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Looking ahead at the possible plans for the Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers and NY Islanders heading into the off-season.


Does Jones have a future in Colorado?

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently looked ahead at possible moves by the Avalanche this summer, noting the club has a good amount of cap space, and given the club’s improvement, could prompt ownership to spend more. Dater believes their biggest need is adding another scorer or two, as well as more consistency from Paul Stastny and Matt Duchene. He also speculated on the possibility the Avs might make a pitch for Nashville defenseman Ryan Suter if he’s available in this summer’s UFA market.

Dater also reports Avs UFA forward David Jones, who’s one goal away from 20 on the season, doesn’t know if he’ll be returning with the club next season. Penalty killer Jay McClement is another pending UFA whose future with the club seems uncertain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs currently have nine players under contract for next season at a cost of just over $22.358 million. Even if the salary cap “floor” should drop in the next CBA, they’ll still have to spend a considerable amount just to get above it. Much of that will likely go toward re-signing Duchene, Steve Downie, Ryan O’Reilly, Erik Johnson, Jamie McGinn and Ryan Wilson. After that, they’ll have to decide if Jones and McClement are worthwhile bringing back, or if they’re better served investing in other players. If they pursue a big-ticket player like Suter, they’d best be prepared to make him their highest-paid player. Currently, that honor belongs to Stastny, at $6.6 million per season.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports the Oilers currently have 10 free agents on their roster, seven of them restricted. It appears they’re ready to cut ties with RFA winger Linus Omark. He also wondered if they might try to shop center Eric Belanger if they should draft center Mikhail Grigorenko in this year’s entry draft and bring Anton Lander back into the mix next season. It remains to be seen if Ryan Smyth will re-sign, though his options appear limited as he returned to Edmonton for family reasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Van Diest suggests, the Oilers roster could look pretty much the same next season as the current one.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple recently posed five questions about the future of the NY Islanders, pointing out the club’s biggest off-season need is to address their defense, though if they do, they’re not expected to spend big in this summer’s UFA market. They want to bring back P.A. Parenteau, but for fewer years and dollars than the four-year, $16 million deal Parenteau is seeking.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Potentially affordable blueline options for the Isles could include Boston’s Greg Zanon, Philadelphia’s Nicklas Grossmann, Colorado’s Shane O’Brien, Calgary’s Scott Hannan, or San Jose’s Jim Vandermeer. Otherwise, they might have to consider the trade market. As for Parenteau, he’ll find that four-year, $16 million deal on this summer UFA market, so it’s up to him to decide if he wants to cash in via free agency, or accept less to stick with the Islanders.


  1. Colorado
    The Avs are on the cusp of great things and there turnaround in a team rebuild has been fantastic …they are right where they should be and need to be Varlamov is the perfect fit in goal, they are also a team that likes to make an impact move when they can so it would not be any surprise if they go balls out on a player of two as they have a great core for the next 4 years. Stastny may be in play so that they can acquire some key role players and add serious depth to move forward.
    They should definitely sign Oriely , Downie , as these are key grity players McGinn has been a great find and Jones and Mclement have been very good fringe players moving forward, they have some good depth to make a very serious trade at some point as well!
    I would look to the AVS to be a surprise team on July 1st and into the draft and over the summer in a major aqcusition!

    Smyth should sign for one more year I cant se how money is the sticking point here as he is back where he wants tp play hockey and finish his career and is the prfect fit for a mentorship role and pop 20 goals !

    Donet be surprised to see Pajaarvi dangled with Omark for a top d man as well !

    Omark is not a fit on this team and possibly not to many teams ..he does not like to be coahed isnt physical and is very one dimensional …he is a 3rd liner at best on a quality team.
    The Oilers have a great opprtunity to draft an NHL ready big defenseman this year as there are about 15 d man in the top 30 for Central Scouting …I think they go with Rienhart or Murray to help rebuild the back end!

    I would say the Islanders will look more the same than the Oilers will in October.

    As for UFAs signing in the Isl Zannon would be a bif pick up if he wanted to sign there I hope that the Leafs pick up Obrien Vandermeer and Gorssman would work ver well in Edmonton

  2. Edmonton seems to be a good candidate to trade down in the draft. I can see the Ducks, Wild and Leafs licking their chops to move into that spot. It’s no secret Edmonton needs to draft a defenceman, why not drop to 4th or 5th to get one and pick up an extra second rounder or possibly another established defenceman. Seems like a win-win scenario for a team already pretty stacked in offensive talent.

  3. Further on with the Islanders
    As a side note to the Islanders Garth Snow may entertain Josh Harding here as he may be an upgrade to the other netminders he has in the system and try and move Montoya for a pick …this would be a good business move and bolster a legit 1 & 2 goaltender and gives him an option to move out Nabakov at the deadline.
    They are going to get a solid draft pick this year and quite possibly a solid player to oplay with the speed of Tavares this may bring them to dangle Neiderrieter to acquire a solid complimentary piece to Molson, Tavares and the new draft pick!
    Adding a solid UFA D man such as Zannon and maybe a roll player such as a Ben Eager or Theo Pekham and they are right in the hunt for a playoff spot next season !

