Latest on Nash, Ryan, Luongo and Bouwmeester – July 6, 2012.

Another team drops out of the bidding for Rick Nash, the Senators are in the mix for Bobby Ryan, a possible return for Roberto Luongo, and an update on Jay Bouwmeester.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson won’t trade Rick Nash for “less than market value”, suggesting this saga could drag on into September. The Boston Bruins are among Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations, which includes “the New York Rangers, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and San Jose”. The consensus among NHL GMs is Howson’s asking price remains too high.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports the Carolina Hurricanes have dropped out of the bidding for Nash, as the Blue Jackets insist on forward Jeff Skinner being part of the return.  Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said he’ll consider other free agent and trade options, including Coyotes UFA Shane Doan or former Capitals winger Alexander Semin.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland will continue shopping for a defenseman and a top six forward. The Wings are on Nash’s list, but he could prove too expensive. Gregg Krupa, meanwhile, suggests the Wings should practice patience and wait for next summer, when the crop of free agent talent could be deeper, with Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Jarome Iginla and Shea Weber possibly available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets can afford to be patient throughout the summer, but this could also backfire on them if this stretches into September. The start of the season (provided there’s no work stoppage) will be close at hand, and that could force them to lower their asking price to facilitate a Nash trade. I daresay that’s what most general managers will be counting on, and will be content to wait. In short, I don’t see the Nash saga ending this month or next.

Senators targeting Ryan?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch suggests not to rule out the Senators making a pitch for Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan. If the Ducks do shop Ryan, they’ll want a big return, as they “badly need” a young defenseman after losing Justin Schultz to free agency, plus a second-line center. It’s believed “the Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings (and) Tampa Bay Lightning” could also have interest in Ryan.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi has the opinion Flyers GM Paul Holmgren won’t be dealing for Nash or Ryan, as he doesn’t want to part with promising young forwards Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Ducks will receive considerably more interest in Ryan from those clubs tired of waiting for the Blue Jackets to drop their asking price on Nash, but the Ducks won’t just give him away. If the rumors of their asking price of Schenn and Couturier from the Flyers is any indication, he could prove an expensive option. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports there’s speculation the Canucks would insist on Jose Theodore being part of the return if they were to ship Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers. Theodore has a limited NTC which lists ten teams he can be dealt to without waiving his clause, but the Canucks aren’t on that list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, the Panthers could threaten to make Theodore their number three unless he accepts a trade, but if, as the piece suggests, he didn’t get along with current Canucks goalie coach Rollie Melanson during their days together in Montreal, that threat might not work. 

SPORTSNET’s Roger Millions yesterday “tweeted” the following: “Flames have NOT tried to trade Bouw. Others have expressed some interest I am told, we may find out quickly if that’s so.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Ryan Suter now off the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if those clubs which lost out in the bidding for him turn their focus toward Bouwmeester, especially if they’re willing to offer up a scoring forward.


  1. Not sure how Nash would fit on the Bruins. The return would have to be something along the lines of Krejci, Caron and Bartkowski otherwise not worth doing easpecially if Howson covets Hamilton in any way. On top of that IF they were to do it that would mean that Seguin would have to step up and become a top two center and either Knight or Spooner would have to be NHL ready…not sure if any of them are ready for that. I think the Bruins best bet is to find the “Recchi” type vet they are looking for in Shane Doan and stick with what they have.


    C B J s Howson better get off his high horse and quick , becuase after the Suter signing Weber is now exposed and most likely open for a trade …and this for Howson is serious …..reason being is that Howson has been asking way to much for Nash and now he will have to go against Poile for bids ….any ( serious) Nash takers will now have to keep those players in play to try and land Weber …Howson has really been way to tough on this trade …there are too many good players out there to be had and the players that would be going to CBJ for Nash are all in play for other BIG DEALS for other players but arent costing the futre either.

    If I was a GM that was any where interested in Nash i would now be turning my sights to Weber and Poile and I would definitely add in that one extra deal breaker of a player to land Weber …but I wouldn’t have used for Nash.

    IMO Weber is the second best player in the game after # 87 and he will command a hefty trade ….If was any GM I would pull the trigger if you could get to Poile and make him think of moving Weber and it passed …Weber is a Franchise player no question !!

