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Should Rick Nash seek a trade? Are more deals coming for the Blue Jackets?  Are the Islanders close to moving Evgeni Nabokov? What’s going on with Niklas Hagman? Read on for the latest.


Should Nash request a trade?

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau suggests it’s unfair to expect Rick Nash to be part of another lengthy rebuild with the Blue Jackets, and it might be better for him and the franchise if he were dealt for a package of prospects and/or draft picks the Jackets could use to rebuild.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports via Twitter indications are there are no further trade imminent with the Jackets, but are in talks which could lead to other moves. Portzline also “tweets” the fact GM Scott Howson is making these deals is an indication “management” is firmly behind him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s up to Nash if he wants out, and so there’s no indication that’s what he wants to do. As Portzline suggests, it certainly doesn’t appear as though Howson will be going anywhere anytime soon, but it remains to be seen what moves he’s got in the works.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports on Thursday night speculation suggested the Blue Jackets were closing in on a deal with the NY Islanders for goalie Evgeni Nabokov, which was subsequently denied by both teams. Dreger noted there is a market for Nabokov, but he holds a no-trade clause and the reality is goaltending and defense have been the two most consistent elements of the Islanders game. He suggested it may be a tad early for GM Garth Snow to part with an asset which could fetch him a better return later in the season.

ESPN’s Katie Strang yesterday “tweeted” Nabokov had not been asked to waive his “no-trade” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And yet the Nabokov trade rumors persist, in part because the Isles seem to be playing “musical goalies” with he, Rick DiPietro and Al Montoya. Snow might prefer to wait until later in the season to deal Nabokov, but if the Isles keep struggling, he might be forced to make a move to bolster his lineup elsewhere.

CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall yesterday reported Flames forward Niklas Hagman had cleared waivers and been demoted to their minor league affiliate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible Hagman could be placed on recall waivers later in the season in hopes a rival club might claim him for half his $3 million salary, but I doubt a rival club would have interest in him. 


  1. Being an Islander fan here on Long Island, it’s time we part with Nabokov. I think everyone predicted a better start to the season which in turn wouldn’t force us to part with Nabokov so soon, but the facts are the facts, he’s just one of the many players we need to move. Add Blake Comeau, Josh Bailey and the possibility of Kyle Okposo to that list, this team needs to find an identity to take the next step instead of playing musical chairs. Time for Garth to make a few moves and show the fan base he see’s what we see.

  2. Trade Nash? Am I missing something here? I could understand if Nash was 33 years old and you wanted him to have a shot at a cup. The guy is 27. Not only that, but rebuilding isn’t some decade long process. If you land a top 3 pick or so (which Columbus appears well on it’s way to doing), you’re more than likely going to get a star who will be ready to play within the next two years. At the same time, you find some teams that are waiving or getting rid of young players and see if you can pull a gem or two. Nash’s cap hit of $7.8M is going to be a tough sell as well.

    But I’ll throw out a hypothetical trade. Suppose the Kings traded Penner, Bernier, Voynov, and 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks for Nash. Penner would be cap going the other way and he might have some upside. Bernier might turn into a franchise goalie, but he has not played enough to know. Voynov looked really good in the 5 or so games he played and could probably start tomorrow, but he hasn’t played that many games either. The two first round picks will likely be south of 15th overall, so it’s a crap shoot as to what you get out of the draft.

    The only trade that would really make sense is a trade for a younger future superstar like van Riemsdyk and picks. And if they trade Nash, they’d have to trade Carter as well. That would signal a full rebuild which doesn’t seem likely or necessary.

  3. Hear, hear, JDBGiGC!

  4. I honestly think if Columbus traded for a decent goaltender, they wouldn’t have to rebuild. They have a decent forward corps. But Mason looks like he might need a season or two of backup duty to regain his confidence.

  5. Trading nash would simply speed up the rebuild. You would not have to trade carter and Wiz with him to do it either. Keeping those guys gives fans hope and helps bring younger players along more quickly. A good return, use of draft picks and a lucky FA or two and wham it’s done.

  6. I think the Jackets just need a jumpstart. Maybe Howson can work a deal with some of his old friends in Edmonton. They have a few guys that may help, if Hemsky can stay healthy the would look good with Nash. Also rumours that Gagner and Omark may be moved.

  7. i dont think the CBJ could afford to do a rebuild at this point. a canadian team with strong fan support like the oilers can pull something like that off, but in columbus where fan support is dwindling, its unlikely. if they were to trade some of their assets away for picks etc. they are looking at a rebuild which would yield results in about 5 years. they dont seem to have that much time.

  8. JDBGiGC that is a mighty big trade value you put on Nash. Do you really think LA would give up that much for Nash and before you answer that question consider what the B’s got in return on the Joe Thorton trade to SJ.

    Nash is a 27yr old carear 70 pt, 30 goal man vs Thorton (in his Boston years) being virtually the same age with the same points and goals.

    The B’s got no first rounders and no second rounders, just 3 young prospects.