    How about a Pajaarvi & Omark for Nediereiter & PA Parenteau or (Montoya)

    • I’m sorry but tht is a rip off for the Isls, Paarvi and Omark have done NOTHING so far in their careers and are promising prospects at best, as is neidereiter. Paranteau is coming off a great season and is showing to be by far the better player in that trade, but he is a ufa so he is untradeable. Trade makes zero sense right now.

  4. @ Canadian Kings
    If you want argue AGAIN today thats fine I am not looking for you to agree with me on anything as you never do or will soooooo….!!!!
    It would really make great sense Pajaarvi is a great forchecker and plays an extremely smart mistake free brand of hockey …unfortunately for him he plays more of a Eurpean style that is not suited to a Canadian version on an Edmontaon team run by Canadian management…..but if on a team that has faith in the young players and play them alot he fits into a role on the Islanders that would be perfect in some areas that they are lacking with present roster players and throwing in Omark for creativity and secondary scoring with true playmakers such as Molson and Tavares and with the new draft pick this would be a welcome addition on the Island ……Neiderrieter would add grit and size and determination to drive the net that both Pajaarvi and Omark lack and one that is desperately needed on the Oilers and would do very well on a line with Sam Gagner and stints on a 3rd line throughout the year …. it really helps both teams especially with guys that both teams are not using on the team in an every day line up …why bury good talent in the minors if you can get a return for what you need today and this would address both teams defientcies in areas where as they are not giving up every day roster players to make each other better in the areas needed for the future!

  5. These pesky pop ups are still a problem. Today’s is on carbonite. A square appears in the way of reading the text and there’s no X to close it.

  6. @ Chris/S & S (whatever you want to call yourself these days – Paajarvi and Omark wouldn’t be enough to get El Nino on his own, let alone being enough to get Parenteau as well. Paajarvi, while drafted early and being highly touted, has yet to blossom at the NHL level and just doesn’t hold that much trade value. Omark is, at best, a career AHLer with spot call-up’s for injury replacements.

    First Kiprusoff to the Flyers, and now this? You really need to get your player valuations more in line with reality. Something to chew on: If things you say always gets trashed, it doesn’t make you creative, unconventional or innovative, just wrong. We’re thinking inside a box for a reason; The box exists and it’s called “REALITY”. The salary cap is real, team budgets are real. They cannot be ignored when floating ideas or making proposals without looking incompetent.

  7. Thewes

    How are the Islanders and Oilers cap concerned at this point …in the development of the Islanders they have forfitted an un real amount of money …a trade for Omark and Pajaarvi is not unreal and one of the best solutions for this team RIGHT NOW….you are now unrealistic saying that an AHL er ( Neiderrieter ) is worth more than 3 highly touted prospects WHATEVER man …..

    Iam here to discuss options and your here to trash people all the time and make yourself look stupid !!!
    Any thing I ve proposed is always for the teams needs and falls into cap perfectly as per what the cap is asking and what each team is required to submit …you just take the fun out of normal every day conversation of Hockey ….the reality is that in this cap era TRADES are on the rise and this is the only way to to make teams better and move players around when all other options are not there …this years crop of UFAs sucks !!!!

    If you dont have a copmpetitive team and you need to fill holes that are leaking like a siv you have to part with some talent to bring in players that can help right away …for some teams they are not getting any younger and there window of competitiveness is closing very fast ….and for some other teams they need to take advantage of having a surplus of players who are all alike ( you cant have a team of all Ovechkins and win anything it takes role players and diverse players )
    …this means that the surplus teams can be more likely to deal and part with players that are highly touted but just dont fit into the make of the team right now and would rather trade a player or two and loose out on development and get a player that fills that hole right now and this is what I proposed for the Oilers and Islanders as I see both these teams as very similiar.

    Both have alot of cash to spend and can use younger players to grow but fit in where they have huge holes.
    I dont talk to just talk …there are needs of teams and how that team will go about acquiring those players is beyond my insight……. but there are ways and players that can benefit with two participating clubs and thats what I see here in both the evolutiuons of these two franchsies with the money and needs of the two teams!
    They each have the others mising pieces that each of them can part with !

  8. @ thewes

    As a side note to Parenteau being a UFA if he is signed by the Islanders and does not have a No trade clause he si moveable just like Setogucci in San Jose many days did that take after being resigned to be shipped out of town ….learn the business side of Hockey and then come talk to me about yopur copmlaints about who is worth what and what is realistic and what is not because its all realistic when you have two managemenst willing to deal for what they need !

  9. “the reality is that in this cap era TRADES are on the rise”
    Wait, what? Average number of deadline day trades from 1994-95 season to the 2003-04 season: 18.6. Average from the 2005-06 season to now: 14. Math is fun, and it proves so much!

