Latest on Luongo – November 26, 2012.

The Vancouver Canucks may have to move quickly if they hope to trade Roberto Luongo post-lockout.


Will the Canucks move quickly to trade Luongo post-lockout?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports the Roberto Luongo situation will consume the Vancouver sports landscape post-lockout. Though it’s believed the Canucks will move quickly to trade him, they’ll still have to “smoke out” the right deal. Botchford notes the team and Luongo have been prepared to start the season with Luongo and Cory Schneider if it takes time to find the right deal. Some followers suggest the Canucks should retain Luongo for another run at the Stanley Cup post-lockout, but Botchford believes the veteran goalie’s prolonged presence would create a season-long distraction, plus rob the Canucks of a chance to bolster their depth with the return from a Luongo trade. As for potentially weakening the Canucks in goal, Botchford believes that depends on Schneider’s performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was obvious this summer the Canucks weren’t going to just rush into trading Luongo, but the approaching lockout gave them the luxury of time. If this lockout ends in time to salvage what remains of this season, however, the Canucks may have to move quickly. It’s possible they could start the season with Luongo in hopes of getting a better return as the season progresses. It also depends upon what’s contained in the next CBA. If there is a provision allowing teams to move cap space via trade, that could be a significant factor in a Luongo trade.



  1. It will be interesting to see if the new CBA makes the demand for Luongo go up or down. I still can’t see there being that many teams interested in Luongo. That’s not because he’s not a good goalie, but many teams have a franchise goalie.

    • Yes most teams to have a franchise goalie except for well T.O and Edmonton.

  2. Looking forward to watching some puck now. Trade or no trade. I would like to see how the young leaf goalies do. I like the future of the leafs and the oilers. They have both been bad for so long. Oilers have struggled with injurys and the leafs have struggled in a big market. I like the depth of both organizations they have built there teams very differently. Too bad we are missing out on some amazing types of hockey. Both sides should be ashamed for hurting the game like they have. We loose so many good exciting players to retirement. After these lockouts it seems players are never the same. I remember Gilmour coming back stronger but lost a step and stuggled after he had a record breaking season for the leafs. He ended up getting traded to New Jersey. Gilmour was an exciting player to watch back then. He was not a big player, but he had a lot of heart. He never should have been traded from the leafs. They should argee to keep working on a deal while they play hockey. This is done in the CFL. They should never give out no trade clauses. Not everyone is named Steve Yzerman. If the great one can be traded then anyone should.

  3. He is not worth much. He can’t deliver under pressure and his contract is retarded.

    Only the Leafs are stupid enought to trade for him.

  4. Be interesting for the season to be cancelled another group of FA goalies available and Vancouver being stuck with luongo because they were holding out for a better deal.