Latest on Luongo, Turris and Wolski.

An editorial calling for the Canucks to trade goalie Roberto Luongo to Tampa Bay for Vincent Lecavalier…An update on Kyle Turris’ holdout with the Phoenix Coyotes…A suggestion NY Rangers winger Wojtek Wolski could face demotion.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: published an editorial calling on the Vancouver Canucks to trade maligned goalie Roberto Luongo to the Tampa Bay Lightning for center Vincent Lecavalier.”Tampa needs better goaltending; we need a power forward. Lou’s wife could finally be closer to her family, and Lecavalier could play hockey again in a city that actually cares about his sport.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hope whoever penned this did so tongue-in-cheek, because if the author was serious, they should never, ever write about the NHL again. “Puck Daddy” Greg Wyshynski has more on this silly trade suggestion.

Contract standoff continues with Coyotes.

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside has the latest on the contract standoff between Kyle Turris and the Phoenix Coyotes, citing a source claiming money isn’t the issue (despite Turris’ demands for between $3-$4 million per season) and the young center would sign a deal immediately after being traded if the Coyotes were to move him. Burnside claims “half-a-dozen teams” have inquired into Turris’ availability. Burnside also wondered if GM Don Maloney would consider moving Turris if he could get a young, NHL-ready player who could help the club now, or stick to his guns about keeping Turris, even at the risk of his being ineligible to play the rest of the season if unsigned by December 1st.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams might be inquiring, but Maloney reportedly isn’t shopping Turris, and continues to dig in his heels on this subject. Maloney can afford to do this now, when it’s late-October and only three weeks into this season. The standoff will get more interesting if it’s still ongoing in a month’s time, when the December 1st deadline nears.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently reported Rangers head coach John Tortorella recently took a shot at sidelined Rangers winger Wojtek Wolski, who continues to rehab a nagging groin injury with hot-tub treatments. Brooks noted Wolski is in the final season of his contract which pays a cap hit of $3.8 million, finishing with “Presumably, there are hot tubs in Hartford too”, referring to the Rangers AHL farm team.


  1. Worst trade suggestion I’ve heard in a long time. Lecavalier is awesome, Luongo is terrible. Lecavalier is *maybe* a bit overpayed, and ya his contract goes on for a few years too long. But Luongo is GROSSLY overpaid and his contract goes on for way too long. How much too long? Ans: how ever many years remain on his contract.

    Luongo is trash. Biggest choker ever, and most over rated goalie of his generation. He would be a downgrade on Roloson as well, which is another reason why this trade makes no sense

  2. I have a better one, just playing around but Luongo for Dipietro.

    At least with DP you have his salary on IR most of the time, freeing up lots of space. This trade would be pretty ironic for the NYI whose drafting of DP prompted them to deal Luongo back in the day.

  3. Also, nice dig from Torts. I think Wolski can play really good hockey when he’s on his game. Could be an interesting guy to watch out for as the year goes on, I believe he will be traded at some point.

  4. Agree Spector,

    We know who he is and he about as accurate as Eklund

    Never ever is too soon for that sack a $$$$

  5. And I got “laughed” at when I mentioned Luongo would move because of his wife… Still a dumb trade if you ask me.

  6. Yeah, Canuck fans better stock up on Luongo jerseys because he’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Enjoy the season!

  7. I guess I’m in the minority of people who don’t think Luongo is garbage. I’m not a Nucks fan, but I know he is a notoriously slow starter. I agree he is overpaid but I’d say he’s still top 10-15 in the league. But again, his contract is pretty hidious. He will bounce back in November, just watch.

  8. Spector,- With the Canadian teams somewhat struggling do you see any of them dropping the hammer in the sense of trades and going after a big name player who is a free agent at years end. example NJ wont be able to resign Parise so a team like Calgary trading them Bourque (rumoured to be moving) and a draft pick or another player

  9. As a Caps fan, I thoroughly support the Luongo for Lecavalier trade. Getting Lecavalier out of the division and saddling TB with that contract in one move? Awesome.

    @mojo19 You might be onto something with Luo to NYI. You don’t have to worry about your goalie choking in the playoffs if you never make the playoffs in the first place!

  10. On Lou, I don’t think any Canucks fan were happy with his performance in the finals, unless it was the two shutouts he had. He had a bit of a melt down (understatement perhaps). But you can’t pin losing in the finals on him alone. He had a great regular season, was said to be in the running for the Vezina and won the Jennings with Schneider. I think Schneider should have gotten a start somewhere along the way or Lou could have been pulled sooner during one of those stinkers – some blame on the coaching perhaps? Lots of Canucks went missing during the finals. Lou is an easy target. But I think there are plenty of teams that would want him at his cap hit.

    Yeah that Stevie Y is such an idiot NOT He eats guys like Gillis for lunch