Latest on the Canucks – April 25, 2012.

Reaction to Roberto Luongo’s admission of his willingness to waive his “no-trade” clause, plus the possibility of the Canucks shopping Ryan Kesler.


Has Luongo played his final game as a Canuck?

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector (no relation) interprets Roberto Luongo’s admission he’d agree to waive his no-trade clause if asked to do so by management to mean if he cannot be the Canucks starting goalie, management should ask him for a list of preferred destinations.  Spector believes that will happen in the near future, as GM Mike Gillis could try to move Luongo before July 1st to free up cap space for other moves, as well as avoid a messy divorce.

NATIONAL POST: Sean Fitzgerald listed the Toronto Maple Leafs, Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus Blue Jackets, Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks as potential destinations for Luongo, citing the potential difficulties of trading the goalie to those clubs.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes Luongo is the answer to the Maple Leafs goaltending problems, and while acknowledging GM Brian Burke’s distaste for contracts like Luongo, also noted assistant GM Dave Nonis was the man who brought the goalie to Vancouver from Florida six years ago.

TSN’s James Duthie reported via Twitter yesterday “Contrary to some Twitter talk, Luongo has not submitted a list of teams to the Canucks.”

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre doesn’t advocate the Canucks trade two-way center Ryan Kesler, but doesn’t consider it as unthinkable as it once way, suggesting no other move would so instantly transform and rebrand the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Luongo trade is more of a certainty today in the wake of his admission he’s willing to waive his trade clause than it was a day ago. The Blue Jackets would be the best fit, as they desperately need a quality starting goalie, possess sufficient cap space, and the willingness to invest in a goalie like him. The question, of course, is if he’d prefer to go there. Simmons makes a good point about Nonis’ ties to Luongo, but can Nonis convince Burke that the netminder’s big contract is worthwhile? I don’t believe the Lightning, Oilers and Blackhawks are legit destinations. As for moving Kesler, I don’t believe Canucks GM Mike Gillis has any interest in doing that, as his focus will be upon finding a trade partner for Luongo.


  1. Why trade Kesler? I understand the Luongo/Schneider speculation, but why do I get the feeling some Nucks fans want to make drastic changes? Relax, Vancouver has a good team. Maybe a small pick up to tinker but nothing big. Kesler should definitely stay.

    • They will not be trading Kesler, he’s their second line center who is a year removed from having an amazing season.

      Luongo will go now more than likely. Only a handful of a teams can pick up that contract.

      Have to figure they want a first for him, along with probably a top six forward and prospect… I don’t know how many takers will bite on that.

  2. Durt, full disclosure: I like the Canucks but can’t stand Kesler, so part of my thoughts on trading him come from a deep-seeded dislike of the guy. :)

    I don’t believe they’ll trade Kesler whatsoever. But if they did, they would get HUGE returns for him. The trickier part for Vancouver is figuring out what they need, other than players with heart (of which Kesler is one).


    For those who say Kesler is a big playoff performer: he had an *unbelievable* series against Nashville last year with 5G in 6GP. In his other career 47GP? A rather smelly 5 goals. And he’s a minus player in those games. I’d contend he’s actually pretty awful in the playoffs, and had one incredible series.

    Also, he is arrogant enough to, I think, be a locker room disruption. When Vigneault said he needed to be less selfish and use his teammates more, Kesler’s response?

    “Obviously, I don’t know what he means by that and if he wants to say that he can come to me and talk to me about it.

    “I am going to play my game, the things that have made me successful. I know what that is and if he wants to come talk to me he is more than welcome.”

    Not exactly a great defense against being selfish.

    Coach’s nightmare, regardless of how talented he is. The kind of guy who will turn players against the coach and lead to locker room discontent, I think.

    And, of course, his diving. Awful, and a bad role model for the other players.

    All that said, they won’t trade him, but I think doing so might be a good idea.

    At least *this* made me feel much better :)

  3. If the Leafs were to pick up Luongo, would he be able to handle the pressure in TO? I know he’s great and has an outstanding resume. I just feel he would crack in the TO Limelight. Who would we give up anyways? I dont know if other GM’s around the league feel that Kadri or Colbourne are that good. So who do we give up?

  4. Can’t imagine the Canucks dealing Luongo to Chicago, nor can I see Luongo accepting a trade to Edmonton or Columbus. Toronto seems like the most logical destination- they need a goalie who can steal enough games to get them into the playoffs, and Luongo can do that. Burke has no reason to be worried about the term of the contract- if he doesn’t turn things around soon, he won’t be in T.O. anyway. Maybe he could do a deal for Luongo AND Kesler, relieving the Canucks of two headaches and filling two areas of need for the Leafs. But a move like that would cost very, very heavily- and no, a package of Colbourne, Bozak, and Schenn wouldn’t even begin to cover it.

    • FLA and TB seem more logical than TO.

