Latest on Luongo, Redden and Gomez – January 18, 2013.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Wade Redden and Scott Gomez.

No Luongo for the Leafs?

No Luongo for the Leafs?

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports the latest moves by the Toronto Maple Leafs (trading center Matt Lombardi and waiving center Tim Connolly) indicates they’re not about to part with centers Tyler Bozak and Nazem Kadri as part of the oft-rumored return for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis said injuries to Ryan Kesler and David Booth won’t force him to rush into shopping Roberto Luongo. “We’ve talked about multiple scenarios and multiple teams. And because every team is coming at it from a different place, it isn’t exactly what we’re looking for. We feel confident we’re going to get what we’re looking for”, said Gillis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like Gillis is prepared to go into this season carrying Luongo on the roster. Evidently there’s more than just one team he can deal with besides Toronto, especially for the kind of deal to bolster his roster elsewhere, even if it means having to wait to get a deal done.

It’s also apparent now that Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis, despite his previous connection to Luongo, isn’t about to ship out young players for a quick fix to his goaltending, and is prepared to start the season with youngsters James Reimer and Ben Scrivens. Perhaps Nonis might reconsider later in the season if that duo stumbles, but it doesn’t appear at this point Luongo will be joining the Leafs.

THE SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille reports the NY Rangers have bought out Wade Redden and the Montreal Canadiens have done the same with Scott Gomez, making both unrestricted free agents. Gentille cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie noting “the Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers” are rumored to have interest in Redden, while “Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes are considering Gomez”.

PHILLY.COM: The Flyers are also thought to be giving Redden some consideration.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Red Wings have decided to pass on Redden, but could have some interest in Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Franson.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators have no interest in bringing back Redden.

CSNBAYAREA: The Sharks also have no interest in Redden.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Neither do the Jets.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples is skeptical over a report claiming the Oilers might have interest in Redden, especially after they recently acquired blueliner Mark Fistric from the Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like there’s more interest in Redden around the league than Gomez. It’ll be interesting to see which one gets signed first, if at all, though consensus around the league suggests both shouldn’t be UFAs for very long.


  1. Luongo –

    Gillis had his chance with the Leafs dragging this out ….I would say its over !!!
    Kadri has played fantastic this year how do you give up on a guy like that with his talent before you even get a chance to see what he can prove …have to give him a chance …another goalie option will open up in a month once players drop like flies due toi injury!!! I stll think its in the best interest of Vancouver to keep Luongo ..I have a feeling Schnieder may faulter this season …and Luongo wants to earn his # 1 job back!!!
    Hes gut the hunger to show up the hockey world right now !!! I still think the best trade for Gillis is to Edmonton for Horcof …Klefbomb and Omark!

    GOMEZ – Iam really surprised that this guy is getting ANY attention at all …you cant tell me that a young up and coming propect is not an better than this guy at the same time developing your propects ….by adding Gomez you add nothing to your team and take away a spot from the growth of your organization … is very reminisent of the Leafs trying to push forward by adding Tim Connolly ….when really they should have added a youg propect and let him learn the rops and get a year under his belt …it would have been no different as Gomez and or Connolly are invisisble any ways no value even at the minimum !

    O RIELY –
    O rielly has sat the last three games ……due to a so called MINOR ( injury ) so to speak ….why the Leafs are not all over this is beyond me ….his stats are showing he is fast becoming a league leader at the Center position and plays a power forward type of style that would be welcome on almost every team…this is the fiirst line protypical style Centerman that the Leafs need ….have heard the Leafs are in hot pursuit of Jamie Benn as well!

    SUBBAN …
    .I would sign Subban at $4 million for 8 Years max ….but I would not give him $ 5 to $ 6 million and hurt the club long term when you have a partial rebuild going on …I really feel they should explore a value trade for Subban while the market is scorching hot for a defensman …you can get a good solid 1 A D man and prospect back !

    FINAL NOTE : Canes looked stacked this year !!!

    • @backchecking: Gomez makes sense for a team that thinks he still has some game left, and is competing for the cup. If you can get Gomez at $1.5M, drop him on your third line and have him pick up 30 points, that’s not too bad.

