Latest on the Blue Jackets and Oilers – February 15, 2012.

Which teams could bid for Columbus captain Rick Nash? Are the Oilers planning a trade deadline “fire sale”?


Landing Nash could prove an expensive exercise.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Rick Nash’s agent claims the Blue Jackets contacted him this past weekend to determine if he’d be willing to waive his movement clause to facilitate a trade. Among the teams believed interested in Nash are the NY Rangers, Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto and Montreal. It’s believed the Jackets could seek “a combination of young, proven players, high-end prospects and draft picks in return”, but Portzline reports trades of such magnitude have sketchy histories, pointing to the poor returns of the Joe Thornton, Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk trades, which didn’t work out for the clubs trading those players.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger believes the Blue Jackets asking price for Nash makes him too expensive for the Maple Leafs, much higher than, say, offering James Reimer and a first round pick. Zeisberger also cited the difficulty of absorbing Nash’s rich contract, plus his no-movement clause allowing him control over which team he can be dealt to.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks expressed concern the type of return the Rangers would need to part with to land Nash could alter the team’s currently successful makeup, and not for the better. “It is likely Columbus GM Scott Howson has asked for Derek Stepan and/or Ryan McDonagh in addition to Kreider, a first-rounder and perhaps Dubinsky. Artem Anisimov, Carl Hagelin and Michael Del Zotto — in other words, pretty much the entire stable — are also potential targets.”

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason doubts the Sabres will be able to land Nash, as acquiring him would still leave the Sabres short at center, and Nash would need the presence of a playmaking center to convince him Buffalo is a place of promise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think it would be a mistake for the Rangers to trade for Nash, as the return could do potential harm to the strong team chemistry they’re currently enjoying. If the Leafs want Nash, the bidding starts with Reimer, Colborne, Schenn, and either Kadri or Gunnarson. Still feel comfortable about making that move, Leafs fans?  I know I wouldn’t. I doubt the Sabres and Canadiens are on Nash’s wish list. The Canucks have a promising goalie in Cory Schneider which would certainly entice the Blue Jackets, but I suspect the Canucks prefer to “tweak” heading into the deadline, rather than dramatically shake things up. I’ve heard the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins mentioned as trade destinations, but the Flyers need a strong presence on their blueline, not another scoring forward, while the Bruins, like the Rangers, probably don’t want to risk significantly altering their roster makeup.

That leaves the Kings and Sharks, who have the cap space, and perhaps the willingness, to bid seriously for Nash’s services.That being said, there’s no guarantee the Jackets will get an offer to their liking, or could move him at the deadline. They might prefer instead to wait until the June entry draft, when there will be more teams with more cap space and a willingness to deal. That’s usually when players like Nash, who carry expensive, multi-year contracts, tend to get dealt in today’s salary cap world.

TSN.CA: reports Edmonton Oilers winger Ales Hemsky would like to re-sign with the club, but to a long-term contract extension.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: report Oilers GM Steve Tambellini “all but guaranteed” forwards Ryan Smyth and Sam Gagner won’t be shopped at the trade deadline. Jim Matheson also reported Tambellini wouldn’t say if he’s getting any interest from teams with struggling goalies (like the Blackhawks) in Nikolai Khabibulin. He said he had “no plans” to trade Khabibulin, but believed he’ll get “a lot of calls” regarding a lot of different players.Matheson also reports Smyth would like to sign a contract extension with the Oilers, preferably before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hemsky wants a long-term deal, he’s probably as good as gone. As for the rest, I don’t believe Tambellini has any plans to move any of them. Sure, that could change, but he’d have to get some terrific offers to alter his current plans.


  1. The asking price for the Broons would be something likeTuukka Rask, Dougie Hamilton, and David Krecji. No thanks.

    If San Jose got Nash, the makeup of their team would be really weird, with all those high-salaried players, although at least one would be going the other way.

  2. Waiting for the off seasonn to trade nash is fine and all if he didn’t have a no movement clause and basically picks where he goes. Waiting doesn’t allow more teams to get in whether he gets moved now or june its stilll the same list of teams.

  3. To Columbus Jamie McGinn Justin Braun/Jason Demers Nick Petrecki and Minnisotas 2nd rounder

  4. To San Jose Nick Rash

  5. I think Larry Brooks is off on this one, although I do agree with you on how these types of deals for big name guys like Nash don’t necessarily go for as much as the speculation. As a Ranger fan as much as I love Nash as a player I don’t think we should sacrifice what we got going rite now.

