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Updates on Rick Nash, Jeff Carter and Jame Wisniewski, the Capitals may be buyers at the deadline, the Flyers still need to address their defense, and updates on Ales Hemsky and Nikolai Khabibulin.


Could the Rangers have interest in Nash?

YAHOO.CA: Greg Wyshynski has a roundup of the latest Rick Nash trade rumors, as Renaud Lavoie of RDS reports an NHL GM told him the Blue Jackets are shopping winger Rick Nash, while Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson has declined comment on the rumors. The New York Rangers are rumored to be one destination, though as Pat Leonard of the NY Daily News observed, the return to acquire Nash could potentially ruin the Blueshirts team chemistry.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The fact Howson won’t comment on the rumors is merely adding fuel to the fire. It’s possible he’s been gauging Nash’s value in the trade market, but he’s not going to just give him away for picks and prospects. The Blue Jackets, in my opinion, are beyond that now. They’re going to want at least a couple of good, established young players who can improve the team now. While the Rangers would probably love to have Nash in their lineup (hell, who wouldn’t?), it would be madness on their part to blow up their successful team chemistry by parting with one or two quality players to get him. That’s not tinkering, that’s a friggin’ overhaul. Sure, it’s possible Nash could be dealt, but moving a player of his caliber usually occurs in the off-season, not the trade deadline. It would be very surprising if they traded their franchise player now, and no offense to the Rangers, but a return of Dubinsky, a promising college player and a first round pick (as suggested by the Ottawa Sun) in my opinion isn’t enough to get him.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson addresses the rumors of the Flames acquiring Jeff Carter, believing Carter isn’t a good fit with the Flames, especially with that big contract. He also points out the return to land him would hurt the Flames depth, plus there would be concerns over his attitude.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports defenseman James Wisniewski wants to remain with the Blue Jackets and help them rebuild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carter’s lengthy contract is the biggest stumbling block. There are teams which would like to have him, but they’re leery of that contract. As for Wisniewski, I don’t see the Jackets shopping him.

WASHINGTON POST: John Feinstein reports Capitals GM George McPhee could make a move or two by the trade deadline, but that could be determined by the return of Mike Green, the health of Nicklas Backstrom, and if Alexander Ovechkin elevates his play. Katie Carrrera meanwhile reports Capitals owner Ted Leonsis gave the impression the team will be busy leading up to the deadline.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Capitals forward Mike Knuble shot down rumors he could be dealt to the San Jose Sharks, calling them pure speculation and without merit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Hat tip to GJ Berg for the CSN Bay Area link.  McPhee hasn’t been afraid to make moves leading up to the trade deadline and I daresay he’ll do so this year, but it’s going to depend on how the team is performing over the next couple of weeks, how Mike Green fits back into the lineup, and of course how long Backstrom could remain sidelined.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers might look to add a defenseman at the trade deadline.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli suggests it might be better for the Flyers to become sellers, rather than buyers, at the trade market, believing there’s nothing currently available in the trade market which could significantly improve the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seravalli makes a good point, but they’re likely to look at making an affordable addition by the deadline.

EDMONTON SUN: Robert Tychowski reports Ales Hemky and his agent are talking contract with the Oilers, but his future remains up in the air with less than two weeks to go before the trade deadline.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson suggests it might not be a bad idea for the Oilers to shop Nikolai Khabibulin at the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Hemsky’s willing to accept a one-year extension for less than the $4.1 million cap hit he’s currently earning, he’ll either be traded or allow this summer to walk away as a free agent. I’ve been suggesting for some time now it might be best for the Oilers to shop Khabibulin and see if they can net a decent return. He’s only got one year left on his contract, is coming to the end of his career, and the Oilers need to determine if Devan Dubnyk has what it takes to be a starter, or if they’ll need to shop for one this summer.


  1. I think Carter would be great in Calgary. I hate all this talk about his contract being bad. 5.27 mill isn’t a bad cap hit and the way the cap goes up every year its going to look like a steal in a few years. His bad attitude ist justified in my eyes, he signed a long term deal with the team he wanted to stay with and then was dealt to one of the worst teams in the league. Players get NTC/NMC’s because they don’t want to go to teams like the BJ’s or oilers. Talk to Carter, see if he’d be willing to go to the Flames, and if he does you give them what they want to get him.