      And yesterday I posted that Gomez got a raw deal. I have a more detailed response there, but in summary Gomez signed a long contract with the Rangers who were a cup contender. He had good numbers with the Rangers, then the Rangers cast him aside to clear cap space to get a new free agent (I think it was Gaborik), Gomez’s first year in Montreal was pretty good and then his numbers declined as the team declined. If he was in New York he might still be getting 50 points per season.

      • Oh yeah… 50 points for sure! Have you seen Gomez play in the last two years? Some team will take a chance on his this year and I guarantee you not more than 6 goals and 15 assists MAX no matter what team, what line and minutes. Stick the fork in him, he is done.

        • Everyone sh*tting on Gomez, here is a memo: He is a playmaker, his production will reflect the caliber of the teammates around him. His numbers reveal the shallowness of the talent pool in Montreal last season. He still has tons of skill and quality hockey in him. He needs more than one shooter on the ice to be effective. He is easy to isolate and render ineffective when he only has one passing option. Observe his point stretches with the Habs two years ago, he was setting up Pacioretty, an active big body with a decent shot, he also had Wiz or Spacek on the point to give him some space to use his acceleration, vision and passing ability to find open passing lanes. He had Gionta to go to and Cammalleri as well on some occasions. But last year, he had NO ONE to dish it too. Let’s look at his options. He could give it to Weber, but he wasn’t given consistent opportunities to play as a defender. When Weber was on the PP, there wasn’t any other potent scoring threats on the ice with him and Gomez. There was Subban, the Habs number one D-Man on the PP. The kid was barely a threat, he only scored on 3.4% of his shots, the same avg as Gorges, Gomez and Kaberle. Out of all of the D-men in the NHL who averaged 2.5 to 3 shots per game, he was among the worst with only 7 goals. The others put up 10-12 goals on average, for a D-man, 3 to 5 goals is a big margin. Do I need to mention everyone else on the blue line? No. Let’s move up front, Andrei were in Nowhere Land with Bourque. Cam was too busy thinking about his newborn daughter, a new house and he was also daydreaming of being the team captain. You know how that ended. Moen was his other option, so do I need to say more? Eller was unestablished, not a consistent scorer either. To ask Darche to score regularly is laughable at best. Conclusion, It was impossible for Gomez to use his assets, anyone with any common sense can hardly blame him for his inability to produce. In Vancouver, he could get to Booth, Garrison, Bieska/Hamuis, and Higgins on the second PP. I bet he can get a point in 65% of the games he will play there. The same in Carolina, put him with Jordan or Eric Staal, with Skinner or Semin, Corvo or Pitkanen, I bet you he produces. In Anaheim, put him with Bobby Ryan or Selanne or Perry, Sourray, Beachemin, Fowler or Smith-Pelly, he puts numbers up there too. Gomez isn’t finished unless you ask a Habs fan. In their opinion Gomez was suppose to score goals and make miracles. But then again, among some of the Canadien fans, you will find those who are nonsensical enough to identify Gomez as a scapegoat. You know the type, the same kind of folks that were bright enough to boo Patrick Roy and Patrice Brisebois out of town.

      • Agree, Gomez saw his numbers decline, but I don’t believe it has to do with his abilities and performances. His teammates were simple not good enough for him to be productive given his skill set. Any team with some decent scoring depth can make use of Gomez, and he can put up 30 points this year, no sweat. Teams can get him for 800 k easily given that he is already paid 4.5 million a year by the Habs for this year, and a nice amount for next season.

        • agree with JD…

    • I understand and agree with Gillis’s thinking and I believe him when he says that there are other teams interested in Luongo. I think Vancouver asking for Kadri in a trade proved what many, including myself, have thought and that is he is a star in the making and just needed a different coach and a real opportunity to prove himself, something he never received under Wilson/Burke.
      Nonis is proving his worth as the new Leaf GM by dumping the deadwood, clearing cap space and giving the young guys a chance. There will be lots of time for trades and maybe the goaltending isn’t the problem many thought it was. Whether or not they need netminding help and whether or not Luongo is the solution or even available if the time comes I agree with Nonis and what he is doing.
      Equally, Vancouver has an All Star solution if Schneider falters and if the tandem of Schneider/Luongo works out for the season then there will be other teams and other opportunities to move one of them.