  6. Nash and Brassard to edmonton for Gagner, Horcoff 1st round pick. Edmonton don’t need another high pick……need a solid veteren and Jackets would do this in a heartbeat because it appears they would probably be picking 1 and 2. what a way to start a rebuild.

  7. I would love to see Nash in the blue and white, but the price is too expensive! And he carries a $7.8 cap hit!
    I think the Oilers could re-sign Hemsky, even to a long term contract (3-5years) if the price is ok! But it should definitely less than his current salary!

  8. I would only consider Nash going to the Leafs if Kessel & a prospect was involved in the deal. It doesn’t make sense for the Leafs to give up all their top prospects & draft picks for one guy that will cripple their chances of ever getting a #1 centre, let alone hinder their salary cap for years to come.

  9. i would part with Reimer(not a playoff goalie yet and maybe never), Kadri, And Schenn as part of a package for Nash. the guy is elite. But obviously the leafs would need to make the offer more worthwile for Columbus to Accept and also clear cap Space to take in Nash’s Contract. Would hate to see him go elsewhere but i just dont think the leafs have what it takes….Wonder if he chooses to go to ottawa! lol Spezza and Nash i would hate to play against that Line but they have a Center that Nash has never played with at this level.

  10. Leaf fans could care a less about getting Nash. He’s not going to solve our problems at the center position or in goal and he’s certainly not going to solve our coaching issues with our defensive game. Why blow your load on a guy that can’t help with your glarring issues and also ties your hands financially for the foreseeable future. Makes no sence.

  11. Nash’s price should not be higher than the equivalent of three first round picks. Equivalent to an offersheet. Therefore, Schenn, Colborne, Kulemin and Gustavvson would be fair. All young, all highly rated young players either by scouts or draft position. Kulemin could also benefit Yakupov when he is taken first overall by CBJ.

  12. If this were ten years ago, I’d be much more worried about Glen Sather making a trade for Nash. The past year or two, Sather seems to be more cautious about pulling the trigger on trades like this and is unwilling to give up good, young players. I think Sather will push back from the table and say, “Too rich for my blood.”

  13. Leaf fans are such tools. As if Toronto is on his Short list of teams to play on. Dream and hope all you want but he is not going to be a leaf. You dont even have any good prospects to trade anyway.Kadri cant even break your weak line-up you have now. Schenn is overrated and your goalies stink too. But you got Kessel LOL.

  14. @FireWilson.

    Leaf fans could care less?


    If you check out the TSN boards, after getting stomped out by Calgary last night I’d say a good 30% of the posts were Leaf fans saying: Okay, let’s get Nash now. Or: We need some help, need a shakeup, Nash for X, Y and Z.
    Your fellow fans are singing a different tune I’m afraid. Nash is a big time player; with a big time contract. He could fit more or less anywhere player wise (probably wouldn’t play with the foundation of a team like SJ, Det, Van… additionally I don’t understand ALL the NYR trade speculation. You’re on top of the Eastern conference… by a lot… Why play with your lineup? The only thing they should be doing is minor tweaking at the deadline (just a rental for a low cost).

    Leafs need a lot of help, they need a couple real defensemen (hopefully better than the glorified pylon in #3, or the 6-7th pair in #2). They need probably two real time top 6 forwards and a better 3rd-4th line… They have some pieces, but still not close to a real contender… All those Leaf fans that were beating their chests three weeks into the season are all but gone, reality really sucks.

  15. Also please people, before you suggest a Trade for Nash; please, please look at you 2013 salary…

    So trades like Killerleaf93:
    You’d have about nine million next year to sign 8 more players. In addition you’d be losing Crabb & Grabo… since if you offered either of them +3 million (most leaf fans say grabo’s worth 4 million, which is lowball, but still) you wouldn’t have any cap to even play a full team.

