Latest on Luongo – November 4, 2012.

NHL lockout or not, the Roberto Luongo trade rumors live on.


Could Oilers & Leafs get into bidding war for Luongo?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford provides the latest on the Roberto Luongo trade rumors, suggesting the recent comments by Edmonton Oilers director of hockey operations Kevin Lowe regarding his club’s questions in goal could stoke speculation linking the Oilers to Luongo, pointing out the Oilers made a late pitch for the Canucks goalie prior to the end of the previous CBA.

As for rumors linking Luongo to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Botchford noted Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman and advisor Stan Smyl recently scouted the Toronto Marlies, who were recently in Abbotsford. Leafs GM Brian Burke and his assistant GM Dave Nonis were also in attendance. It’s believed the Canucks like several assets in the Maple Leafs system, including center Tyler Bozak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The possible addition of the Oilers into the Luongo sweepstakes could have an effect upon rumored efforts by the Maple Leafs to land Luongo. Botchford also doesn’t dismiss the notion of Luongo refusing to waive his no-trade clause to go to Edmonton. It is interesting to note there were management from the Canucks and Maple Leafs at that recent Marlies game.

It remains to be seen, of course, if Luongo does indeed get dealt to Toronto, or if the Oilers can jump in with a more attractive offer, or if Luongo would agree to go to either city. Still, it does provide a bit of a break from the tedium of the NHL lockout. 



  1. I still think Burke is waiting to see how the new CBA unfolds before pulling the trigger on Lou. With talks of salary roll backs, contract forgiveness, and a new cap being floated around it would be hard for him to agree to a deal from the financial side given Lou’s long term contract regardless of how bad he needs a goalie. Of course if Van takes back just as much salay as they give up when moving Lou then that’s a different story but I don’t see that being the case.

  2. Frattin, was not a Burke draft pick. Kulimen was not either. I like these players but, they could be moved with something else.

  3. Edmonton can certainly offer more than Toronto and while you hate to trade withing your division getting someone like Eberle back (the hypothetical suggested in the article) would definitely get the trade done.

    • LOL!



    • there is no way in hell Luongo gets Eberle back in return, not in a thousand years. Still think Lou is a salary dump at best.

  4. Yes, Edmonton could offer more than Toronto, but they probably would not.

    Canucks could use a 2nd line centre until Kesler is 100% ( ie. Bozak) and probably would welcome someone like Cody Franson as well.

    The bottom line is, if you are Luongo, do you waive your No Trade clause to go to Edmonton, or the super bright media spotlight of Toronto, which also includes many super fast direct flights to Montreal and Florida ?

    Hello Toronto.

    • Interesting!
      A three-way deal may be done between Van, Edm, and Tor?
      Hemsky and Gagner to Van
      Bozak, and Gunnarson to Edm
      Luongo to Tor
      Just spit-balling…

  5. I am a hugh Leafs fan. I have been since my great uncle coach them in the 70’s. (John Brophy) I like Lou and yes he would be a hugh upgrade for the Leafs but If we get him we will be stuck with what we have on our roaster for the next few years. We will not be able to afford anymore impact players. Secondly the players we have that will improve over the years will demand more money and they will go to other teams for that money. It will be a vicious cycle to try to keep what we have now and what we have now is a team that is just looking in to get to the playoffs. We need a good solid back-up veteran goalie to mentor the kids in the system. We need to buy-out some players that are now on the end of there career or trade them for anything and I mean anything. If we did this and yes we will still be on the outside looking in this year we will have the money to go after the impact players next year. I was kind of hoping that the Leafs would of been dead last this year or would of traded someone to get the 1st over all pick for this years draft.Nathen MacKinnon who plays with the Halifax Mooseheads is a beast and he is what the Leafs need. He is a future captain. He has speed and he is a goal scorer. I know this is a long shot for the Leafs but I would not allow Brian Burke if I owned the Leafs to make a big deal to get Lou just so he can save his job for one more year.

    • “If we get him we will be stuck with what we have on our roaster for the next few years”

      Am, he can be traded by 2018…and by then, we’d likely have another goalie that can take the relms. His contract cap hit is ony at $5,333,333. Which is the 10th highest in the league for goaltenders.

      “but I would not allow Brian Burke if I owned the Leafs to make a big deal to get Lou just so he can save his job for one more year”

      What would you do? Get fired anyway for not trying to upgrade? Sheesh, no wonder nobody wants to play for the Leafs. And one would think…that being the so called nephew of John Brophy, you’d have more puck sense than that.

