  29. If there is any chance someone takes Luongo’s contract, I’d say the best bet is NJ. They need to replace Broduer at some point, and at 39, now is as good a time as any. How about Zubrus and a first (15-20pick)

    Re: J Staal. I posted here the other day about the possibility of Carolina making a big push to trade for him, if (and only if) the reports are true that he is unhappy in Pit. If the Leafs were to make a serious pitch for him, I would guess the 5th overall, Schenn and Kule would spark some interest. Leaf haters will say those are spare parts blah blah blah, but that is a pretty substantial package. Schenn isn’t an offensive defenceman, he’s a hitter, a fighter and a shot blocker who gets gritty in the corners. He’s still young and has the capability of being a premiere shutdown guy, akin to Scott Stevens…not saying Schenn will be as great, but he’s still very young and very well could be. Kulemin played with Malkin earlier back in Russia, so it’s safe to assume Kule could get close to the 30 goals he got in 2010 playing with a more talented pivot. And a 5th overall gets a very good player for the future. I would do that deal if I was either team.

    • Durt, that is a lot to give up for a guy who isn’t a true #1… J.Staal is great, maybe the best 2nd line centre in the league, but doesn’t have the offensive upside to be a #1. He would serve the Leafs well as their #1 centre (in comparison to the other teams in their division), but I would NOT part with the #5 pick as part of this deal. Besides, not sure if the Pens want a pick back or would prefer more depth to help them right now.

      • I would say given more ice time and not having to play a D role vs other teams best players. Along with feeding one timers to kessel. Staal is and could be a great #1 center. I wouldn’t put him out of the 70-80 points per year type player.

  30. @ Durt

    Only way Devils take Luongos contract is if Parise does not sign there …..however there was some major concern about Kovolchuks longterm contract last year so I would say this is impossible as they are in seriuos financial issues.

    Schenn is not even in the same breath as Scott Stevens and has maxed out his potential …hes terrible and will never be more than a 3-4 -5-6 d man …EVER!!!
    Terrible analogy …sorry Bud!!!

    @ NIkk
    Stall is pretty much a #1 center on a team that has two of the best players in the world at taking up real estate that puts him down the depth charts …
    Bozak is not a #1 center HAAAAAAA!!!!!

    I like the deal for Stall to include Kulimen as Ive stated about his time with Malkin and two way game Pitt likes and Schenn and a deep Draft pick anything from a second rounder and on but NOT the top 5th pick over all !
    I can see the Schenn and

  31. @ Durt …if you think it was just the Leaf team that mad Phaneuf and Schenn lok bad ..its actually the other way around how terrible these guys are when they Playy in IIHF tourny …it will be embaressing for them to show the rest of the world how bad they are individualy and that they dont belong on a team with talent !!!

    • Slap, looks like we view Schenn differently. I never said he was Scott Stevens now. But I believe he has the potential to be one day. Defence is a position that takes a while to master, Schenns 22, give him some time to develope. He consistantly leads ALL defencemen in hits. He’s not a slow skater, and isn’t terrible on his first pass, but that’s not supposed to be his skill set anyway. Drives me nuts when people say he has hit his potential. How many great defencemen dominated in their very early 20’s? Give him time. I also think you’ll see him thrive under Carlyle. Wilson liked a run and gun defence which doesn’t play to Schenn’s strengths.

      • I’ll have to agree with Durt on Schenn. He’s 22 he’s not even near his potential. and like Durt also said Wilson didn’t have a defence system in place, zero it was a free for all. Carlyle will bring in a much more structured system. I think Schenn will be a good #2-3 Dman some day.

        Here was Wilson’s system;
        You 5 skate down the ice and score, if you don’t score skate back. Points to goalie you stop the puck, you 5 then get the puck back and skate back down and try to score again. Are we all on the same page? K, lets go.

        Each and every player has his one role to play and it just seemed Wilson never had a role for every player. Randy will have a role and what he wants to see from each player.

  32. if there is a buyout in the cba, he’s out of Vancouver, other than that, he will play there next season, a ntc coupled with a long contract, then add his playoff reputation, and it kind of kills the chances

  33. A Durt

    @ Eddie is the greatest

    Are you guys OK !!!

    I mean you gusy talk straight most times …you cant tell me you believe what your saying here !!!

    Carlyle cut Schenns ice time down to almost less than 5 minutes a game ….because he sees what I see !!!

