Latest on Suter, Nash, Souray and more – June 16, 2012.

Ryan Suter could test this summer’s UFA market, Rick Nash trade could happen soon, Sheldon Souray reportedly rejects a one-year offer from the Stars, and more.

Suter could test UFA market.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile remains optimistic about getting defenseman Ryan Suter re-signed, though he intimated Friday the blueliner could test the UFA market on July 1. Poile said he’d remain in constant contact with the Suter camp, saying unless something changes in the near future, the blueliner will “take a peek” at July 1.

Poile also said a couple of teams had contacted him regarding the rights to Alexander Radulov, adding there’s “urgency” to this situation, as it appears Radulov could be moving toward a return to the KHL. The Predators GM also said he’s spoken to the representatives for pending UFA Jordin Tootoo, but so far the two sides aren’t close to a deal.

Poile also recently acknowledged there was mutual interest with pending UFA center Paul Gaustad toward getting a new contract done.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond reports the Predators want to bring back RFA forward Colin Wilson. Poile said his intention isn’t to trade Wilson but to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears increasingly likely Suter will test this summer’s UFA market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be returning to the Predators. He could field offers to see if there’s anything better from another team. If so, he can contract Poile and give him a chance to match or best the top offer…Radulov’s rights could be moved in the coming two weeks, though if that happens, there’s no guarantee he’ll re-sign with his new team…Wilson’s been mentioned in trade rumors but if Poile’s comments are anything to go by, he intends to keep him.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace believes a Rick Nash trade could occur next week, likely on Thursday or Friday, the opening night of the NHL 2012 Entry Draft.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports expensive, accomplished players like Nash, Patrick Kane, Jay Bouwmeester and Roberto Luongo could be available for trade. Cox doubts the Leafs get into the bidding for Nash, who may have scratched Toronto from his list of preferred destinations, suggesting instead they might make a pitch for Luongo. He also feels they could make an aggressive pitch for soon-to-be Anaheim Ducks UFA prospect defenseman Justin Schultz. Cox doubts they’ll make a grand play to move up from the fifth overall spot in the first round of this year’s entry draft.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James doubts the Red Wings get into the bidding for Nash, citing what’s expected to be a steep asking price from the Blue Jackets. Shes suggests the NY Rangers and Vancouver Canucks are the most likely destinations, as well as the San Jose Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Nash isn’t moved before Friday, his availability will overshadow the Entry Draft. It was thought Nash didn’t want to go to a West Coast team, but it’s possible he may have broadened his list since February to facilitate a trade. I’ve heard talk of the Canucks offering up Luongo if he were willing to go to Columbus, where his former goalie coach now works with the Blue Jackets. It would certainly be a blockbuster move if that were to be done, but one wonders just how keen Luongo would be to go to a perpetually rebuilding team like the Jackets. As for the Leafs, it would make more sense to target Luongo than Nash, but we’ll have to wait and see if Burke, who has a history of making major deals, can pull off another one, for either player.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Pending UFA blueliner Sheldon Souray has reportedly rejected a one-year, $3 million contract offer from the Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The piece suggests Souray may be seeking a long-term deal as he’s bounced around a bit in recent years. Perhaps he’ll get one, but it could be this offer from the Stars may be the best one he gets. It’s a gamble on his part.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks and pending UFA blueliner Sheldon Brookbank remain far apart on a new contract.


  1. Luongo for Nash? Yes please, and take raymond too.

    • As nice as Luongo for Nash sounds It wont happen unless u throw in a couple of 1st round picks as well.
      I really think TO is a perfect match for both teams. TO needs to have an ESTABLISHED goalie like Luongo (not Bernier) that can get them into the playoffs. This will save BB job.
      Now what does TO have that Vancouver wants – yes the 1st round pick would work but if thats not available what else (please be realistic) Gardiner ?
      Luongos contract is not that big of a deal as his last 3-4 years can be bought out as he will only be making 1mil a year. And as a fan why do u care its not your $$ if Luongo is bought out.
      So is Luongo going to be your first line goalie for the next 5 years Yes Yes and Yes

      • You can buy out the contract, but you still carry the cap hit.

