Latest on Nash, Doan, Luongo and Weber – July 16, 2012.

No end in sight for the Rick Nash trade saga, Sharks remain interested in Shane Doan, skepticism over the “Bolland for Luongo” rumor, and an update on Shea Weber.


Nash saga drags on.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline yesterday reported Rick Nash trade talks have grown colder in recent days, as GM Scott Howson insists there’s no deadline or timetable to getting a deal done. That led Portzline to speculation over the potential awkwardness if Nash still hasn’t been moved when training camp opens in September, including the possibility of Nash refusing to report to training camp, though that would be an expensive tactic for him, as he’d be fined for each day he would miss. Portzline also speculated over the potential impact on Nash’s trade value if the salary cap ceiling were to be significantly lowered in the next CBA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said several times over the past couple of weeks, the Nash situation will likely drag on into September. Howson wants the best deal possible and is willing to wait for it, while those clubs interested in Nash are hoping to wait out Howson in order to get the asking price reduced. Neither side is under any real pressure to get this done at this point in time. Perhaps in two months time, when (if?) training camp opens, the trade talks could pick up. Not in mid-July.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports Shane Doan’s agent claimed Sunday his client remains very intrigued with the San Jose Sharks if things don’t work out with the Phoenix Coyotes. Sharks GM Doug Wilson declined to comment on his rumored interest in Doan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It should be noted Doan’s agent indicated his client is still hoping to work things out with the Coyotes. This could be another situation which takes weeks to resolve.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Nina Falcone noted a report out of Vancouver on Sunday claiming the Blackhawks offered up center Dave Bolland for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. Given the Blackhawks need for depth at center, Falcone wrote, “skepticism for this offer could be warranted”, also noted Bolland’s harsh words for the Sedin twins last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of the reaction I’ve seen regarding that rumor has been skeptical, for the very reasons noted by Falcone. 

CBC.CA’s Elliotte Friedman reported via Twitter “Deadline was Sunday for NHL players to accept qualifying offers. At least one exception: Shea Weber and NASH agreed to extend until Aug 1.”


  1. Not sure if anyone knows but if a player does hold out and they are fined by the day, is it a generic $2500 a day or is it a “days pay”? For Nash it’s $21369.86….A DAY. I need a beer…

    • I hope the Hawks can work out a Deal to land Lou, but I really wouldn’t want to give up Bolland. He’s the type of player every team needs and you don’t want to play against.

      The Nucks are missing that type of player.

      But you have to give up something to get something.

  2. I believe its whatever the players pay averages out per day. Which wwith your calculation for Nash I’m guessing he will play lol.

  3. Whoever’s fault, Howson simply cant win at this stage. If he continues to be patient and hold out for what he wants, the pundits are going to continually roast him. If he lowers his demands and makes a deal, you can guarantee that the pundits will criticize the return in the deal. As far as Howson says he is acting in the best interest in the team, that’s all that should matter. Then again. Lindros held out a year and look at what Quebec got in return……

    I still see Doan in Phoenix. Though maybe only on a 2 year contract given the instability of the franchise, and with perhaps a gentlemans agreement to move him if the franchise is moved.

    There is no way, no way in hell that Luongo gets a return of Bolland. First the Hawks are thin in the middle and they are going to give up Bolland? Secondly in this market, Luongo brings a pick or a prospect….unless some team is insisting on sending a contract back in return.

    • your nuts! Luongo is worth more than your evaluatingnhim for. Yes heavy contract but he is worth Bolland + pick. If you can honestly say Bolland carries more value for a team than a 30+ all-star goalie you have yourself some serious issues.

  4. I think the other thing holding up any Nash trade is the teams he has listed as willing to play for are already good with marquee players, so they have no real “need” for him ..he would be more of a luxury at their price. Columbus will not win in this situation unless one of those teams suffers a big injury to a top scorer.

  5. If the canucks were to land Bolland they should consider themselves very lucky. However, as stated above who in the right mind would give up a centreman pest like Bolland if your already thin at centre. Makes no sense unless the hawks have a back-up plan. As for his tiff with the Sedins it would be smoothed over fairly quickly as it would be put down as guys just doing their jobs in the heat of the moment. Besides, the Sedins would rather play with him than against him.

    Everybody wants the Nash scenario to wrap up or just go away. You have to give credit to Howson for holding to his beliefs in what he wants in return for Nash and not being bullied by the “richer” teams into making a deal he doesn’t want. Being from Canada I lost some respect for Nash when he decided he doesn’t want to come home. Yes it is his right but turning your back on the country that developed your skills etc. just riles me to no end. Sure we have higher taxes but when your making that kind of money you can hire an experienced accountant. I think a great majority of players in all major sports think more of the money than they do for the sport they are lucky enough to excel at. Sorry for the rant, but I’ve just about had it up to the eyeballs with these selfish and greedy bastards.

    • well said!

