Latest on the Canucks and Bruins – April 27, 2012.

More speculation on Roberto Luongo, while Tim Thomas’ future with the Bruins seems uncertain.


Could Luongo & Thomas be on the move this summer?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks GM Mike Gillis yesterday denied reports Roberto Luongo was about to submit a list of preferred trade destinations. “We’ve met, but we’ve decided we’ll take our time and talk in the next few days over the phone,” Gillis said. “I’m not quite sure why something like that [the reports] would be out there.” Since becoming Canucks GM, Gillis has said he wouldn’t ask a player to waive their “no-trade” clause.

SPORTSNET’s Nick Kypreos recently reported via Twitter “Luongo asks for trade. Van didn’t even need to ask him to waive NTC. He tells them himself in exit meeting he wants out”

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reported one of the appealing things about Luongo’s contract is it doesn’t contain a “no-movement” clause, meaning he could be buried in the minors later in his career to free up cap space, but while that’s allowable under the current CBA, it might not be in the next one.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reported it’s believed Luongo would prefer moving back to Florida, provided there’s interest from the Panthers and/or Tampa Bay Lightning, and claims the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks “are also on the 33-year-old goalie’s list”, though he’d have reservations going to either market. Dreger suggests Luongo’s status as an elite goalie is fading, which might prompt the Canucks into taking on an expensive contract to “sweeten the pot”. He believes there will be interest in Luongo on the trade market, but how much will depend on how creative the Canucks are willing to get.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle lists the reasons Luongo would be a good fit for the Maple Leafs.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero on why adding Luongo would be difficult for the Lightning, citing the veteran goalie’s expensive, lengthy contract, and the difficulty fitting it into the Bolts cap space. “Many believe left wing Ryan Malone and his $4.5 million cap hit is the key, but Yzerman and coach Guy Boucher like Malone a lot”, writes Cristodero. ” He provides a physical element the Lightning desperately needs and his actual cash salary next season is just $3 million.” Malone also has a “no-movement” clause. Moving a forward like Malone or Vincent Lecavalier for Luongo would thin their depth among their top six forwards. He believes GM Steve Yzerman would prefer to land a younger goalie who can grow alongside the team’s young stars.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports Luongo might not  be the only Canuck who could be on the move this summer, suggesting center Manny Malhotra and winger Mason Raymond may have played their final games as Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Luongo going to Chicago, as the Blackhawks seem committed to Corey Crawford as their starter. The Panthers have another season invested in Jose Theodore and Jacob Markstrom on deck, whom they see as their goalie of the future. I doubt they want to take on Luongo’s big contract, then end up trying to move him in two or three years if Markstrom proves ready to be an NHL starter. Cristodero makes a terrific case why Luongo isn’t a good fit with the Lightning. The Maple Leafs would be the best fit of the bunch, provided GM Brian Burke is willing to take on the type of contract he’s railed against in recent years. As for Malhotra and Raymond, they could be shopped this summer, or the former could be bought out of the final year of his contract, while the Canucks could decide not to qualify Raymond’s rights, making him a UFA.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris and Steve Conroy report on possible off-season moves by the Bruins, with the future of Tim Thomas topping the list. Both note Thomas, 38, has one year left on his contract, and his “no-movement” clause expires on July 1st, making it possible for him to be dealt anywhere in the league. They wonder if Thomas gets shopped this summer, or if they keep him for that final season, allowing Tuukka Rask to be eased into the starter’s role. Moving his salary could free up cap space to pursue Nashville defenseman Ryan Suter or New Jersey winger Zach Parise via unrestricted free agency.

GM Peter Chiarelli must also decide if inconsistent forward David Krejci ($5.25 million per season) is worth retaining, and if he’ll re-sign RFA forward Benoit Pouliot. He also has to consider re-signing UFA forwards Chris Kelly, Daniel Paille and Gregory Campbell.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reported Thomas’ post-game comments after the Bruins were eliminated by the Capitals seem to suggest he could be moving on this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting that the two starting goalies of last year’s Stanley Cup Finalists could be on the move only a year later. If they retain Thomas, it’ll be to help Rask transition into the starter’s role. They don’t have to rush him out the door. Yes, trading him could free up salary, and there would be teams interested in Thomas as a short-term starting goalie, but again, the Bruins aren’t in any hurry or facing pressure to move him. Chiarelli will listen to offers.

They do have over $59 million invested in 18 players for next season but one of those is Marc Savard, whose NHL career is, for all intent and purpose, over because of concussion injuries. They could try to move Krejci, but they’ll probably have better luck shipping out Thomas. The uncertainty over what’s contained in the next CBA will also be a factor in whatever moves Chiarelli makes this summer.


