Latest on the Canucks and Flyers – Thursday, May 9, 2013.

Should the Canucks trade Cory Schneider instead of Roberto Luongo? Should they trade Alex Edler and pursue David Clarkson? How might the Flyers fix their offense and defense?

Should the Canucks trade Schneider instead of Luongo?

Should the Canucks trade Schneider instead of Luongo?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Vancouver Canucks would get more if they trade Cory Schneider rather than Roberto Luongo, believing the Philadelphia Flyers would part with Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn to get Schneider. Matheson also suggested shopping him to the NY Islanders for Kyle Okposo and one of their top prospects.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Jason Brough acknowledged Schneider at this point could garner a better return than Luongo, but suggests the latter might want out of Vancouver so badly not moving him would create a problem. Brough also suggested shopping defenseman Alex Edler to the Flyers, perhaps for Couturier. He also feels New Jersey Devils winger David Clarkson could be worth pursuing if he becomes a free agent, but noted there’ll be plenty of interest in Clarkson around the league.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Luongo’s as willing to cut ties and move on with his life and career as his critics among Vancouver’s punditry and fan base are willing to part ways with him. Yes, Schneider nets you a better return, but it creates a bigger problem with a potentially unhappy Luongo (who has already put his Vancouver penthouse up for sale) playing in a city which no longer appreciates him, being constantly compared to Schneider if the latter goes on to bigger and better things in another NHL city. Get what you can for Luongo, even if you have to pick up part of his salary to move him, and stick with Schneider as your starter.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli suggests Matt Read could be easier for the Flyers to move for an upper-echlon player, having a lot of value as a “multitooled player”, and suggests GM Paul Holmgren should trade for a first-line left winger. As for the defense, Seravalli believes Holmgren has little choice but to swing for the fences again this summer via trade or offer sheet as the free agent market is barren. He believes Holmgren could pursue Phoenix’s Keith Yandle, though it could cost Read, Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yandle is a far better blueliner than Vancouver’s Edler, though both are left-handed shots, while the Flyers lack a reliable right-handed shot on their blueline. Still, they need a skilled puckmoving blueliner, and I doubt Holmgren quibbles over which side they shoot from. Yandle will almost certainly cost one of those young forward Seravalli noted, and I agree with him Read is the most likely to be shopped, as Holmgren prefers to retain Couturier and Schenn.


  1. Please do not move anyone. Read, Couturier or B.Schenn or anyone else. Just draft and build. Give players at least 3-4 years to show what they can do.

    If we need a puck mover get Streit or Leopold and give Gus a chance.
    Look at Laughton & McGinn or Akerson during training camp, look at Horton, Clowe, Morrow, Ryder, Weiss or Clarkson for scoring.

    Enough with trades already. SIck of trades. We traded Bobrovsky and kept Bryzgalov because we give up on players too early.

  2. Completely agree with you. Let this team grow together. To be honest they should buy out brzaster and briere and try to fill the holes with affordable players and keep drafting well. I can live with two years of missing the playoffs to get some quality young players like the pens or hawks. I just prefer not to be as bad as those teams were for as long as they were.

    • I agree: I do not see Bryzgalov as a SC goalie. I do not see him making saves like Lundqvist, Quick or even Luongo, Price or Anderson. WTF did we get our self into, buy him out and cut our loses: Available goalies Nabokov, Backstrom. Theodore Thomas etc etc

      Sad about Briere he did fairly well here but cap hit is huge.. I am on the ropes with him. I’d probably buy him out too or trade him.

      Honestly, I would move Coburn at the right price on draft day. I hope Edmonton bites. He honestly made me sick this year.

      Hartnell Giroux Voracek
      XXXXX Schenn Simmonds
      Read Couturier XXXXXX
      Rinaldo XXXXX Talbot

      Timonen Schenn
      XXXXX Grossmann
      Meszaros Gus
      Huskins (I would resign him if he recoevered from Concussion)

      Mason * XXXXX

      • Why you have to be mad?

  3. I agree with both of you. Read reminds me of a young Patrick Sharpe with some flashes but inconsistent. Laughton, Cousins and Stolarz look like they might have something to bring to the table in a year or two.

    • Yah. The thing that intrigues me is the fact they played very well the last 10 games of the year. I wouldn’t make any moves of ridding youth at this point. Maybe cobourn for another 1st rounder this year. It’s a very deep draft and I’d be happy with pulock,nurse,ristolainen or even Haag

    • Cousins is not ready, he plays no D and his scoring may not transfer to NHL. Stolarz looks good in London but at least 1 jr season and two AHL seasons away. He made correct decision moving to Canada.

