Latest on Phaneuf and Spezza – May 13, 2014

Leafs Nation goes bananas over the possibility Dion Phaneuf might be traded, plus a look at possible trade destinations for Senators captain Jason Spezza.

Trade rumors are swirling about Jason Spezza & Dion Phaneuf.

Trade rumors swirl around Jason Spezza & Dion Phaneuf.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t shopping team captain Dion Phaneuf, but he’s not considered untouchable and Leafs GM Dave Nonis will be wiling to entertain offers. Dreger also reports they’re not shopping Jake Gardiner and Nazem Kadri but teams know if the right offer is made the Leafs would consider it.

Bob McKenzie believes under the right circumstances the Leafs would move Phaneuf but they’re not in a hard-sell mode right now. Dreger and McKenzie agree Senators captain Jason Spezza is more likely to be dealt than Phaneuf.

The Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle, meanwhile, believes Phaneuf is a valuable player who’s been miscast by the Leafs as a top-pairing blueliner, whereas he’s more successful in a second-pairing role who can contribute offensively. Mirtle suggests Edmonton, Dallas and Minnesota as potential destinations for Phaneuf.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Johnston also listed Edmonton and Dallas as possible landing spots for Phaneuf, plus Winnipeg, San Jose, Colorado and Calgary. Mark Spector notes Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke acquired Phaneuf from Calgary when GM of the Leafs. He doesn’t feel Edmonton would be the right spot for Phaneuf as he’d be their top defenseman. He might thrive on a deeper club like the Sharks, and could be a good second-pairing blueliner with the Blues.  He also believes the Leafs must retain part of Phaneuf’s salary in a trade or face taking back a bad contract in return.

TORONTO STAR: Rosie DiManno believes trading Phaneuf would be best for everyone, suggesting the Leafs offer him to Burke and the Flames, claiming they’re desperate to reach the cap floor next season. DiManno also listed the Florida Panthers as a destination. She cites one NHL GM believing it’s possible the Leafs could move Phaneuf and his entire salary.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby lists several scenarios facing the Leafs with Phaneuf. The obvious is trading him, perhaps to Edmonton or San Jose, though the Leafs face the possibility of eating part of his salary. They can also wait until after July 1 and let teams come to them, though it’s possible interested clubs could seek a young player like Nazem Kadri or Cody Franson as part of the return. If they can’t move Phaneuf, they can either try to add a workhorse defenseman or strip Phaneuf of the captaincy.

NATIONAL POST/THE HOCKEY NEWS: Michael Traikos and Adam Proteau warns Leafs fans keen to see Phaneuf dealt that the Leafs might not get equal value in a return, which could actually do more harm than good. They point out there’s no one in the Leafs system who can fill Phaneuf’s minutes, plus there’s not many top-two defensemen available via trade or free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs are willing to entertain offers for Phaneuf, but unless they just want to dump the bulk of his salary and look at rebuilding, they won’t get a big return. It will likely take absorbing part of his salary to entice rival clubs. Burke claims new GM Brad Treliving has full control over management decisions. If so, perhaps Treliving isn’t interested in adding an expensive second-pairing defenseman. As for the Flames supposed desperation to reach next season’s cap floor (which could be $52 million), they could reach that via re-signing or replacing Mike Cammalleri, T.J. Galiardi, Joe Colborne, Paul Byron and Chris Butler. If the Leafs want to move his entire contract, the NY Islanders or Florida Panthers could be options, though he’d probably be expected to play a top-two role with either club.

The Jets need more scoring punch at forward, not defense. Edmonton’s desperate for a top-two defenseman, but adding Phaneuf might not be the way to go. If he’s struggling with the Leafs, imagine how bad it could be for him with the Oilers. The Avs must re-sign Ryan O’Reilly and hope to re-sign Paul Stastny. I don’t think he’s a fit there, as he could be put into a top-two pairing role. Same thing with the Stars. I’m also not sure if he’d be a good fit with the Sharks. As for the Wild, I believe they’re keen to pursue Thomas Vanek this summer, which takes them out of the market for Phaneuf. 

 OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes there’s plenty of suitors for Senators captain Jason Spezza. He thinks the St. Louis Blues make the most sense as they need a big center and expressed interest in him before the trade deadline. He thinks they could offer up Patrik Berglund and perhaps prospect Ty Rattie. The Anaheim Ducks need a second-line center and have plenty of young assets to offer up. Garrioch suggests trying to land Devante Smith-Pelley, and believes the Ducks could offer up Emerson Etem as part of the return. He believes the NY Rangers would be interested and could offer up Derick Brassard, but doesn’t see a fit there as the Rangers aren’t likely to buy out Brad Richards. Garrioch also mentions the Florida Panthers. He claims the Senators will seek a player who can help them now, a prospect and a first-round pick.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes Spezza or Phaneuf are good, but not great, players who could help the Oilers in the short term but not over the long run. He doesn’t see how Phaneuf’s salary would be a good fit with the Oilers, while they would have to re-sign Spezza, who’s a UFA next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt there will be teams interested in Spezza, but he has a limited no-trade clause, which significantly narrows the list of possible destinations. His UFA status next summer also hurts his trade value, unless an interested team can receive permission from the Senators to negotiate a new deal with him before a trade goes down. I don’t see the Blues parting with Rattie, or the Ducks with Smith-Pelley or Etem. The Rangers have limited cap space and must re-sign or replace several key players, including Mats Zuccarello, Brian Boyle, Chris Kreider, Anton Stralman and Brassard. The Panthers could be willing to take him on, but would Spezza want to join them? 