        • The odds are he’ll retire at that point, not get bought out. Unlike Thomas, he was under 35 when he signed, so the cap hit would go away in case of retirement.

        • Cap hit? whats the big deal of 1 mil a year You aren’t writing the cheque are you?

          • Cap hit is the Average Annual Value of the contract over the complete term of the deal. Luongo’s cap hit is $5.33M, which is a far cry from the $1M you stated. The big deal to a true fan of the team would be the hindrance to adding complementary depth pieces to the organization, regardless of who actually writes the cheques.

      • The way AV handles young players who aren’t defensive specialists, I’d say toss CBJ a first this year. And a second next.

        Should Van get Nash in this fashion, I bet they’d stumble to somewhere between 3rd and 6th after adjusting to a new minute crunching forward and with the goaltending combo of Schneider and Lack,

      • Nash and Blue Jackets first round Pick(2nd 0verall) for Loungo, Kesler and Edler

  2. I don’t think the Bruins will stand pat at all. Their shrewd GM and stuff will find a way to work around the “cap issues” that now seems tough. They will sign D Ryan Suter. Rick Nash wants to go to Boston and he’s on top of their list so a trade will be worked out around David Krejci another roster player (not named Rask, Chara, Lucic, Bergeron, Seguin or Hamilton) plus a prospect. Also think Thomas will end up in Colorado for a pretty good prospect or a second round draft choice or both. Thomas is an Allstar for a one or two more years and won’t be given away. Perhaps Tampa would be willing to give a second and a fourth for Thomas as they have a surplus of picks. The Bruins do need to upgrade their team and no matter what they say now, doesn’t have to be what it’s gonna be like after the upcoming super interesting weeks in the hockey world.

    • Sorry, but I don’t see anything that is correct in your post Pepe. At no time has Boston said they were interested in Nash. Boston isn’t mentioned in any reliable reports as one of the teams interested in him. Chiarelli has stated he wants to keep his current team intact, and his signings have kept in line with that. Dougie Hamilton seems assured of making the team this year. Sure every team would like to have Suter, but with dead cap space (Thomas, Savard) and next year’s pending RFAs, Lucic, Seguin, Marchand and Horton as a UFA, I just don’t think the Bruins can offer the $5/6 mil Suter will command. As far as Thomas, Chiarelli said today he’s probably played his last game in a B’s sweater. Just getting rid of the $5 mil cap hit would be a bonus. I don’t think the GM is worried about what he gets back. Even future considerations would be a bargain. Lastly Tampa just gave up 2 second round draft picks + for Lindback. That is in line with Yzerman’s desire for a young goalie to grow with the team.

    • Pepe in order for any playoff team to get Nash they would have to throw in established players and at least 2 first round picks.

  3. As much as I would L-u-ove to see it happen, with his NTC, in what world does Luongo consider going to Columbus at his age? No way that happens. More likely for Canucks & CBJ to deal involving Nash would involve possibly Eddie Lack along with some proven roster players: possibly Edler, Raymond, Ballard or Tanev and a pick of some sort.

  4. At almost 36 Souray is a fool if he doesn’t take that deal, he seemed to fit in nicely in Dallas. Remember what happened to Anson Carter after rejecting a deal from the Canucks, he would have been better off taking less money to play along side the Sedins.

  5. I still believe Luongo lands in Florida.

    Theo/Clemmenson, P Drew Shore, 23rd OA Pick for Luongo + 3rd

    Something like that would be my guess. Florida has tons of cap room and have already committed Markstrom to the AHL for at least one more year. In this deal I don’t believe they are giving up that much, it works for Vancouver as taking a contract isn’t a huge deal and Drew Shore has size and could be a possible top 6 forward.

    The Panthers add a premiere goaltender in Luongo for a good price, bring Huberdeau up from the AHL next year and could be looking like a better destination from some of the UFA’s and easily become a stronger team, possibly even taking their division again.

    • That’s a terrible return for Luongo. The Canucks have more leverage with Lindback and Vokoun off the market, not less. Lack will back up Schneider next year so need for Theo/Clemmenson anyway.

