Latest on the Canucks, Canadiens and Red Wings – September 13, 2012.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, P.K. Subban, Carlo Colaiacovo and Justin Abdelkader.


Luongo willing to wait for a trade.

NATIONAL POST: Iain MacIntyre reports Roberto Luongo has no problem waiting for the Vancouver Canucks to work out a trade, even if it means starting the season with the club. GM Mike Gillis, meanwhile, isn’t willing to just give Luongo away, acknowledging he’s received “solid offers” but insufficient to convince him to move the netminder. Gillis doesn’t expect having Luongo on the roster will be a problem, and also doesn’t expect to move Luongo before the September 15 expiration date of the current CBA.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards on the possibility of Luongo being dealt back to the Florida Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, the Panthers appear the logical destination, as Luongo will definitely accept a trade there. To make it happen, however, the Panthers will have to part with one, maybe two, of their promising prospects, which GM Dale Tallon thus far seems reluctant to do. If/when the NHL season begins, I suspect the Panthers will see how things go with their current tandem of Jose Theodore and Scott Clemmensen. If they’re playing well, they won’t be under any pressure to make a move. If they struggle, however, that could force Tallon’s hand. As for other possible destinations, those aren’t likely to be determined until a new season unfolds.

RDS.CA: Bertrand Raymond reports the Philadelphia Flyers expressed interest in Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban following their unsuccessful efforts to sign Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber to an offer sheet.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER’s Sam Carchidi reports via Twitter: “Forget the Subban trade rumors to the#Flyers. Nothing to it, a source tells me.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt the Flyers made inquiries about Subban’s availability. I do doubt the Canadiens will move him. Sure, the Habs could ask for, say, Sean Couturier in return from the Flyers, but moving Subban would leave a huge hole on the Habs blueline which they won’t be able to fill via trade or free agency.

NHL.COM: cited a report out of St Louis claiming the Detroit Red Wings had signed UFA defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo to a two-year, $5 million contract.

MLIVE.COM/DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Red Wings are still talking contract with Colaiacovo regarding a two-year deal, but GM Ken Holland claimed he’s not signed.

MLIVE.COM: The Red Wings are reportedly close to re-sign center Justin Abdelkader to a four-year contract, which could be worth $1.7 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe an Abdelkader signing is imminent, perhaps announced as early as today. Remains to be seen what happens with Colaiacovo, but it’s obvious the Wings remain interested in him.


  1. If Flyers refused to move Couturier or Schenn for Weber they won’t move any of them for Subban. Also, Couturier was able to shut down Malkin at 19 years old. I doubt Subban can play against Gino and be as effective.

    • Shut down as in what, not letting him score two points a game? Don’t get me wrong the kid is good but by no means is 8 points in 6 games shut down.

      • Dont know if you actually watched the philly pens series james crackhorn, but if you did you wouldve seen couturier dominate malkin. Sure malkin finished the series with some points, but if you had watched it you wouldve seen that was only because couturier wasnt out there, as when he was malkin was useless and was getting furious that he couldnt do anything while couturier was on.

        • typical flyers fans with their heads in the sand … about all Couturier can do with Malkin’s jock is sniff it …

          • Trading Subban makes no sense for Mtl. Not even for Malkin Jock Eater (ha ha)

  2. Anybody else tired of hearing form/about Luongo?

    Dale Tallon’s bread & butter has been taking poor teams to quality draft picks and letting those draft picks develop & change the over-all dynamic on that losing team.

    Why would he trade quality top end prospects for Luongo?

    Not trying to diminish Luongo his accomplishments or his abilities, but does adding him take the Panthers to the Stanley Cup?
    Does his addition put Markstrom’s major league chances & development on the back-burner?
    Would the prospects have made a bigger long term by becoming part of Panthers youth movement?
    Granted they have drafted lots of players and maybe there are prospects that the drafted later who will take a bit more time that Canucks would be interested in.

    But, imo, Luongo makes them better, but doesn’t take them to the eventual goal of the Silver Cup.

    Maybe the pressure to get fans in the seats in Sunrise FL is mounting, but what serves filling them better? A big name goalie that raises them in the stanings or the exciting development of the fine stable of forwards the Panthers have drafted.

    Besides..Markstrom is going to have to play in the NHL, whether it is at a slower pace or this season.
    How will the END of the Luongo deal look if the two both want the crease? Isn’t that a situation Luongo wants OUT of?

    Obviously the Cap space use helps Florida, whereas most teams would have to fit Luongo, and commit to Luongo…

    • Exactly what he said. Couldn’t agree more. Huge thumbs up.

  3. Markstrom is at LEAST a couple of years away from being a quality starter in the league, by the time he is ready to take over Lu will be 35/36 and entering the back side of his career. Do the same thing with Markstrom that the Canucks did with
    Schneids, and let Lu mentor him. Schneids has said many times that he has done
    a lot of learning from Lu and how to handle the game.

    • Patrick, the reply comment by Shawn’s post was for you….

  4. i agree with the others as in trading away youth for aging goalie with a big contract would not be a good move.a new cba for the next 5 to 6 years may benifit florida more as that younger talent may not be able to get those huge contracts,that are out there now.i see tampa bay or toronto as a destination for luongo,tampa bay has some contracts they would like yo move and need a goalie,toronto needs a goalie but not sure who they would offer up in return.ive heard chicago as a rumour but who would they give up or want to.if the cap stays where its at would florida no benefit from trading for a tim thomas whos cap hit is 5 mill and they can just give up a draft pick because im sure the bruins would let hin go cheap since he does not want to play this year and get that caphit off the books,

    • Not trying to one up you, but I have heard, out of Dale Tallon’s mouth that the plan IS to bring Markstrom slowly along but that playing at the NHL level will be something that is planned if he shows strong play and adjustment on the farm….
      I was very surprised when Florida re-up the golatenders they had, and that to me sounded like the opposite of Tallon’s comments, but I guess you never have enough at all positions.

  5. I dont agree that Florida seems the logical destination. They have one of the best young goalies in the world who is a year away and based on last year, a solid tandem in the meantime. I could see if they needed to get to the cap floor like last year, but with the likelyhood of a new CBA I just dont see it. Honestly I dont see a perfect fit for Luongo anywhere. There are question marks with him being in TO and CHI as well. I honestly think Van really screwed the pooch on this one, when AV made Schneider his starter in the playoffs, the Canucks lost a lot of leverage in trading Luongo.

    I think Subban for Coutourier would be a great deal for the Flyers. I dont see Coutuourier having as much upside as some think, and Subban has all the tools and the attitude that Flyers fans would love.

  6. If the Canucks do not move Luongo by Saturday’s lockout deadline they will not be able to move him until a new CBA is in place. That being said, there is a very good chance that the salary cap ceiling will be lower, or at least that is the rumour, than it was this year and if that is the case then a lot of teams will be in tough as far as being able to meet it and the Canucks may well be stuck with both goalies and be over the cap with few options.
    Personally, I would have moved Luongo by now even if just to make room cap wise. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out after the league snaps the locks on the doors.