Latest on Shane Doan – September 8, 2012.

After a summer of speculation, the Shane Doan free agent saga may be finally drawing to a close.

Doan has “deal in principle” with the Coyotes.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Sarah McLellan yesterday reported the Phoenix Coyotes have a “deal in principle” with right wing UFA Shane Doan, but won’t sign the contract until prospective owner Greg Jamison completes his bid to purchase the team prior to the end of the current CBA on September 15.

 “Settling the sale hasn’t been easy. The latest obstacle is the city of Glendale’s desire to rework the 20-year, $324 million lease agreement previous agreed on by both sides.

While negotiations on this matter can continue, time is running out to keep Doan. He will sign a contract before the current collective bargaining agreement expires in a week. Without a new labor agreement in place, the NHL plans to lock out the players.”

Dan Bickley reports Doan remains confident the sale of the team to Jamison will go through on time.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford noted reports claiming Doan’s new deal is for four years and worth $21.5 million.

NEW YORK POST: also noted Doan’s deal in principle with the Coyotes. The NY Rangers, Vancouver Canucks and Pittsburgh Penguins were rumored to be on Doan’s short list of options if a deal with the Coyotes wasn’t possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s still possible the sale of the Coyotes could be stalled by the city of Glendale before September 15th, but at this stage, it appears Doan will be staying put. If his deal is four-years and $21.5 million, that breaks down to an average annual cap hit of $5.375 million, which is only a slight raise over the $4.55 million per season he earned on his previous contract. While it seems folly to pay an ageing star (Doan turns 36 this fall) that much, it’s more sensible than the four-year, $30 million deal ($7.5 million per season) the Buffalo Sabres were rumored to have offered.


  1. Good for Doan – now we all can move on. While I like Doan, I would have been aggravated if the Sabres had paid $30MM for him. I would rather have the Sabres sign someone like Jason Arnott for leadership and grit.

    • I sure hope so. i am tired of hearing Doan this and Doan that. Sign and lets move on.

  2. Though if the Sabres offer was true I think we can at least stop with the Doan is a grubby money hungry player comments trying to get the most. Over $2 million less per year in order to stay with a city and team that he loves and a very modest raise (in hockey terms) for the contributions Doan has given to the ‘Yotes ever if he is an aging player.

  3. No more Doan till he signs please. Just posting rumors from people who have nothing to do

  4. what a farce, anyone with an ounce of intelligence would tell you if Phoenix does get sold they WILL relocate, likely by next season. for the NHL and Jamison to be leading the people of Glendale on and costing them however many more millions will further erode the credibility of the league. i hope the people of Glendale are able to delay things long enough to force Doan to sign elsewhere. the NHL needs to admit it failed in the desert and move on to a market that will support the team.