  1. I cannot see NY passing on a Richards buy out. This is the last year they can do it with amnesty. Sather painted himself in that corner, and I do not see another way out. If they decide to keep him, this has Drury 2.0 written all over it. Neither were bad signings, neither are / were a bad fit. Both were signed to deals they couldn’t possible live up to. Kreider, Zuccs, Brassard, Stralman and Pouliot should all be re-signed. Boyle…..I’m on the fence. They need to keep his cost and years down. Unfortunately for NY, they do not have any real NHL talent in the pipeline to replace any pending UFA/RFA’s.

    • How does Sather keep his job every year? I think Richards should be bounced but who do you get to replace him? I think the problem with the Richards deal was that they let him choose the Rangers and not the Rangers choosing him. He was never a fit and he buckled under the pressure. I wouldnt be suprised to see Spezza to the Rangers for Richards and 1st pick

      • Richards has been fine. He struggled under Torts last year, but the list of players that struggle under his choking system is long. I wouldn’t mind Seeing Stepan #1, Brassard #2 (If they buy out Richards). Or possibly chasing Stastny if he hits the open market. Or possibly finding a #3 center, or let Kreider try #2 center (He plays all 3 forward positions) The Rangers don’t have a #1 pick this year or next, so that package ain’t happening.

        • Stepan is good but he is no number 1 center. I think Stastny has was clutch this year for the Avs I just get a Richards vibe from him. That St Louis deal was horrible. I would have just taken the lost of Cally at the end of the season and call it a wash.

          • Stepan and Richards have about equal ice time. And Stepan had 6 points more. Not sure how BR = #1 center and Stepan isn’t? I agree about the Cally deal. Take away the 2 picks given up and I’d do that deal all day… The picks killed.

    • How much is Richards making and how long is his contract?

      From one of your posts yesterday you said Nash for 1st overall and a prospect or two.

      So you’d want to get rid of both or just one or the other?

      • His (Richards) cap hit is 6.66 until 2019, his salary 8.5+2.0 in bonuses next year. And as much as I’d like to keep Richards, I think his hit is too much for too long. If he had 2-3 years left, I’d be all over keeping him. As far as Nash goes, I say dump him either way while you can still get a decent return. NY, literally has very little talent in the pipeline. Career 4th liners and career Ahl’ers. . Nash could at least bring in some youth. I think Nash would do better in an invisible market.

        • Nash would bring in a pretty nice haul. You think Sather could get more for him then what Columbus got?

          • Not even close….. I have said from the start, NY paid WAAAAAAY too much for Nash. They gave up 2- 40-50 point guys, a defensive prospect and a pick.CBJ’s won that trade.

          • No way…no one ever trades for overpaid players all the experts here say so lol this would be the biggest example of why someone will pay a decent return for Phaneuf (not as much as Nash but still and even more if than they would pay if the Leafs hold salary) Gaborik would be another the way Richards and Carter got run out of Philly would be another no one remeber alot of Flyers fans thinking they were overpaid no leadership types?…on and on.

  2. If the Ducks don’t make the finals, I can definitely see them giving up one of Smith-Pelley or Etem (+ other working parts) for Spezza. They’re so close to the Cup, if they don’t even make the finals this year, I can see them looking at Spezza to get them over the hump.

    They have a luxury of young snipers – Smith-Pelley, Etem, Silfverberg – that they could afford to lose one in order to take back an established star in Spezza.

    • I can see that and with Gibson looking like the goalie of the future looks like they’ll be set for many years.

  3. IMO Phaneuf’s contract will be almost impossible to move unless the Leafs keep at least $2 million in salary. The Leafs signed him as a top-pairing defenseman to a 7 year $7 million contract. Whether or not he’s a top-pairing D or worth the value of the contract is debatable. There’s not many teams willing to give up assets as well as pay $7 X 7 for Phaneuf, that is a huge overpayment.

    • agreed

    • No it’s not. You based you overpayment on what exactly, what you think or see or have read? Everything but his stats show he’s about the right money for what he does. Don’t be fooled into thinking since he’s on a crappy team that plays no system that he sucks otherwise everyone and their mother wouldnt say he would thrive with another partner that plays up to his ability or on a deep talented team…you can’t say that if he sucks or is over rated like so many people wrongfully accuse him of. The problem with him is that he was overly used and used incorrectly, ie on his offwing over constantly gassed. That’s something your and everyone else’s eyes would see had they been ‘watching the games’.

      • There is an outside chance that if the Leafs had let Phaneuf go to free agency, his agent might have found someone to sign him to that same deal. By playing GM against GM or going to a rebuilding team. The Leafs were backed into a corner of signing him (at a time the team was close to the top of the East) instead of losing him for nothing.