  2. Heard rumors yeasterday about Carter going to the Canucks on Hustler and Lawless, where guest Ray Ferraro was talking about the idea of Carter playing wing on a line with the Sedins. They did not say who Vancouver would have to give up but I am assuming it would involve Schneider and Raymond and Steve Mason would probably be included with Carter to back up Luongo.

  3. Just checked out cap geek and Vancouver would have to dump more salary than just Schneiders and Raymonds to get that deal done. ( Ballard or Booth ).

  4. Rangers
    Crazy for Rangers to change the mix of this team, as I see it the only thing I’d try and add is a old, crusty,
    smart d-man to work with that great core of young d-men they have. He won’t have to play tons of minutes,
    just be there to get them over the rough spots during the playoffs.

  5. Washington:
    So what does McPhee do ? Does he over pay and try and put it back together in the next two weeks,
    or blow it up and start over ?

  6. Let the insane trade proposals for Rick Nash begin lol! Yesterday Greg Brady tweeted Schenn, Colborne, Lupul, 1st rounder in 2012, 2nd rounder in 2013. This is the type of radiculous package I expect we’ll hear for Nash. He’s a good player…border line great. But, I would not completely gut my team and farm system to get him.
    I always thought Roy would be a better fit in cow town rather then Carter. Carter would look good in Winnipeg.
    I am never picking Mike Green in a pool again. I will now refer to him as mr. Glass.

  7. @DurtMChurt
    With the season Lupul is having on the Kessel line, i doubt hes moved anywhere until we see if it was just a fluke year or if hes really that good. Lupul loves it in Toronto, no way hes moved. although i do like the adition of nash, does toronto have what it takes to bring him in? time will tell if hes even moved at all i guess…

  8. I watched Lupul a lot when he was with the Flyers .. he’s a very talented player and I’m not really that surprised by his success this year .. the only thing that’s surprised me, and pleasantly so, is he’s been able to stay healthy.

  9. That’s just the most rediculas trade bull that I have ever heard! Could people get any more stupid! Why would we trade basically 4 first rounders and a second for someone who lets face it has under produced for the last couple years! Someone shoul take that mans twitter account from him now!

  10. @ POE969

    I don’t think anyone has an issue with Carters cap hit, even with his health concerns.

    The big issue is his 10 year contract, and most GM’s are not wanting to go beyond 5.

  11. Now, back to the team’s actually posted in the topic; Carter’s contract is very long, but the actual cap hit is not that bad, and his talent is undeniable. Although, his playing style is better suited to a winger, not a center. The only reason he plays center is his ability to win draws.

    If the Jackets were to actually move Nash, I think Wisniewski would be extremely pissed .. unless the team actually did improve almost immediately. I’m sure he wasn’t interested in joining a team out of UFA, so he could watch them rebuild throughout the length of his contract. I was very surprised when he signed with them.

    I think the Oilers should be looking for some blue-chip, grinding prospects for Khabibulin. I’ve watched them play more recently, and that top line is exciting to watch, but I don’t see them having any measurable amount of sandpaper on the team. After their top line comes off the ice, I want to change the channel.

    Philly has been in the market for a dman for some time now, I’m a little surprised a deal hasn’t been struck for another ageing 6th dman. Perhaps, Homer isn’t interested in someone like that .. maybe he’s interested in more than a rental.

  12. @ Durt…There is a reason why Greg Brady is a sports talk show host and not a quotable analyst. As for Nash, yes he is a great player. Also he is 27 years old, with 8 years left at 7.8 million (which means he costs 3 million per year more than Lupul for similar numbers, (this year at least ).

    Unless he puts the Leafs in the cup finals this year or next ( not going to happen ) I think that is way too much to give up. Leafs need those other guys and picks to continue building the team up so they can be consistent contenders in a few years and beyond. Would love to see Nash in Blue and White but not for that package.

  13. Lots of scouts/GMs at Columbus games recently and for good reason but are they scouting Nash or the cheaper guys like Vermette, Phalsson and Clintsome?

    Problem with dealing Nash is what does Columbus do to market the franchise at the All-star game in Columbus next year when the team has no face?