  9. Sorry shouldn’t have said prospects. I meant to say young players from their core.

  10. I agree with DLS, that’s simply too much for Nash. He’s not Crosby. Bernier and J Johnson (+ some deep picks) may be enough. That said, I believe they’re looking to win NOW not rebuild. Attendance has steadily fallen and another proper rebuild (like that happening in Ottawa) would test the remaining fans’ patience to the breaking point, not to mention ensure that new converts would be at a premium since no one will be attracted by a lousy product.

    I agree that it’s the goalie position which needs to be addressed immediately. Perhaps they’re waiting on the return of Dekanich. There is an upside this year in finishing last however, and his name is Yakupov. Perhaps a new goalie and Yakupov is all the rebuild this team requires, and at this point that appears to be possible without a firesale and only a 1 year wait.

  11. I dont think Nash wants a trade. The blue jackets were not a very good team when he resigned his new long term deal so he wont want a trade unless they get really bad …… oh wait a minute, maybe he wouldnt mind leaving Ohio after all. Seriously though, with a healthy team and a few free agents they may become respectable. Notice I didnt include draft picks as the blue jackets history of picks and development has been atrocious. Perhaps if they get the first overall it may make a differance if he can step right in. With the players they have right now they shouldnt be as bad as they are, perhaps the implementation of a different system may work. Afterall what have they got to lose. As for the proposed trade, JDBGiGC dont be redonkuless.

  12. Oh and just because you finish last doesnt mean you will get Yakupov. The draft lottery has not been particularily kind to the last place team over the years.

  13. DLS, I agree that Nash isn’t worth THAT much, but before you use Thornton as an example, understand that they got fleeced. Even Boston fans will tell you they could have gotten more.
    If I where to tweek that proposal, I would say Penner, Bernier, Voynov and one 1st rounder would do it. Keep in mind they’ll have to overpay. Columbus isn’t itching to get rid of him, you’ll have to knock they’re socks off. Penner is a salary dump with offensive upside, bernier COULD be a premiere goalie but atleast they’ll have a first to show for the gamble incase it backfires, and a good prospect.
    This is a tad overkill though. Nash sells tickets. They need to fix they’re goaltending without dumping their franchise player. Nittymaki and Rask (if available) wouldn’t cost Nash and would upgrade their goaltending. If Calgary commits itself to a rebuild, they could ask Kipper to waive his ntc (doubtful) or gamble on Nabby, Harding, Leighton see if they can turn they’re careers around.
    Point is there are better options then trading your franchise player. They need a goalie, Mason needs a few years to gain his confidence or pack his bags.

  14. Thornton trade was made to get rid of his contract and change idenity of the team, Chara signing and savard among others couldn’t of happened and probably no Cup. Trade Nash for some young talent to go with what you already have and you will be on track

  15. Agreed Boston got fleeced. Just making the point that sometimes teams don’t get any where near what you might think a player can yield. If you go back over the years and look at some other trades you will see other examples of other “high profile type players” yielding less then what you might think they are worth. We all know it really depends how desperate each team in the trade is to clear house or add a high profile expensive player in a cap world. Just look at what has transpired with Spezza and LeCavalier not being traded due to their some what decreasing stats, increasing age and huge contract. You have to ask yourself if maybe their home teams arent being offered big value back in a trade.

  16. Don’t count Nabokov down and out quite yet. Playing over seas doesn’t nessesarily mean your carear is finished. A recent case in point with Jagr dispells that myth. If I was Burke and he could be had for a 2nd or 3rd rounder I’d take a shot on the 36yr old and his $570k salary this year. Then again coach Wilson, Naby’s NTC, or Allaires methods could all play a factor in the Leafs bringing him aboard. I’m not sold on a free (UFA) Turco who isn’t game ready and may not be for at least a month.

  17. The Islanders will be making some changes before the Rangers game on Tuesday. Nino Niederreiter will be called up from Bridgeport, so that means Jay Pandolfo will probably get demoted. If Nabokov can be traded within the next couple of days, for anything, and Jurcina is healthy, you can still demote Mottau to the minors and bring up someone like DiBenedetto or Haley to shake things up and bench a player like Comeau or Okposo, or Reasoner. Thus changing the atmosphere of the team short term. Musical chairs is exactly what’s going to happen this year until the Islanders can improve on the talent either later on in the season or on draft day. The Islanders must fix there “problems” internally for now.

  18. Paul, you nailed it brother. Nino and Haley could light a flame under the Isles. You can add Bailey to that benching list. He’s been more invisible then Comeau, KO and Reasoner. Thats saying something considering how awful that trio has been. I’d love to see Pandawful sent packing. Permanently. There is no reason for him to be on this team. He brings ZERO to the team. With rumors of Isles releasing one of their AHL goalies, trading Nabokov would help relieve the log jam of goalies in the organization and allow much needed playing time for those remaining.

  19. lol…

    How can the NYI and Columbus Blue Jackets still be so bad when they drafted so high for sooo long…

    I’m a Montreal Canadien fan and here in Mtl we are despising our drafting and developing…

    But like we say in french:
    When you look at yourself you’re whinning, when you look at others you’re grinning