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Could the Senators have interest in Blue Jackets forward Derick Brassard? Are there other options for the Senators? With Niklas Hagman claimed off waivers yesterday by the Ducks, who could be the next Calgary Flame to move?


Could Senators have interest in Brassard?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray would like to add another top-six forward, possibly a second line center, and could have “mild interest” in Columbus Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard. Garrioch claimed the only Blue Jacket not being shopped is Rick Nash, with “pretty much” everyone else being available, with the objective being to shed salary. Brassard’s salary however could be of concern. Garrioch claimed the NY Islanders are also believed to have interest in Brassard, and they could alleviate the Blue Jackets goaltending needs with Evgeni Nabokov. Another possibility, though it’s considered a long-shot, is Phoenix holdout center Kyle Turris. While GM Don Maloney insists he won’t trade Turris, Garrioch believes “there’s always the chance” he could listen to offers as the December 1st deadline for Turris to be under contract approaches. The Calgary Flames are also trying to move forward Matt Stajan. Garrioch claims the Senators have a surplus of defenseman but there’s been little interest so far in Filip Kuba or Brian Lee.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While “pretty much everyone else” could be available on the Blue Jackets, I don’t believe that applies to Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski, (this summer’s recent acquisitions) or rookie Ryan Johansen. Yes, the Islanders could help the Blue Jackets goaltending by shipping them Nabokov, but his “no-trade” clause ensures he’s probably not going there. If Nabokov gets dealt, I’m guessing it’ll only be to a playoff contender. I believe Maloney’s claim that “under no circumstances” will be move Kyle Turris rules out any possibility he’ll entertain trade offers before December 1st. The Flames would probably love to move Stajan, but his expensive contract will probably keep him in Calgary. If the Senators move Kuba, it probably won’t happen until close to the NHL trade deadline, as no team wants to pick up the bulk of his $3.7 million cap hit for this season. Lee’s been a fixture in the Senators rumor mill since last season but there’s been no interest in him.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports yesterday’s waiver claim of forward Niklas Hagman by the Anaheim Ducks leads to the question of which current Flame could be next to leave. Matt Stajan has been a healthy scratch of late but it may be tough to find any takers for his $3.5 million per season cap hit, while Rene Bourque’s name has been a fixture in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, Bourque would be the easiest to move, but his salary and inconsistent performance makes him a tough sell. Forget about trading Stajan, I don’t see any team having much interest in him, especially with that cap hit.


  1. I wonder what it would take to get Brassard. Like Turris, his trade value is wayyy lower then his potential. But on a rebuilding team I think he’d be worth the gamble, assuming the price wouldn’t be too steep.

  2. Could they convince Stajan to the minors and then put him on re-entry and try and see if a team would claim him at a more friendly $1.25 million instead? The only question would be if that team would want to be stuck with him for 2 more years following this one.

    As much as I like the story of Borque I don’t see him moving. $3.33 a year for the next 4 after this does make him a hard pitch, a very hard pitch. A big issue for the Flames right now is that when trying to shed cap all of these $3 mil+ players that are just sucking are locked up for multiple years still. Only really Sarich is coming off the books this year.

    I think for Calgary if they need to free up space my bet would be to get Stajan on re-entry and hope someone like Colorado, Winnipeg, or Carolina is willing to pick up the low cap hit. Then take a lower return then being asked for when it comes to Borque, maybe try getting a normally cash conscious team to try and take him on. I know we hear under no circumstances and I do believe it, but what about

    CGY: Turris
    PHX: Borque, Irving

    Gives Phoenix some scoring and another future goaltender. Irving, Visentin could be a solid future duo. Won’t happen, just thinking of what I feel is a win for both teams.

  3. JJB…The way I see it Bourques contract isn’t that bad, sure the term is a little lengthy but the cap hit is good for what he can do. Just remember that he has NO good linemates in Calgary and besides Iggy and Kipper the whole team is just brutal, with an exception to Giordano and Bourque as well. There is no way in hell that Turris will land both Bourque and Irving, if anything Phx would have to sweeten the pot for Bourque, as Turris has done F’ all in his career except whine.

  4. Stajan is a bum who cashed in on a good year from a desperate GM he isnt going anywhere unless he picks up his play and starts getting some points.

    Bourque might get a decent second rounder right now but I dont see any team giving up major assets for him.

