Latest on Luongo – October 25, 2012.

Why the Edmonton Oilers should be interested in Roberto Luongo, whose agent recently claimed he hadn’t heard about talk of his client going to the Maple Leafs.


Could Luongo be dealt to Edmonton?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis noted a recent Vancouver Province report claiming the Oilers had made an offer for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, suggesting Luongo could be a real difference maker for the Oilers. Willis believed the long-term risk of Luongo’s $5.33 million per season contract (which has ten more seasons remaining) could be allayed if the NHL’s proposal of counting long-term salaries of trade players back to their original team if they retire prematurely is implemented in the next CBA. Willis also believes Luongo would be an improvement over the Oilers current tandem of Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin, and doesn’t feel his game is in decline. Willis acknowledged Luongo’s “no-trade” clause, but it’s not certain he’d refuse to come to Edmonton.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Luongo’s agent, Gilles Lupien, recently expressed surprise over speculation his client was headed to the Toronto Maple Leafs following the lockout. Lupien said he hadn’t previously heard about the rumor, hadn’t spoken with Canucks GM Mike Gillis since June, and hadn’t been asked if his client would accept a trade to Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Willis’ take on Luongo potentially being a good fit with the Oilers, but I have my doubt Canucks management would ship him to a Conference rival, and if the NHL succeeds in its plan for divisional realignment, the two clubs would be division rivals, too. Let’s just say I consider the possibility of Luongo going to Edmonton a slim one.


  1. I don’t see Luongo going to Edmonton at all no matter what. Better chance he ends up in Toronto even if his preferred destination is Florida; but until the lockout is over and the new CBA is in effect, nobody can or will speak of any insider knowledge of done deals that are pending the implementation of the new CBA.

  2. Luongo stated earlier in the year that it was his dream to play for the Oilers when growing up. He was not a Habs fan despite being a Quebecer, and Grant Fuhr was his idol. He never said he would play there now, he just said it was the team he dreamed about as a kid.

  3. Sure, when Roberto Luongo plays his fist game with the Edmonton Maple Leafs, wherever his first game is, he should bare witness to the salt vendetta. In the first period at the first whistle after the 10 minute mark every fan should dump a box of table salt on the ice.

  4. Every team out there is as well as should be looking to see if there are any players available to upgrade their team at any and all positions and Edmonton would be remiss if they did not consider the pros and cons of obtaining Roberto Luongo. I personally believe that Luongo is a very good goaltender and would be an upgrade at the netminder position but could his salary be wedged into the budget so that the Oilers can take a real run at the cup while they still can afford their young stars is the elephant in the room that needs to be discussed when it comes to him possibly putting on an Edmonton jersey. As far as getting a deal done, of course Edmonton has players that Vancouver wants but do the Canucks want to play against him eight or more times per season in divisional games?
    Yes, a deal could be made. Yes, his salary could be worked in. Yes, he would be a good addition. Do the Oilers want to make this kind of move? Do the Canucks want to move him to a division rival? Does the player or players that Vancouver gets in return help take the team to the cup? Will Luongo agree to a trade to arguably the coldest NHL city in Canada?
    Stay tuned for the further adventures of Where Will Louie Be Going Next.

    • I hope ,he comes to the oilers but I think his salary will be too much.

  5. I don’t mean to imply what you mean in your comments spector. However, in your comment about Luongo to the Oilers you say the League would need to re-align to get the Oilers and Canucks in the same division. Canucks and Oilers have ALWAYS been in the same division. Just saying. They played in the Smythe before they played in the Pacific before they played in the NW.

    • Ya, I thought that comment a little strange. Maybe he meant they would stay together if there is another alignment. Although, I for one would hope they move them off into the Pacific Ocean by themselves if there is a re-alignment.