  16. Nash would set Toronto back two years.

  17. Lyle I respectfully disagree with you on Nash’s assessment. I don’t think they wait until the june entry draft because it doesn’t matter if more teams have more money to spend if their not on Nash’s list, it only matters which teams are actually on Nash’s short list. At the risk of sounding like a homer I really think the Kings stand the best chance at landing Nash for a few reasons; 1) Lombardis job could be on the line if the Kings don’t make the playoffs or are a first round exit again, so you might have a little desperation in DL’s mind. 2) they have the young talent to get the deal done 3) Nash would be crazy not to have them on his short list as they are possibly a Nash away from being serious cup contenders while still being one of the youngest teams in the league, not to mention he has played on a line with Richards before (think 2010 olympics), and LA would be a nice place to live.

  18. If LA is the destination the trade needs to happen this season as they need help scoring NOW.

  19. Spec there is no point for the Jackets to wait for summer so other teams can be in on the mix simply because of Nash’s vetoing power via his NTC/NMC. So its best now while teams are more have more riding on it whether to make a push to get in the playoffs or to make that final push to get the cup.

    If I were the GM of the BJs I would look to trade Carter since he never fit in and worked out as hoped. Chalk this season as a one-off and draft Yakupov get the players you need to build around Nash and your 1st overall with the pieces you get from the Carter trade as support players.

  20. I seriously doubt Rick Nash will move at all, the asking price is simply too high. The Teams that could afford to move some younger talent (Rangers) are doing too well already and probably don’t want to disturb the team chemistry that has gotten them this far, and the teams like that could really really use Rick Nash (Leafs) don’t want to sell off their future for a single player.

    I also thing the BJs acquisition of Jeff Carter illustrates that just by throwing a superstar player on your first line doesn’t guarantee results.

  21. I have been trying to look at this Nash thing a different way. The focus seems to be on what everyone thinks you need to give up to get Nash, or what they really want.

    But what does Columbus really want? Is their priority a number one goalie in return? A reliable goalie ( ie Clemmensen) plus other pieces? Solid defensemen? A number one centre so Carter can play wing?Prospects? Picks? All of the above? Only the GM’s know, everyone else is guessing like us.

    Thats why you cannot rule out any team, even the Leafs from being a potential trade partner. When Brian Burke talks about what he wants for his team he usually says he needs or wants a top 6 forward. He never says I only want a top centre. If he had two top 3 forwards like a Nash and a Kessel, he has a better chance of attracting a top 3 centre.

    So to those who say only Kessel going back to Columbus as part of a deal allows Nash to come to Toronto, I say no way. Why would you do that? The top line is producing. The Leafs need more lines to be able to produce, meaning they have to add additional talent not trade it away.

    No GM, including Howson, should expect any team to trade the best player on their team unless they already have at least 2 of them. So in that scenario I only see Pittsburgh ( Staal, Brent Johnson, plus,plus) with those kind of assets.

    If Howson wants a current backup goalie who can step in and carry the load as they get better, to me that leaves Boston, Vancouver, Florida, Pittsburgh, and possibly Buffalo, but some of these teams will have to dump.

    If its defensemen, prospects, and young players they want the Leafs are in that mix. Sorry Leaf haters.

  22. Before the LA guys chime in.

    Yes LA is a fit on the Goalie scenario for Columbus I just posted

  23. Here would be a possible trade w/ the blue and white:

    Toronto – LA

    Leafs trade Grabo and a mid pick for Bernier —- kings looking for second line scoring and leafs wont be able to afford him

    Then — Toronto – Columbus

    Bernier, Schenn (who was gonna be gone for JVR who has been hurt a while), and kadri who will never get full time as long as wilson is there and a second for Nash and brassard

  24. Canucks could package Schneider/Raymond/Ballard/ and something else for Nash/Mason .
    That would be a great move for them.

  25. LA is definitely the best fit, as others have mentioned. Problem is they would need to shed salary, by either sweetening the pot so CBJ takes Penner or sending him elsewhere…if anyone is willing to take him that is!

    Bernier would obviously be included.

    CBJ might also want Jack Johnson. Bernier and Johnson would be fair.

    If LA was not willing to give up Johnson, I’d say Loktionov would have to be involved. He’d potentially be a good fit next year with Yakupov. Or Voynov, but I don’t see LA giving up both Loktionov and Voynov in the same deal, that’s too much.