      I believe that there is a team that will give Gomez a shot. He is too experienced not to be valuable on a third/fourth line for someone. While he has been maligned for his astronomically high salary and poor production there is not one of us who wouldn’t have signed for the kind of money that Sather offered him. Speaking of Sather and players he signed to astronomically high salaries, there are many teams who need good experienced D-men and Redden will not be a free agent for long.

      Montreal will not, at least in my mind, trade Subban and will capitulate before too long and sign him for what he is asking. The Canadiens are “starless” and while I don’t mean that Subban is necessarily a star, at least not yet, he is still the most popular player wearing their uniform and ownership must return some pride to Les Habitants. He will be paid for what he will be worth in a few years rather than what the value of his body of work up to now has been.

      As for the Canes being stacked this year…I agree and am looking forward to what the Staal boys bring to the team.

    • Gillis coments about five to six teams negociating with him is folly. You can’t create a market for that contract period.
      The Blues felt Reddan would be the extra depth in case of injury near the playoff. You can’t expect more than that.
      and although the fans think that the start of the season is synonomous to “trade deadline” expecting THEIR favorite team to acquire a “silk purse” for a “sow’s ear”, disregarding the fact that there are NO NHL teams who are looking to cut the roster depth to mak ethe fan’s in another city happy. REAL players are staying where they are for a bit, and MAY be available for OTHER REAL when teams decide that variuos positions need shoring up.

  2. Hahaha. Why did you put all of the articles about people not wanting Redden? Not wanting Redden is default–wanting him is the news!

    • Its not about not wanting him …its about not wanting him for the price he was. Because of contract nobody would touch him for that price. At the league minimum hes a capable NHL Dman.

  3. Gillis is so full of it. Even if there are several teams asking about luongo, which I doubt, none of them should be willing to give up anything high prospects for that contract. Your seeing it now with players like redden and gomez who at one time were hot commodities and now aren’t worth even giving a roster spot to let alone cap space. What happens in 2 or 3 years when he is a back up and the team has to resign there young star goalie. I take a pass.
    I was hoping after the cba there would be more movement on rfas and waiver players. Baseball a player on waivers could change teams 3 or 4 times and how many offer sheets did the nba see just last offseason. Teams like the leafs, philly, detriot should be using there power in trying to sign guys like benn, subban.

  4. I could see the Kings signing Redden if he comes cheap. Willie MItchell is injured and it doesn’t sound like a short term injury. They were looking at a few younger players to fill that role, but if they want to really make a run at repeating, they need a little experience.

  5. Loungo IS a buyout guy that’s why theirs no trade value for him.
    Too much money for too long.
    Should just buy him out.

  6. Keeping Luongo around may be a mistake. If Schneider struggles then there will be BIG pressure to put Luongo in rather than let Schneider play through it. This could make the situation in Vancouver very murky. You could end up with a split locker room and questions about who the starter is going to be long-term. They’re best to trade Luongo sooner rather than later if that’s the direction that they want to take.

  7. I’m glad Nonis isn’t biting on Lu. Lets see what the kids can do. Worst case Leafs finish in the bottom again and draft one of the 5 potential super stars available in this years deep draft. Best case the kids play well in goal we didn’t take on that brutal Lu contract for the next ten years.

    • Brutul Like Connelly

      Tim Connolly is an American professional ice hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League. Wikipedia

      Born: May 7, 1981 (age 31), Baldwinsville

      Height: 1.85 m

      Weight: 86.2 kg

      Salary: 5.5 million USD (2012)

      Team: Toronto Maple Leafs (#12 / Center)

      Shoots: Right-handed

      Or Komiserak Brutal

      Michael Komisarek is an American professional ice hockey defenseman and an alternate captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League. Wikipedia

      Born: January 19, 1982 (age 30), West Islip

      Height: 1.93 m

      Salary: 5.5 million USD (2012)

      Team: Toronto Maple Leafs (#8 / Defenseman)

      I donlt get Leafs fans on this one, The term of Luongo;s contract, I can see that argument, but in light of what i;ve shown above, is he overpaid? Look at his numbers vs. the balance of the league. I;d say price wise, pretty fair.