    If Buffalo is really looking to shake things up and the owner is stil willing to spend a deal like Roy, Stafford and a pick or picks could land Nash.

    Florida would seem the likeliest destination for Nash from a financial persepctive since they are so far under the cap this year and next. They have plenty of youg players to offer and a package of Markstrom plus one of their super young, already in the NHL defensemen plus a pick or another prospect would do Columbus just fine.

    Cap issues aside a reunion with Hitch in St. Louis would be ideal. St. Louis needs his scoring and they have the ammo to get him with a deal centering around Bishop and Stewart looking like enough.

    Flyers could be sellers but only the clear cap space (big problems next year with Pronger still counting regardless of playing situation and signing Carle or a repalcement). They would want prospects or high picks.

  14. “While the Rangers would probably love to have Nash in their lineup (hell, who wouldn’t?)” Really who wouldn’t? Do you think any team would go outta their way to fit in that huge contract for an offense only player who is big but seldom hits or uses it? I know everyone “loves” him and he is good for those TSN highlights of the night every once and a while but seriously, look at his stats, look at his games and the fact is he’s not worth that cap space, not on many teams. I admit to some teams like the Rangers, maybe but every team, I think not.

  15. Columbus isn’t going to keep Nash just because they have an all star game next year. I’m sure the league would like that, but if they have a chance to improve their depth and potential with the right deal they will take it. As many have proposed it will take a ton to get him and I’m not sure anyone will give up that much, certainly wouldn’t expect a cup contender to do so.

    I think if anyone goes for Nash it’s a bubble team (L.A, Toronto, Winnipeg, Washington, Minnesota). Based on Howson’s “no comment” about trading Nash, I think he is absolutely shopping him to at least so what’s out there. Personally I’d love to see him traded just to see his play on a winning team.

  16. I can see Carter going to the kings and playing with Richards again Carter is a LW and scored over 30 goals with Richards so that move can happen the kings can offer
    or Carter would also be nice in Montreal

  17. What burns me is that he signed that stupid contract extension a couple of years ago when he could have been UFA and signed in Toronto and not cost us anything – now whatever team he ends up going to is going to be depleted because of the trade… I think he’s worth the PPP (players, picks and prospects) he would cost – remember the Olympics? He dominated going against the best in the world – he was our best forward on a team of NHL Allstars – he can take over a game when he wants to – he is worth it…

  18. While everyone is playing fantasy hocket….
    Nash to Phoenix for Boedeker, Eckman-Larsen, Pick and Prospect (Pick one they have quite a few good ones, especially on D)

    Maloney does not usually break the bank, he can’t.
    Nash keeps a star in town should the team stay and Doan leave. With the Wizard feeding Nash, his offense and such propels the team to the first 2nd round plus of the playoffs. New owners line up, fans show up….etc….etc….
    His style would fit well with Tip and plugs 2 big holes (star power scoring)
    Columbus gets 2 roster players, affordable ones, with skill and proof that they are what they are (for those that don’t know, look them up!)
    Fantasy land I know…..but it was fun

  19. His numbers are not even close to lupul! He only has as many PTs as grabo and he is a minus 22. I’m not sure I would even trade his straight up for grabo! I know the kid has a good history but don’t you think maybe now and the last couple years he is just living on that? The jackets have drafted low every year so from what I can see is Nash does not have the ability to make players around him better. Not even the good players that all signed this off season. Jmo

  20. Tsn is reporting Nash is being shopped and has a specific lot of teams as per his no trade clause.

  21. His numbers have been pretty okay on a team that’s been staggeringly average at the best of times. Surround him with talent and those numbers improve.

    The Rangers really ought to just not do anything here. Dubinsky isn’t really scoring but he’s doing other stuff that’s really important. Nash isn’t really a top-tier penalty killer the last time I checked. Think he’s been in a handful of fights in his entire career, whereas Dubinsky is able to take care of himself. I also don’t believe Dubinsky is done scoring goals for the rest of his career. Not to mention they’ll have to give away more than Dubinsky, Kreider and a first round pick to get Nash out of Columbus.