        Now, if they were to try and trade him there are a couple of different ways this could go down. To get a decent return that helps them right away, they may have to retain up to $2M in salary. If they did that, then they should expect quite a few teams willing to have him at a $5M cap hit.
        If they are not willing to retain salary, then it might be more of a prospects and picks type of deal (unless a team has their own salary dump that needs to happen)
        After it is all said and done, I would think Nonis would rather get an immediate return for Dion, so look for him to retain salary but get a decent return.

      • @Ron

        So what I’m getting from your write up is Phaneuf only sucks because he’s on a bad team? Everyone looks better on a playoff caliber team compared to team on the outside looking in. Weber’s on a pretty awful team yet he’s one of the very best and no one questions his ability to play the game. But everyone has their opinions.

        • These not some of the same excuses you use for Miller Myers and Eherhoff?

          • Nope my argument was simply on the +/- wasn’t saying they were bad or good. Comparing them to Phaneuf.

      • Ron, the point I was making is that Dion may be worth 7 x $7. If he was a UFA he may have received a similar offer from other clubs. But now he is signed and if the Leafs move him it will be via trade. That means that some team will be asked to give up an asset(s) and pay him 7 x $7. The contract alone is enough but the contract and assets is IMO an overpayment.

    • Agreed. He’s a $5 mill a year guy. If I was desperate I’d go up to $5.5 but not a penny more.

      • Coming from someone who yesterday said MacDonald was one of the best Defensive D men in the league…Islander fans is this true? Did Snow really trade one of “the best Defensive D men in the league” away because he didnt want to pay him 5 million bucks?…lol Sorry Jes youre wrong, again. (Jes Spaz out again starts…now!)

        • Just messin with ya a bit but ya Id still say youre a little off.

          • You’re the one to talk Shticky;) jk but just a tiny bit;)

        • Where is this crap coming from? MacDonald is one of the best defensive defensemen in the league. Guy plays 25 mins a game. Blocks shots like nothing. If that doesn’t make him one of the best defensive defensemen in the league I don’t know what passes for you. Maybe if he played for the Leafs you’d agree.

          You still don’t know why MacDonald left? He didn’t want to stay on the Island just like Vanek. So is Snow just going let them walk or will he trade them? My money’s on trading him.

          Your the only one spazzing out buddy.

  4. I think Phaneuf might not be such a bad fit with the Avs. He struggles in Toronto, but they’re an awful puck-possession team, which means Phaneuf is being asked to do too much. With the Avs improving forward group & skill at keeping the puck in the opposition’s end, that could allow Phaneuf to be a top-two defenseman, but without quite so much pressure. Remove him from the Toronto media market and it reduces the pressure again.

    Not saying he’ll go to Colorado – I don’t think he will. I don’t think he’ll be traded at all – but I don’t think it’s necessarily as bad a fit as it’s noted above. (or as bad a fit as some of the other possible destinations)

    • Don’t think that will happen as Ducks traded Ryan to remove salary not add to it.
      Bonino is doing just fine as second line center, younger and getting better.
      Doubt Ducks part with Smith Pelly for a forward. Greater need is a top 4 D-man

      • @al

        Would you add Spezza if you had the chance but the trade included Bonino going the other way?

        • No, I would not because the Ducks are loaded with good young forwarders, I’d wait and see how they play out before trading any of them. Ducks scored ok in regular season and I’m willing to wait for Etem, Smith-Pelly, Rackell, and the ones down in AHL to grow up. IF and I say IF I was going to make one trade, it would be for a top 4 D-man, that is where Ducks need to concentrate on but hell EVERYONE needs a D-man. Frankly I would not panic if Ducks did not win the cup or even make it to the finals, I am actually surprised they have done this well ( season & playoffs), they are young and with Hiller, Selanne and maybe Winnik, maybe Kouvi leaving, they will get younger next year, even though I can see Kouvi coming back as an elder statsman on the team.

  5. I’m always amazed at the Hockeybuzz-esque stuff Garrioch writes.

    • Eklund is the worst of the worst.

  6. I agree with those out there who say Dion Phaneuf is a good defenseman, not a great defenseman, but he is currently the best all round defenseman on the Leafs, and as such they have put him in expecting him to be number one, five on five, shorthanded and power play. When he plays more than 20 minutes he fizzles. Its easy to say trade him, but as it has been pointed out, unless you are planning to tank, you need someone equal to or better than him. and I have not seen anyone in print suggest a reasonable viable replacement who would be available, that would not cost the Leafs overall.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see Shanahan force some difficult decisions on the team, instead of taking the easy route? How about trading for someone who can actually play with Phaneuf and thus strengthen the Defense overall? How about letting him just play, and give him an A and take away the C? That would change the culture,

    Its easy to trade him, but if the return does not improve the team, why do it? To put all the responsibility and the blame on Phaneuf just takes the rest of the team off the hook, and that is letting them off too easy.

    • Murph
      I believe the Leafs will need a type Norris D man so Phaneuf can be shuffled down to the 3/4 pairing where he will play 20 min per game with Gunnar. There is now way you can go out and get a decent D man at $6M and pair him with Dion at $7M because then you end up with holes throughout the rest of the D core. Phaneuf is paid like a Norris D man which hampers you to get a very good D man to play with him because they will also be paid handsomely. Nonis screwed the Leafs when he signed Dion to $7M. It’s obvious he is over paid but $1.5 to $2M since that is the figure everyone is saying the Leafs will need to retain to move him.