  26. We all like to play fantasy GM, but instead of playing your favorite team’s GM .. let’s look at this from another angle; If I’m Scott Howson, I’m trying to improve my team, now and for the foreseeable future. So, any deal for Nash would have to include, what I need the most, an established and young, #1 goalie, or one that is all but guaranteed to be one, such as; Schneider, Rask, Halak, Price, Lehner, Markstrom, Bernier, Holtby or Jack Campbell .. I’ll even throw in Bobrovsky and Varlomov . Of these possible destinations, you have to eliminate the teams that are not willing to give up their best or upcoming future goalie, and to be realistic that’s definitely BOS and MTL. We also have to eliminate the teams that cannot afford Nash, and last but not least; the teams he’s not willing to play for.

    I believe the best possible destinations for Nash are LA and/or FLA. For Scott Howson, the return would have to include Brown, Bernier and Voynov from LA, and from FLA it would have to be something like Markstrom, Huberdeau and Ellerby or even Markstrom, Gudbranson and Quinton Howden. I’m not saying that’s it and that’s all, but in order for me to entertain moving Nash to either of them, those are the players I want and need in return .. at the very least.

  27. To dynamo: Yes, great move for the Canucks, but not for Columbus. They will have zero interest in Ballard and Raymond, unless the pot is sweetened for them to take on that salary.

    Schneider, Hodgson, Raymond and a 1st rounder.

  28. I think the Sharks have a better shot than a lot of pundits give them credit for. For starters Nash is good friends with Thornton based on their time playing together during the lockout and for Team Canada. Thornton has lobbied Doug Wilson for Nash in the past. San Jose is definitely on Nash’s short list for this reason alone.

    Then lets look at what Columbus needs and what San Jose can offer. Greiss has emerged as a reliable NHL caliber goalie, maybe not a future super star but a definite upgrade over what the Jackets have now. The Sharks would be willing to part with Greiss since they have Nittymakki sitting in the AHL for this playoff run. The Sharks can also offer Havlat. since that both clears space for the Sharks now, gives the Jackets a proven scorer in return but one that will be their for them next year. Cap it off with a young defensive roster player like a Braun or a Demers and I think the case is a lot more compelling than people think without significantly altering the team SJ is icing currently.

  29. Murph… did you really just suggest Clemmenson and Johnson as goalies CLB would be interested in, wow. you have no idea.

  30. Well said Poultsy

  31. I haven’t looked up any cap #’s, I’m just looking at the players I’d want in return .. that’s all.

  32. I’m gonna point to last season when Richards was concussed and still on the Dallas Stars. Brooks was on record begging the Rangers to try for Rick Nash instead. This after pumping Richards’ tires for months. Apparently signing Richards was a bad decision too. This is a guy who will find a fault in the Rangers winning a cup. He lacks credibility, courtesy, and common sense. It’s no wonder Tortorella told him to eff off.

  33. @Poultsy

    I like the idea of stepping back and looking ay another team other than ones own… It’s what I generally suggest to everyone who suggests these insane trades.

    Let’s just start off by saying, Nash WILL NOT waive for FLA. No point going from annual bottom feeder, to another annual bottom feeder. Going from lack of fan support to lack of fan support. Although the FLA trade looks good, he won’t be waiving for Florida (take a look at Ottawa-Edmonton with Heatley, Edmonton was offering the better deal than SJ, but NTC’s hurt in that regard)

    Scott Howson wants pieces. He wants young talent that in two or three years Columbus could potentially have a decent team.
    So yes, he wants a top tier goalie.
    Yes he wants to young stud Dman.
    Yes he may want a potential top 6 forward.

    Or maybe he’d take it all for picks.

    Once again, take a look at the cap for next year. Vancouver would only work if they have equal salary coming back the other way; 55 million committed for next year, and they still have to sign 8-9 players…. add that 8 million, you’d have to have at least 6 or 7 going back the other way (Something that Schneider, Raymond will NOT provide).

  34. To LA: Nash, Vermette, Mason
    To Clb: Doughty, Penner, Bernier

  35. Poultsy I agree on most of what you said. But I guess it all depends on how committed Howson is to do a full rebuild. He can always trade Carter for a goaltender, and use Nash for getting the rest of his wish list. Or he can get what he really needs for Nash and keep the rest of the core. We’ll see.

  36. @Poultsy – of the 5-6 teams on rumoured to be on Nash’s shortlist, I don’t think Florida is one of them. Per Bob Mackenzie, they were NYR, BOS, VAN, PHI, SJ, LA. Bob M didn’t exactly give a heard confirmation that this was Nash’s list, so it could be speculation. I would agree that CLS would be looking for a G above all, which would seem to leave only LA. Given the contracts in play, I’d speculate the return would be Bernier, JJ, + others.