    It was disapointing to see the John Shannon story elevated like that. Shannon lost some credibility with that Brooks-like tabloid story. Can’t wait to see what that guy has to say about all this so I can have a conniption fit…

  22. Alright Bruins give the Jackets Krejci, Marchand, Khokhlachev(2nd rounder from 2010), and 1st RD pick. Seguin can take over for Krejci. Matchand is a punk I’m OK with sending him away. This Khokhlachev kid is playing pretty well in Juniors. When they start looking for Dougie Hamilton Bruins Brass JUST SAY NO.

  23. Columbus should not move Carter or Nash unless someone is willing to overpay. Because of his injuries Carter and Nash never really got a chance to mesh which is why they got Carter to begin with, to center Nash. I agree that Vermette, Pahlson would be more likely candidates to be moved.

    I also am onboard with alforducks the Rangers should not mess with a good thing. A couple of minor depth tweeks sure but Dubinsky is the type of player you want in the playoffs, he can play multiple roles, not to mention Kreider is a very good prospect

  24. Teams that want to make a serious pitch for Nash should be in pursuit of a first line right winger who likes to carry the puck, and required to play with him would be a LW that chips in corners and a chippy (not a playmaker!) center.

    Don’t just play that your team should pick him up because he’s a “superstar”, please… a lot of teams in the league wouldn’t be dumb enough to “take the chance” to trade for Rick Nash, especially if they’re probably likely going to give up potentially 2 young top 6 forwards to acquire him. That excludes Toronto unless they trade Phil Kessel, which would be dumb. That excludes pretty much anyone in the central division even though Nashville would be a perfect fit. That excludes teams without the assets to trade for him.

    Major players?

    Think Florida. With Jonathan Huberdeau coming up probably next year, their offense is going to start kicking in gear pretty soon, and with them making a playoff push and their need for scoring, as well as the chippiness of their forwards, what other fit would be better? Tallon will be hunting the deal.

    Winnipeg is also, I agree, a major player, but might have to send Wheeler and Kane the other way to get him.

    Colorado would also be taking a very close look at Rick Nash. They can afford it and they’re up and coming. It just depends on that dolt of a GM they have (I’m sure they’re hunting the guy whose name rhymes with their last good GM).

    Last team I think might want him is LA, but I’m not so sure he’d fit so well there either. If they can sucker CBJ into taking Dustin Brown or Mike Richards + perks, it could be a done deal.

  25. Did bill waters not get major criticism for a tweet a couple. Weeks ago? Anyways this is interesting because it’s not a situation like kaberle last year where media pressured the player, this is a player asking to be moved. Fun trade talk has arrived finally.

  26. Getting Carter to compliment Nash was stupid, most analysts knew it was stupid… they wouldn’t have any chemistry and they don’t really. Carter’s not a chippy or playmaker center, he’s a shooter. Buddy up above was right, he’s more suited to play the wing.

  27. Nash is a much better player than his numbers imply. Weak goaltending and D on that team have contributed to his huge minus number. Nash was a terrific two-way player a couple of seasons ago under Hitch. And you can only do so much with the puck by yourself out there. If he had a linemate who knew how and when to feed him the puck his point total would be much higher.

  28. Minnesota has a bunch of players the Blue Jackets could use to help with the rebuild. Zidlicky, Harding, Powe, Staubitz, Schultz, Cullen, Bouchard, Latendresse, prospects, picks. The Wild need somebody who can score and the Blue Jackets need more depth and a smaller contract. It’s a perfect fit!

  29. NASH will go were Nash wants to go. He’s in TOTAL control!!!! Three words NMC!

  30. I heard on TSN yesterday that people aren’t concerned about Carter’s contract and that he will be dealt.

  31. @ AdRock I agree Nash is much better than his numbers imply. It makes me laugh when people compare his numbers to someone having a good year and say “I wouldn’t trade [Grabovski, or Lupul, or other comparable players] for Nash straight up.” I assume these people have never seen Nash play outside of maybe a game or two in a season, which is not enough to comment.