    Howson better make a deal and quick becuase the talent pool will get very small on the trade front if Nashville trades Weber to a team that was very serious in on Nash !

    Poile has to trade Weber with in the week in my estimation to get the best reaturn as the market is on fire and teams are willing to give the farm for a player of this caliber ..Poile can not go down the road of wait and see again …offer him the $120 million if Weber says no get your 2 top 6 2 first rounders and atop 4 d man and move on and rebuild around that core ..Nashville had a tremendous amount of draft picks this year most of any team …they have a god core and with a Weber trade could put themselves right into the top of the league and save money doing it !!

  3. I wouldn’t mind at all Ottawa making a pitch for Bobby Ryan. With Spezza & Turris as #1/#2 Center, Da Costa or Zibenajad could be moved along with WIERCIOCH as a good starting option for a Sens/Ducks trade.

    Purely hypothetical

    To Ottawa: F Bobby Ryan, D Matt Smaby
    To Anaheim: F Mika Zibanegad, D Patrick Wiercioch, 2nd Rounder

    Sens grab that top 6 scoring winger and a possible 6/7th guy with some size. Ducks get a high end #2 center, big bodied young projected top four defender, and a 2nd round pick. Fits what both teams need, may need some work, could be beat by other teams … but I like to throw up deals every now and again.

    • not enough return for Anaheim.

    • Who is the high end #2 center the Ducks are getting in your scenario? I see only 2 prospects and a future prospect. There is a chance none of them live up to their draft ranking. The Ducks are going to want proven talent and prospects to move Ryan.

    • Bob Murray throws up in his soup after hearing that one …

    • Not enough I’d say. Anaheim would be leaning for Jared Cowen, 1st or 2nd rounder (or Jakob Silfverberg, or Zibanegad) and another roster player (Neil, Smith).

  4. I would love for the Ducks to grab Weber. But at what cost? I am just throwing this out there but what about this:

    To Ducks: Weber, 2nd rounder
    To Preds: Ryan, Sbisa, 1st rounder

    That would be of course Weber agreeing to 7-10 year deal at a cap average of $7-$8 mil per. That would give the Ducks a stud #1 d man and it gives the Preds a Top 6 forward (which they have been in dire need of for a long time) and a young top 4 d man that is signed for a great contract with a low cap hit.

    what do you think?

    • to sign weber you’d have to go more in the lines of 8-9mill per, at least 12 years …also, think you’d have to throw in a couple more picks and another player coming from Anaheim

    • Not even close.

    • @ Ducksfan93

      I dislike the Ducks (Kings fan), so I’d love to see them make a bad move.

      That said, your proposal gives up too much from the Ducks. Sbisa is a first round pick and looks pretty decent, Ryan is a superstar in the making, and you’re first rounder next year will likely be top 20.

      In return, you’re getting Weber who may elect not to sign with the Ducks and will become a UFA after next season. The only way I make that deal is if you have a standing long term agreement from Weber. Even then I think you’re giving up too much. Weber for Ryan seems pretty fair across the board.

  5. I wouldn’t give up Schenn OR Couturier for Ryan, let alone both of them. It seems like Homer is of the same mind, so good for him.

  6. Bobby Ryan for Bouemester & Stajan…wishful thinking

    • Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Too many teams looking for the same thing. Rumors that are coming from all of the NHL teams say that they are all looking for top six forward or top 4 D. Where are these players gonna come from ? Even next year Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Jarome Iginla and Shea Weber will be in pursuit by at least 15 teams. The so called stacked teams this year Philly, Pitsburgh NY Rangers etc they were all going after Parise annd Sutter. IM glad they went to Minny

  8. SEMIN …..wants to play in Pittsburgh

    This almost laugable …not sure how many of you guys watched the Game 7 of Rangers and Caps this year but after the game I asked you guys to You Tube the highlihts to watch Semin give up on the game wining goal …it was terrible and almost pee wee like effort in a 2nd round game 7 final 3 minutes to play and game winning goal for Rangers …this is why I can stand overrated hockey players that get way too much money ………

    BUT the kicker here is that Semoins ego along with Ovechkin opened there big mouth and called out Crosby a couple of years ago stating that Crosby was way overrarted and that he was nothing special and that Pat Kane was the most exciting player to watch and Crosby is Canadian and get all the hype …so on and so on and so on …and now his first team of choice toi play with is Pittsburgh ???