  37. I think it’s crazy what is being suggested that Nash will be traded for. I think people are going to be surprised at what he actually goes for. I see it this way, alot of GMs are looking at these big ticket players with expensive long term deals as a really huge risk. I mean think about it look at the players that have gotten these huge 10year plus contracts and look at their production since they have signed. I will say the name on everyone’s lips right away; GOMEZ. I would like to meet the Hab fan that dosen’t just shake their head and raisen their hands in dispair at that pick up!
    No I think alot of this hype about tthe cost to get Nash is media driven, remember gone are the days of trading prospects and picks for the big ticket guy(the salary took care of that). In the new area you can’t just buy your way back to the top and even though Leafs haters will disagree Burke is one of the best at picking up an asset for a reasonable price.
    Lets not forget about what we don’t know which is the full story of what is going on in Columbus. After listening to Nash I will tell you that he already has his bags packed and is awaiting his travel arrangments. If you guys don’t think that the Gms involved aren’t fully aware of his true feelings then you are kidding yourself.

  38. I never said he was willing to go to FLA .. or anywhere for that fact .. I simply implied was it was a good fit.

  39. I could see the Sharks moving Pavelski, Braun/Demers, + pic for Nash. He would look good on the first line with Thornton

  40. Its hard to think of a big trade where the team getting the best player didn’t win in the long run. Columbus’ best chance may be lots of high draft picks as current players given up are likely to be journeymen. Hold off till the off season and you have a better chance of getting quality in return, because to get proper return you’ll want quality a team on a playoff run can’t give up. Dangling him now can define the market, though, and increase fan pressure on susceptible GM’s if there are any.

  41. The Pittsburgh scenario mentioned above – Staal and Johnson plus others for Nash – is absurd. Staal alone might be as valuable as Nash – younger, cheaper, and while maybe not as talented, he plays a solid two-way game and anchors the second or first line on most other teams in the NHL. Given Crosby’s injury history there would be little desire to trade Staal. And Brent Johnson is entirely fungible as a goaltender and has no value at all.

    I don’t see Pittsburgh’s cap accommodating Nash unless Crosby retires, but moving Staal and leaving a gaping hole in the center for a scoring winger seems rather daft to me.

  42. Come on guys, the Canucks don’t need him and don’t want him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player but a 70 point guy making more than the Sedin’s and Kesler – try selling the team attitude after that.

    If he had a year left on his contract I could see them moving Schneider, Raymond, Ballard and a first for Nash and Mason just because it couldn’t hurt and the window is closing but that many years at that contract, no thanks. We already have one anchor of a contract on our hands. And to those of you saying Schneider and Hodgson – Gillis hangs up the phone at Hodgson in this case!

  43. I would love to see Nash in the blue and white but realistically there are only a few teams that could handle his cap hit and even fewer teams that have what the blue jackets want and then he will only give a few teams that he would even go to. very small list, Detroit , Boston and the rangers are it the sharks are out as Columbus does not want a heavy contract or contracts coming back and the Wild isn’t on his list otherwise they have the talent and picks to get him. Boston could do it but would they trade young talent to get him when they are already a cup contender? They are smarter than their appearance would indicate so I would say no they won’t. The rangers seem to be the team that has the best chance unless Detroit says they do, in that case where’s the goalie they want coming from?

  44. Remind me why Ottawa is not on the list of possible destinations?

  45. Will the Kings have two good defensive prospects in Derek Forbort & Thomas Hickey both 1st round picks and Jake Muzzin & Slava Voynov also good NHL ready D-Man , So If they want to package a deal around Jack Johnson they would be ok, Same goes for J.Bernier they have three solid goalies in the Minors ready to go too Martin Jones , Jeff Zatkoff & Jean-Francois Berube are all ready to take the 2nd spot behind J.Qucik !! I think the kings will land Rick Nash at the deadline…Here is what I think will go
    Columbus gets
    J. Johnson
    J. Bernier
    A. Loktionov
    D.Penner (just to cut salary)
    Maybe a prospect for Brassard
    Kings Get
    Rick Nash
    Derick Brassard

  46. Ottawa is rebuilding or so they say

  47. No issue moving four pieces from the leafs but I’m hoping Burke moves two defenceman, instead of two forwards seeing as we need to move bodies.