      “We will not be able to afford anymore impact players.”

      Am, who are impact players that we have a radar on for this year? If you knew any hockey, Komisarek ($4.5M), Connolly ($4.75M), Lombardi ($3.5M), CMac ($3.25M) will all be off the books. Is that not enough to pick up a so called “impact player”? Plus, as it stands right now, Toronto has a 22 man roster, with $6.7M in available cap space. I’m sure if Luongo can be had, they’d get rid of salary and bring up some good prospects that deserve a chance at making the big club.

      “I was kind of hoping that the Leafs would of been dead last this year or would of traded someone to get the 1st over all pick for this years draft.Nathen MacKinnon who plays with the Halifax Mooseheads is a beast and he is what the Leafs need. He is a future captain.”

      Next years draft (technically). And the other teams knowing who MacKinnon is, why would they be CRAZY to trade away that special of a player? No team would. And where no team would, you’d be saying after the draft next year “Why the hell didn’t Burke do this…why didn’t he do that?”. FAIL

      • Man you do not know how to read. I said If I owned the Leafs not GM’ed I would not let Burke trade away players to save his job for one more year which is to trade away good young players just so he can try to save his job. The trade has to make sense. I agree that we will have room for Lou this year but we will not be able to afford other players as well. Komisarek ($4.5M), Connolly ($4.75M), Lombardi ($3.5M MEH), CMac ($3.25M I like him out of all these guys) sure they are off the books next year but if we bought them out or traded them for anything so we could get some guys that will be put on waviers so other teams meet the cap. We could also trade some assets in the the NHL level and minors(Kadri, Frattin, Gunnerson Brozak) and some of the lower picks to get some mid range impact players or maybe 1 Impact Center we are missing. I would rather get Bernier from LA then LOU. Or I would rather get one of the VETS from FLA(if Lou went to FLA) for a low draft pick or swap a player with the same kind of money so they can mentor Reimer or Scrivens. Scrivens is ready but I would give Remier the chance. If he could not cut the mustard (Example Justin Poggy) then trade him and run with Scrivens. But if we could get Bernier then I like the combo of Bernier/Remier or Bernier/Scrivens.
        Nathan MacKinnon is the real deal. This year up coming draft 2013. The 2012 draft already happen. Once again read. I did not say Burke should trade for him. We all know that the GM that has the 1st over all pick will not trade it. I said it would be nice if Burke did a trade and the pick turned out to be the 1st over all. Nathan will be better then Stamkos and better then Skinner. Easy thing would be just tank and get the pick. LOL

        • Bernier is unproven, and L.A.’s demand for him is too high for that unproveness. The only goalie I thing Burke should go after (outside Vancouver), is Backstrom from Minnesota. He is set to be a UFA in 2013.

          So as a GM, you’d be okay with Burke flipping the coin on hoping that a certain team fail and hit rock bottom in standings? Once a team knows they do not have the power to move up from the bottom, they will very very hard pressed to trade a 1st rounder that could potentially be a 1st overall pick. Yeah, that’ll certainly extend his employment with MLSE.

          • “The only goalie I…”


  6. I can’t understand why anybody would give up much for Luongo. Luongo is a good goalie, but his contract is expensive and the Canucks will be desperately trying to unload it. I’d bet the Oilers could pull Bernier away from the Kings for much less. Let Toronto overpay for Luongo if they want. The Oilers should hang on to their young talent.

    • I’m pretty sure Bernier is on Toronto’s radar as well. Both LA and Van wouldn’t want their former goalies haunting them within the same conference. Edm may have to look to the East for a goalie upgrade…

      • good point konstantine, as a kings fan I would rather see Bernier in TO. As JD said Oilers would be smarter to get Bernier than Lou, as he is the right age that he could be their starter now and grow with the young team for years. Paarvi and a draft pick should land him, or if your TO Frattin and a draft pick.

      • The thing is, there aren’t any goalies in the East for Edmonton to upgrade on. If Edmonton was smart, they would try and land Halak. Something like a:

        To Edmonton: Halak
        To St. Louis: Paajarvi + Gagner + Dubnyk

        Paajarvi isn’t what Edmonton expected, Gagner…from a fans perspective…is a one hit wonder & Dubnyk would be a decent back-up for Elliot. As for dmen, they don’t have to go out on the trade front to acquire some help, hit the market where dmen are still UFA’s.

        – Brett Clark
        – Chris Campoli

        Or if they’re looking for a scoring dman, then trade Hemsky

  7. There in no way on Gods green earth that Luongo would agree to go to Edmonton