    Why becuase Semin goes under the radar by having better players play with him to make him look better than he actually really is …If i was Crosby id call Shero and VETO this move instantly …and ask for a player who has some heart and will to win the cup not a flash in the pan sucky baby lazy ass millionaire ….Crosby doesnt need Semin …Semin needs Crosby …!!!!
    Don’t do it Shero ….big mistake get a player that plays hard and take care of Crosby on his line and get 20- 25 goals and can protecdt your star player not pre madonna!

    • I agree … I think Shero will wait and go after Weber & Perry next year.

  9. The price being asked of nash is rediculous any team that gives the current price will hurt his team more then help it. I hope the rangers do it. I don’t know why Ryan hasn’t been moved yet. If Murray is serious n trading him. Montreal give up plekanec? Toronto grabovski? If Ottawa held onto foligno he’d be a good starting point.
    Just thinking,
    Toronto, grabovski, Finn, pick (2nd?)
    Anaheim, ryan

  10. If the Red Wings go after Jay Bouwmeester then they miss the playoffs ! Jay has a streak going and it will not be broken !

  11. Here’s a wild thought for Pittsburgh instead of of lazy man Semin. Keep in mind it’s friday lol
    Pitts to Calgary
    Fleury 5mil
    Pouliot not signed
    Tangradi RFA not signed “will get 1.5ml maybe”

    Calgary to Pittsburgh
    Kipper 5.83mil
    Iginla 7mil
    Calgarys 2nd round pick next year

    Pittsburgh gets a goalie which will actually win you a game and Iginla “whats not there to say about him” and Crosby would definitly welcome him with open arms.

    Calgary gets back another starting goalie, and two young players for there roster.
    Pittsburgh fills a void up front and in nets, and their salaries are only on the books for 1/2 years

    • Thats almost as bad as Slap & Shots Philly Calgary trade from Yesterday,

      Calgary gives up its two best players for two run of the mill prospects and a goalie who has been shaky lately.

      Why would the Flames honestly do anything like that.

      As I said yesterday if they trade Kipper they will not want a goalie back they have Irving who has earned a good hard look at the least.

      • Way too early to label Pouilot a run of the mill prospect … he was taken 8th overall. Tangradi rips it up in the AHL but becomes invisible up with the big boys. Calgary would need more for that deal to happen.

    • Uhm! There is a Salary Cap!

      • Salary cap is a non issue. Thats why Pitts sends back fleury. Pittsburgh currently has over 10 mil left and the flames are actually dumping some. Poulet can be a dominant D possible within the next 2 yrs and Tangradi can offer more than what Stajan, Backlund, are producing. as Ed puts it, calgary keeps there second round pick and Pittsburgh sends back a 1st if Iggy resigns and if not they get Pitts 2nd round pick next year. There’s a really good chance Iggy will resign at the end of next year as a Flame when he is a UFA unless he score 40+ as a Penguin which would be a strong possibilty playing next to Crosby or Malkin.

        The chance this would ever happen is like me winnning Lotto Max tonight. But even a part of it could happen, who would ever have honestly thought Parise and suter would have both signed in Minnesota

  12. @ JRD18

    Would love to have Ryan ..but I would not include Finn in this deal but rather Blacker or Percy or Liles and even another forward such as Damigo along with Grabovski …

    Finn is a steal for the leafs and was touted to go in the top 20 first round by a lot of scouts ..he will be a score!

    Also have to be careful about moving Grabovski as the leafs are having a hard enough time trying to find quality centerman and connlly is not going to cut it so there is going to be no talent down the middle as Ryan is another winger !!!
    I would not do Grabovski either …this is whay the Leafs are having a touigh time trading …they have no deoth and talent outside of Kessel only unproven propects ….

    • Can’t see the Ducks doing this deal it isn’t a fair deal for them to take Grabo and Liles (Percy or Blacker). If they trade I would assume they will want a proven young player such as B Schenn. So I would think the Leafs would have to give up Rielly (or next years first) along with Frattin and possibly Grabo or MacArthur or Franson..
      Ryan is a former 2nd over all pick, 25 years old, 6’2″ big body and has potted over 30 goals in the past 4 seasons which means we are talking Phil Kessel trade value and we all know what Burke paid for him (two firsts and a second). The difference is the Ducks will want some players that can play now (not all picks). So we end up gutting part of the farm and big club and still don’t have a center or goalie.

