Latest on Parise and Suter – July 4, 2012.

With decisions expected today from Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, here’s the latest on the teams bidding for their services.


Could these two end up on the same team?

NJ.COM: Zach Parise still hasn’t closed the door on a return with the Devils.

THE TENNESSEAN: The “Suterwatch” has reached a critical point, with representatives from the Red Wings and Wild visiting Ryan Suter at his Wisconsin home. Suter’s decision could have an effect upon the Predators negotiations with team captain and RFA Shea Weber.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: The Wild have made a strong pitch (worth a estimated collective $180 million) for Suter and Parise.

CSNPHILLY.COM/PHILLY.COM: The Flyers remain in on the bidding for both players, generating speculation they’re driving up the asking prices of the pair.

MLIVE.COM/DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Red Wings are interested in both players, but Suter may be of more importance,  having offered him a 13-year, $90 million contract. If they fail to sign Parise, they’re expected to pursue Phoenix’s Shane Doan, but reportedly have little interest in Alexander Semin. If they fail to land Suter, they could try to pursue a trade for Phoenix’s Keith Yandle, or perhaps attempt to sign Philadelphia’s Matt Carle

 PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Penguins GM Ray Shero won’t speak to the media regarding his club’s interest in Parise until after he makes his decision.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The Blackhawks are also among the teams with interest in Parise.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Parise recently acknowledged he’d love to play on the same club with his friend Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored the reason it’s taken so long for the pair to reach decisions on where they’ll sign is because they want to play for the same team. We’ll hopefully find out soon enough if that’s the case.


  1. I asked this the other day out of curiosity. I feel it is more and more likely they are talking as two families and saying where can we get a good deal, play together, and have great chances of winning. The only thing keeping Minny in this is the home town, maybe they have a desire to help turn Minny into a contender as the years go on.

    I feel that Pittsburgh provides the greatest chance as that team would be stacked and could have everyone locked up on long term deals. I don’t think Detroit ends up landing both and instead end up with Weber next year. I think both either sign in Minny or Pitts by end of day.

    • Pitt would have to free up about $3-4 mill for that to happen, so unless someone is willing to take way overpaid Martin off thier hands they can only afford one of the two. Minny and Det stand a better chance of landing both as each team already has the cap space to absorb them.

      • GMS can go 10% over the cap until Sept 1 I beleave. I’m not positive on the date, a few years back the flyers were over the close to the start of preseason. If Suter does go pitt, I think a team like the predators would be in the market for an experienced d-men,who needs a change in teams. Just a few years ago playing in defensive team like NJ was one of the better d-men out there. That was how he got his pitt contract.Mark my words if Shero needs to move Paul Martin there won,t be a problem. Just look Garrison he hasn’t played 200 NHL games, and easily got term and the money. Personaly i would like to see Bobby Ryan in Pitt before anyone else. But most of all I just want this over with. Pittsburgh looks like they have been down this road before HOSSA. They just lost a player who wanted to stay but couldn’t keep passing on teams in Steve Sullivan, just like Ryan Malone years ago. I will laugh my ass off if Shero has to eat crow agian

        • at least Shero isn’t eating paint chips like you obviously do …

  2. I think they both want to play on the same team, and that leaves Detroit or Minny. Penguins can’t afford them both, and with Minny’s up and coming young guns like Granlund and Coyle, they have to be considered a contender soon. Add to the fact that Parise probably wants to be “The Guy” on his team, with Pittsburgh, he will never be the guy, and take this how ever you will, but I read or heard somewhere that although Parise admired Crosby’s skill, he was not a big fan of his on ice personality, so that may weigh on things as well.

    • 1. Every media outlet has reported the Penguins have pitched to bring both in together, they have until the beginning of the regular season to become cap compliant.
      2. Parise has said he is friends with Crosby and certainty never questioned.
      3. Parise is this games ultimate team player, in no way is he seeking to be ‘the man’ nor has he stated that anywhere. He can be ‘the man’ on Jersey if he wants as well.

      Anyway, I don’t think Detroit is a good fit either as they are an aging team and who is closer to winning a cup? Pits or Detroit?

      • ODD all I saw is they made a pitch to both but really want to sign one or the other. They can’t afford have allthese guys in long term deals and will have to sign Malkin too.

