Latest on Nash, Hudler and Biron.

The facts behind a “Rick Nash to Boston” rumor, Jiri Hudler might not be a Red Wing next season, and suggesting the Flyers bring back Martin Biron as a backup.


Nash to Boston?

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty dissects a rumor out of Columbus suggesting the Boston Bruins could make a push to acquire Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash. Haggerty acknowledged the Bruins are on Nash’s list of preferred destinations and would have interest in Nash if they could clear out $7.8 million to absorb his contract, but suggested the rumored asking price from the Jackets (Tyler Seguin, Patrice Bergeron, prospect defenseman Dougie Hamilton have been mentioned in the rumor mill) is too high. Haggerty suggests an offer of center David Krejci and prospects and/or picks, but that isn’t close enough. Unless the Blue Jackets were willing to accept Krejci or goalie Tim Thomas, Haggerty doubts the Bruins will land Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli sounded reluctant about potentially shaking up his roster this summer. Perhaps he’ll kick the tires on Nash, but I’ll be very surprised if Chiarelli lands him. Seguin, Bergeron, Hamilton and Milan Lucic (who’s also been mentioned in trade rumors) aren’t available, and I agree with Haggerty that if the Bruins were to make an offer, it would be Krejci, maybe Thomas, along with picks and/or prospects not named Dougie Hamilton.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reported Red Wings GM Ken Holland touched base with the agent for right wing Jiri Hudler, who could exercise his option to test this summer’s UFA market. St. James believes the Wings would like to re-sign Hudler, but won’t overpay, and will be looking to become grittier and speedier, hopefully adding fresh blood to their top six.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In a thin free agent market this summer, Hudler could land himself a significant raise above the $3 million he earned this season. The Wings could put the money they would’ve invested in him toward finding a better player.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Sarah Baicker, picking up on the theme of colleague John Boyuk’s suggestion of the Philadelphia Flyers adding a more experienced backup goalie, suggested bringing back former Flyer Martin Biron.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Biron, 35, is currently backup for the NY Rangers, but enjoyed his time with the Flyers. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer, and if the Flyers came calling, he’d definitely listen.


  1. Biron doesn’t offer the Flyers anything better than what Bobrovsky can. His stats were a by-product of the Rangers playing style and on a different team (ie. Tampa, Columbus), I think you would see a significant regression. Not to mention Bobrovsky has a great deal of potential still. Unfortunately with Bryzaster in front of him for the next 8 years, I think he’ll find a job as a starter in another market and prove that he could have handled the job with time and patience from Flyers management.

    Hudler would be an interesting pick-up for any number of teams looking for secondary offensive pop. He isn’t a top line forward at this point, but his speed and creativity make him a threat whenever he’s on the ice. He posted 25 goals while only taking 127 shots, almost a 20% goal-per-shot rate (add to that his 33% in 5 playoff games). It would be interesting to see him on a line where he could get his season shot total up to the 165-175 range. 35 goals might not be out of the question there.

    As for Nash, if Columbus believes they’ll be able to acquire multiple elite prospects AND a top-line forward at this point, they are dreaming. Howson has definitely got his pie in the sky if names like Hamilton and Seguin are floating through his head.

    • Umm…

      Hudler is not fast at all, he is a terrible skater. Most of the small NHL players are very fast / quick skaters, but Hudler is not, and that is the problem with him – he is basically a power play specialist guy. He has a cannon of a shot and he is a decent play-maker, but he is small AND slow, so his playing minutes are always down because of that, and always will be.

      He is a good regular season guy, but not really built to play a lot of minutes in the playoffs.

  2. Agree with you on all points, TH.

    Bob is a sound backup.

    Hudler would draw some interest around the league.

    Finally, Scott Howson IS insane, considering what he’s asking for Nash. OTOH, teams shouldn’t expect to get Nash for a package of mediocrities like Kadri, Franson, and a 2nd. It’s so hard to determine how much Nash would score on a excellent team with a playmaking center he’s never had. His cap hit is horrible ($7.8M)and for 6 more years (IIRC). Unless he’s getting 40+ goals per year, he’s not worth the contract or the assets.

  3. That suggested offer (krejci plus picks and prospects not named hamilton) is way lower than what i expect columbus to get in return for nash.

