Latest on the Blue Jackets and Hurricanes.

Are the Blue Jackets shopping Rick Nash, possibly to Boston for Tuukka Rask? Has Jeff Carter demanded a trade? Are the Hurricanes poised to make either a trade or coaching change? Read on for the latest.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson denied team captain Rick Nash is being shopped, saying not once had he brought up Nash’s name. Teams may have inquired about Nash but Howson has quickly closed those inquiries down. Nash also isn’t seeking a trade and remains determined to help the club. James Murphy meanwhile laughed off a rumor which had Nash coming to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Tuukka Rask.

Does Carter want out of Columbus?

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie spoke to Jeff Carter’s agent, who said his client has not requested a trade, contrary to rumors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So that we’re clear, Nash isn’t being shopped, nor has he or Carter demanded to be dealt. That won’t quiet the rumormongers, but officially, the word is neither wants out or are available.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports this coming weekend could determine the fate of Carolina Hurricanes head coach Paul Maurice. Sources say GM Jim Rutherford is trying to move a defenseman for a scoring forward, and it is believed he could move either Tomas Kaberle or Bryan Allen for an offensive boost up front.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Rutherford said yesterday no major changes were planned for his team, for now.”There’s not anyone out there right now who’s available,” he said. “There might be some who become available. We’ll see what we can do.”  Luke Decock meanwhile also reported Rutherford is believed showcasing Kaberle for a trade and Allen might also be on the block, but Decock doubted a trade will improve the culture in the Hurricanes dressing room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s nothing available on the trade market to help the Hurricanes, then the only option is to fire the coach. Sad, but true. I daresay we’ll see Maurice fired before a trade is made, but we’ll see what this weekend brings.


  1. Maurice deserves to be fired. End of story. Folks are making him out to be a casualty due to fault of the players. Some of his backers may have a point as I think there may be some leadership issues in the locker room which you could clearly see on the ice in that Montreal game. However, Maurice is a mediocre coach. Look at his record. Toronto fans will no what I’m talking about: his coaching philosophy lacks creativity, he can’t see chemistry between players if it smacked him in the face, he over plays his starting goalie at times, and he’s is not good for young forwards. There are coaches in this league that does/has done with less, so I’m sick of hearing the excuse the Canes are a “budget” team. Oh, please, this has to be one of the highest payrolls we’ve ever had. Which brings me back the GM. Rutherford should share in the blame as well for letting this guy stay around so long but he was so quick get Laviolette out of town.

    And Eric Staal was handed that captaincy when he probably didn’t need the pressure. If you watch him more closely, a lot of the bad habits he’s been showing lately has always been in his game. That’s a story for another day….

    All in all, this team has a leadership problem. From top down. The talking heads can sugarcoat it all they want. That’s real.

  2. Interesting how Kaberle, who is in his first year of a 3 year contract, is already trade fodder. As for Rick Nash being traded, unless somebody blows Howson’s socks off with a great deal and Nash agrees to go to that team, its not going to happen; and Tuukka Rask for Rick Nash straight up is just absurd.

  3. The leafs should go after Rask on a three way deal with some team in the west. The B’s will never give him back to TO straight up but the Leafs could take a shot through a third team. I would also add, Boston would be crazy to give him up period.

  4. And here I thought the Kaberle rumors would stop when the Bruins traded for him last year! I still can’t believe the Hurricanes gave him such a long contract.

  5. Hahaha! Luke Decock! Good on the Newsobserver for hiring a guy with such a prestigious porn name.

  6. Remember when the Canes were good?

  7. Two teams going NOWHERE –
    To Columbus Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzslaf, Jonas Hiller
    To: Anaheim Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, Steve Mason and Columbus 2012 #1 Pick

    Perhaps trading the underachievers for each other will wake them up

  8. Why would CBJ give the Ducks the first overall pick? highly doubt Columbus can crawl out the hole they have dug themselves. Unless my mighty Oilers continue this slide….which wouldn’t surprise me

  9. Alforducks… are you really Eklund in disguise?

  10. That is THE MOST ridiculous thing I have ever seen posted here. I am even calling for Spec to ban you for life!

    Why would the Ducks ever make a trade like that. But YES… a 1st round pick makes it all worth it.

    As Durt would say….. “Give your head a shake.”

  11. On another note, I think the Oilers should look at Kaberle. For an offensive D-Man his contract is very affordable ($4.25M) and he will greatly imporve that team’s powerplay and transition game. Having him around for a few years won’t be a bad thing for them as they build their way into contention.

    The Leafs should not get a goalie and hold on to all of their assets. Whatever happens, happens- even if it means a botom 5 finish. They have just spent the last 3 years restocking the cupborad, only to go and blow it on a patch-up goalie…. i dont htink so.

  12. I’d throw D’Amigo and a pick (can’t decide second or third rounder) at Chicago for Emery. Thoughts?

  13. Dano
    The reason why Columbus would give the first round and maybe the first pick is because except for Nash they have SCREWED UP EVERY FIRST PICK THEY HAVE EVER HAD. With the crowds getting smaller they have to win NOW. They traded their #1 this past summer for Carter and over paid ( way over paid) for Wiz. They cannot go back to the “gee lets rebuild again from scratch” thing again. They get a better over all center in Getzlaf and better goal tender in Hiller. As for Ducks they will miss the playoff this year, nearly missed last year, missed the year before that. Yea don’t need these 3 to miss the playoff, you can miss the playoffs without them. With Selanne and Koivu gone next year, they will need to replace the second line. That’s what the first round choice does. It is not a sure thing that Columbus gets #1 pick and it’s not a sure thing that the pick will turn into a great player.

  14. The leafs just have to ride it out, Nikk is right do not sell the farm. Even though Emery may be intriquing I would be concerned with not only his attitude but his health history. And ducks, why would they trade 2 thirds of one of the best lines in hockey, be patient man they will come around. S o will the leafs if they ever become healthy. Its a good opportunity to see what they have in the minors.

  15. Trade Alert
    J. Carter, S. Mason to Los Angeles KIngs
    D.Penner, J. Bernier, A. Martinez to Columbus
    What you guys think ?

  16. Oilers wouldn’t touch kaberle with a hundred foot pole. I disgust myself with saying this, but if that was where the oilers were going I’d rather they drag McCabe out of hibernation. Tomas looked slow on Boston, I can’t find the word to describe what he’d look like in Edmonton.. Glacier?? Maybe?

  17. For Sale: One disgruntled young Russian, who does not want to work for his ice time… figures he is owed it. All it will cost is a 3rd round pick.

    Canes can then have Filatov.

  18. I don’t think Boston is gonna trade Rask he’s the #1 goalie of the future.
    Boston is dominating right now and no reason to make any moves.
    You don’t want to mess with team chemistry when your on a winning streak.
    Maybe go after some veterans at the trade deadline to make the 3rd line stronger.
    i wouldn’t touch the top two lines right now their on fire.

  19. As for Kaberle I hated the trade that brought him to Boston.
    We gave up way to much. i think it was payback to Burke for the Kessel trade going our way.
    Agree Carolina paid way to much for an aging slow un-physical d-man.
    He did help win the cup people say but i think he slowed us down and Boston wouldv’e won anyway.