    Fine with: Reimer, Schenn, Blacker, Kadri, Lombadri (Salary Dump)

    We have already replaced all of the above:

    Reimer -> Gustavsson, Owuya, Scrivens
    Kadri -> Colborne
    Schenn -> Aulie, Holzer
    Blacker -> Gardiner, Percy

  48. He’s 27 not 37, still plenty of good years left in him and next to Spezza could by dy-no-mite.

  49. I agree with Poultsy’s assessment of the cost the King’s (or Panther’s) would have to pay for Nash, and that’s just too much. Then you still have to pay the guy almost 8 million a season for the next 7 years.

    it would be much better for the King’s to stand pat and then this summer throw the checkbook at Parise and his agent (with Semin as a fall back plan) all while keeping the likes of Brown, Johnson, Bernier, Voynov and others. And if the free agent market isn’t there this summer, there’s still a better than average chance that Nash will still be in columbus and possibly available -as i really doubt he’s moved at the deadline for the reasons Spector has mentioned and because Howson is going to ask and expect the sky in return.

  50. the New York Rangers, Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto and Montreal. are the teams on the list or so says NBC

  51. I disagree about the “poor return” for Thornton. The Bruins traded Thornton, which allowed them the cap space to sign Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard and win the Stanley Cup. So was that trade really so bad for them?

  52. Spezza wouldn’t do that well with Nash; Nash is not a “shooter”, he’s a “puck handler/shooter”, huge difference. Not saying they wouldn’t put up over 60 points together, but Spezza also likes to play with the puck, and when you have two puck handers together, one guy usually ends up stranded. If you want proof of this, look at how poor his chemistry was with Sidney Crosby before they finally switched him with Iginla.

    The way Nash handles the puck, I often wonder why he hasn’t transitioned to be a center to fit more of a Malkin mold rather than skating on the wing. Maybe he can change his game to play with a playmaker… but that will take a while, same as it took Kovalchuk over a year to adapt to Devils hockey. Kovy is only started to fit the mold of a two-way winger, having gone even since the fifth game of the season or so.

  53. habsaresuper bahahahaha! Coming from a Habs fan! Last time I checked, the habs weren’t so super.

  54. as a Sharks fan, would any of you give up Pavelski? Greiss, Pavelski, Havlat?

  55. Poultsy, I just think it would better serve Howson to use Carter to land a goalie. With Nash, you only have a handfull of teams to deal with. What if none of those teams have a goaltender to give. I can see Howson trying to move Carter to Boston or Vancouver. Say Rask, Caron and a 3rd rounder for Carter and Sanford?something like that anyway, then he can just focus on getting the best possible return with the limited number of teams he has to deal with.

  56. @Owen….Boston did not get a solid return for Thornton, thats the point. It does not matter that it created space to sign other players. And if I remember correctly, Marc Savard did not play a game in the playoffs last season. The deal was Joe for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart, and Wayne Primeau. Wayne and Brad were later traded to the Flames for Kobasew and I believe Ference. Sturm played for another few years with them and was relatively successful, however he was dealt to LA for what I believe they called “future considerations”….or nothing. Although I believe it is very difficult to judge these big deals, I think Boston did ok, but certainly not great.
    The whole point here is that Nash for whatever they get, will likely result in Columbus getting nothing incredible. The best senario I see is not dealing him. Pressure will be hard on any players dealt to Jackets for Nash. However, if any team can do it, I think LA would have the tools to do it, and the drive to acquire him.

  57. I think with all this nash trade talk and gm’s calling and making offers we might end up seeing more trades than thought. With gm’s making offers that perhaps other gm’s get wind of and realize that that team is willing to deal a certain player that before was thought to be an untouchable. Just an interesting thought.

    As a leaf fan if burke gets nash i wouldnt be disappointed but if he doesnt get him i wont either, it will leave more prospects and current roster players available for other less pricey players in the off season, ie a jvr, bobby ryan, anyone on a team that is unsuccessful this year and wants to try something different like a chicago, washington, vancouver.

