Latest on the Blue Jackets and Ducks.

The Blue Jackets are playing under the knowledge any of them could be dealt, while Teemu Selanne addresses the trade rumors swirling about him in recent weeks.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports those Blue Jackets without “no-trade” clauses face the possibility any of them could be traded in the coming weeks. Center Derick Brassard, who’s been a frequent target of trade speculation, acknowledged it “kind of plays in your head” but said it’s something he can’t control and tries to block it out of his mind. Veteran R.J. Umberger said the older players dread a trade because they don’t want to uproot their families.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson responded to a reader’s question over the possibility of the Oilers shipping Ales Hemsky, Nikolai Khabibulin and possibly Jeff Petry to the Blue Jackets for a shot at the first overall pick, saying he didn’t believe the two teams would make that move, as Hemsky won’t help the Blue Jackets because he’s essentially a playoff rental player due to his UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The Blue Jackets now has little to play for, and knowing that management intends to be busy in the trade market in the coming weeks gives them even less to play for, except perhaps to bolster their trade value in hopes of making themselves more attractive to potential playoff-bound suitors.

Selanne wants to remain with the Ducks.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Ducks forward Teemu Selanne isn’t ready to consider a trade, saying he hasn’t thought about it much and is more concerned with trying to help the Ducks make the playoffs. Ducks GM Bob Murray over two weeks ago said Selanne would retire a Duck, and reiterated that statement via a spokesman saying he’s shown no inclination to make such a move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Selanne were to ask Murray for a trade, the Ducks GM would probably do it, but otherwise we’ll have to take Selanne at his word that he doesn’t want to leave, and Murray at his when he said he doesn’t want to move him. 


  1. Note that Murray said that Selanne would “retire a Duck”. Technically is Selanne already agreed to come back to the Ducks next year, they could trade Selanne this year and Murray’s statement would still be accurate. I don’t think it’s going to happen but it’s worth noting.

  2. As a father and parent I understand Umbergers sentiments, but most professionals are faced with at least the possibility of a relocation during their career, whether they are willing or not. When you play professional sports, it should be an expectation, and a surprise only when it does not happen. Pro athletes get paid far too well, and their families live a lifestyle that is far too wonderful for them to complain. Leave your family where they are, and buy a condo where you play. Even 50K a year on plane tickets is a pittance when you earn millions. Sorry dude, no sympathy.

    Selanne has a better shot for post season play with the Jets than the Ducks this year. A move like that would make hockey writers giggle and burp, but only Teemu knows if it will happen or not.

  3. I just checked Capgeek because I was hoping I wasn’t wrong and Selanne was inked to a two year deal. Nope. UFA after this season. But then I noticed that the Ducks are going to have serious problem in the next two years.

    After this season they have 11 UFAs including Selanne, Blake, Koivu, and Beauchemin.

    After next season they have 5 more UFAs including Perry, Getzlaf, and Visnovsky.

    Anaheim better start collecting prospects and picks and they’d better do it fast.

  4. JDBGICC has it right. ANYONE not signed for next year by end of February must be traded for picks or prospects. Also, if the right deal comes along for Lydman or Visnovsky TAKE IT.
    Consider trading either Getzlaf or Perry at the June draft meeting when you can get the most for them.
    Ducks cannot afford to spend 7-8 million on each in the same year and have any money left over to rebuild with. There will be a host of teams who thought they could win the cup and DIDN’T so like San Jose last June they will be looking to get that one big time player to get them over the hump. Minnesota did ok trading Burns to SJ and the Ducks should do well trading either Perry or Getzlaf. As for Selanne, I think he is thinking about it, he knows that Ducks are out of it and he knows that if he wants another Cup he has to traded. I am guessing that he does not want to spend the last few months of his career at the bottom of the league and will most like give a list to Murray where he would approve a trade to.
    The biggest concern is does Murray have any idea on how to rebuild a team ?

  5. If I were Jim Matheson, I would atleast be giggling when I wrote my response. Lol! Why would Columbus trade a possible first overall for a pending UFA and a bunch of throw ins? Terrible trade proposal.

  6. I mean, especially when the Leafs can counter with Grabovski, the Monster and Gysbers. Done! Welcome to Toronto Mr. Yakupov! Lmfao!

  7. I’d love to see see Selanne traded to the Kings (who could really use a scoring winger and PP help) for Drewiske or Martinez and a 3rd round pick. Kings really need what Selanne could bring to the table, Ducks get a decent d-man that can actually play at the NHL level, and Selanne doesn’t need to move his family.

  8. To Crazy ,
    We dont need anymore old timers, We got Hunter & Moreau look what happened to them if anything KIngs need to make deal with Columbus and bring in NASH !