    Yes Nash’s stats aren’t great this year. But anyone whose seen a fair amount of Columbus games will tell you that it’s clear he’s been beyond frustrated since a couple weeks into the season when he knew he was in for another disappointing year. It’s true Nash would be better with better line mates, but how about a better second line so maybe he doesn’t play every single shift against Shea Weber, Duncan Keith, and Niklas Lidstrom (all in his division for a long time now). Has anyone seen this guy play in a meaningful game? A game where he has an upbeat locker room with guys excited to play the game? Only in Olympic hockey, where he has always looked great….and maybe a few weeks at a time for Columbus.

    The guy is a pure superstar. His cap hit is still too high, but I’d be willing to be every team in the league is interested, although I’m sure it’s only realistic for a handful. As good as he is, Howson will only do it if someone over pays and because I think that’s not too unlikely, he’s smart for making Nash available now.

  32. Trading for a guy like Rick Nash is a problem for many GMs (during the season) of Successful teams like NY, Van, Boston etc. Those are the teams that Rick Nash probably wants to go to as he wants to compete for a Stanley cup. But those team are already succesful without someone like him (not to say that he wont make them better), it could upset the balance of those teams. The asking price would have to include some serious talent and pot sweetners to take back Salary. If the Canucks were interested they would have to do something like this:

    CBJ: Nash, Sandford, Johnson, fourth round pick
    VAN: Ballard, Raymond, Schnider, Higgins, Kevin Connauton, Second round pick, Third Round pick

    This would equate salary, give CBJ a starting goalie, a stud defenceman, and 2 Players to fill out their roster with a Second round pick to sweeten taking on ballard.

    The Canucks would get a decent backup, a depth defenseman, and an elite superstart winger that could play with Sedins or booth/kesler.

    I don’t know if I was Mike Gillis if I would pull the trigger on it, it would really change the Canucks look and this despite its meltdowns was the team that got within 1 game of winning the Stanley cup.

  33. Nash & Carter aren’t going anywhere!!!!!!!! Lets move past this comic relief.

  34. Any chance the.oilers snag Lindback out of Nashville? seems like a.possible 1# keeper in a year or two. the oilers.need a goalie. khabby was.done a year ago and has whiffs of being stellar, while dooby needs more games to clear up his sitiation. people knpw.of anyother.goalie prospect besides Bishop in STL. tha could be availible?

  35. i would love to see the rangers get nash but only at the rite price to blue jackets bickel wolski
    1 round 3 round for nash and prospal

  36. Unfortunately for the other 29 teams, Howson is holding the cards. He has a player who wants to move, and teams that want him badly. He can be offered the moon and the stars and still say no. Being in last place, he gets the best picks all the way through the draft ( unless he gave up some recently in trades I did not check). If he trades Nash he will just get way more, plus decent players, and his trade partner will have to gut their team for the present and or the future. The Rangers need to think about that if they are serious about getting him. Its not as easy as how they landed Richards with buckets of cash.

    This means whatever team gets Nash will have to give up a lot, which in the short term, may not help a contending team. In a rebuild team, they will have to sacrifice their future, and become in effect, another Columbus.

    No matter what, I think that Columbus, and the team that gets Nash, may feel some pain.

    The only teams that make sense to me are Pittsburgh ( think Staal, plus a combo of picks prospects and players), Vancouver ( Schneider plus a combo of picks prospects and players), Boston ( Rask plus a combo of picks prospects and players) and the successful suitor if it is Vancouver or Boston, will be forced to take Steve Mason as well

  37. @Juicebox I don’t know why you think it’s ridiculous for Carter and/or Nash to get traded….They are both clearly available and sought after by a lot of teams. But the price will be steep, especially for Nash. No way would they accept a bunch of junk like Bickel, Wolski, a 1st and 3rd…… But yeah, let’s move on to something else, it’s been beaten to death.

    @Dano I think the Oilers won’t have a problem finding someone along those lines. Lindback would be a great call IMO, and like you mentioned Bishop is another option. He’s always looked bad to me, but I get that people want him cuz he’s a huge goalie….and I’ve only seen him a handful of times so it doesn’t say all that much…..Also I think Harding is a UFA this year, and then of course there’s Bernier and Schneider if they go the trade route and can afford them.

  38. Murph you are way off there is no way Vancouver, Boston or Pitts lands Nash. Vancouver has no cap space so they would have to send ALOT more to CLB to make the money work, Boston doesn’t need Nash as they are the reigning stanley cup champs right now and don’t need to blow up their roster to land him, Pitts needs to sign Neal next year so all their cap space will be long gone on him. The teams I can see landed Nash are LA, Tor, Buf, teams that are a little more desperate.