  58. If a goalie is not involved in a deal for Nash, which is quite possible, and the plan is to use Carter to acquire a goalie .. then there’s no doubt in my mind that Carter has to be traded first. Also, everyone needs to come to grips with the fact that Rask will not be dealt. Tim Thomas has 1 more year left on his deal. When it expires Rask takes over as the undisputed #1 goalie for the Bruins .. it’s as simple as that.

    Ask yourself this, would you trade Rask? If so, is there any wonder you’re not an NHL GM?

  59. From the Columbus stand point doesn’t it make sense to fire Howson or sign him to a long term deal before allowing him to trade away your franchise player??? The way I see it is Howson will get canned and Nash will stay at least until the offseason. Players like him don’t get traded at the deadline, seems like the media is trying to stir something up for what appears to be a boring deadline day.

  60. I really hope this year’s trade deadline isn’t a complete bust, but I won’t be surprised if there is very little activity.

  61. The only way he leafs get NASH is if burke makes a deal before hand to gain more assets columbus needs as stated above.

  62. Pat,

    As part of a package yes, but no not the primary piece! For example Pittsburgh would need to give up Staal, Johnson, plus , plus….

  63. why wouldnt you trade for nash if your brian burke? reimer a unproven sophmore, kadri a 3rd liner. colbourne decent prospect and schenn a decent d man. dont give gunner and make the trade happen. you can always spend cheap trying to get a goalie in the summer anyways. stick with the monster and sign some 40 year old to back him up

  64. Here is hoping that having Nash in play helps lower the value of the remaining talent on the trade block. It wasn’t looking good for the buyers since there was a clear lack of available talent on the trade block. This should open the door for better deals as GM’s focus there sights on Nash and Carter.

  65. @DT

    I wouldn’t give up pavelski but yeh Demers Braun and havlat in a heart beat! But you’d part ways with either greiss or stalock

  66. No one has said anything about Eric Cole being on the move. Nic Deschamps and Phillip Dupuis for Cole . They both have french names.

  67. Portzline reports trades of such magnitude have sketchy histories, pointing to the poor returns of the Joe Thornton, Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk trades, which didn’t work out for the clubs trading those players.

    Umm Boston has won the cup since the Thorton trade what has San Jose done. Ference and Seidenberg played a large role in that happening and became Bruins in part from pieces from the Thornton trade.

  68. The Best the kings can do is to just trade penner and stoll for maybe picks to playoff teams or players like Stanford or Boyes wait till summer go after Praise or Semin than trade Beriner for top 10 pick in the draft Keep J. johnson , Voynov
    Dont resign
    Stoll (if still with the team before deadline )
    Penner (if still with the team before deadline )
    Trade Williams
    And play players within the farm look at Nolan and King they look good ! Next year kings will be much better watch!!!

  69. Nice imaginary connector to the Thornton trade Kc…

    The only Edmonton fire sale will come if there is actually a bonafide NHL defenseman out there that some team offers them for a group including a real player.

    I am gonna predict this is the least active trade deadline in regards to real legitimate moves being made…
    unless you think your team strikes pay dirt for the likes of Ruutu, Moen or Gill.

    btw is Khabby is the answer for a team….what actually is the question????????

  70. It is not a matter of Burke trading for Nash——it is the matter of Blue Jackets feeling the return pieces are players that they can build a team around.

    …so if they weren’t deemed keepers in Toronto what would that tell you?

  71. CBJ would be wrong to trade either Carter or Nash. i think they should try to land Plekaneks from Mtl, put Carter on the wing where hhe bleongs. the line then would be Nash, Pleks, Carter. I think that might actually make a decent line. Say Columbus’s 2nd???? In any case, I think Columbus should look for a center for Nash and Carter, IMO.

  72. As much as Nash in a Sens jersey would be cool. I don’t feel the assets that would have to be given up would be worth the return. Plus they are going to stick with their rebuild and not do much of anything at the draft. Zibanejad next year and Silfverberg soon after, plus weircoich and Stone. Sens have a bright future without Nash.

  73. Bill Placzek……Nothing imaginary about it those trades happened with pieces stemming from the Thornton deal, granted they were small and probably interchangeable pieces but maybe not.

    Boston should consider making a pitch for Nash using something like Krejci and Rask for Nash and Mason. Maybe Mason will develop better being brought along more slowly and behind Thomas and a better more defensive team. Columbus could pair Krejci with Nail Yakupov and they would have their goalie of the future in Rask.