      • I used to agree with TB being the most logical spot, but now I wonder if TB has the flexibility to negotiate. You have to figure one of Malone or Vinnie would be coming the other way, but is that what the nucks want?

        • Tampa’s got about 48 million invested into next year, so, about 16 million to play with in the off-season.

          Roberto comes with a 5,333,333 price tag.
          16 players, with 10 million left to wheel and deal is actually pretty good.

          Vancouver on the other hand is at 55 million, 50 with Luongo off the books with 16 players; so 14 million.

          Ryan Malone is pretty much what every Canuck fan has been wishing for, a big guy, who can put up decent points but also plays with a ton of grit and will fight if need be. Vinny would put them in cap hell (keep in mind, if there’s a free buyout this summer, Mr. Lecavalier will surely be bought out from his ridiculous contract). So it’ll be interesting what they ask for from Tampa Bay. They have a slew of forward prospects, about 9 of them that could possibly play in the NHL, and 3 of them be good producers.

          From Tampa, I think Vancouver will ask for:
          Ryan Malone, Forward Prospect, First Round Pick.

          What I think they’ll get:
          Ryan Malone, Prospect + 2nd Rounder (maybe).

          Win for both teams IMO.

  5. i don’t think it would cost much to acquire luongo. the canucks would just be happy to be rid of his big contract and the goaltender controversy. additionally with the way vancouver is stacked with talent they would likely be looking for character guys, young players with upside, and picks.

    just my two-cents.

    • I would have agreed with that… but look at what LA gave up for Carter, who also has a disgusting contract because they needed more offense.

      A team requiring a goalie would probably offer something similar to the Carter deal; first, top 6 forward or top 3 d-man; and even maybe a prospect.

  6. I just don’t see Luongo in TBay, our young guys are developing quite nicely so all we need is stop-gap like Vokoun or even Gustavsson.

    • I might be wrong, but I don’t see any real notables in goal for Tampa (Development/prospect wise). I know you’re a TB fan, so think of it this way:

      How many more points would Tampa have if they weren’t dead last in goal against? I mean, they came relative close to play a playoff position, factor in a competent goalie, and you’re looking at a minimum of an additional 12-14 points.

      While yes, they have a great future, they’ve developed well forward and decently on defense, nada in goal.

      • ** They came relatively close to playing for a playoff ***

        Urg, too late to be posting.

  7. Well given the new information that Kesler played the last few months probably needing shoulder surgery, combined with last years hip surgery, explains a lot of his mediocre play this year. I doubt very much the Canucks would move Kesler based on those facts alone.

  8. Don’t expect much in return for Luongo. If he goes, vancouver won’t want much salary in return.

  9. I can’t see Luongo in Toronto. He gets enough heat in BC.. Toronto is 10x worse than that – -in way of media coverage.

    I don’t know why he would not be in Tampa… He was better than Vokoun.. or Gustaffson — he has a history with Yzerman from Team Canada… so I see it as a good fit… and his wife is from Florida so I think they would like to go back there…

    But it’s all about the price… Tampa unloaded players for picks at the deadline… so they may have those picks necessary to get him.

    Between Parise, Suter & Luongo.. it’s going to be a very interesting off-season indeed.

    • Team Canada means next to nothing. Yzerman didn’t have to pay there salaries or handle burdensome contracts. Unless there is a penalty free buyout or the ability to renegotiate (spelling?) then I would be VERY hard-pressed to see him down here next season except to play against us.

  10. The fact is the Canucks put themselves in a tough spot. By starting Schneider the last 3 games they basically told Luongo he is no longer their starter. Now Luongo did the classy thing by saying he would waive his NTC, but what he didnt say was ‘to what team’. He controls that, so the Canucks will not get anything like they should( refer to the Ryan Smyth trade last summer).

    On top of that, there is no way Schneider signs a contract until he knows what is happening with Luongo. Why would he? If they cant trade Luongo, why sign and stay? The only thing the Canucks can do is qualify him, and sign him to a one-year deal, which makes him UFA next year. So the options are trade Luongo for little to nothing and sign Schneider as your starter. Or keep Luongo and either trade Schneider for much more than Luongo will bring, or watch him leave as a UFA next summer. And other teams will know this. Why would TO trade Gardiner, if they can force the Canucks to consider trading Schnieder instead, same with Tampa. Canucks did not think this one out very well report this comment

  11. So all it would take to get Edmontons first pick all Toronto would have to give up is Schenn and Phaneuf and a second round pick but Schenn colburne and Kadri wouldnt be enuff to get it done…I dont understand you leaf fans….( the above mentioned first round trade proposal was posted a couple of weeks ago….) and tho i agree it wouldnt be enuff for louongo the first overall pick is worth considerably more than a 33 year old choke artist who lost his job to his back-up with a long and expensive contract….give your collective heads a shake

  12. Vancouver will be lucky to get a bag of pucks back for Luongo. That contract is enormous so unless some team like Columbus steps up in desperation I can’t see much of a return coming back. I still can’t see Burke trading for Lu after all his bashing about these long term contracts. If he does trade for him he will loose all credability in the league for opening his big mouth and actually testifing against NJ in the Kovalchuk deal.