      • You’re sooooo right! All 3/4 pairings play 20 mins. Most teams don’t even roll a 4th pairing on defense. So glad to have your hockey insights to read daily.

        • Can’t we all just get along lol.

        • Moore you have no clue as usual. You sit on here spouting about how great Dion is and how Nonis is doing a great job but yet the Leafs implode once again. You have no credibility on this site with anyone. Even Shticky finally realizes Nonis is not the right guy in charge and is starting to see the writing on the wall with Phaneuf. Find a different forum to spew your nonsense. Even Leaf fans know Dion is not getting you any decent return with his current contract unless the Leafs retain salary to make him a 5 millon dollar man.

          • If you bothered to read alot of what I or Ron say its pretty similar. I agree Dion is paid pretty close to ehat he is worth imo maybe a mill over. The reason I suggest to hold some salary is to maximise the return if they are dealing him. Not because the contract is so bad. Some pretty smart hockey guys agree, read what Friedman Mirtle or some others have to say about Phaneuf. People sitting here saying he is definitely not a top guy in this league not read what Lyle said or why he is not a great fit in places like Calgary Col Edmonton or some other places? Its because he would be in the same situation their top d guy who would be expected to do too much, now if he is the best D man on 5 or possibly 6 out of 30 teams and at very least a good no.2 or very good no. 3 wouldnt it make sense that he is probably one of the better d men in the league. On a team that has 6 first round picks playing D the Blues, he would ne good in the second pairing…thats saying something think about it a second.

          • If the contract was good then you wouldn’t have to retain salary to maximize the return. That’s the whole point. A good return comes from a good player with a good contract.

          • Really in the cap world salary doesnt matter? Heres a thought if Weber was available for trade a team is going to have to make room, not all would or could I should say but if the Preds decided to hold some salary you dont think the offers would be substantially better and their would be more yo choose from? The easier you make ot for a team to fit a guy in no matter who it is its going to increase whats available for the return or the number of teams that could posdibly be in the bidding. Common economics my friend
            Player A at 5 million dollars -15% is > than Player A at 5 Million dollars
            of course it matters.

          • The big difference here is that nobody thinks Weber is overpaid and if made available, would still get a huge return for the Preds.

            The popular opinion is that Dion is overpaid, and by keeping some of the salary, they are sweetening the pot for having to take Dion.

            To summarize…The Preds don’t have to keep salary to move Weber…the Leafs might have to keep 1-2 million to move Dion. Which then brings the question of why move Dion at all? To fill his role and minutes is going to cost in or around the $5 million mark for that role. Add the salary kept, and you’ve gotten nowhere.

            Hard situation to be in.

          • The League is filled with overpaid players gary as a Flyers fan you would think you may understsnd that someone is always going to think that guy is overpaid…it doesnt matter who it is if you can get a player for a percentage of his contract you are hoing to get s better return on the player than not giving a discounted ammount of salary. There is one Weber one Crosby one Giroux there are a few truely elite players that there are little to no question or debate about their salary those are the guys that are not likely to be moved, if somone is interested in picking up Phaneuf as a UFA (dont kid yourself there would be) Im sure they didnt think that they eould get him for 5.5 million dollars or a million off his previous contract. If the Leafs decide to hold some moneythere will be more interest in him than there will be if they didnt snd if they didnt want to hold any salary there is still hoing to be a team that maybe pretty interested in him thinking they maybe would have gone to a higher hit but less years ect. I doubt very much all, or the vast majority of30 teams are thinking Phaneuf is so overpaid so we dont want him, or we would want him but since he makes 7 mill over 7 instead of 6.5 over 6 or 6 over 6 we have absolutely no intrest. Personally again for me not a hard decision at all keep Phaneuf get 2 more top 4 type d guys and use him properly. 5.5 or 6 for Phsneuf is a good deal if you look at what guys sign for the rturn could be a very good young player or cant miss prospect (cost controlled for almost the length of Dions contract the mill or so is almost insignficant at that point) possibly with a pick.This how Id deal Phaneuf if I had too not because he is over paid

          • Guess what I am saying is its not like he is Leino Errat or Clarkson and some people are letting on like he is. Whole lot of overpaid people in the NHL doesnt stop gms from overpaying or from overpaid guys (see Rick Nash Gaborik etc) from getting traded for some pretty decent returms.

  7. I could see Phaneuf being traded to the Wings and all the sudden being a Norris trophy finalist next year. lol

    Just watch if the Rangers buyout Richards a bunch of teams will be lining up to over pay him for a new contract. The media builds these past stars up so much to the fans that these GM’s suddenly get baby brain and start believing they are getting the player they use to be many years ago. This will be another Lecavalier situation except Richards will probably get north of $5M for some stupid long term 6 or 7 year time frame. It made me laugh when the media was telling the fans how great Richards was and how he was worth big money two years ago as a UFA. So many stupid GM’s and owners in the NHL.

    • I think Richards will get a lot of interest. Also think he can get a $5-.5.5 per deal ( I also think he is worth it to the right team). But I doubt anyone is giving him 6-7 years.