  4. Trade Seguin and Hamilton plus for an inconsistent winger with flaws in his game? Who do these people think Chiarelli is? Brian Burke?

    • Badum-ching! Well played sir.

  5. I think the suggestion of bringing in a more experienced backup is being offered up because BOB will be traded. The only way BOB stays here is if amnesty is granted to teams and the Flyers use it on Bryz’s contract.

  6. I could see nash going for a player like seguin and picks, but not seguin. He was pretty much the only offence the bruins got last year and to give him up for a more expensive older winger wouldn’t make sense. Nash shouldn’t go cheap, he is a great player with size, the only reason I can see his value will not reach its potential is his list of prefered teams.

  7. Nash is one player he is big and strong and I think playing with a good center could be very good. However he is not God and his cap hit is large. Bruins could really use him especially if Horton is not well. But to trade a huge pkg puts them farther behind. Bruins need to put Savard on long term injured reserve,trade Thomas and try to sign Parise. If they cant sign him offer this years and nexts years 1st round picks and a prospect or two like Knight or Spooner.

  8. Nobody will pay a dime for Nash, until Parise signs with someone.

  9. Howson is insane if he thinks he is getting a return for Nash.. like he wanted from the Rangers at the deadline — (reported to be McDonough or Del Zotto and either Dubinsky or Callahan and Kreider) and what is reported he wants from Boston in Seguin, Hamilton and Bergeron?

    He keeps demanding a return like that.. Nash will be in Columbus a long time.

    Hudler is interesting… Probably gets quite a bit of interest.

  10. I sincerely doubt that the Bluejackets even get high level propsects back…maybe a pick or two and mid-line players, but no one is going to deplete their developmental pipeline and trade REAL top prospects to acquire a large salaried 28 yr. old. The Nash trade has to be one that really works for the team he is traded to.
    We can gauge the interest all we want but are there that many teams who think Nash puts them over the top AND have the assets to turn them over without significant depletion for their franchise for the next 5-10 years? Besides the BlueJackest are going to want SOME now return too, and I am not talking about journeymen or guys with recent concussion histories.
    The way I see it is Columbus G.M. Scott Howson is the one with the problem, and NO NHL TEAM is gonna go in debt to solve it for him…

  11. I agree everyone will shoot for the big fish free agents before seeking trades.

    Just some thoughts on the Nash thing. Of the teams I keep hearing interested in him and him in them, I only see the Rangers being able to make it work without setting themselves back. Maybe Philly.

    San Jose isn’t going to give up Pavelski, Couture or Clowe. Boston won’t even think about giving up Seguin. Toronto would set themselves back a few years giving up the prospects and roster players it would take to get Nash. Philly, maybe. They have a habit of doing the unexpected and somehow making it work. They have a good chip in Van Riemsdyk and in Bobrovsky.

    The Rangers could offer up Stepan, Anisimov and a few high picks. There is no way they will give up Kreider. In fact his emergence combined with if they did win the cup might be enough to make them abandon the whole Nash idea. I would want to swap Staal or Del Zotto for Johnson in the deal as well.

    The Rangers could end up with two killer scoring lines.
    Nash – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Dubinsky – Callahan
    And One hell of a top four on the blue line with an addition of Johnson.

    Anyways that’s my thoughts from my glass of Koolaid.

  12. I completely agree with Bill. As for the Bruins send Lucic, Spooner OR Knight, and two 1st’s for Nash. Thats as far as I would go unless Columbus wants Thomas which I doubt because of his age. IF they wanted Thomas then Lucic, Thomas, and a 1st. It is crazy what Howson is looking for he is not dealing from a position of strength.

  13. Maybe that is Howson’s point. He really doesn’t want to loose Nash. That is readily apparent with his trade demands.

    By asking for sooo much from every team, he is really telling that Nash is not really on the market. There is no way in Hell that Boston makes that trade nor should they.

    The other GM’s should stop taking his calls as long as he is being stupid about what Nash is worth.

    Let’s see, Nash demands a trade, Nash has 6 years left at $7.8 million. All for about 60 points per year. Teams are calling kicking tires. Howson tries to line them up and kick them between the pipes. Smart Guy.

    It’s going to come down Nash playing poorly or sitting out until a trade is completed to motivate Howson to be realistic in his expectations.