  6. Has anyone heard anything about Schultz? I don’t really get why he wouldn’t sign in anahiem they are going to have a good team for the next 3+ years.
    I don’t see Nash for luongo happening no matter what else is involved. Luongo would have to ok it and don’t see that happening. Interesting that Tampa got Lindback. I thought they were the front runners for Bernier. That leaves leafs, Columbus, Edmonton?

    • Schultz has the opportunity to have teams bid for him as a UFA. He might sign with the Ducks yet but he is opening up his chance at a bigger payday. He also has the shot at going to a team where he knows he has a better chance at developing.

  7. I realize that the CBJ is really bad. But how is Toronto that much better? Dont they hold the 5th overall selection. I keep reading how Luongo should not go to Columbus because they are rebuilding. It seems to me that Toronto is rebuilding every year!

    • I still say Luongo ends up in Columbus and it won’t be for Nash. Nash of course will be traded but I believe it’s either to the NYR or Boston with the Rangers more likely in my opinion. Once they get a decent return for Nash Columbus will put picks in play for Luongo. Which is what Vancouver SHOULD be looking for they have a perennial playoff team and enough depth on offense as well as defense they need the cap space because they do have a couple bad contracts on that team. And I still say Luongo will OK that trade to Columbus. Obviously that will not be his first choice in fact I don’t think its anyones first choice to move to Columbus. But he will see its the best fit and HE NEEDS to get out of Vancouver before the season starts. Luongo does not want to play 2nd fiddle to Schneider. Luongo cannot handle the Toronto pressure and Florida will stick with Markstrom. His options are dwindling.

  8. I doubt it’s the money offers that the Suter camp is concerned about, as there will be no shortage of teams offering a boatload of cash for his services, but whether those teams are true Cup contenders. No doubt many of them will be, which doesn’t bode well for the Preds re-signing him.

  9. Shultz can’t get a payday as he’s a rookie and can only make so much i think close to 1 million might be wrong he just gets to chose where he Plays not so much about money

  10. Sorry Vinnie, No one “in their right mind” ,chooses to go to Columbus.Roberto can handle the media in Toronto, and some would argue that he craves it. I think Luongo goes to the Leafs or the Panthers. Florida is attractive because he lives there in off season, and they need to reach the cap floor. But Panthers can reach cap floor through skaters, and they have 2 decent goalies in Theodore and Clemmenson, who do not hamstring their future.The Leafs offer the centre of the media universe ( which i think Roberto’s ego enjoys ), they need him, his old off season goalie coach is here,and they can pay him.He is still on the East coast so flights to Florida are quick and cheap, and Toronto is between Montreal and Florida, where he and his wife’s families reside.I am betting ( and praying ) the Leafs get him.

  11. Luongos best days are behind him, and there’s far too much contract ahead of him. The main piece in a trade for Nash? That’s almost laughable. Yzerman was smart enough to pass, and I think Tallon will do the same. There’s only two GM’s crazy enough to trade for him and I doubt the Isles are interested, so Burke is the Nucks only hope.

  12. Wowsa. I can never see the day when Gillis brings in another player with a larger cap hit than the Sedins. He sat down with them a few yrs ago, asked them to reduce their salaries so the team could be in contention every yr. They did. Then suddenly he brings in a guy who not only makes more than them, but has a contract until the next millennium? I don’t see it – in any universe.

    But I do see Lu in Columbus. I know what you’re thinking people…. we’ve all said it. But at the end of the day, any of the teams (that we know of) who are looking for a #1 goalie have a very low chance of winning the Cup in Luongos playing career (guessing 5-6 more yrs). Toronto, Florida, Columbus, Edmonton etc etc are all essentially in the same boat – not winning a Cup any time soon. Pretty sure Lu knows this and has resided himself to that fact. I don’t think he wants to stay in Van cause he’ll be warming the bench for Schneider. He seems a little to proud for that. If need be, Gillis can play hardball with him. Not advisable, but either was the contract Gillis signed him to. And if that contract prevents Gillis from getting better deals from other teams, and Columbus offers up a nice one – then Gillis doesn’t have a choice. It’s his contract, time to move it for some assets.

  13. Luongo, Ballard, Booth for Nash, #2 pick

    Canucks sign Schultz