  39. “Shawn Mitchell reports defenseman James Wisniewski wants to remain with the Blue Jackets and help them rebuild.”

    Don’t you have to first build a successful franchise before you rebuild it?

  40. @ Canadian King,

    That is my point.

    What a team whould have to give up to land Nash is huge. A contending team like Vancouver, Boston, Pittsburgh, might have to give up so much it could take them out of contention for the big prize.

    Yes Pittsburgh needs to sign Neal ,but if they move out Staal, basically that is a wash. That still allows them 9 million next year to carry Nash, and a couple of bucks left over. Sid is on his way back, so that solves centre.

    Teams like Nashville, LA, Toronto, Buffalo, would have to give up so much of what they cannot afford to lose, that it would cripple them for a long time. Thats why I see them not being viable.

  41. Agreed on the Rangers.

    The Flyers.
    Given the lack of quality D-men in the market, I also believe the Flyers should do nothing. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a trade out there for the Flyers to bring a cup to Broad Street. In the perfect world they’d love to have either Shea Weber or Ryan Suter but Nashville still hasn’t went on that drastic losing streak yet and looks as if they’re gonna keep em….
    Hal Gill? Nic Grossman? Bryan Allen? They all may be an upgrade somewhere along the line but I still don’t see a cup. Sometimes it’s best to do nothing and ride it out, rebuild the blueline in the summer when you know for sure what’s going to happen with Pronger. As for Seravalli saying they sould be become sellers….what would they sell? Don’t even suggest any names in the rookie department….they are the future….and Philly has 3 of them that are damn good.

  42. At this rate, Florida looks like the team that is most likely able to get Rick Nash since they are way under the cap, and also have the excess depth on their prospect pool to do the deal…wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

    This will definitely give someone like Johnathan Huberdeau someone to play with and Nash gives them that elite game-breaking sniper they sorely need.

  43. My prediction is Nash goes to San Jose. Makes more sense than most other teams. Not only do the Sharks need to rekindle the magic Thornton had with Heatley, they have the right pieces to move.
    My guess is that there will be a package with Greiss (CBJ needs goaltending help) and a prospect and a pick.

    I admit, this is pure hypothesis and I don’t even know if the cap space is there. I just see SJ pulling off the blockbuster.

  44. Nash for Ovechkin and Semin

  45. @ Puckhead: Agreed .. sometimes the best trade to make, is not to make a trade. The pickins are definitely slim for dman rentals. If the Flyers acquire a dman, it may be a legit hockey trade .. and not a rental at all. There may be more than a few quality dmen in this year’s UFA department as well .. so perhaps it’s best to wait it out and see what’s available then, and when they have a better idea of what Pronger’s situation will be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the LTIR for the remainder of his contract. As long as he doesn’t officially retire, the Flyers can spend against his cap hit.

  46. How about this for the makings of a Nash deal; To Columbus Tukka Rask and David Krejci plus something else perhaps prospects draft picks and then To Boston Steve Mason and Rick Nash.

    Columbus gets their goalie of the future, plus an awesome playmaking centre to play with Yakupov Boston gets an awesome big sniper plus Mason who is still young and perhaps being brought a long slowly behind Thomas it may be just what he needs.

  47. I personally HOPE that the Jackets move Nash and make it a smart move. I think Carter should stay right where he is. When people talk about the All-Star game I would like to remind them that #1 Jackets are going to be rocking Yakupov next year and he is explosive. I think the Jackets should move Nash for a package that includes a sizable top 6 forward, top four defenseman, and a draft pick. Where do I feel the most likely places are and what kind of offers MIGHT be on the table (pure speculation).

    – Detroit (Franzen, White, Brunnstrom, draft pick)
    – Toronto (Kulemin, Schenn, Blacker, draft pick)
    – Ottawa (Greening, Anderson, Wiercioch, draft pick(s))
    – Washington (Semin, Alzner, Holtby, draft pick)
    – Vancouver (Booth, Schnieder, Hamhuis)
    – St. Louis (Oshie, Shattenkirk, Elliot)
    *keep in mind some of these may have CBJ sending other players, pieces, picks as well

    Another outside team that may bid for services but more likley in the off-season could be the Penguins, though I am unsure to how at all and don’t care to speculate.