      • Philly gave it to Vinny. I bet Richards gets it if he’s bought out and everyone starts singing his praises once again.

    • Lecalvier’s salary is just about right IMO. The length is what I had a problem with. He’s capable of putting up 40+ a year. So it’s not bad. Plus all those intangibles everyone talks about like leadership etc he’s got them.

      • Vinnie was benched in the playoffs due to poor play, and it wasn’t just for a shift or two.

        He also disappointed in the regular season, which is why he ended the season on the forth line.

        He doesn’t fit with the make up of the team, and there is not position for him in the top nine.

        The Flyers need to dump that contract..for a pick or anything..just to get out from under the contract, and roster spot.

        • Was Laviolette behind bringing in Lecalvier? Or was it basically ownership and Holmgren.

  8. Blues GM Doug Armstrong is really kicking himself for burning a 1st round pick and William Carrier after the way Ryan Miller performed in the playoffs but hindsight’s 20/20. They still have the assets to make a deal for Spezza, they just don’t have as many as they did in February.

    Berglund, Ian Cole and a 2nd/3rd round pick could get it done realistically.

    Spezza has aged since his prime and Armstrong will be very hesitant to overpay after the Ryan Miller fiasco. The return might be higher if the Blues can negotiate a deal to re-sign him before the trade, but that doesn’t seem like an extremely likely scenario.

    • @ Don
      St. Louis didn’t lose a first rounder. It was contingent on 2 factors. 1) St. Louis advances to conference final 2) They sign him.
      Neither has happened and surely St. Louis is smart enough to let him go rather then sign him after his poor play.
      As a side note, I wrote here months ago that Miller was over rated and I stand by that.

      they will receive the Blues’ first-round pick in 2014 if St. Louis advances to the Western Conference Final or if Miller re-signs with his new team.

      • @justchris

        I believe the deal included 2 first rounders. One being conditional. Conditions being making the west finals or resigning Miller before the draft. If they don’t get one of those done it becomes a 3rd I believe. I think Sabres have their 2015 first rounder.

    • Berglund, Ian Cole and a 2nd/3rd round pick could get it done realistically.

      Bwa hahahahahahahahaha

      you must be related to shticky … have to luv all of these armchair gm’s who overvalue their players and propose these moronic trades …

      • Fans over value their own players but know the correct value for players on other teams, you know, like you do.

        • Moore trolling again

          • Nah Id say Vanlimp is trolling, sames as he does every time a Leaf player is mentioned. Generally its some how about me (someone has a man crush me thinks) but since he generally looks like an ass I try not to pay attention.

      • Why are u always on Shticky vimpe? He hasn’t proposed a bad deal for a loooooong time. I usually refrain from reading your comments but seriously bud layoff of the guy.

      • Jason Spezza will be treated like a rental because that’s exactly what he is. He’s a year away from UFA status and if you think Ottawa is getting anywhere near the return that Buffalo got for Miller then YOU’RE crazy.

        But I hear you sitting there laughing at the prosposal but I don’t see you offering one that could realistically work. Is it that you have no idea how to value players that you know nothing about? Or are you just the idiot troll that lives on this website

      • totally agree ed shticky = eklund no hockey knowledge at all

        • Wow would you look at you 2 going out of your way to mention me…look at me I got fans that come to a web site just to talk about me! So special you guys are… (truely I mean that Ed and Jello are “special”)

        • Looks like jello and ed make up the peanut gallery

      • I think Berglund, Cole, Jaskin/Rattie, 2nd/3rd would get them talking.

    • not sure berglund, cole and a 2nd/3rd is realistic, but maybe berglund and a first…but might need to throw someone else in there too….that would be on the condition that spezza would sign an extension with the blues.

      No need for cole as sens are deep in defense.
      Let’s not forget spezza is a stud! point per game virtually all his career and we saw this year that if he plays with talent he can light it up. Personally i’d like the sens to keep spezza and resign Hemsky…they were awesome.

  9. Hallelujah! I hope Dion get’s traded, for a multitude of reasons.
    A – He’s not a good captain, sorry to say but basing your choice on some arrogant prick who changes the music in the dressing on his first day is a craptastic measuring tool
    B – His attitude stinks, many players (team-mates and opponents) in the past said he’s not very likeable, that’s poison in a young dressing room
    C – His prime is behind him and it’s downhill from here. Playing over 20 minutes a game is killing his performance as well.

    Possible trade targets?
    Dallas – Alex Goligoski & Trevor Daley, solid D-men, not overly interested in scoring (something will have to be added with Phaneuf here)
    LA – Muzzin and Regehr for Phaneuf and Gardiner – Some Toronto fans may not like this but Regehr is about as shut-down as you can get, and a great veteran presence and Rielly has quickly surpassed Gardiner as top offensive D-man prospect in Toronto.
    Pittsburgh – Orpik (if Nonis can get permission to negotiate a new contract) or Paul Martin
    Now, please take the above with a grain of salt, I’ve been disappointed with Phaneuf for years now and am eager to deal him away, or at the very LEAST strip the captaincy away and reduce his minutes…

    • A. We don’t know that. B. we don’t know that and C. Well, he is in his prime now and playing over 20mins isn’t his fault unless you think a leader should tell the coach, ‘hey I’m tired, let someone else play I need a rest.’