      He;s certainly worth more than the bag of pucks you could exepct as a return from Connelly or Komaserik

  8. What you say about if Schneider struggles and not being allowed to play through the slump is true, and while it could muddy the waters as far as who is number one it will not split the room. Both, at least according to local media, are very well liked by their teammates and they support each other. What it will do though is give Mike Gillis a tough choice. Does he continue to look for the best deal for Luongo or does he move Schneider and his more affordable salary instead?
    Instead of Schneider struggling, what I do see is Schneider doing well and them splitting back to back games and Luongo being showcased against certain teams he does well against.
    This shortened season will put many GM’s under incredible pressure to make the playoffs and this could lead to some ill advised moves being made more from that pressure than from sound hockey reasoning.

  9. @ JDBIG C

    @ Captain Ahab

    I think there might something in keeping Luongo …I have a funny feeling he comes out on top by years end ….If anything this is in no way a room divider as opposed to an organization & fan divider …the guys in the room believ in both these guys and if you ask each one of them off record they would like to keep both if they could ……If Schneieder stumbles which he may ….this would still be a gret learning process for him and you can move Luongo at years end and still get the same for him as you would today …Gillis is in no way under any preasure to do this and thats why Luongo is playing the CLASS card ….because he can se this blowing up in Gillis s face if Schneider faulters….how about Luongo man up and challenge for a starting Goalie position for once in his NHL career maybe thats what he needs to get him to the next level and win the cup…as of right now hes been treated as teh second coming of Bernie Parent …earn a roster sopt and earn the # 1 starting position and the respect of the fans and team mates with dignity and class and superb play and maybe ytou bring the room together as opposed divide it !!! It would be a great rallying point for the players to play FOR Luongo as opposed of just infront of him !!! Know what I mean !!!!

    In the end Luongo can be a better benefit to Schneider than harm!!! And yes that would raise who do you move instead …as Schnieders contract and potential may fetch you a beter trade than Luongo in what you get back …mmmmm sounds almost to good to be true for Vancouver !!! Something has to give!!

    Gomez is a bust sorry guys !!! Not worth developing a porpect for by taking away a roster spot who can give you most likely just as many or if not more points in a season and help develop the club long term !

    • This isnt a slap at Luongo’s skill in playing. Its all about his contract and the affect on the cap.

      Vancouver is crazy if they can trade him with that contract and get anything remotely back in value outside of a back goalie, b-prospects, and some picks.

      If they want to make a run for the cup they could get a lot more trading Schneider that could aide them in a cup run. therr core players are around 30. They could trade Schneider for 2-3 players now who could help their cup run.

      What they could do is after the year the release Luongo eating his cap off the books, and then signing him to something like a 4-5 yr $8-$10M contract.

  10. @ Beer goggles

    Sorry to see Frattin sent down and Orr kept on the team …..we have Brownie to deal with any BS in the game ..terrible to give up on a complete player who can score 15 – 20 goals and play a physical game as well !

    Leafs have to make a major deal we are deep on D efense with an addition of Riely next year I would trade Jake Gardner & Bozak for a top line Center and or eliet Goalie if given the chance!! Gardner is not a natural defenseman anyways !! Leafs need to play Franson on the power play as well with his big accurate shot, if not he is a waste! I would do a Jake Gardner and Bozak trade for O’riely and O’brien trade straight up finally get a power forward & center and a good solid d man with GRIT !! Put Komisarek on waivers to open the position !
    Scrivens will the # 1 goalie by seasons end !! Copy and paste!

    • Yes let’s ignore the fact that Frattin is still waiver free…meaning the leafs can send him down without the risk of losing him to waivers and keep a vet up. How dumb of them, eh?
      Don’t know what you have against Gardner because everyone, and I mean anyone that has watched him play can’t stop raving about the young defenseman… Is it because he’s American?

