Latest on the Canadiens, Wild, Devils and Lightning – February 16, 2012.

Updates on Andrei Kostitsyn, Hal Gill, Marek Zidlicky, and the Lightning’s plans for the trade deadline. All 100 percent Rick Nash free!

LA PRESSE: Marc Antoine Godin reports Montreal Canadiens winger Andrei Kostitsyn has not asked the Habs to be dealt. “Not yet, said Kostitsyn. I have not spoken to my agent, but we’ll see based on next two games. ” He recently said his preference was to re-sign with the Canadiens for less than market value, but his situation with the club has deteriorated in recent games.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports current Habs defenseman (and former Bruin) Hal Gill is believed on the Bruins shopping list as the deadline approaches.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be surprised if Kostitsyn, Gill, Travis Moen and Chris Campoli are still on the Canadiens roster following the trade deadline.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Wild defenseman Marek Zidlicky’s agent said his client waived his NTC to go to the New Jersey Devils, but Wild GM Chuck Fletcher claims he was not approached about it. Fletcher won’t be boxed in by only having one team to trade Zidlicky to, claiming there are other teams (possibly Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida and the NY Rangers) who’ve expressed interest. He could also decide to retain Zidlicky beyond the trade deadline to this summer, when his NTC becomes limited and Fletcher would have more options.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports the Devils might not be able to acquire Zidlicky unless they can find some way to balance their budget, possibly by moving some salary. Sources also say the Devils might have interest in former Devil and current Winnipeg Jets blueliner Johnny Oduya.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like the Zidlicky camp may have stepped in it with Fletcher, especially if he decides to hold only the disgruntled defenseman and try to move him this summer, when he’ll have more options. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds in the coming days.

TAMPA TRIBUNE/TAMPA BAY TIMES: reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman could be a seller at the trade deadline, as the club has failed to gain ground in the standings, going 1-3-1 in their last five games, sitting 13th overall in the Eastern Conference. “Players such as Dominic Moore, Pavel Kubina, Brett Clark, Adam Hall or Matt Gilroy – all scheduled to become unrestricted free agents at the end of the season – could be used as trade bait for a team looking to add depth for a playoff run, as well as Ryan Malone and Steve Downie”, writes the Tribune’s Erik Erlendsson. Damian Cristodero of the Times, however, reports the Lightning would prefer to retain Malone. It’s believed Yzerman is in the market for draft picks and prospects.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Yzerman doesn’t want to part with Malone, he won’t be going anywhere, as there won’t be an realistic offer big enough at the deadline (unless, say, Vancouver lost their minds and offered up Cory Schneider) to get him.


  1. I think Montreal should show some realism here and get selling with the market as it is now. The more teams that become sellers in the next 2 weeks, the less the return for the above players.

  2. @ HABS, while you are right the more sellers, in theory the lower the price is. However, GM’s might be willing to sit tight and see what other options become avail to them? I think if the Habs would’ve been in sell mode a few weeks ago, their fortunes may have been better?

  3. From my perspective, there are moves that could be made even if the Habs were to win every remaining game. With the way Cunneyworth is using AK, he may as well be moved as soon as possible. If we do that, we actually replace AK with Bourque and have freed Cammy’s salary to sign a true top-6 guy in the off season. We should move AK before the situation gets worse than it is and get some value for him.

    Also, Campoli does not improve our D. If anyone wants him, shed him.

    If there are serious playoff hopes, Gill and Moen would be keepers because of the PK. And I think we will continue to get value for them right up to the 27th, so I can live with holding them for the next few days. I would hate to see Gill improve the Bruins team and would prefer to see him in the western conference. Some think the Habs may re-sign Moen. I think that’s an issue of balancing what we can get him for versus what we can get for him.

  4. I don’t see why Montreal should trade moen, they need more players like him not less.

  5. Yeah, I’m a big Moen fan – he’s a hard worker and has some of the drive the team has clearly been missing this year. However, I think if Ryan White has a good next few games before the deadline, that will make Moen more expendable. They’re basically playing the same role, White is younger, and Moen has some decent trade value.

    I agree that saving money for a top-line player is key. At the moment, we’re chock full of 2nd/3rd liners. The Cole-Desharnais-Pacioretty line is an excellent 2nd line by any standards, but compare it to other playoff teams – it’s not a #1 line. Plekanec is an awesome 2nd-line centre – great defensively, chips in 20+ goals. Eller and Leblanc will form a steady 3rd line next year – *maybe* 2nd line in the future. Bourque is a good 2nd-line player, as well – not consistent enough for top-line duty. Same for Gionta – more consistent, but I think a 20-25-goal man these days, no more.