      • A. It’s a well reported story, even Burke mentioned this was a sign of good leadership.

        B. Luke Schenn (his own team-mate at the time) had nothing kind to say, the same was said by many team-mates when he decided to no-show @ Sundin’s honour ceremony pre-game.

        C, Statistically, his best years (both pointes, and plus/minus) where 6-8 years ago.

        I don’t care if you’re captain or not, if you’re gassed on a regular basis (which is quite obvious if people watch the games) you tell your coach and work on your endurance in practice. If there is no improvement you work together to mitigate the weakness.

      • Moore trolling again

        • His best years were around then think it was a coincidence it was on a playoff team that had a D corps that included himself Hamerlik and Regher and he didnt play 25 mins a night? lol Pretty sure thats the issue and whst most hsve been saying all along and now aswell, he has no help, is used wrong and too often.

    • Please don’t take this personally.

      I don’t think any of these would happen and it goes back to the benefit to both sides of the trade.

      I took the Dallas option as both players for Dion plus something. This might be the most reasonable, depending on the plus something. Both Dallas players are signed for 2 and 3 years respectively, and to a cap hit around 7.7 million a year for both.

      Dallas would be picking up salary here, depending on the plus something. Goligoski put up 42 points in 81 games last year, so I don’t know if you can say not interested in scoring. Daley put up 25 points in 67 games…good numbers. I think the plus something would need to be something significant…Kadri? I could see that as reasonable. All things considered.

      The LA trade I doubt would go down, as that would put over 18 million between Voynov, Dion and Doughty. I just think the Kings need more scoring from the wingers, not really defence. My son’s team is the Kings, so we see lots of Kings games around here, not to mention the Philly ties to the Kings.

      I would love to see Dion moved to Pittsburgh, as another high priced player to their team…That would put them at over $42 million for just Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang, Dion, and Fleury. And for that reason, I can’t see it happening.

      I think Dallas would be a good fit, but again depends on what else is involved.

      My position on Dion is based on his points and cap hit, plus what he brings to the Leafs in the extras that aren’t measured in points. I think Dion is a capable higher end dman, but is over paid by about a million, and for a year or two too long. I was living in Calgary when Dion started his career, and he came out with such a bang, that huge things where expected from him…multi-time Norris winner, Stanley cup winner, etc…heart and soul type of guy, who was mean, can score…remember all the talk about his shot in the rookie year?, leader, etc…..and then year two came, and he seemed to take a step back…and his play has never really seemed to get back to the level and expectations that where set in his rookie year.

      My opinion of Dion has nothing to do with him being a Leaf. It would be the same if he where a Flyer or a Blackhawk.

      • Very good points, thanks for the insight!
        No offense taken at all. I was just trying to limit the potential suitors to teams that would use Dion as a 3rd or 4th d-man.
        With Orpik gone and the cap going up I though Pitt could do it, but I stand corrected.
        L.A. I thought was a better fit than what you’ve mentioned, but I can see your point.
        Dallas would work well, but I don’t know if Nonis would give up Kadri, maybe a Phaneuf for Goligoski and a 3rd round pick with Toronto absorbing $2 Mill of the salary? (The difference between Goligoski and Phaneuf salaries) would go right along with the pattern of US players signing with Toronto too LOL

  10. Just a little curious, has Garrioch ever written anything that came to fruition?

    As for Phaneuf, so many haters out there with the exception of a few here today, I think as Leaf fans we should be careful what we wish for. Personally I like Phaneuf, Carlyle not so much.

    • I don’t think there are a lot of Phaneuf haters, I think there are a lot people hating on his contract. Some people can’t separate the two. But if you look into every team deep enough, you will find a bad contract or two on almost every team in the league. People like to fixate on a few that stand out (Phaneuf, Richards,etc) and forget the rest.

      • I agree with NYR. I’d love to have Dion on the Sabres. But for $7 mill a year for 7 years? Nopers. $5 mill a year for 5-6 years? Hells yes.

        • How about Staal and Brassard for Duchene and PA……yeah that won’t happen either.

          • oops, wrong place. Supposed to be under madman moes last post.

    • Dion gets a fair shake. He signed that HUGE contract. If people look to that and are critical how can you blame them? He is a number 3 dman with limited character. I would say there was a time when he was borderline number 1 on a bad team, but that was years ago and somehow he his character and even hockey sense have seemed to depreciate. Although they could take someone elses burden in return….

      • @Joe. The problem with Dion is his contract. I can’t see hating the player because of a teams bad decisions. I don’t know too many people in any walk of life that turn down a deal because they feel they aren’t worth it, or feel they will be overpaid. Really you have to blame the GM / management. A player doesn’t become better because you raise his pay. You can’t take a 20 goal scorer, double his salary and make him a 40 goal scorer. They are what they are, and money doesn’t change that. I know 1st hand from being a Ranger fan. LOL

  11. The Ottawa sports media are nearly 100% responsible for running Spezza out of town. As a long time season ticket holder there are nights when I love and hate Spezza. He is a pure talent. A big play making center who coughs up the puck—–A LOT. A dazzling point-per-game player. You can’t teach talent.