      Laughton is interesting, I’d play him 5 more NHL games next year but I doubt he is ready. Kid is a beast tough. He is not a scorer but he will skate circles around you making d-sive plays, take that puck away and hit you like a train. Maybe we have Ryan O’Reilly type of player here.

  4. What is it with the media and Couturier? And, what is it with the media playing GM? They are reporters, and that’s why they are just that….reporters. Granted Holmgren completely destroyed the Flyers, he can still retool the team and make it into a playoff one.

    As for Luongo, just trade him. Gillis has been an awful GM. Got an average 3rd line tough guy for Hodgson. Kept Ballard. Traded for Booth, who by all means is a heck of a player and i miss him in Florida….but you can’t keep a guy who is always injured if you want to make a run for the Cup.

    A good GM just does not….does not end up with a 15 man roster in the off-season at a $62.9M cap hit. That is ridiculous. Buyout Booth (or see if a team will take him), buy out Ballard. Trade Luongo for anything, and strengthen the team.

    Nonis got fired for this guy? Meanwhile Nonis just built a solid nucleus in Toronto and is a few pieces away from turning that team into one of the best in the East.

    • Nonis built in TO??? What?? He may have been part of the equation, but Burke was the lead GM in TO.

      • Burke had the pecies but didnt have the nerve or the foresight to see the issues the team had which is why he is gone after the 18 wheeler thing…held on to Ron way to long singed vets to bad contracts left youth in the ahl to long and to bullheaded to admit or see his mistakes…I beleive the success the leafs are having is all due to Randy and Dave, and the players that were in fact drafted by Burkie were in fact scouted more by his scouting staff then really anything to do with him…Burke put together a pretty good hockey operations office that was and is the only real connection between him and the success of the leafs this year…

  5. Nitro is right that Holmgren(trader Vic) should just keep his fingers off the trade button. He should build with the draft although I think it will show results in three or four years, not two. The flyers have been decimated by injuries to d-men and it is not very easy replacing a guy like Pronger.
    People keep saying to trade Briere, but he has a NTC and has repeatedly said he will not waive it. He therefore will be a buyout because he is getting older and is not as reliable as an offensive force as he once was. Flyers could also use his 6.5 million cap hit off the books.
    As it stands right now I doubt whether the flyers will be much better next year and so they must make a major decision to hold the status quo or start a complete and major re-build. They have a lot of young guys now and so should continue the trend. Trade guys like Timonen, Coburn(although still young) and other vets while you can still get something for them. And no John they will not get a first for Coburn.

    • Puck moving dmen with size and speed don’t grow on trees and their value are through the roof. Ask yotes about yandle. No way he’s worth all of that but with limited supply he is. Who knows what the draft will bring.

  6. Buying out briere only put you at the cap for next year and you have to fill other holes from free agents. Mezz is so injury prone it would be best for us if he retires. Trading unproven players laughton or who ever for a proven dman is just fine.

    • Have you heard of amnesty buy outs.
      Probably not.

  7. I think that Briere’s buyout is a lock. I do, however, disagree with buying out Bryz. I think the defense in front of him made him look bad. Luongo? drummed out of Vancouver….not the answer. Nabakov was drummed out of SJ. He’s is looking good now too. Bryz looked great on defensive minded PHX. He came here and looks less invincible…although he does hold the longest shutout streak in Flyers history. Bob wasn’t playing great….Oh, look!! On a defensively build team and he is immediately a Vezina nominee. Keep Bryz and Mason. Trade if you have to but hit the free agency market first.

    I have filled out Nitros, lineup: (Note to Flyers – -Stop splitting up Read and Couturier.)

    Hartnell Giroux Jagr
    Voracek Schenn Simmonds
    Read Couturier XXXXXX
    Rinaldo XXXXX Talbot

    Timonen YANDLE
    Schenn Grossmann
    Meszaros Coburn (unless you can pick up Jack Johnson or Shattenkirk)
    (Work in Lauridsen and Gus as needed)

    Bryz – Mason

    • Yandle? Too soft and not a top two dman in my opinion. But who goes the other way for yandle?

      • I believe that he is a free agent.

        • Signed till end of 2015-16 season for a 5.25 mil cap hit

    • I like this line up. Honestly it looks darn good and may acutally be capable of going deep into the playoffs….