Latest on Ryan, Kaberle and Schneider – December 2, 2011.

Is Bobby Ryan still on the trade block? Will the Hurricanes trade Tomas Kaberle? Is Cory Schneider  playing his way out of Vancouver? 

SPORTSNET.CA: reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray has told forward Bobby Ryan he’s no longer on the trade block, and Ryan no longer wants to be moved from Anaheim.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports a source claimed the Rangers talks earlier this week with the Ducks regarding Ryan never reached the stage where the two teams exchanged proposals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As expected, the Ducks firing of Randy Carlyle as head coach and replacing him with former Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau has for now put the brakes on any trade possibilities involving Ryan or other members of the Ducks roster. Well, that was fun while it lasted…

Hurricanes GM calls out Kaberle.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger recently reported Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford recently called out struggling defenseman Tomas Kaberle to improve his play or he wouldn’t be with the Hurricanes for long.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM’s Chip Alexander recently “tweeted” Rutherford said he’d spoken with other teams but has nothing new on the trade front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s not surprising, because players Rutherford would like to move, like the overpaid, under-performing Kaberle, have little to no value around the league right now.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jim Jamieson recently examined the future options the Canucks could face with goaltender Cory Schneider. One of those is a trade, though Jamieson doubts that’ll happen during this season, unless the Canucks get an offer too good to refuse.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll take a real sweetheart deal, or the arse going out of the Canucks season by the trade deadline, for Schneider to be dealt this season. I can certainly see them dealing him in the off-season, likely around the June entry draft weekend. Not now, and not at the trade deadline. He’s simply too valuable right now to the Canucks.


  1. I need Scneider to be less valuable and Luongo to start playing like a number one. Dammit Luo! Your tanking my pool!

  2. Schnieder will be moved in the off-season I think that is a given right now. I also DO believe Kaberle can be moved, but the price to take him off the books this time is going to be low. I think the Islanders or Oilers could make a play for him but wouldn’t be giving up anything critical to obtain him.

  3. I still don’t know why one of the Ducks younger and more talented players would be on the block. If it’s because he’s a headcase, that’s a problem. If it’s a money thing, then I suspect this will not be the last we hear about Ryan being traded.

  4. Lyle, suprised you didn’t write about Brassard today. I know he’s been covered quiet a bit lately, but those were some serious comments from his agent. Does it do his client any good? What do you think?

  5. Remember McCabe/ Kaberla connection in Toronto? Hmmmmmmm.

  6. I just love the rumors where the most expensive under-performing player is always on his way out. If you don’t want him, what on earth makes you think someone else does? Kaberle may be just about done at this point, he’s not played up to his pay, and has been playing poorly for a long time (there’s a reason he was shipped out of Toronto you know) The Ryan rumors will start again if the team doesn’t get to winning, he’s the one guy who can bring the most for them (sometimes you do move the good player in order to get pieces you need)

  7. Agreed that there is little chance of Schneider moving this season. Luongo’s patchy play thus far has only increased the Canucks’ need to keep Schneids around I wouldn’t be surprised to see this tandem splitting the crease for the remainder of the season.

  8. Durt: I did write (briefly) about Brassard’s agent’s comments in the “News” segment. If he’s trying to force a trade, I think he’s going about it the wrong way.

  9. It certainly doesn’t enhance his trade value!

  10. I agree with JJB on the Kaberle front.

    I have said this numerous times in the past.

    If I recall Edmonton has a certain forward that everyone speculates is going to be moved out, but I can’t remember exactly who,(brain is fudge today) so that could work.

    Islanders need help, period. Anybody who can skate would probably be welcome.

  11. Ducks suck anyway GO KINGS !

  12. Lyle, at first glance I was in agreement with you. But the more I think about it, the more I can’t help think that it might enhance his trade value (or should I say his ability to be traded at all) although I don’t agree with the tactic, I wonder if he was able to plant the seed hope in other gm’s. Maybe he IS being scapegoated…hard to feel strongly about that stance seeing as though there has been two different coaches who got the same results, but I guess we’ll wait and see if it worked. Cheers!

  13. Oops! Scratch that. One coach not two. Honest to god all morning Hitchcock was his new coach. #brainfartsobigitneedsahashtag.

  14. As much as we all love hockey rumours, the fact is there is historically never much trade action before the deadline and except for the Thorton trade, nothing significant before the Xmas freeze. As far as Schnieder, I see the Canucks waiting until the draft. First there is the potential “confidence” issue with Luongo. Secondly as an RFA, he would attract Offer Sheet interest, and with the Canucks being a Cap team, an offer of $4 million plus would hurt them, and make their goaltending tandum a $11 mil plus a year…thats a huge chunk of the cap. Thirdly, Schneider could go to arbitration, and given the Weber contract, a $5 mil/1 year deal with UFA the following year is definately possible. Lastly, everyone forgets the CBA issue. With the definate possibility of a rollback, and one time buyout, I doubt teams are going to be spending much money until the CBA is settled. For those reasons, and his obvious value, the best bet for the Canucks is to move him at the draft.

  15. Just a hypothetical question but does anyone have any idea what Schneider could bring the Canucks in a trade? What would you classify as a sweatheart deal? I don’t see the Canucks chasing a high draft pick as their time to win is in the next couple of years. Also I don’t see Gillis shipping him to a Western Conf. team so he can bite the Canucks in the bum. After their performance against the offensively challenged Preds and the fact that they have given up over 130 shots in the last 3 games, a defenceman could help…..

  16. Canucks need to decide. Schneider isn’t as consistent as Luongo in the regular season. Luongo has a huge contract but since his wife lives in Florida I heard he might get traded back there. They need to spend so that destination makes plenty of sense. I wonder if the Canucks would just give him away.

  17. Dale Tallon was not prepared to overpay for Vokoun. Why would he do that for Loungo?

    I know he grabbed Campbell but he brings other things to the table like leadership for the young guys, and if he totally craps out he can throw him in the minors. Not too many quality goalies unemployed right now though, if the same situation were to occur with a goalie, whether his wife lives there or not.

  18. Spec, Bob Murray never once addressed the media to say Ryan trade rumours were not true, so we know they were. He changes the coach and now ryan is not available. What happens if they lose 8 of 10, which if you look at their schedule could easily happen. The rumours will re-emerge, and Murray will have to make a big trade or be fired. If this was partly about budget and performance, the stands will be empty the wolves will be at the door and murray will be screwed and players salaries will be paid down even more. It will have to be ryan gone then, right? Love to here your take. You stand alone above all hockey rumour sites!
    Jim Hayes Sudbury Ontario

  19. Jim, I already gave my take, when I wrote the Boudreau hiring has for now put the brakes on the Ryan trade rumors. Of course, they could pop up again if the Ducks keep struggling over the next month. For now, Ryan isn’t going anywhere.

  20. who would want kaberle? the only team i can think of is montreal when markov gets hurt next week.