    As Pierre McGuire told the local radio goofs the other morning. “you and Ottawa fans need to divorce yourselves emotionally from the situation – you will not be able to replace this guy’s numbers through trade—-Is Turris ready? No. Is Zibanejad ready? No. Be careful what you wish for Sens fans”

    I couldn’t agree more. I will say that the team seems to rise up, when he’s out of the line up and settle back down to mediocrity when he’s back. But moving forward I don’t see them being better without him.

    Seems if he went to St.Louis that Chris Stewart would be the one coming back. And probably a 2nd round.
    Who knows. Who cares.

    • Lot of Sens fans think Turris is ready for a #1 center role and Zibenejad a #2. I personally don’t think Turris will ever be a #1 center.

  12. Lol well not really sure why my posts aren’t showing up but…

    As far as Phaneuf is concerned there was som speculstion yesterday thst it was Phaneufs agent Don Mehan who told Kypreoss about possible Phaneuf trade scenarios in hopes of facilitating a trade or kind of hinting there would be some interest in his client outside of Toronto (which mskes some sense as Kyper gets his info from players and agents, Dreger gets his from cousin Nonis). Mehan and Phaneuf are apparently not happy with the return of Carlyle either feeling he has not helped or put players in position to succeed (sound familiar?) So throw another agent on the bus that want to run over Carlyle Ryan Grabovski MacCarthur Komarov Gardiner Kulimen….Good luck signing ufas Dave!
    Anyway Nonis was a little upset by all this and told cousin Dreger that the Leafs are not in fact shopping Dion but would listen to offers (damage control is Dregers position at MLSE it seems).
    For what its worth this would explain the conflicting reports

    • Either that scenario or one of the higher ups called Kipper and said send out an APB that Phaneuf might be available so we can see what deals are out there. I think teams do this all the time to gauge what deals could or couldn’t be had. This is nothing new.

      • If it came from the agent? Its very different than Nonis talking anout trading Phaneuf. Dont find the timing of this a little weird? Or how if it was some one in Leaf managment who thought to flost it out there they decided to do it with the player agent guy and not cousin Dreget? When agents are involved getting their guys traded its not very beneficial to the team dealing them in most cases anyway.

  13. So if Pittsburgh Tanks in game 7 against NYR will it be

    Going to Pittsburgh

    Going to Ottawa

    Plus other assorted prospects & draft picks going each way.
    They all seem to need a change of pace.

    There, my work is done, I’ve managed to P-off 1000’s of fans in two cities / two countries

    • Duck and take cover! LMAO

    • Sorry, it should going “FROM” not “TO”
      Did re-read as I was ducking for cover

    • Just heard from Leaf fans – to make this Pitts – Ott trade work, leaf fans have offered to throw in Clarkson & Phaneuf for nothing, A special lottery will be held between Piits & OTT on TSN on who gets who. Does NYR want to toss in Richards to sweeten the deal ?

      • NY gladly tosses Richards, Nash, Carcillo, Talbot and a 3rd.

      • @ Alfroducks

        You have to be the most tied in insider of all…this proposal has me so excited i cant help but think that all of it must be true…there is no way someone would post something as ridiculous as that without a shred of confidence that it makes sense and is bound to happen…I await the twitter feeds announcing the deal with great joy!!! Also, would this TSN show be at all like the Lebron, Wade and Bosh event? play a lot of music and each GM comes out ready to blow the roof off with their pick and claim a dynasty was just built that night?(except in the case no dynasty for either team?)

        this would be a great off season show IMO

        • Nope, not an insider, just bored trying to get the talking going, trying to tick off as many people as I can in the shortest amount of time, it’s a personality flaw.

  14. Alforducks
    Me picking the Ducks to win the West is looking better and better every day!! Go Ducks

    • Chicago will be tough competition. However I believe it’ll be Boston vs Ducks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    • Im sure some Shark fans said the same thing…long way from the fat lady singing yet.

      • Yup, need those two for my playoff pool.

  15. Ok I got a trade proposal. This only happens is free agents can get signed before.

    Avs trade
    -PA Parenteau- 4mil @2years (dump)
    -Matt Duchene- 6mil @ 5 years

    -Dion Phaneuf- 7mil @7 years
    – Bozak 4.2 @5 yrs(dump)

    The Leafs are getting the best players in the deal and getting rid of a huge contract. They would have to take on the salary dump of PA but it is only 2 years.The Avs need to sign both Stansty and ROR before they do this so they know what they can afford. The Avs get that stud defenseman and can you imagine him and Roy in the same room. Classic. Avs also get a decent center. who would do well as a 2nd or 3rd center in Colorado.

    Not a perfect scenario but interesting……. Discuss

    • Kessel will blow a hissy-fit, his bromance with Bozak runs fairly deep, at the same time I doubt Colorado does this to be honest.
      I think Duchene holds more value that both ROR and Stastny.

    • I’m starting to see where “madman” comes from.

    • Why trade a guy that averaged a point a game for 2 salary dumps? Why not just keep PA for 2 years at 4 million instead of taking on Bozak for 4 years at 4.2? I think Duchene on his own would bring back a better, more affordable d-man.