    Turris will sit this year and be forced to sign with Phoenix in the summer if he wants to play, which is exactly what they should do with him. I think Phoenix has put a high value on him and any team is going to have to give up a young center to get him.

    I would say more along the line of someone like Stanstny,

    To Col – Turris,2nd rounder, prospect
    To Phoenix – Stastny ,3rd rounder

    I cant tell you why Col would make that trade but if you ask me thats the kinda deal that will change Maloney’s mind about not trading him

  5. Kuba was awful last year, but it seems that an off season free of injury has done him a world of good and he’s bounced back in a big way. He’s really been one of the Sens better defencemen in all areas and would likely gather a lot of interest at the deadline.

    Lee has played well too this season, but has once again been limited by the numbers game. He’s kind of re-invented himself as a stay at home guy (once projected as a puck mover) and had some success. He’d probably be a good depth option for some teams but it may take significant injuries to a team’s blueline before he gets a real look.

    Brassard would be a good fit for the Sens – who have been looking for a local, French speaking player since Vermette was traded to the BJs (and Leclaire didn’t work out). Rookie Stephan Da Costa has shown some vision but is probably being asked to do too much at this point. Brassard would be an upgrade at 2C.

    Name I’ve heard mentioned going the other way is Patrick Wiercioch – a solid defensive prospect who has fallen down the Senators depth chart a bit since Karlsson, Rundblad and Cowen were acquired and local product Mark Borowiecki started turning heads unexpectedly.

  6. Can somebody explain why Nabokov to Columbus would be even considered. Nabokov may or may not be an improvement. Nabokov could help a team that has championship potential, like say Detroit, where he should be playing right now. Nabokov is old and what exactly would he do for a struggling and rebuilding club? The best they could hope for is that Nabokov makes them mediocre and instead of drafting their next franchise player in the top three, they draft a player at 10 to 15 that may not even make the NHL. At this point, Columbus is well on it’s way to a top 3 pick.

    The other thing is they already have a potential franchise goalie in Steve Mason. I’d recommend improving their defense before they give up on Mason.

  7. No to Brassard. A healthy scratch on a bad team… no thanks.

    If the Sens want anyone out of Columbus… bring back Vermette.

    He’s not a big scorer…. but he is a good penalty killer…. something the Sens need help with.

  8. Spector you were saying you didnt think the blue jackets would trade Carter or Wiszniewski which is probably accurate. However dont you think it may be prudent to do so and stock up 1st round picks and prospects. This team is going nowhere fast and needs to re-build. I really dont think Carter is going to help them much anyways and IMO is a bit over rated. He needs a good team behind him like Philadelphia. Yes I know a rebuild may chase away fans but to continually be mediocre at best and miss the playoffs every year isnt exactly filling the seats with bums either. I wouldnt trade Nash unless he absolutely wants out but maybe thats what Columbus is afraid of if they trade these guys. He probably resigned because management promised to sign free agents to make the team better but it just isnt working.

  9. To be fair, injuries and suspensions havent helped either but I dont think it would have made much difference. It has probably shown management just how much work is yet to be done.

  10. I feel really bad for Steve Mason. He is still a young goalie, and I think he has a lot of potential. Just for fun I wanted to see which goaltenders had faced the most shots this season, with the rationale that perhaps he would look much better with a more solid D in front of him and more defensive support from the forwards, and less shots getting through. Honest to God, I can name most of the forwards, but I cannot name one Defenseman on Columbus. So of all Goalies, including starters and backups, Steve Mason has faced more shots than any goaltender in the league except for 8 golaies. And who might they be? Ward, Rinne, Pavelic, Anderson, lehtonen, Hiller, Quick, and Crawford. Vokoun sits at 20th. Facing 25% less shots and sitting at 25th on the list of most shots faced, Tim Thomas. So I think Mason deserves a bit of a break until they can put a team in front of him that values defense as much as Offense. I think that alone calls for a coaching change, someone in the Ken Hitchcock mold, who they fired, and since have only gone downhill. Craig Ramsay would have been a good one, but Florida snapped him up as an assistant!

  11. Montreal offers Gomez for Stajan & Bourque… Deal?!

  12. Does anyone else find it weird how the Sens seem to constantly be interested in various players from CBJ? Are they seriously looking to replicate the problems that Scott Howson has on his hands or does Murray feel that this team is nothing more than a spare parts bin that as it appears, only he has access to?