  74. Oilers Fans are HILARIOUS!

    Edmonton is on the Rick Nash list…. right below Columbus!

  75. CBJ is going to want at least one player that will hurt the other team. Think J. Johnson, Krejci, Dubinsky, etc. In the Leaf proposals, who is the can’t miss player?

  76. All you guys should cool it….Nash won’t be traded…the asking price would be too much combined with the salary. And don’t start slamming me thinking that what Im getting at that Nash isn’t a player that any team would want cause that’s not what i’m saying…the closest thing I’ve read above was the guy who suggested a trade between Columbus and LA that included Doughty going the other way. A star for a star and there ain’t no way LA is sending Doughty the other way. The rest of the suggestions are much too laughable…especially the TOR offerrings…he won’t be traded…But Calgary should offer up Stajan for him….see what I mean…

  77. In addition to previous post it was @fauxrumors that had the post that looked most probable….Columbus isn’t gonna take the best outta all the terrible offers just to trade Nash….he won’t be traded…

  78. for what Howson is going to want i don’t think any of the top 4 teams will make a deal for Nash, if anything it’ll be a team on the edge of the playoffs because it’s just too much of a risk to bring in a guy who’ll likely be the biggest salary on your payroll but has minimal playoff experience. maybe a team like Nashville who have a lot of prospects and can afford to give up their 1st rounder, Lindback, Blum , and a roster player like Erat. the Predators also have to show Weber and Suter they’re willing to go out and spend the money to get the big free agents (they have the Cap room and have said they will spend to the limit). that said i don’t think Howson is going to get the home run he’s looking for and maybe ownership handcuffs him by not allowing it and moves Howson out instead.

  79. The Blue Jackets already have Steve Mason, why would they want Steve Mason II, in James Reimer? Seriously, Reimer sucks, he hit lightning in a bottle ala Steve Mason a few years ago, but now he’s back to reality! Atleast Mason has some seasons under his belt.

  80. Ha, the reason Ottawa isn’t on the list is because nobody gives a crap about Ottawa. Also for the Leaf haters who say they have no assets for landing players are morons cuz they have picks now, a couple big prospects at forward and several on d. I just hope they keep Gardiner!!

  81. Griess, mitchel, havlat for nash. And throw in demers if must. We can live with that

  82. Nash to the rangers. i would love to have him but i dont se it happening. looking forward the rangers have cap problems. next season they will have to carry wade reddens 7 mill on there books because he will be 35 and anyboby 35 or older even if they play in minors there salary must be kept with big club. plus they have henrick lundquist and ryan callihan in there last yr of contract. so right now there are 4 players on team making minimum of 6.5 mil per yr – richards- lundquist- redden- gaborik. so if you add nash 8 mil and the new cally and lunquist ontracks you could possibly have 5 playes eating up 35 mil of cap space leaving around 30 mil for the 16 players they will need to carry. they have afew guys this summer they will want to keep due raises. with the new cba there may be a amnesty clause. so maybe they can buy out itsa tough trade to make

  83. fauxrumors:

    That doesn’t work salary cap-wise.

    To LA: Nash, Vermette, Mason
    To Clb: Doughty, Penner, Bernier

    add LA:
    and Columbus: Clitsome and you’ve got yourself a deal!
    That does work under the salary cap and you get a new/old Captain!

  84. add LA: Brown

  85. players i would like to see NY Rangers get players that would fit into rangers system- – cal cluterbuck would be perfect fit if rangers could find way to pry him out of minny paul bukstad from buffalo would be a nice fit – — brandon sutter from carolina– travis moen from montreal–ryan malone from tampa. there are afew others that could really help the rangers

  86. I think Columbus will only be moving secondary players. They have the all-star game next year so need to keep a few high profile names and if healthy Carter and Nash can make that team decent if they were to add another quaity center. They certainly would not have been this bad if Huselius, Carter, Wisniewski and others were healthy all year.

    I think what they should do is package Umberger and Phalsson to either :

    LA for Bernier and Penner (salary dump) wih Sanford or Mason going to LA as well
    St. Louis for Bishop and Stewart.

    Umberger is the perfect player for either Hitchcock or Sutter (skilled, hard worker that does all the little things with secondary scoring ability),

    Phalsson is the perfect 4th line center for playoff teams looking to make a long run.