    Please Durt dont tell me after being in the league now for 4 years Schenn has taken strides to be an core D man, he has been in the League for 4 full seasons …Howe about Gudbranson ….Cowen ….Karlson…Peitrangelo ..DelZotto to just name a few for the same amouunt of time or less.

    he has a terrible pass and his hands are of stone and his turn to cath a player going over his blue line is embaressing for a defensman ….HITS are you Kidding me Hits !!! rubbing a guy out is considered a hit how aboy cuttinmg down the goals against while your on th ice and score a goal evry 10 games …Please man ……give me a break !
    hes digressed and is way overated !!! And Iam a Leaf fan for petes sake …guys think about it!
    Did you guys watch any game this year ….seriously !!!!

    • Slap, I’m admitting Schenn has had his setbacks. He’s not the well rounded player he will be one day. But c’mon dude, he’s young, you can’t possibly say he’s hit his ceiling, with all due respect that’s radiculous. All of the young defencemen you listed haven’t hit their peak either (I might argue Karlson has) D hit their prime in their late 20’s. And I’m a Leaf fan too. I usually catch most of 60 games a year (damn afternoon shift!) and I honestly think the media and guys who share your views are too hard on our young players.

    • An example is Kadri. How many media members and fans have said this guys a bust? Dudes 21/22 give me a break lol! I’ve said since he was drafted, he’ll take 3-4 years to develope. Leaf fans seem to not have the patience to develope young talent. Guess that’s why GM’s here usually trade them away for aging vets.

  34. OK Im in.

    Just a few points.

    Stall has said he wants to lead a team ( can not blame him ) He tweeted this a few days ago. Pit can not afford to keep all three of these guys, Crosby and Malkin make too much. The cap is expected to be reduced after this round of contract talks.

    The hit on Kadri is he is having trouble gaining any size. Something about his body type an metabolism is keeping him from bulking up. He is still tearing it up with the Marlies in their playoffs.

    Toronto has no real leadership. Ph-enough is the silent type who, by the looks of it, is struggling to get the team on his side. They need a REAL LEADER.

    Big Lou, would die in TO. Too much heat from the hockey hotbed of Canada. He could be used to swing a secondary deal with another team to get pieces they want.

    Lastly, NikK I agree regarding the pic. The only reason BB trades it away is if something HUGE is coming back, ex part of a deal to land Getzlaf or the like.
    Sabres fans were not upset about loosing Connolly, now Leaf fans know why. He is made of glass.

    Every player is movable. Yes, even with a huge contract. Think back…. the Great One was sold to LA. Anything can happen.

    “Burke should never have traded Aulie for Ashton …NEVER!!!” this is so true I just can not re state it enough.

    IMHO, they need a number 1 center and leader to draw attention away from the Kessell line

    • Sorry it got jumbled when I posted it.

  35. @ Slap

    What about blocking shots. (sorry my keyboard is messed up)

    Schenn blocked 115 to be ranked 71st
    Francois Beauchemin , who TO dumped blocked 194 to be ranked 3rd.

    That is at least something valuable.

  36. S.T.A.A.L

    That is all.

  37. I would trade Roberto Luongo for Devan Dubnyk. Luongo will become an Edmonton Oiler. This will help the Edmonton Oilers.

  38. @ the man

    @ Durt

    Leafs have to go after Weber and make him the highest paid player in ther NHL and the build around him ….Thats the first and only thing they need to do ..then buyout stupidness… trade for a true #1 goalie …and keep the 5th pick …trade Kessel and Phaneuf for pieces in two seprate deals get Nash ….and get Stall as the number center !

  39. I have posted constantly on Luongo to Tampa. Check yesterdays missive for details.

    Would love to have Jordan Staal in Toronto. Durt, I like your thinking but would hate to give up 5th overall in addition to Schenn and Kulemin. If Leafs could offer their first rounder in 2013 as part of the deal that makes it more palatable to me.Pittsburgh does not need a draft pick to be able to step into the lineup immediately, they are very talented already.

    Lets stir up the pot a bit. Has Tim Thomas played his last game in Boston? Could the Leafs do them a favour and take him off their hands? When your team is owned by a media conglomerate the headlines and soundbites would be plentiful. Would also push Francois Allaire (Goalie Coach)out the door as he is already reportedly considering it. Don’t ask me what they would give up in return, not sure. But maybe it would have to include Lupul?