      • Agree getting Ryan would not address there need at centre or goal, but you kind of have to do what you can. If there is no true high end centre out there then add depth high end wingers. Your guess on what Anaheim would want is why I said grabovski, #2 centre they are said to be seeking, Finn, a high end prospect should have been a first rounder, and a second. Which if you look at it what did the leafs give up for kessel, 2 x 1st and a second. Pretty comparable.

        • Also the leafs currently have a possible 6 centers going into next year, 7 if you count JVR. Probably going to use one or two in a trade.

  13. To Nashville


    to Vancouver

    • I love these proposed trades of ones teams trash (Ballard) for another teams star (weber)

      Get real!

    • This proposed trade takes the cake for the most moronic of all-time … those paint chips must taste really good.

  14. @Jay- that is one of the most lopsided trades i have ever seen. 2 unsigned players and an overrated goalie for kipper ignla and a 2nd rounder? terrible for calgary

    • Totally

  15. You know, the one thing the Devils proved this year, you dont need to have a world class defencemen to be successful. Solid pairings are just as effective. I have a hard time accepting the concept of building a team around a defenceman. I remember Ken Holland saying a couple years ago that he doesnt believe in wasting high draft picks or throwing big money at free agent defencemen, his opinion was you pay for talent(offense), and you teach defence.

    I am sure someone out there(if not Nashville) will pay Weber massive money, but I dont see it making anyone an instant contender. I believe a solid, well rounded top 4 is better than a marquee 1 and dropoff after that.

    As far as Nash, he’s a commodity, plain and simple, and despite what anyone thinks, Howson has every right to do whatever he chooses with it. I have yet to understand how there is any pressure on Howson to move him right now. Its a sellers market. And with a new CBA being negotiated it might make teams a bit more anxious to make the moves sooner than later. Personally, if I was a GM, I would pursue a trade option with Ryan first, a younger, cheaper player with more upside.

    • problem is every year something new gets proven. every year presents a new secret recipe to winning.

      beyond that you can talk of the devil’s success, but success is one thing, the cup is another.
      2012 -doughty
      2011 -chara
      2010 -keith
      2009 -…
      2008 -lidstrom
      they all did have solid partners but they were difference makers on their own.

      would the rangers have beaten the devils if they’d had weber in addition to there current blueline? i’d like their chances.

  16. Sorry I wanted to add something. I like most people had a bit of a tarnished view of Semin, but a little research has proven that statistically he has been better than Parise in every single category, even and surprisingly in plus/minus over the last 4 years. Looking at his stats, it wouldnt be hard to argue that his dropoff last year was due more to lack of playing time and opportunity under Hunter than anything else.

  17. Are you serious about that pens trade? Since when is kipper a big game goalie, fleury is the one with the cup win in game 7 on the road! We could wait to get iggy at the deadline or offseason and keep our goalie that is just entering his prime instead of a guy getting on the back end of his career. Yeah fleury has struggled but bylsma’s system is terrible defensively look for big adjustments this year or he will be gone, not our number 1 overall goalie

  18. Semin wants to sign with the Pens to resurrect his career. Most likely this would work for both Semin and the Pens as he would have a very good/great supporting cast. On the other hand, I can see Burke signing him as the fans in TO are clammoring for something. In honesty – the leafs need help at every position, so any signing would be an improvement.

    What I find interesting is that Burke says Darcy overvalues his player, but then he signs Tiny Tim for $4.75MM a year – giving him a raise. I think there are some reasonabily priced players available that would help TO like Mueller, Langenbrunner, Winnek or Benn Ferriero.


    Trade Bobby Ryan for Pat Kane straight up
    1st Line
    Bobby Ryan…. Toews…. Patrick Sharp

    Aanaheim trades

    Saku Koivu – Mat Smaby and Devante Smith Pelley

    To Edmonton For Smid- Hemsky and Gagner

    Reunites…. Cogliano – Kane and Gagner
    Hemsky good addition and upgrade as well!

    Anaheim address some quickness and goal scoring with two way versatile players great second line.