      • Agreed, sending Frattin down was the best thing to do at this time. 1st because as moore mentioned he can go up and down without waivers. 2nd, from reports I’ve read he didn’ impress.
        The proper spelling is Gardiner. The leafs would be crazy to let this guy go. He is young and hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential.. He may never reach the level of a Paul Coffee in todays game but he sure skates like him. Just because you have another guy in the system that plays similar doesn’t mean you get rid of the guy you already have. Never hurts to have two deadly weapons on different defensive pairings.

        • I thought it was Coffey????

          • Lol you are absolutely correct. I’ll say something else as soon as I get this shoe out of my mouth.

  11. @TSNBobMcKenzie: Well, there it is. Wade Redden a STL Blue. Hearing 1 year deal, $800K base salary with GP bonuses that could make it $1M total.

    • @Backchecking: St. Louis doesn’t need to pay him much since basically the Rangers are paying his salary all season. This would make a Stanley Cup Finals match of the Blues vs. Rangers a lot more interesting.

  12. @ Ron Moore ….

    In regards to your comments about Gardner being American …thats absurd !! NO NOT AT ALL!
    Gardner is the biggest pawn the Leafs have right now that they can trade to get back what they really need and thast either a Legit # centare or an Elite Goalie …I think Gardner skates like no one els in Hockey and has a keen offensive side ..but he played mostly wing his whole life and then was thrust into a defender role in College so hes a natural winger and his defensive side is not strong …….saying that I wish we had a better team to surrounbd him with ….however the leafs don’t and in business if you can give somethiong worth a lot to someone and get a lot back and have to it on a minimalistic basis you have to make that move !!! The leafs have wayyyyy to many defensman and with the Draft of Riely they now have expandable players ….so with trading Gardner you can get the most back witout giving up more or multiple players and keep other players in the system….with that you also get an elite plyare coming back to fill a gaping hople that you have other more presing neds to fill …its purley a buisness move to get as muchg as you can for as little as you have to give away and still fill your needs …..The Leafs have 8 defensman plus 4 that are knocking at the door in the minors too ….they need a goalie or a center man most importantly aqnd can give up a great talent to get a great talent back but in a different positition …trhey are that crossroads IMO unless they can make a steal somewhere else !!


    • G-A-R-D-I-N-E-R, geesh. If your going to talk about a guy at least learn to spell his name correctly.

  13. Leaf fans can’t be too hasty. With a new goalie coach and hopefully a return to their original goaltending styles, the tandem they have now could be all they need to get it done.
    Scrivens is a solid goalie who just needs more time to get comfortable in the NHL, while Reims will benefit from getting away from Allaire. (personally, I think Allaire ruined him by changing his style)

    P.S. As a Sabre fan, I have to say to the Leaf fans, regarding Connolly, we told you he was not worth the money, be happy he is in the minors for the year and will be an UFA after that. Burkie did you that favour of not tying his to you long term.

    Going to be a good season.

  14. Wow, Edler for 6 years at 5 mil per. Discount, I guess he wanted to stay in Vancouver.

  15. @ backchecking,

    I love Brownie, but he is not a heavyweight, and Eastern teams have been loading up on bigger tougher guys like Parros, Ott, Westgarth.

    Carlyle always has a “policeman” on his team, and like Burkie, “he ain’t changin now”.

    Personally I think one of the reasons (not necessarily the biggest reason) the Leafs went over the cliff last year was the demotion of Colton Orr. The Leafs got a lot more banged up with him out of the line-up, it was almost a free pass to other teams to deliver a good whack or two, and they had no heavyweight to answer the bell or scare the crap out of anyone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not think NHL Hockey needs Colton Orrs, or even one on every team. But if the other team has one, you need to have one too. Remember also that Komorov is going to piss off a lot of players and teams this year. Someone will need to answer the bell when it is signaled.

    That is why you see guys like McClement being brought in, and Fraser making the team. Carlyle’s interpretation of “tough to play against” has the major emphasis on “tough”.

    Given the more skilled type top 9 players Carlyle has chosen to go with, it makes sense to have some real grit and toughness in the bottom 3, and on D.

    Go Leafs Go!