  3. Parise’s dad was Crosby’s coach in Shattuck St. Mary’s.
    I bet he goes to the Pens.

    Messier being second fillde to Gretz didnt hurt his reputation.

    Suter ends up in Detroit… how you don’t take $90Mil is stupid.
    Any one of us would lets say trade a $80K job for a $100K job without blinking.

    It’s not about money, but $90M sets your family up forever.

  4. i do believe they both go to pitt and take a dicount to play there together.and if pitt lands them both look for martin to be traded.martin is a decent d-man,yes over paid,but how many players in the nhl are over paid ie jagr at 4.5m.would love to see nash in pitt but they are looking to trade him and get a whole team in return.

  5. I wouldn’t rule out the Flyers for both players. They’re making a strong push to get both guys in Philly.

  6. The Penguins can afford both. Teams can sign whomever they want for however much they want. They just have to get under the salary cap by a certain point. September I think? All the Penguins would have to do is move Martin (who they’ve gotten offers for already according to Pittsburgh papers) or pieces like Kunitz (grossly overpaid) or Kennedy.

    So it CAN be done. If they were to sign Parise though they would not move Martin since they had Martin call Parise and “recruit” him.

    I doubt they will sign either though at this point. Parise seemed like the more likely from the start and if the lure of playing on Sidney’s wing, being virtually pressure free, playing on a line where you can put up HoF type numbers, and having a chance to win the cup every year has not been enough to make Parise sign by now then he just isn’t coming.

    • The what do they do about signing Malkin? And everyone else that comes up for a raise. My guess is the want one or the other.

    • You can only go 10% above the salary cap in the off season.

  7. Parise and Suter both just signed with Minny. Not a Wild fan, but glad to see this. The Wild have a solid core and some great prospects, and these guys will make a huge difference there. Congrats!

  8. For all you guys who called me STUPID….. AGAIN!!!!

    I posted months ago that Parise and Suter were going to sign together …I hope you guys copy and pasted like i had asked you too!!!!

    You guys really need to open your eyes !!!

    Donet be surpised if the Leafs end up with Backstrum from the Wild in a deal so wild can give preasure from the cap and thats a veteran Goalie that Burke can get as with the Fletcher ties …time will tell …..copy & paste !!!!

    You guys need to listen more instead of calling out people for posting there own beliefs !!!!!

    • And didn’t you just say YESTERDAY that T.O. was gonna get Halak? As for the Wild…sign Parise and Suter, then trade away your star goalie. Yeah, that’s a brilliant plan. Copy and paste this response.

      • Agreed!

    • Quit celebrating you got ONE right, and weren’t the only one that called it. I also remember you saying the Kings would miss the playoffs this year, wow you were WRONG on that one weren’t you? Oh and btw with Hardings injury history they will be keeping Backstrom, its only one more year at $6 mill, they would be stupid to trade him. They are fine cap wise as they have their roster set and still have $2.8 mill left.

    • Interesting I thought that as soons as I heard they signed and saw the wilds current cap situation.

    • A blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in awhile … now go and give yourself a great big pat on the back …

  9. NOW LISTEN UP!!!!!!!

    WEBER Trade Imminent !!!..IMO

    There is no way Poile can loose out on Weber like he just did on Suter for….. NOTHING!!

    Poile now has to trade Weber ….ASAP!!!!

    I am talking in the next 48 hours to get maximum return and set his club up for the next 5 years ….HAS TO BE DONE …..Philly most likely …

    copy and paste !

    • Should they move Weber? Yes, unless he can agree to a long term deal which Poile said they are now discussing. IF they can’t work something out, then Weber will be given a one year deal and be traded at some point over the next season.

      Even if Weber says, I’m gone this deal will not go down in 48 hours for the following reasons.

      1. Time to discuss a long term deal
      2. Need to evaluate roster and determine wanted return
      3. Poile will SHOP Weber around and create a bidding war. There is no need to pull a reactionary trigger.

      BTW either you are Eklund or just like re-posting his well exact stuff. Just saying, think it through a bit.

      Copy & Paste

  10. Thank god that’s finally over with. I’m sure we will hear how the Wild franchise is in financial trouble in a year or two. They better get the CBA under control this has gotten right out of hand this year…

  11. As per TSN, both Parise and Suter have signed with Minnesota


    Donet be so harsh dude !!!!!