    Edmonton addresses a BIG D man ..great young prospect and Koivu for Leadership in the room

    WIN ! WIN ! WIN

  20. Schenn and Couturier.. hahaha.

  21. Iggy will be signed before the start of the season, as far as jbo goes i could see him and stempniak going to nashville to appease weber for colin wilson and roman josi.

    • Nashville has a hard time scoring goals now giving up Wilson might be to much, besides Nashville has always been deep with dman prospects. Lets not forget they have Ryan Ellis coming up and he will probably look good playing with Weber.

  22. Bobby ryan

    Boston trades Krejci, Caron, 2nd round or first round or

    Krejci, boychuk, 2nd round

    Ducks- Bobby ryan

    Ducks get there center and a defensemen bruins get there goal scorer they need.

    Ryan-seguin- horton (or lucic)

    Seidenburg- krug

    Krug played great from what i saw when he got a chance with the bruins at the end of the season. give him and hamilton a chance and if it goes bad sign a vetern defensemen.. but i dont think it will.

  23. Looks like Luongo just lite a fire under Gillis’s ass by going public today saying his time is done in Vancouver..


    Where did you hear the Luongo calling out Gillis….

    I still have a feeling Burkes working on a 3 way trade !!

    • TSN

      • Sounds like Lu has his final list in this order:
        1. FLA
        2. CHI
        3. TOR (possibly)

  25. @ Old Soldier …you always have good posts !!

    @ Steve ….Burke has a made mitskaesa on alomost everything he has done …becuase everything he has done has been a desperation and a band aid …..

    Never mind Lagnebrunner Winnik and anyone else ….all Burke needed to do was dress Kadri for $1.25 million and save himself 8 million and get a year under the belt of Kadri …heck Ziggomani would have been better for hecks sake!! it definitely wouldnt have been a more terrible performance than Connolly put on last year thats for sure!

    Hate when Burke and Wilson lie its all about Kadris mistakes …bull crap ..Connolly is a veteran and played worse then an east coast 3rd liner all year …Iam steamed just thinking about this again !!!^#!$@
    Burkes wasted more money and tied his own hands literaly since DAY 1 and he thinks we all buty his stupid act hes chasing his tail all the time …oh yeah hes a great trade dead line trade ….Keith Aulie for Brent Ashton ….WTF was that!!!!

    • @SLAP
      Let’s face it the only really good trade Burke has made is getting Lupul and Gardiner (which Burke itimately knew both players from being the head of the Ducks) so I’m starting to wonder who is feeding Burke the info on guys like Connelly, Kessel, Komisarek, Armstrong, Dupuis and the list goes on. Did Burke not know before trading for Kessel that he is super small, doesn’t play defence, gets pushed off the puck easy and has none of the truculance, testoserone, blah, blah blah that Burke was looking for? Did he not know Komisarek is a pilon and that the Habs had no interest in resigning him for good reason? Did he not know Connelly’s nick name is “Tiny Tim”? This is what I can’t figure out, with the huge management team he has shouldn’t someone be feeding him this crucial information or are his scouts telling him to go for it and they’re the one’s to blame.
      Guess it doesn’t matter because we got Reilly at 5th this year and according to Burke he should have gone 1st. Then again I’m sure he would have said the same thing about Kadri and Scheen. Maybe he should take a hard look at his scouts. Don’t even get me started on 6’5″ Colborne the biggest softy in the Ahl.
      Just say’n…

  26. Since SJS have a bunch of D, would they be willing to trade any on them? The idea I had:

    Burns for Despres, Kennedy, a 4th round pick and a 1st round pick (close to the Burns deal as last year)

    I really like that last deal. It gives Sharks a top prospect and 2 more picks with a roster player. We get a top D to play with Letang. Sharks currently have the worst prospect pool in the NHL, so any picks/prospects should be good. I think that deal could really help out both teams.

    • Are you on crack? I wouldn’t trade a first rounder alone for Burns … and you want to add a future stud d-man?

  27. Problem with the Sharks D is that they are either old or young – they need more in the mid age range. They will not give up Burns – a guy they coveted over the past years. They also have Vandermeer and White who are both over 30+ and need to be replaced and Murray who is another 30+ and god awfully slow.