  48. Is it possible that Nash, (like Brad Richards this summer) is simply not interested in joining the dressing room of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Perceived chemistry is rarely spoken about in the print or tv media because the writer/reporter risks alienating their sources – but players talk.

    As recent polls have suggested, the current Leafs dressing room is simply not one that all-star players with choice want to be a part of. Local media will hype up any possilbe Leaf angle to acquiring Nash – but he will not be going to Toronto. Which is too bad for Leafs fans. Look for the Rangers, Flyers or Kings to win his rights in a trade before Feb 27th.

  49. Give it up Nash dreamers! He still has his no movement clause and is certainly going to use it. He has been playing on a sub-par tema for some time know and isn’t looking to move to another one. He is likely looking to the top 4 teams in the league to offer for him. Detroit, Vancouver, etc and will likely vito any other deals. He controls his own destiny and most likely is weighing he options for which team is most likely to play for the cup. It ain’t Toronto so forget it Leaf Nation, it ain’t NYC either. I don’t think Detroit or Vancouver are ready to implode their teams for one guy so they are out. That leaves teams like Boston, Pittsburgh, etc.

  50. I’ve been saying this for 3 months already Columbus needs a true center man for Nash (which Columbus will not trade anytime soon) Mike Richards is a good passer for Nash, Kings need a real scorer Carter would be a perfect fit …..The kings have the players to make a great win win deal with Columbus
    Kings GET
    Jeff Carter
    Derick Brassard
    Steve Mason

    BlueJackets GET
    Mike Richards
    Jonathan Bernier
    Jarret Stoll
    Works out for both teams and Salery is the same !

  51. I like Nash to the Rangers for Dubinsky, Kreider, Erixon, Wolski (salary dump) and possibly a #1. Gives the Jackets 2 great prospects,a good player in Dubinsky and keeps the Rangers from destroying their current team. Builds a real nice core for the jackets with hopefully Yakupov coming on board and if they play their youngsters next year, perhaps Nathan MackInnon awaits in 2013.

  52. Wonder if mr poille will step up and land nash, they got the assets to do it. Blum, ellis, a first and second u ls get it done.

  53. No way LA trades Mike Richards for Jeff Carter……take that to the bank.

  54. Uhmm… McKenzie says these are just guesses, but his guesses on the teams Nash might accept a trade to includes some combination of Boston, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Toronto, with LA and Vancouver being outside shots.

  55. Nash would look great in a Redwins uniform. It gives them some succession planning eyond Datsyuk and Zetterberg, plus he makes them the favourite for this season. But, who knows.

    Wisnewski is looking forward to the rebuild in Columbus? More like cha-ching, this is going to be a sweet way to squander the rest of my playing days.

  56. Nash to Washington for Ovie. Hunter knows Nash from his London Knights days and Ovie isn’t getting it done in Washington. Shaking up both teams is just the tonic both organizations need. New culture and direction.

  57. Columbus has a disgruntled fan base, 11 years of “building for the future”. Nash is the Columbus Blue Jackets, trading him away will result in a mass exodus of season ticket holders. Think about that as you consider trade offers.

  58. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get a different result.

    Bluejacketinsanity: Having one superstar and no supporting cast year after year for 11 years and hoping for a different result. The superstar is getting older, and fed up.

    The ticket season holders deserve better. Fire the management and start doing things the Dale Tallon way. Zero to hero in a year. First he built Chicago to win the cup. now he is doing it again in Florida. If I were a Bluejackets fan I would welcome that kind of change in direction. Cash in on what Nash gets you and do not look back.

  59. Having Nash move to SJ would be a massive help to their scoring troubles, I’m a huge sharks fan but I don’t think we would part ways with any of our younger crew considering jumbo and patty are getting on we need youth coming through, and I don’t think CBJ would part with Nash for guys that only have 2-3 years of top line play (considering coming up against younger teams), I can see stalock mitchell and a 1st and second for Nash.

    Dougie Wilson will pull of the major trade if he can snag Nash