  1. First off if Luongos last choice is Toronto then why would you want a guy that really doesnt have his heart to play there and just go through the motions especially at $6 milliomn …..for a goalie thats suicide …a goalie needs to be 150% emotionaly invested in the team and each game for success.

    I think for the Leafs Tim Thomas is the best bet and the better goalie ….being in the same division I think Thomas may have a desire and fire in his play all year long to beat the Bruins every chance they get and in the standings as well …and would give this guy a new lease and passion to play for …theres nothing better than revenge giving a goalie a driving purpose …and thats when Tim Thomas plays his absolute best !!!!

    Thomas is not done by any means and can still be one of the best goalies in the world for the next 3 years and whatever team gets him will automaticaly be a cup contender!

    I still cant understand why all this talk is about Tim Thomas & Luongo when the best Goalie available is Mika Kiprusoff …the only reason he is under the radar is because Feaster has not made it clear if hes going to be on the block …big mistake by Feaster as he is driving down the stock of Kipper and putting TT and Bobby Lou in more demand …Feaster needs to get his act together and make a TRUE business decision to either cut bait or stay the course once again!!!!!

    My Predictions are :

    Luongo goes to Florida
    Tim Thomas goes to Detroit or Toronto
    Kipper goes to San Jose or Philly

  2. I can’t see Thomas being moved. The B’s are better off keeping him and allowing Rask to be eased in to the starters role. Worst case they can trade Thomas at the trade deadline as a rental for someone and get a decent return.

  3. Thomas will be traded just not to Toronto as it may come back to bite them in the …….. Rask is the next Bruin starter and if you dont start playing him he will want out. Bruins need the cap room to go after Parise.

  4. @ Beergoggles

    Boston has been easing Rask in for the last 4+ years what more are they to do???
    If hes not ready now then he will never be ready!
    I think it would send a terible message to Rask to say they are still unsure of his services …..AGAIN!!
    when its really not the case !
    thats how you ruin a goalie!

    Trading a goalie at the trade deadline is suicide ….look what happened to Boston this year ..Rask got hurt going dowm the stretch and they were one play away from having an unkown minor league goalie playing the playoffs!
    You need two strong goalies in the playoffs!
    Not adviseable!

    I still feel Parise will stay in New Jersey …..and Broduer will retire as he looks a littel worn …and Parise will take on what Brodeur would have been paid as if it was a long term contract ..Devils will have the room!
    I think this is in place all ready or Lou would have traded him at the deadline wher he would have been able to re tool and bring in future stars in the deal which they need!

  5. i don’t see thomas getting traded for the reasons spec and other have mentioned but also because they still have to be considered contenders again next year and as rask’s injury showed this year you need depth in net just like anywhere else. thomas and rask make an excellent duo. give rask even more starts next year, let local hero thomas leave of his own accord, and then find a solid back up for rask the year following.

    • Thomas will be traded and should be traded. Get something for the guy. As I said yesterday if Toronto has the best offer trade him to Toronto. I love the Bruins they come right after family for me BUT I love good hockey no matter what just as equally. That trade would surely kick the rivalry up a notch. The Leafs probably make the playoffs with Thomas as their starter and the Leafs in the postseason is always good for the NHL.

  6. Luongo wants out right. So then Vancouver should open up the bidding to all teams. Let Luongo make a decision he doesn’t want to make. IF the only fair offers for Luongo come from lets say Columbus and the Islanders then Gillis should go to him and say how bad do you want out? These are your options these teams or you’re Corey Schneiders back-up which will it be. I truly think he wants out and for now is sticking with the Florida teams, the hawks, and Leafs. But when it gets to August or September and nothing is done he’ll start looking to just move. Luongo strikes me as someone who is overly sensitive and thin skinned he won’t want to stick around for too long and be the elephant in the room.

    • Yea the nucks would love to have a 5.3 million back up

      • Eddie, that team isn’t a disaster they will probably have to take back salary in any deal anyway. But needs to be on their terms more than Luongo’s. To often teams appease the player that wants out far too quickly. And like I implied in my post Luongo will not let it get that far because he cannot deal with being Schneider’s back up. He’ll make changes to his list you’ll see.