  6. When will this heading Doan Nash and Weber. There seems to be how many other players who sign or are waiting. Nothing said about them ?

  7. Drew I concur that it’s disappointing when Canadian born players, for whatever reason, determine that they don’t want to play in Canada. We should acknowledge however that sometimes there may be different factors that play into this other than the money. It could be the aggressive Canadian hockey media, particularly in Toronto & Montreal, or family concerns (i.e. US born wife etc.) that are influencing their decisions. Quite refreshing to see d-man Shultz sign with the Oilers after insisting he wanted to play in Canada. (Not sure Anaheim found it so refreshing though!)

  8. I, as a Wings fan, would really like the ‘Hawks to send Bolland to Vancouver for Luongo. 😉

    It seems that player movement rumors have died down quite a bit. Not sure if it’s the NHL’s CBA proposal or just the Mid-Summer doldrums.

  9. Howson will look like a total moron if this does stretch into next season and Nash gets hurt in training camp.As far as Luongo goes this is almost as bad as the Nash thing,is he going to Florida or not and when,what is the holdup here? Oh yeah those incredible contracts that should never have been initiated or signed by either party.As far as Doan goes the numbers I see are rediculous especially concerning what the owners are trying to do here with the CBA.No hockey till January I am afraid.This is really going to set some small market franchises back.

  10. Dale Talon:
    “I will give a 2nd round pick for Luongo. If you don’t want it, find another team to deal with. Oh, Roberto doesn’t want to go anywhere else? Then a 3rd round pick.”

    Gillis can keep Luongo, sure. All that would do is create angst in the dressing room, and tie up $5.5M he needs to build a better team to win a cup.

  11. Howson will wait till he gets what he wants. Isnt it Nash that wants the trade, howson may wait himself out of the best offers sooner than later. I mean it seems as though NAsh has been pretty patient and he can ultimetely make their lives misearble if hes not by his own deadline. Howson is not going to get what he demands, its almost ridiculous. Who cares about Luongo, whom ever gets him will be pleased at first than realize the package he truley carries

  12. I know its off topic, but the caps just signed Mike Green to over 6 mil per for three. Holy crap what are the caps thinking. Obviously they have forgotten the last two years. Weber must look at that and say I must be worth 10 per easy. I just don’t get it, the owners are belly aching all the time about the players demands and then sign them to ludicrous contracts. Why do they keep raising the cap? Isn’t it obvious that the underling teams are starting to have real problems making the cap floor. The new CBA may deal with this in some way but how can they stop raising the cap if salaries are going to be so ridiculously high. We will end up just the way we were before with the rich teams signing all the talented young guys. The poor teams will lose their young guys and as now sign high priced veterans who nobody else wants just to make the grade. Sooner or later we will have teams owners say they can’t even afford to get to the cap floor even with equalization payments. Is the league going to own and run a few teams? Like Phoenix who in the right mind would want a team that continually loses money? I know its an old arguement but move the Coyotes already.
    Another rant. Sorry, I love hockey and the NHL but some of the issues in the league are pissing a lot of people off and sooner or later scores of people are just going to quit watching and caring. Who can afford to go to more than a couple of games a year other than the people loaded with money. The arenas in the major markets are full of people dressed in suits and party dresses and are only their because its the place to be seen, while the true blue fan sits at home wishing they could be there.
    No more rants, I promise.

    • Such is the NHL Drew. Their are reasons they will never be as successful as the other 3 north American sports leagues. Sickens me too as a die hard hockey fan to see this sport managed so poorly.

    • Hey Drew. You nailed it. We’re fortunate enough to have a WHL team in this town. We’ve been season ticket holders for 13 years. If you haven’t already, try watching the CHL, you’ll like it. The NHL is gong show right now.

  13. i seriously doubt Gillis would trade Luongo within the western conference (particularly to a bitter rival like Chicago) unless the return was staggering. Dave Bolland’s best days are behind him, he’s a guy who had a good playoff run on a very deep team and since then he’s had a concussion and been all but invisible the last couple of times the Canucks played the Hawks. with the bad blood from Keith’s cowardly attack on Daniel Sedin i would doubt Gillis even returns Chicago’s calls.

  14. I’m an accountant so I look at numbers all the time. Let me put this out there…
    Luongo’s contract has 10 years remaining on it at a cap hit of 5.25 per year.He’s already indicated that he is willing to play 4 more years based on his age. This guy averages 30 plus wins a season.
    Why on earth would more teams not be all over this type of deal?
    Not too smart GM’s out there or is there more teams interested that we are not familiar with.


    • He only wants to go to one or two teams, so that doesn’t give Vancouver a lot of leverage.

      • I have heard that too but do question the authenticity of that statement. I guess we will have to see where this one goes.

    • He’s the 10th highest pay goalie in the NHL with top 5 stats.

      So his cap hit is more then fair value, plus he’ll retire in 4-6 years and the cap comes off the books.

      I think this is a great deal.