      • Dont get me wrong thats a bad trade for the Avs but why is Bozak a dump? 49 points 58 games plus player kills penalties one of the very few forwards the Leafs have that is actually pretty responsible defensively good face off guy 4.2 mill for 5 years thats not too shaby. Sure maybe Id throw him in a deal or trade him for something but it along way from being a dump and if they deal Kadri Bozak Id actually want to keep Bozak as a no. Only way I really seeing dealing Bozak is if somehow the Leafs got a true no1 and kept Kadri and Holland was able to take the next step other than that I wouldnt just throw Bozak away center depth is a good thing was part of the problem this year with Bolland and Bozak both hurt, way to thin at center.

        • Bozak’s production was fueled by an unsustainably high on-ice shooting percentage, the kind of thing that frequently regresses; sometimes dramatically. Considering that Bozak is logging more than 20 minutes per game, he needs to be productive, but if those percentages dry up, what’s left?
          Bozak scored 40 of his points at even-strength last year — the same as Andrew Ladd, one more than Alex Ovechkin and Jakub Voracek — but if that on-ice shooting percentage even falls to 9%, from 11.60% last season, then 40 even-strength points could turn into 30 without much else changing. Worse, if Kessel should somehow get hurt or see his own performance drop for any reason, there isn’t much reason to believe that Bozak is a bona fide point producer without Kessel to carry him.

          • Ahhh some adv stats eh? Lol Bozak for some reason has always had a high shooting percentage if you look over his career one could argue the sample size would suggest thats just Bozak and again if you look at zone starts he is in the defensive zone an awful lot due to the fact he is their best face off guy. Cant really judge him as a 2 c because again Randy has some logicall explanation Im sure to the effect he is mind boggled, but Bozak has not in the past couple years spent any time there so really there is no sample size of any signifgance to support what you are saying that he wouldnt produce in that role which all comes back to for just over 4 mill Ill keep the 40 point center who is good defensively wins draws good pker its cheap.

          • Wanna keep going ? With kessel and JVR on a line with him how much you think Bozak shoots? Answer not very much so even if his percentage did drop it would or could be due to shooting more snd we all know good things happen with more shots right? how many more goals 5vs5 did he have over guys like Voraceak snd Ovi? What zone do you think they predominantly started in? Can tell ya I dont think Oates wanted Ovi anywhere near his own zone, and how much do those guys get paid?

          • I’ll tell you why Randy can’t put Bozak at 2c it’s because of his bromance with Phil. Every time Randy tries anyone else at 1c Phil shuts down his production. Not saying Bozak and him don’t have some chemistry but I have a feeling if you threw a guy like Getlaf in the 1c Phil would still close up shop without his bff. I noticed even when there is a bit of chemistry between Phil and Kadri eventually the media gets hold of it and next thing Phil is no where to be found. Who knows the real story maybe Kadri just sucks and can’t keep things going with Phil long term? It just seems weird it keeps happening with everyone.

          • Yep god forbid guys on a hockey team being friends…smh
            Kessel played well with Bergeron Pavelski didnt look too bad with Kadri if by everybpdy you mean Tim Connolly Id say th Tim connolly was probably more of the problem than Kessel and Bozak being friends, before you go off on the Grabo tangent he was not the first line center in Washington either…anyway continue your rant on how they should trade the whole team for what ever reason pops in to your head next.

  16. here is my blockbuster FANTASY leaf trade with the blues
    kessel , his sidekick ,(joined at the hip or lip) bozak , jvr , bernier and the rights to ( doug gilmour not)kulimen and a 2nd rd pick
    in exchange for tarasenko , schwartz ,polak and rattie and possibly rfa berglund. incredibly the blues could take on this much salary and still have room to add a player or two.would love to see Oshie and kessel play together.
    blues goaltender issues would end and they would also have more scoring . they win this trade .and would be favourites next year . leafs get some good younger talent back and get closer to the mcdavid sweepstakes with the holes it creates .
    now for Dion the lucky winner is the Flyers
    dion plus whoever (prospect b level) for hartnell and a better prospect then the leafs throw in (b schenn cause its a fantasy trade after all ).
    now thats a culture change .

  17. Spezza going to St. Louis makes a lot of sense. A package involving Berglund, Jaskin and Paajarvi… Ottawa will try for Rattie but I doubt the Blues will want to move him

  18. Teams in my opinion for Spezza:

    Detroit(Tatar involved)
    Toronto(too much fan the here?)(JVR OR Kadri and Gardiner, pick)
    Philly(Coburn, schenn or Simmons)
    Washington(Johanson plus)
    NY Rangers

    Other notables:
    Nashville(they need offense)
    Vancouver(Kesler, Booth, Edler could be in play)

    Stretch-huge- but interesting.
    Pittsburgh(Crosby out, Spezza plus much more like Ceci)

    • I could see StLouis, for Berglund Shatenkirk and a pick.

      • I think either Jaskin or Rattie would have to be involved

  19. Congrats NYR your team made the comeback complete.

    Blow up coming in Pittsburgh?

    • TY!!!!!
      Without question. Dan is GONE! but The King stole game 7! LONG LIVE THE KING…. !!!!

      • Annnnnnd Yzerman gets another 1st.

        • Ahhhhhhh a NY win, always with a disclaimer! LOL