Latest on Radulov, Semin and Jokinen – March 13, 2012.

The road back to the Predators is clear for Alexander Radulov, if he wants to make the journey…Alexander Semin facing an uncertain future with the Capitals…Re-signing Olli Jokinen could be expensive for the Flames.


Road back to Predators clear for Radulov.

ESPN.COM/THE TENNESSEAN: reported the NHL and NHLPA has agreed Alexander Radulov won’t have to pass through waivers if he decides to return to the Nashville Predators this season. There’s no definitive word if Radulov could return, but if he does, it’ll fulfill his contractual obligation to the team. He has one year remaining (at $980K) on his entry level contract with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some folks seem of the opinion that this isn’t right, that Radulov should pass through waivers, but his is a unique situation. This isn’t being done to favor the Predators or Radulov. He still had a full season remaining on his entry-level deal but bolted for the KHL four years ago. He still owes the Predators that year, even if it’s a shortened one. They shouldn’t have to risk losing him via waivers if he decides to return, since they didn’t demote him or loan him overseas.

WASHINGTON POST: Tarik El-Bashir reports Alexander Semin and Capitals management have not had substantial discussions about a contract extension. Semin is on a one-year deal paying him $6.7 million, and is eligible for UFA status this summer. El-Bashir suggests this could mean Semin will hit the open market this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Semin’s numbers have been in decline over the past two seasons, which I attribute to a combination of injuries and the team’s change to a more defensive style of play. It’s been suggested he could end up in the KHL next season if he seeks a deal worth as much or more per season than he’s currently earning, but never underestimate the ability of NHL general managers to overpay for talent in the free agent market.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports it could prove expensive for the Flames to re-sign veteran center Olli Jokinen. “Recent deals signed by Tuomo Ruuttu (a US$4.75 million cap hit), Ales Hemsky ($5 million) and Mikhail Grabovski ($5.5 million) have upped the ante for Jokinen, who will be the league’s most coveted unrestricted free agent centre July 1 if the Flames don’t saddle him up by then”, reports Francis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jokinen could command over $5 million per given the lack of quality talent in this summer’s free agent market, but he also loves playing in Calgary, so it’s possible he could accept less than market value to remain there.  We’ll obviously know for sure by July.


  1. I agree that Nashvilles situation is a unique one and they should not risk losing him, if he decides to return. Semin, somebody will pay him, someone always pays and he is uber talented, problem is he is as uber of an enigma too. I for one think Jokinen, will wise up and play where he plays well and his family is comfortable, but I am wrong several times a day. I think for the first time in a long time we could actually see trades be talked about more then signings with the lack of quality free agaents. But, in the end I guess the cba will decide that, right?

  2. When $5 million contracts are being handed out for players who have produced less, what is an overpayment for Semin? Enigmatic or not, it is not easy to replace skill with grinder and succeed. You need both… but at what price.

  3. I think Jokinen will sign for cheaper to stay with the flames. I’m sure he remembers leaving them last time and almost not having a job come his last UFA.

    The flames gave him a 2nd chance, he owes it to them. But we all know how that works.

  4. Not a knock against Jokinen, but if he is the best UFA center available July 1 ( if not signed by then), the pickings will be slim this summer, I would then expect more trades at June draft as teams with limited budget or up against the cap will not over spend for UFA ( ask Buffalo how that worked out).
    If Toronto needs ( wants) a big power center and a goalie they will have to trade for them as an example
    and teams like Washington & San Jose to name a couple of teams trending down will also have to use the trade method rather than UFA’s

  5. Having Rads back makes Nashville that much scarier for a cup run. I thought they were alreadya strong contender with the moves they made at the deadline but adding a top flight sniper will only help them even more.
    I cant see Jokinen leaving and with several contracts coming off the books I believe the Flames will have enough space to re-sign for roughly 4.5-5 mill a year. Jokinen was on the decline for the past couple years before this one, but it is a contract year and I would be scared off by if I’m a gm. If someone offers him Grabo money/terms then I would say that is a huge overpayment. Or maybe he signs a long term contract in Calgary at roughly 3-3.5/yr for 4-5 years. We’ll see how the cookie crumbles.
    As for Semin, the guy just plays very un-inspiring hockey and maybe a move to his native land would benefit him more. On the other hand if a team like the Wings make a pitch for him and he’s able to adapt to their system, he could have great success in that type of organization.
    Where’s Chris this morning?

  6. @ 36crazyfists – Don’t summon the beast, please!

    I don’t see any of those players listed (Hemsky, Ruutu or Grabovski) as comparables to Jokinen. OJ is 5 years older than the eldest of that trio and as such, his perceived value is – or at least should be – substantially lower. However, the fact that he’s had a renaissance in Calgary and the lack of many other suitable free agents on the market could serve to over-inflate his price come July 1. This summer might be very different from others though, as GM’s should be waiting to see what kind of changes are in the new CBA. We could very well be waiting until August (or beyond if negotiations become extended) to see any significant acquisitions.

    Alex Semin will find a home in the KHL. Let’s face it, he’s here for the paycheck and not much else. He’ll be swooned by some Russian oligarch promising cars, women, booze in addition to a tax-free salary.

    I agree that Radulov adds another offensive weapon to Nashville’s very balanced roster. If Rinne continues to play at his maximum potential, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Predators-Blues series or Predators-Canucks rematch in the WCF.

  7. @ Thewes!
    You’re right! It just felt like something was off this morning when I didn’t have chapters of NHL12 trade suggestions to read! lol

    But i agree with you on your posts as well, the new CBA will be a huge sticking point for gm’s signing the top guys available this summer. Wonder is TSN will air a special this year?

    How nuts would it be to see NSH vs STL in WCF,,. if that were to happen and someone predicted that, they shouldget an award or something.

    Gonna be a good race this year, pumped!!

  8. ever salary in the NHL is based on comparison of players period…its at no fault of Jokinen that the other three overated and overpaid players are getting 5 mill a season, for the numbers that jokinen is putting up compared to that of hemsky or Grabo, olli should command 7mil a season. Not saying he should get it. he should get 4-5 mill and the other guys should be only getting 2-4 mill if that. it will be interesting to see what he signs for considering he loves it in Calgary

  9. I am surprised people are surprised over Radulovs painless return.

    He was one of the biggest future young stars at the time who skipped NHL for KHL just like Bobby Hull did to WHL. Like then this sent a message. Of course NHL and NHLPA take him back with open arms and send a message back that no matter how much money he can make in Russia, he wants to play for less in NHL.


    The questions now are; does he go back to Russia next fall? Does he accept a offer sheet? What will the offer sheet compensation be with him being away 5/6 of his last season? Does he end up in arbitration and get a year deal or does he sign a Kovalchuk-contract? :)

  10. The problem for the Predators is it is looking very likely they will face the Red Wings in the 1st round… 😀