  9. Selanne as a King? That would be an act of sedition and ruin all credibility that Teemu ever had as a Duck…it would be equivalent to Luc Robitaille signing with the Ducks.

  10. Selanne got 4 or 5 standing ovations and was cheered everytime he touched the puck in Winnipeg when he was playing for an enemy. Imagine the atmosphere if he was to return to Winnipeg… Oh boy would that be something.

  11. Selanne’s family absolutely loves it in Winnipeg and still have many friends there, and after his reception at the MTS Centre he will no doubt be considering it. If the Jets are in a fight for a playoff spot and the Ducks are out come trade deadline day it would just be for two three months at the most and I would not be surprised if this deal went down. Selanne and Murray are just saying all the right things right now because they have to out of respect for the fans, the team and each other.

    Re; Columbus how about Brassard for Antropov?

  12. @No1DuckFan. Or Jagr signing with Philly? Oh, wait…

  13. @ No1DuckFan
    Now imagine highlights of Selanne on the overhead every time the Ducks come to town. Worse, imagine images of Selanne skating around with the cup…. in a Kings’ uniform. That’s the kind of kick in the ass that would hurt for the next 20+ years. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Selanne traded to the Kings, I just can’t see it. Winnipeg makes great sense. And what’s to say his family would have to move? They stay here, he finishes out the season and the playoffs in Winnipeg. It’s not like he’s under contract long-term.

    @ Kyle
    Now imagine if Selanne was enough to carry Winnipeg deep into the playoffs. Whatever they gave up would be worth it for that alone. I’m not saying that Winnipeg isn’t good enough to make a serious run, but Selanne no doubt makes them better.

  14. When is the trade deadline this year?

    Selanne in Winnipeg would be great I just don’t see Winnipeg wanting to trade picks a prospects for a playoff run their first year there when they basically have a free pass.

    Columbus trading the first overall pick (if they get it) would be a huge mistake this team needs a new GM and a clean slate that means trading Nash, Cater and anyone else. But you have to keep the cap floor in mind.

    They only way IMO trading Nash becomes possible is if they are guaranteed the first overall pick and that would be at the draft.

  15. Selanne
    He has tended to stay in West, Anaheim Twice, Colorado, San Jose so I’m thinking
    1) Los Angeles – He can still drive home every nite and LA needs a scoring winger
    2) Vancouver – would fit in nicely with the other Europeans
    3) Toronto – He and Burke got along + he is popular in Canada
    4) Pittsburgh if Crosby comes back, Kuntz his former line mate on left side
    5) If Bruins, Rangers or Blackhawks get a major injury up front, he would be a great affordable replacement piece.

  16. If Selanne leaves Anaheim, I cannot see him going anywhere except Winterpeg, I mean Winnipeg!

  17. To No1DuckFan ,
    We DONT want Selanne we dont want no sorry A** ducks on our KINGS TEAM ! DUCKS SUCK GO KINGS !!!

  18. Ignorant comment Kingsfan1980… Teemu is a future HOF

  19. Ya kingsfan1980

    I respect your passion for the kings and their heated rivalry with the ducks, but Teemu is a legend and an unbelievable athlete. He has created his legend by competing at the highest level of hockey for years so you can at least respect the name on the back and not the front of Teemu’s jersey for a day.

    I’m a die hard leafs fans and hate the senators but at least I have respect for their captain, alfredson, who has helped build the the rivalry Toronto and Ottawa have.

  20. A few guys come along every once in a while that demand respect from everybody in the league. Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, and Ray Bourque, are a few that come to mind. Of the guys still playing, Selanne would definitely be on that list. If Selanne came to the Kings he would make them an instant favorite to win it all. We already have the defense, and Selanne would be the pure goal scorer that we need.

    The team that wouldn’t and shouldn’t want to do it is the Ducks. The last thing the Ducks or their two fans (sorry, that was cheap but I couldn’t help it) would want to see is Selanne skating the cup in a Kings uniform. That highlight would be played every time the Ducks head north to Staples. If I was the Kings’ president I’d double-down retire Selanne’s jersey as a double f you.

    The last thing the Ducks want is Selanne in LA. Any other city would be fine, but not LA. As a Kings fan, I’d love it though.

  21. Selanne to Winipeg just makes sense for the sheer market value you pick up. Imagine the merchandise flying off the shelves and TV crews flocking to see one of the last original jets playing in the Peg again. For a new team like this, it will only build goodwill with the fan base. Sure they have a lot now, but is there ever such thing as too much goodwill? As for Selanne, it would be a hat tip to his fans and give him the ability to come full circle.