    They need more offense – could use a couple more wings. Gilardi has filed for arbitration (didn’t show me much after being traded to SJ) and they are super lean on the RW. Bflo could probably trade Vanek and Stafford for Pavelski and Clowe and that would work for me and also give SJ two wings with upside and proven scoring potential.

  28. @ Beer goggles

    I admit one thing that Burkes draft picks do stock the bottom of the cupborads BUT at the same time they are expendable as they are not NHL material at this point

    The Leafs are a patch work of underacheivers …they arent deep in 4 lines they have no true offensive leader and I dont mean point production I mean a big mean guy who plays hard and scores ( power forward )
    They have no stanley cup rings on the team forward leadership …sub par goalies …and a defense that is slow soft and cant score !

    Leafs passed up on Tanner Glass Burrsih Asham and Prust this year ….at least 2 of those guys should have been on the leafs either couldnt afford them didnt want to come odr totaly overlooked !!!! Mistake !!
    Passed on Parenteau but kept Connolly in the fold and then Burke publicly addresses that he needs more out of Connolly next season …WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

    You mean to tell me your thinking of keeping Connolly around and not shipping his ass to the east coast league or the press box…or for a 7th round draft pick for that matter and give a draft pick a good look next year like Frattin Kadri McKegg, Hamilton …

    Trade Dion get a Goalie …Halak win win for both teams!St Lousi looking for proven D man
    bring up Holzer and put Reily in the line up right away
    Trade Liles to the Oilers For Andy Sutton , big guy hard to play against.
    Put franson on the power play with a winger to feed him the puck.
    Play Kadri like Dougie Gilmour have him on a checking line and penalty kill and hope for 5-6 shorties from him until he starts to kick in on the second line scoring from time to time and l;earsn the game at the NHL level and gest a year under his belt and some confidence!
    Cut Komisarek loose and pick up a proven free agent at half his salary for 1 or 2 years…even Coloiacovo …
    SAVE some money no ….big contracts to anybody and hit the UFA hard next year!
    Bring in Guy Carbonneau for the penalty kill to work with Kadri!

    Give Ben Scrivens a really good long hard look !!

    • Both those trades are horrible. Dion the pylon for halak? Ha. Edmonton needs sutton to protect their kids

  29. Just glad that moron Sather hasn’t mortgaged the farm yet for Nash… fck him. let him stay there, same with Ryan. Just go get Doan you idiot Sather.

  30. Not much transaction news these days and it seems that the “inside” people are starting summer holidays…so all you armchair GM’s, keep your trade suggestions coming! Im rather enjoying the entertainment value from them.

    As for a earlier post of Iginla going to free agency next summer, if he isn’t dealt by the deadline, which would be due to the Flames not being in a playoff postion by that time and seems quiet apparent at this moment, he will sign an extension with Calgary…obviously not to win a cup but more for family reasons.

    Not really sure about the experiment that Feaster is working on with my Flames…can’t see them getting a 1st or 2nd line center for JBo and therefore see no reason to trade him. He leaves you wanting more offensive numbers wise but I think Flames fans can appreciate the minutes logged per game and above average defensive play. In any event, I am curious to see how this plays out. Maybe this experiment is Feasters way to ensure a basement finish for a shot at Mckinnon, LOL.

    Cheers ladies and gents!

  31. Nash to preds for weber straight up trade, that way i dont have to hear anymore about the nash saga, it is getting old and he is over rated

  32. Luongo even up for Jose…. a wash. Panthers need scorers not a overrated goalie. Keep Theodore and Clemenson and try to get Semin or Nash.. Not even close the the salary faci I dont think the Cats are at the minimum

  33. Kessel for Ryan even swap.

    • BB, Yzerman n Tallon are trying to convince themselves why they should not be paying alot for Luongo. But if you are a team with not a very good goalie and think about who would get you into the playoffs Nash or Luongo?
      I say Luongo by a country mile – so than why should Vancouver expect to get less for Luongo than the Blue Jackets would get for Nash?
      As soon as Luongo ends up on one of those teams – all the Luongo haters will become Lungo cheerleaders. So stop with your nonsense of bashing Luongo and hope your team signs him. I personaly hope its TO Id like to see the Leafs in the playoffs this decade.
      Yzerman is on his knees praying that the goalie he signed will work out for him BUT if he doesnt than guess who is gonna look stupid.