Latest on Ryan Johansen and Tomas Kaberle – August 19, 2014

An update on contract talks between Ryan Johansen and the Columbus Blue Jackets, plus Tomas Kaberle hopes to return to the NHL this season. 

Contract talks between Ryan Johansen & the Blue Jackets remain deadlocked.

Contract talks between Ryan Johansen & the Blue Jackets remain deadlocked.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports contract talks between the Blue Jackets and restricted free agent Ryan Johansen remain at a standstill. GM Jarmo Kekalainen notes plenty of time remains to get Johansen re-signed before training camp opens in a month. He doesn’t want the young center to stage a holdout. Portzline notes as yet no rival club has signed Johansen to an offer sheet. Kekalainen has stated the club would match any offer. It’s believed the Jackets have offered up an annual salary worth between $3.5 – $4 million, while Johansen’s agent Kurt Overhardt is believed seeking upwards of $7 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t be surprised if rumors start popping up around the blogosphere claiming teams are pitching trade proposals for Johansen or preparing to ink him to an offer sheet. Rest assured, however, the Jackets management has no intention of parting with him. If Johansen does stage a holdout, however, he and the Jackets will have until December 1 to re-sign him, otherwise he’ll become ineligible to play the remainder of this season. 

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports former long-time Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle might have a training camp tryout on the table but it’s not with an Ontario-based NHL team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Safe to say it’s not with his other former clubs (Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Montreal Canadiens) or with the Detroit Red Wings or Dallas Stars, as he’s a left-handed shot and they’ve got plenty of those. 


  1. It’s probably in Johansen’s best interest to take the bridge deal offered. Holding out and missing camp or longer will not necessarily help his future earning power.

  2. 7 mill a year for a guy who had 1 good year? yeah ok, he can go work at walmart cause i wouldn’t pay him close to that right now

    • Obviously, it’s going to end up somewhere in the $5M range.

      • Keumper is pulling the same kind of crap with the Wild and he’s only played in 30 NHL games with moderate success. These guys get ego’s that are hard to deflate, but I would pay Johansen 4 mill per season for 2 years and see how he does, big paydays are on the horizon for the young man.

        • I’d lock him up for 7-8 yrs at 6-7 million but unlike you all I can evaluate talent and I freaking love Johanssen. He is on the up swing and will only get better and as the salary cap goes up year over year 5-7 million will be a great deal. Right now it’s a good deal. This is only a slight gamble.

          • Hope your cheek isn’t too sore from that tongue being planted so firmly in it (“but unlike you all I can evaluate talent”). :)

          • Haha wow bud, maybe you’ll land a GM job someday?? The kid is good and will be very good but to give that term and money to a guy who has proven very little is foolish.

  3. When you look at the deals handed out the Froliks, and Evander Kanes based on “one season wonders” you totally understand why teams don’t want to pay 6-7 million to guy a kid still in the process of becoming a second line centre. No insult to the young man who didn’t get drafted on a whim but more on the fact tehre was much to like and project into a role as a top two line player.
    I don’t see how it is insulting for he and his agent to compromise with hard feeling for later on. As he builds his game he builds his worth. It is not like the Bluejackets are going to be without more young forwards in the near future. The idea is to get a nice mix and have them ALL be around as things start to get special, and playing hard ball with the team may end up painting him into a corner.
    I think fans appreciate when both sides in these matters actually find a midpoint.
    At the rate these first contracts and first time UFA contracts are skyrocketing, no matter how much future Caps increase, no NHL team will have players whom there fans are going to feel are not worth their Cap hit.

    • It’s called the Winnipeg tax. Johansen is going to be a heck of a player, I see bigger things for this kid. Bump him to $5.5mil and get the kid into camp on time. Kaberle “news” means all the real news is drying up.

  4. Yeah right. $7M per season? That’s just dishonest and indecent on his part.

  5. yeah 7 mil thats pretty steep right now. but in 3 years maybe that will be a discount.. the kid looks pretty good… 3.5 – 4 mil is pretty insulting as well unless its very short term.

  6. How old is Kaberle? He should retire! He was ineffective his last few years!

  7. Who is asking for the money ? Agents. Players want to play and be paid fair market.

    • I hope the Leafs sign BLOZAK for a big long ridiculous contract—-o ya they did—man did that tick me off
      30 year fan too—-bring back todd gill and allan bester too so we atleast have a shot at number 1 pick next year lmao
      junk junk and junk