  7. I honestly don’t think Luongo will end up a Leaf, but I can’t say that with 100% certanty. Instead of listing my reasons for and against a trade, I’ll only muse on what it would take to land him. IMO more then Luongo would have to be coming this way for the fact we’d be taking such a large contract. Also, I believe it would cost more then a bag of pucks and an autographed McCabe jersey to get him. So here goes nothing.
    To Van: Mac, Lombardi, conditional 2013 1st. (being if we make the playoffs, if not they get a 2014 1st)
    to Tor: Luongo, and one of Jensen, Rodin, or Tanev
    Luongo and Malholtra for Kule, Connolly, D’amig. And a second.
    Again, I don’t think the Leafs will go after Luongo, if reports are true that Vokoun’s agent approached BB last July 1 and was told no thank you. I can see us signing him this time around on a short term deal if he’ll accept. I also like Kipper way better if he’s availible, but he will likely cost an arm and a leg (completely worth a big package IMO) but if Lou’s the man then that’s what I’d offer.

  8. Question is… would the Leafs prefer to use their tradable assets to get Luongo or go after Nash?

    I think Luongo could land in Tampa… for the right price.

    Thomas will probably stay in Boston… Is Rask ready for a #1 role…

    Interesting Parise to Boston… with Savard probably retiring.. but what of Horton? There are other UFA’s to sign…

    Interesting offseason coming…

  9. My guess would be that Chirelli tries to land either Suter or parise first. If he does, Thomas goes, if not, he stays. It would be wrong to part with Thomas just cause, they need a reason…and a firm one, not a potential one. if the Bruins ditch Thomas and loose out in the UFA sweepstakes, they will have very little to show for the summer.

  10. Luongo:
    He will definitely be gone from Vancouver. I don’t think he is worth more than a 2nd round pick with that comittment. Florida and Toronto are highly unlikely becasue they have young guys they don’t want to block. I hihgly doubt Tampa wants an aging goalie with a long term deal. The Devils badly need a tender if Brodeur retires, and without one Parise is gonzo. If the Islanders get him, they significantly improve their chances to get in the playoffs. None of these teams will part with a valuable asset (young players, 1st picks) for him. Vancouer has no negotiating power as they need to move him and use his cap space for help elsewhere.

    Will use the cap space provided by mving Luongo to re-up Schneider, brin in a veterain backup, and improve their defense by signing a Wideman type guy. Realistically this team is as stacked as any in the West and only need to re-tool slightly.

    100% will not accept a trade to Toronto. The Leafs will address their goltending situation prior to July 1st (at the draft) so they will be out of play once Thomas’ no-trade clause is up. Besides, Boston will not deal him to a divisional rival. IMO he goes to Chicago for a package of youth/picks of some sort.

    They use the assets gained from dealing thomas and put together a package for Nash. Chirelli will not play the waiting game on Parise as there is much more competition for him than there are teams willing to pay a steep price for Nash. I also beleive they prefer the bigger body of Nash. Boston is in great shape, and swapping Thomas for Nash (with a few tweaks to the cap here/there) can be an even better team next season. What they lacked is goal scoring and Nash will provide that. At that point, Horton can be moved for another d-man if they feel they need an upgrade. But no harm in keeping Horton and making a decision as the season progresses. This would give Boston a lot of assets to make a splash at the deadline.

  11. @ Chris – I can’t see Luongo in Florida again. That team is bleeding money, even with the extra $4 mil or so of playoff revenue. The only reason Dale Tallon went on a spending spree last summer was to make the salary floor.
    Kipper to Philly, not going to happen. They’ve hitched their cart to Bryz and right now, that cart is into the second round of the playoffs. In the unlikely case that Philly gets blown out in four straight letting in 6+ goals per game and Bobrovsky is of no help AND there’s an amnesty buy-out period in the upcoming CBA, THEN maybe they begin to ponder it. Maybe. If Bryz plays solid and the Flyers get through another round, I think there’s no question we’ll see him back in the black & orange next year.

  12. Kipper is going to Tampa or New Jersey. With Tampa “as some will call it history” Feaster will be able to land their 1st rounder plus more. The trick with NJ is Brodeur, does he retire? IF he hangs them up, Kipper could be trade there like Sutter did for Bouemester…for Parise’s rights and a chance to sign before anyone else can plus other conditions to go along with it.

    Either way i would take Kipper over Loungo and Thomas.

  13. Trading Thomas is risky, but OTOH, they lose him for nothing in a year. Tough call.

    No thanks to Nash; too expensive both in contract and assets going the other way. Why not bid on a UFA and not pay any assets, just money.

    Gotta replace Horton’s goals somehow. Had they known he would miss half the season they could have kept Ryder.

    • Sure, he doesn’t cost assets, but there is definitely no guarentee that he will sign. And if you are left holding your nuts July 1st- you havn’t addressed you biggest need: Goal scoring.