    Unfortunately, in my view, that leaves us needing an entire top line. But what do we give up to get it? A few re-building years, I figure…

  6. I think Moen and Gill will bring better returns than AK and Campoli will ( late round picks in return or Hamilton bound players for these 2 guys ) . The more teams interested the higher the return. The Habs may get lucky and have a bidding war on Moen or Gill netting them as high as a conditional late 2nd round pick ( condition would be if the UFA player resigns if not the pick drops a round or 2 ) Unless someone knocks your socks off with an offer it’s best to wait to trade Moen & Gill, make the teams that want the players pony up more, someone will eventually pay out.

  7. but I agree with some of the other posters , better to resign Moen if he wants to stay at a reasonable price but if he’s gonna walk better to get something in return

  8. Trade AK47 and an old NASA shuttle to Russia for a retired player who can teach the rest of the Habs how to take a shootout.

  9. @Habs: totally agree. If the Ghost doesn’t know if he is a seller yet.. then he needs to check his junk mail folder for that memo. Right now there is a limited number of players available. If the Habs start selling they get top value right now.

    I don’t think they can get high picks for Gill or Moen, but maybe you get a 1st pick if you put those two together and send them to a team like Chicago.

  10. @NikK , interesting comment , you think the Habs would get more now rather than waiting ? personally I’d make other GM’s sweat especially if a few teams were making inquires ( but that is just me )

    guess it’s kinda like playing poker , go all in , or trap

  11. Jersey’s not gonna touch Oduya. I don’t know who made that up, but I doubt Jersey wants him back. He had like 5 points in 50 games when they traded him; that’s not going to fix their PP OR their defense.

  12. Apparently Stevie Y said he won’t play Kubina untill he is traded. Although nothing is immenent, Kubina has played his last game for the Bolts.

  13. Some are saying Kubina to St. Louis or Chicago. I’ll take Ben Bishop please!

  14. In addition to the 4 players listed that the habs are looking to deal, I think they should be shopping Kaberle as well. He would have only two years left on his contract and has put up good point totals and a decent +- playing 2nd/3rd pairing minutes. If there’s any time to trade a guy it’s deadline day as gms get panic stricken and feel the need to make moves to bolster the club. That would free up more cash to take a serious run at Suter in the off season

  15. Would like to see Gill back in Boston but do Montreal and Boston deal with each other.
    I didn’t think they talked to each other kinda like Red Sox Yankees.
    Also not sure if Gill is much of an upgrade over Boston’s starting six.
    Maybe Corvo.

  16. gill and chara on the ice at the same would not be pleasant for an opposing player entering the offensive zone ( sure they are a bit slow but you better keep your feet moving and your head up ) . would be good on the pk too , talk about serious wing span

  17. Gill + a bit slow = being the most kind with words.
    I love Gill, excellent on the PK. He’s the main reason, with Gorges, the Habs have the best PK in the league. But he’s slower than slow. And does NOT use his size like Chara does.

  18. Has anyone noticed that Subban is a RFA this summer and will get some serious offers from teams like Detroit, Colorado, Edmonton, Chicago …..

  19. I suspect Kubina goes to Washington for a pick. I would say 3rd round, 2nd at most.

    Caps should be able to handle whats left on his contract with their LTIR position. He is a UFA at the end of this season.

    One other possibility could be New Jersey.

    Called it.

  20. I could see Kubina going from Tampa to Philly for a half-decent pick. The two teams have made numerous deals together and Yzerman owes Holmgren some kind of favour after fleecing him for Gagne two summers ago. Philadelphia needs a solid defenseman to upgrade their blueline and has a number of reasonable prospects or picks to offer for Kubina’s services.

  21. @ fergy
    I dont know for sure one way or another, but supply/demand dictates they get more now if they make a deal. Towards the deadline way more guys like Moen are available and the price goes down.

    I also think it is in the Habs best interest to deal a guy or two now, and start the trading cycle. Then they can deal their bigger pieces like AK and Gill at the deadline when the action heats up.

  22. Time for Yzerman to clear the cupboard of the useless players and get some draft picks. Then call up some kids for some NHL experience and see what they can do.

  23. Habs should pack there bags but if they could sneak into playing Bruins first round you know it would be a great series. I dont know why… but Habs always play Bruins to the brink. and I would love to see Bruins beat up PK Subban. I hate him so much. regardless Habs have to much pride though to pack it up.

    Go Bruins!

    We do NOT want Kevin Stevens. OOPS! I mean Rick Nash…