    I was saying that Halak was the best option at lowest cost but this changes the money dynamics for the Wild and Backstrum is one of the big ticket players they may have to move for long term stability …he is 37 years old and they have Hacket and Harding on the books three Goalies …it would make sense to move the most expeensive and Burke has always maintained he wanted older and experienced …I have a feeling this was to read between the lines under the radar !!! Who would have thought ….like i said Fletcher …insider!!!

    • Guess we’ll find out. But I AM gonna copy and paste this one. Because for Fletcher to deal away the only proven goalie they have after going to all this trouble to get Parise and Suter…he would have to either have a ton of confidence in Hackett, or else be seriously stupid. And he is not seriously stupid.

      • He doesn’t have to win next year he has 13 to worry about!


    I am just saying!!

  14. After signing Parise and Suter ths Wild still have
    $ 3 million in cap space and Backstrum is a UFA next year ..they most likely will keep him for this year.

    What are the chances of Tim Thomas signing in Minnesotta next years as a UFA ????

    • changed your own tune pretty fast.

  15. Oh well sorry leaf fans all those Praise to Toronto posts were entertaining though

    • To be fair to Leafs fans I think those died sometime ago … other than a few hardcore ones.

  16. At this point. As current roster stands, would it be out of line to question if detroit might miss the playoffs next year? They could still get nash or ryan but matt carle is a far fall from suter and especially lidstrom

    • I don’t think MISS the playoffs, but doubt a top four finish.

  17. At $200MM for the pair suddenly Ryan’s $5.1 for 3 years looks like a bargin and a half. I guess it’s worth emptying the farm to get him if it means you aren’t that type of GM who wants to saddle your franchise with crazy salaries for the next 13 years. What a joke the CBA has turned out to be…

  18. Wow Slap, you must be psychic. no one else read anywhere that parise and suter might sign together. it just came out of nowhere.

    And you also predicted the russians would drop at the draft, and except for 2 of the 3 guys, you were right on there as well.

    i’d copy and paste from you posts, but then i’d have to read them again…

    happy 4th of july!

  19. @ …Gusmacduff

    Actaully i was talking about this fact about half way through the season last year when it wasnt present in any news at all …and everyone was saying that it was bogus ..thats all I am just defending the garbage talk I have to hear myself called all the time for giving out information and relaying it to people who like to read about hockey …and the loosers who dont get that they aren the only ones who know what they are talking about I was just tryin to relay info back in November not a month ago….next time pay attention !!

    And some russians and Eurpeand dropped off considerably at the draft and scenarios were put in place incase Yakupov didnt go first overall to where as they would drop off look at Grigerenko….it will be a trend that will grow that is all that Iam saying it may not be that much of an effect in the 2012 draft but it will grow as each year passes !!! More North Americans wil be taken and more Russians will stay in Russia will see !!!

  20. I like the decision of Parisi and Suter to sign with the Wild – good for them and good for their families. The signings make the Wild an immediate contender as Parisi and Suter decided to make an impact on a team versus joining an already stacked cast. I’m glad they didn’t sign with Pitts, the Rangers, Philly et al.

    I notice that SJ is light on RW and it might not be a bad move to trade Stafford, Adam and Sekera for Pavelski and Clowe.

    Anyway, with Parisi an Suter out of the way – let the games begin.

    • immediate contenders for what? that 8th place playoff slot?

  21. So for $200MM the wild get a grand total of 38 goals between Suter and Parise. lol

    This deal reminds me of getting Gomez and Redden. Good luck to the Wild for breaking the bank for 13 years to come…

    • Who cares how many goals a defenseman chips in. It’s how many he prevents that earns him the salary. Parise, you have a point.

  22. There were many Pens fans who were more interested in landing Suter than Parise. That said, not that upset we didn’t get either. Happy for the fans in Minnesota. Shero needs to look at the trade market for a top six forward and a solid shut-down Defenseman. Nothing left in the UFA cupboard worth signing. Would be great to see him get in the bidding for Bouwmeester to pair with Letang and make an offer for Chris Stewart in Saint Louis. He has veterans, prospects, draft picks and money to make some deals happen this summer.