  13. Lou to TO has a huge problem that no one seems to have noticed.
    Putting him in net with the swiss cheese and molasses defence in from of him will make him look like an average goalie. If he looks average, Leafs nations will go postal and call for BB’d head (he made the worst trade ever) and try to run him out of town. They need some defensemen to go along with him to make this thing work.

    Please Note: they just hired a defensive minded coach. Goal scoring is expected to come later…..slow and steady is how they are expected to improve its not supposed to be a description of the defense.

    • Did he look avg on the worst hockey team in the league when he played for Florida?

      • Well you have me there. He was good in Florida too.
        I still stand by my comment that the defense needs to be upgraded too. Mind you TO brass is talking about having team goal tending. This implied the interest in Lou is low. IMO

  14. The cap hit on luongo’s contract is not that bad (under 5.5mil) and what everone is forgetting about is the out clauses in his contract. think there is an out clause in 3 years time. So a team bringing up a young goalie could have lou around as a mentor for a couple years (somewhat similar to what the canucks did) and then opt out of the contract when the time comes. Doesn’t sound too bad to me

    • There are no out clauses in Roberto’s contract! People keep saying that but it is not true, all NHL contracts are guaranteed. If there was such a thing as an out clause the NHL would have to recalculate the salary cap hit for all previous years of his contract. His clauses are he has the right to provide 5 teams to be traded to at the end of the 2013/14 season and at the end of the 2018/19 season the team has the right to ask him for 5 teams to trade him to. These windows are only 15 days long, July 1-15.

  15. Toronto is a good fit for Luongo. In Vancouver he needed to win the cup, in Toronto he will be a hero if they just get in the playoffs, so the right off pressure is less and the objective more achievable. He also has a big ego, and would relish the opportunity to be the saviour. In any case, he made his name in Florida on a mediocre team, so lots of shots will be nothing new… So what do the Leafs give up? Kadri and Schenn?

  16. With Ovi’s reduced ice time in Hunters new system in Washington, is he available for a trade to Vancouver for Lou?

  17. The Man__Oss says:
    April 26, 2012 at 1:21 am

    With Ovi’s reduced ice time in Hunters new system in Washington, is he available for a trade to Vancouver for Lou?

    The short answer is no. Caps beat Bruins tonight BTW. Canucks need defensive minded players. That is not Ovi’s bag, but he is learning under Hunter.

    Regarding Burke and his objections to crazy contracts like Luongos. He has said he would never agree ( Ie. Sign )to one. He never said he would not take on one that was existing. He typically does not offer No trade clauses, but makes exceptions. He typically does not sign contracts for more than 5 years. But he did take on Dion Phaneufs contract, which had slightly over 5 years left on it. He always says he respects the contracts that a player has signed, and honours them.He never bitched about Finger getting 3.5 per season for 4 years, he just sent him to the minors!

    Some of the very best goalies currently in the league , are between 30 and 39 . Kipper, Thomas, Brodeur, Luongo,Smith, Anderson. Roberto probably has 5 or 6 good years of hockey of his 10 left on his contract. If that is what it takes for your goalie prospects to mature and be ready to step in it is a great gamble for any team looking for reliable goaltending until then.

    I hope Burke gets it done. It will help the team and possibly save his job if he is smart.

  18. I’ve been saying this all along; Luongo is going to TB for Lecavier, a higher pick and a mid range prospect.

  19. It is Amazing. The Universal notion on the boards, here included, is that Vinnie 4 is now an average player with a horrible contract. Such disparaging comments usually end with Vinnie 4 going to the disparagers team in a trade. Duh.
    He is a good #2 center on the team where Stamkos is the #1. He is the prototype of the perfect citizen in the community. He skates, scores, hits, shows up every game. He was overpaid, a little, in a different era following BRINGING TAMPA A CUP (All cup teams have a few players signed the year after at too-big deals … its the nature of the beast.) There is significant business value, to the Lightning only, in having a good player and a good person play his entire career in one town and if he plays five more years at current levels he retires a Hall of Famer.

    If he and his contract are so awful, why do y’all seem to want him so badly.

    If there is a get-out-of-jail card in the new CBA, there are potentially worse money-talent mismatches that V4 to adjust.

    His value to Tampa significantly exceeds his trade value. I believe he stays.

    Luongo’s value to Tampa is perhaps A high #2 and a prospect Like Panek — they only get a Connolly or a #1 if they take back Ohland to retire a Canuck. You don’t need to give up a Malone to add goaltending next year adequate for the playoffs with this team.

    That’s his value to Tampa. Others may pay more.

  20. Vinny is a career -112. You can’t consider a player like that a “good #2 center” good centers need to be able to play both sides of the puck. This is something that is noted about Vinny that he has struggled with for his entire career.