    The Islanders organization highly values Niederreiter as a cornerstone piece moving forward, whether he’s in the AHL or not. Parenteau is pretty much a lock to score 20 goals alongside Tavares and Moulson. Why on earth would they move those two pieces for a couple of floundering prospects? You do know that Mike Milbury isn’t the GM of the Isles anymore, right?

  10. Thewes
    The Milbury thing is funny, Iam actually laughing
    Have to admit …smart ass witty!!

    Its been wideley talked about in professional Hockey circles that moving forward trades are going to become a major cpomponent to building teams and filling needs and moving contracts in the FUTURE!
    Listen dude Iam taliking on speculation of course on all things as is evryone who talks about what teams need and what they can get no one knows unless your the GM ..its purely to talk about how a team can or should move forward in a personal view and what a personal proposal would be …being an arm chair GM of course …….

    what would I want
    who would I give up
    What do they Need
    Can you clear contracts how for who and get what
    how to address youth and needs
    My personal views on how that particular team should move forwrad taking into consideration the mental habits of that Gm and how he is running the organization and where they are in the evolution of the team !

  11. @ Thewes
    as this post is about Edmonton and Islanders and not the leafs …..what would you do to help the those teams to build for the future this offseason ?
    Being Garth Snow not Milbury !!!

  12. I’d comment, but what’s the point? Hey chris/ s&s are you eklund? These proposals are similar to the umm “stuff” on hockeybuzz as far as I remember.

  13. Just cant win with you guys dumb and dumber ……
    you guys roast people for talking about leafs………. you roast everyone who posts something YOU dont like …you dont make any comment other than the obvious all ready stated and whats in an article written by the Toronto Sun or what Lyle just said up top and you have the gull to be a crtic and never engage in useful conversation about what can actaully be good talk ….NICE!!!
    I wiash I was 16 years old again !!

  14. @ Chris – I realize it’s hard to envision the future and it’s true that situations change minute by minute (for instance, I think SJ signed Setoguchi to keep him, but couldn’t turn down getting rid of Heater and gaining Burns to boot), but there are so many layers of context and contingencies to consider in trades that they’re becoming less and less feasible.

    With regards to Edmonton and New York, the same truth applies to them and all the other 28 teams in the NHL. Scout, scout, scout. The only way to build a solid, consistently competitive core is through the draft and through smart NCAA signings (think Matt Read, not Matt Gilroy or Tyler Bozak). Opportunistic and shrewd trades are sometimes necessary (as evidenced from Philadelphia’s moves last summer) to change the locker room environment or exchange strengths to fill weaknesses, but they are by no means a main venue to clear bad contracts or correct mistakes. There are exceptions to every rule (Sather turning Gomez into McDonagh & Prust), but typically that takes one good GM and one sucker GM. Sorry Habs fans, but Sather bent you over on that one.

    Back on track here, Edmonton should dangle their pick for a quality defenseman as well as a lower pick, which they would use to draft a defender as well. Molding that team into a perennial contender will take time (and likely a more competent front office/coaching staff) but they need to add decent bodies to their defense corps ASAP.
    The Islanders are stocked full of good young players both up front and on the blueline. What they’re missing is a quality young goalie to take the reigns whenever Nabokov is done in the NHL. Montoya is ready to compete for a #1b job somewhere (Chicago? Tampa?) and RDP is perpetually injured, so they need someone that they can look to in the future to stop some pucks. Like Edmonton, their young players will take time to develop, but led by Tavares they could be a contender within a couple of years.

  15. @ thewes
    Well said …they are a young team and definitely need a good d man or 2 but the problem is most teams need there top d men and are a hot and rare commodity …might be best to take a young d man in this draftas it is chuck full 15 of the top 30 in cemntral scouting ( roughly) & allow them to grow with a young team and then go to the UFA market in 2013 as its a very decent market for top quality in both forward and D men.
    Every one needs a goalie as I have stated its a huge market…but most her disagree…wont get into the Kipper thing again !

  16. Lyle, I think these guys need a spanking.

  17. For Edmonton.

    They’re in dire need for some kind of defense. They even have like a 14% chance of getting the first overall… again. You know there has to be changes. They’re rebuilding, yes. But going from the worst team in the NHL to 3rd worst team in the NHL isn’t a large enough jump to be honest. The best bet might be just drafting the best Dman available and hoping that you can compete in the a couple years.

    IF they bomb again next year. Then you need to move your picks for actual players. You can only rebuild for so long w/o improvements.

  18. @ S&S…I love your posts, and I’m not really feelin’ Neiderieter, but I definitely think Snow and his deadbeat Wang are. Got to agree with THewes that the Oil rejects aren’t fetching too much. Sounds like they got dangled like balls at the deadline anyway.

    As to the Setoguchi trade…I saw Wilson’s weasel-grin at the draft when they announced it. Seto had just left several mill on the table. You can’t tell me that they did two deals in an hour and they just fell together, last minute.