  14. I think you are all insane. Why? Because whether you agree or not Nash is going to land a quality return with at least one shocking big named player coming back in the other direction. I doubt he’ll get Howson’s full asking price.

    Rick Nash is a physical winger, with great leadership, a two time 40 goal scorer, and a 5 time 30 goal scorer … playing with NOBODY! Only twice in his career did Nash not score 30 goals and once was his rookie season. Nash also has 50 points in 47 career Worlds/Olympics that he has played in. I’m willing to put a significant amount of money that not many people watch CBJ games here and Nash isn’t a player who is full of holes.

    He gets frustrated, but when you’ve played for the Jackets for 9 seasons and they’ve never put a good team around you then you would be as well. Nash with a solid skilled center or even playmaking winger would be a force to be reckoned with. He would easily be scoring 40+ goals and be a point a game player with any team that had any finish through their line up.

    Debate it all you want but Nash > Parise and will land a return higher than most people here think he will.

    • Let me explain or clarify,
      I am not diminishing the abilities of Nash in any way shape or form. My intention was to point out he is a big ticket who produces consistently and has been a class act all along.

      I am poking at Howson and what I believe to be an unreasonable request for any player. Ex. the ask from Boston was reported to be Two of their top players and a kid said to be the next star in a years time. That trade would hurt Boston in the long run. Howson is not making his requests reasonable. IMHO
      One Big star for one almost big star and two other reasonable prospects and maybe a draft pick would be more reasonable.

  15. Martin Biron wants to be a starting goaltender, not a backup. Temas that are looking for some quality at a good price should consider Biron.

    The Flyers need to develop a goaltender in their system, not continue bringing journeyman goaltenders.

  16. Nash for multiple players and 7.8 mil or
    Parise for 8 or 9 mil and keep all your players.
    I’ll take parise.
    For Nash I would give up krejci or lucic along with two prospects and a first rounder this year and second next.
    Seguin Bergeron and Hamilton are untouchable.
    His asking price is just a starting price knowing there’s No way he’s getting any of those three.

  17. I think it depends on what happens in the Rangers/Devils series. If the Rangers lose, then the question is – will Parisi resign with NJ. Is so, then the Rangers will go after Nash and suddenly, giving up Dubinsky and Del Zatto doesn’t seem unreasonable. In addition, the Sharks need to shake up their roster and while I just don’t see too many teams burning the wires for an aging, expensive Patrick Marleau (who I really like), I can see the Sharks also in the Nash derby – perhaps offering Marleau and Clowe or Pavelski and Clowe.

  18. I agree that Howson is asking a lot. Nash is a great player, and many argue how much better he would be if he had a top flight centre to play with. Well there are lots of players who could be better too under that scenario. Most Teams are looking for top flight centres, not wingers. Because Nash is being shopped for a ransom, Poultsy is right, Parise will sign first and then the dominoes will fall. I think even Semin will be signed before Nash.

    Maybe Howson is fishing Nash to see what players other teams are willing to part with, or need to dump salaries for, and he can keep Nash and trade a draft pick or two. Remember, he has one first round pick, and possibly two, depending on when he wants to use the conditional pick from LA for Jack Johnson in the Carter deal (2012 or 2013). Maybe he uses some picks to get a centre for Nash to play with? Or a reliable goalie?

    Interesting comment by Yzerman today on potential goalies.Basically he wants to solve his issue via free agency or draft, which I think is short sighted.

    Lyle, do you think Tampa will offer sheet Schneider ( Lightning are loaded with picks), or do they go after someone like Halak (who Boucher coached before), with some picks, and then St. Louis signs a veteran backup for themselves?

  19. Tampa could try, but I think they know the Canucks will match, especially if the cap goes up to $69-$72 million as projected. That’s why I doubt any team will send Schneider an offer sheet, as it’s become pretty much a pointless exercise.

  20. Flyers should keep BOB, send him down (two way contract) to the Phantoms and let him play alot of games. Bring in a cheaper back up that still has some potenial and stability (for obvious reasons – Bryz meltdowns and cap relief)

    Use the money they free up in cap space to secure Voracek and a defenseman that is not as expencive as Carle and better than Lilja. Lilja has +35 contract so like it or not he is going to count against the cap wherever he is. They could role the dice with Gus and M.A.B but they need to resign M.A.B.

    Anyways trade or send down BOB, and bring in a cheaper back-up.