      Also, Parise will sign a Brad richards type contract, over $7M, so he is basically the same $ as Nash.

      Essentially it is a flip of Thomas for Nash. I’d do that in an instant if i ws Boston and not gamble on whether or not you can sign Parise. You’re up against: detroit, Minnesota, Toronto, LA, Philli, NYR, Dallas, SJ as teams that will for sure make a bid for him.

      I’d just rather not get lost in that kind of clutter.

  14. I agree with BW III
    The B’s can’t part with Thomas and rest all there hopes on Rask who has only 13 playoff games back in 2009/10. Also what happens if Rask gets injured, then what do they do? I think the B’s will keep him next year. With that said if they do move him no way he goes to Eastern Conf team and comes back to bite them in the ass by knocking them out next spring with a spectacular performance which could easily happen. Chiarelli’s a smart guy and that’s a stupid risky move.

    It sounds like Kipper won’t be moved but if I was the leafs I’d offer this years first rounder, a MacArthur type roster player along with a prospect for him. If Kipper costs more then that then try and sign Vokoun on a $3.0M/season two year deal.

  15. Luongo, Raymond, Malhotra and Ballard to Toronto for MacArthur, Reimer, Schenn and Kadri.
    Both teams get a win/win salary wise and Toronto gets rid of the feud between Phaneuf that has hurt the team. Malhotra has a couple good years left and is arguably one of the best faceoff men in the game. Raymond is one of the fastest players in the league and has been used at times with the Sedins and so could fit at times with Lupul and Kessel. Ballard is a good hard nosed defenseman. If the Leafs don’t believe in Kadri it is time to move him and I would love to see him a Vancouver jersey.
    While I don’t see Burke and Gillis working out a deal stranger things have happened and both teams need a bit of a shake up.

    • Captain ahab, that’s alot of salary coming back to Toronto. Off the top of my head that’s atleast 11 mil. Schenn, Kadri, Reimer are at about 6-7. Even if I’m off by a little, that still puts us over the cap. There would need to be a salary dump going to Vancouver, but I still don’t like that deal. Ballard is a salary dump plain and simple. We’re already taking on Lou’s massive contract we wouldn’t need another dump. Raymond seems extremely expendible when talking to Nucks fans. I like Malholtra, good old Meadowvale boy, but the Leafs would be giving up a lot of talent while taking on too many spare parts and salary. Just my opinion.

  16. Burke has enough people in his stable of ex GM’s that he does not need to even talk to Gillis if he does not want to. There are a bunch of other people that can handle the discussions to get a deal done. I however don’t think Burke will consider Luongo too much unless its a steal. Contract too long, and I don’t think he’d have faith that Luongo can handle the Toronto spotlight. He’s said in many interviews that it’s one of the first things he considers when bringing players to Toronto.

  17. I think Burke may have to say I never signed the deal but Luongo is a great goalie and we could not pass up the opportunity. Luongo helped his team win 2 Presidents Trophies and helped them get to the SC Finals. Vancouver fans are no less willing to crap over their players than Leaf fans. The media are no less harsh or relentless in Vancouver. There are just more of them in Toronto.

    @ Durt – respectfully cannot see Luongo being a big package trade to Toronto if it happens. I see maybe Lombardi and a prospect or Lombardi and a pick going back in exchange. Lombardi is fast has some skill and can fill in the third line centre slot vacated by Hodgson, and he only has another season left before he is a UFA. That then only leaves Toronto with about 15 guys who can play 3rd line centre (LOL). I cannot see the Canucks parting with Tanev. Do not know the others well enough to comment.

    Kipper to Leafs would probably be a package and they would ask for a lot that we should not give up.Feaster will not want to get burned like Sutter did in his trades with Leafs.

    Thomas to Leafs makes sense on many fronts. Its short term and would provide stability, and wins! Bruins would love more draft picks (LOL), but Chiarelli may not want to help us too much after the Kaberle deal. I agree with Beer Goggles, a trade to the Eastern Conference will ensure Thomas bites them in the ass!

    I think the biggest goaltending decision for Toronto has to do with the goalie coach, Francois Allaire. Other than Leaf prospects, he has only coached Giguere while here, who he already coached before. Retaining Allaire could be the difference betweeen any of these guys considering coming to the Leafs or not, which might be why Burke went with Reimer and Gustavsson in tandem.

    I can hear Tim Thomas saying. “Butterfly my ass! I’ll just stop pucks, thank you.”

    Just my 2 Cents

  18. So DirtMCHurt, you want Luongo AND Tanev or top pick Jensen for G A R B A G E ?

    I guess we know which team you root for.