Latest on the Canucks, Maple Leafs, Senators & Jets – March 30, 2013.

Could Roberto Luongo be dealt to Toronto at the deadline? Are the Leafs even in the market for a goalie? What are the plans of the Senators and Jets as the deadline nears? Read on for the latest.

Canucks and Leafs talking about Luongo again.

Canucks and Leafs talking about Luongo again.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports the Canucks are making “one final push” to trade Roberto Luongo by the trade deadline. Talks have picked up with teams like the Maple Leafs, who are rumored to be offering a second-round pick and maybe a prospect. Botchford earlier suggested such a low offer is not going to convince the Canucks management to move him at the deadline.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports the Maple Leafs would like to add a veteran goalie with playoff experience (Luongo or Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff) but under the “right circumstances”. McKenzie speculates if Kiprusoff is willing to be dealt, he could be had for a draft pick, and claims the Canucks asking price for Luongo hasn’t gone down much, as they remain interested in Leafs centerTyler Bozak, plus a prospect and a pick.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis claims he’s not working on anything big at the moment, but didn’t rule out the possibility of something happening leading up to the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nonis isn’t going to tip his hand, but it’s obvious he’s keen on Luongo and Kiprusoff and doesn’t want to give up too much to land either guy. I doubt Kiprusoff could be had for a draft pick. The Leafs would have to at least part with Ben Scrivens plus a prospect or pick. The Canucks desperately need a second-line center, so they’re not gonna accept a pick and prospect for Luongo. I’d say the Leafs have a better chance of landing “Kipper” than “Bobby Lou”, but that doesn’t mean they’ll land one or the other by the deadline. Don’t be surprised if both guys are still with their current teams after the deadline.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN: Senators GM Bryan Murray isn’t seeking any blockbuster moves by the deadline, looking for “quiet” deals which could help his team without giving up too much in return. He’s reportedly contacted the Dallas Stars regarding Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr, but won’t deal for them at any price. Murray has received inquiries about Ben Bishop, and doesn’t intend to carry three goalies, but is leaning toward demoting Robin Lehner again when Craig Anderson returns from an ankle injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray will try to tweak his lineup, but I don’t see him moving Bishop now, as he could probably get a better return this summer. With some of his injured players due back soon, Murray doesn’t have to make any desperation deals, plus his depth in young talent continues to carry his injury-ravaged club.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe doesn’t expect Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to make any blockbuster moves, doubts he’ll be bringing in any rental players at the deadline, and  called upon Cheveldayoff not to move out pending UFA Ron Hainsey at the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff will keep his options open, but I don’t expect he’ll move out Hainsey. With the Jets in playoff contention, I don’t believe he’ll move out any key players, regardless of their free agent status.


  1. okay so i still dont want lou in a leafs uniform and thats only because his contract length but if there is a deal how about grabo for lou straight up then??? van needs a secondary center and toronto needs a goalie. van gets there second line center for 5 years and torontos stuck with the last 3-4 years with luongos contract? this is the only way i would do a deal for him might half to add small pieces on each end say like toronto a third and van adds a 5th but it could be done…

    • I think that trade proposal is probably what’s being bantered about, Lu for Grabo and Scrivens or Reimer. It’s the only way it works cap wise for the buds and Van gets a center they need so badly along with a decent back up. I would have to think it’s Reimer being offered only because he can’t play back up to Lu for the next nine years.

      Kipr would be a better choice due to his shorter term contract allowing the buds to keep Reimer. Kipr would most likely be handed the number one for the playoffs unless he falters then in comes Reim’s. Nonis has said from day one that if they can upgrade at the goalie position they will. He has not deviated from this statement all year long. Whether or not most people think Lu or Kipr are upgrades over Reimer is up for debate but I’m sure Nonis thinks they are or he wouldn’t be making inquiries.

      • The trade works for both teams and I kind of agree with you about reimer going the other way but for me reimer is a no go. If they did land lou it wouldn’t make sense to keep reimer in the wings for the next 4-5 years at least. to be honest i think Reimer could be the number 1 guy for toronto just has to stay healthy. he has such a level head which is needed to be a starting goalie in Toronto. Wish the media would stop beating this dead horse as well as the fans. If we are looking for a vet it should be on short term ( kipper) and if I am looking long term then i am going after Miller/Hiller in the summer. I am still not sold on the whole idea, i think scrievens and reimers could be a great 1a and 1b just need the experience.

        • Totally agree

          • Totally makes no sense FYI.

          • Totally disagree, Canucks won’t make a deal if Grabo is coming back the other way. Bozak or wait til the offseason.

      • Bozak makes way more sense than grabo as having been pointed out many times nizam is really a 3rd line center on most teams and will walk for nothing if not re-signed/traded and van doesn’t need a permanent top six center, just a quick fix as Hank and Kes lock up those spots. No way gillis takes on grabo’s salary just to put him on the third line for the next few years.

        • Bozak not nizam. Auto correct…:(

        • I agree Bozak is the better option for both clubs but the Leafs need to shed salary if they are going to bring on Lu’s contract otherwise they can’t make it work long term with all the RFAs to sign this summer who have had a banner year. Liles going to Van is the only other option I can see to make room cap wise.

      • Another wonderful post by Ron Moore. Sooo insightful as usual

  2. Remember “Stand Pat” Gillick with the Jays? I think Nonis is cut from the same mould. Having said that, Pat Gillick certainly made moves when he thought the team had a chance to win it all – Joe Carter and Robbie Alomar come to mind. I don’t think any Leaf fan would say the Buds are at that stage by any means. Why not stick with this group and see how they handle the heat?

    • I’m fine with standing pat with this group provided everyone is fine with letting Bozak and MacA walk for nothing. The buds can’t afford to pay Bozak 4 or 5M. He is a third line centre on a decent team and some desperate idiot GM will probably give him that much in the summer.

  3. So what your saying then is we can all look forward to a real boring trade day.

    • Ehh from a Leaf fan point of view yep….good news tho the off season will be super busy :-)

  4. ahhh Botchford. He is the only reason we are in the Luongo mess. His propaganda effort against Luongo after the Stanley Cup Final 2011 has ruined the relationship of the fans and Luongo. To quote him as a source is just sad.

  5. this is stupid I am sick and tired of hearing this Luongo crap unless you get him for next to nothing I would not due this deal you are going to be stuck with this cap hit long past him even being that good its bad management.

    • Doesn’t it make sense that if van wants a lot for lou and no one is really biting that the next logical step is to buy him out since that contract will handcuff the nucks or any other team and as a GM of a rival I would wait for him to be a ufa and take my chances and sign him then if I can costing me just money and not any assets, especially after what is speculated is wanted in order to obtain him.

      • That’s the worst suggestion yet…

        • Worse than Lu for Grabovski and 1of to he 2 goalies I don’t think….lol

          • If they buy out or even keep Lu they are under the cap next year if they add Grabo plus Reimer they are over next year and still have Grabo playing 3rd line center once Kessler is healthy so basically they are in the same boat (a little worse actually) minus Lu plus Grabovski….

          • At least if they don’t want to keep Bozak they can let him walk and they don’t have to pay Lu anymore thus saving 5 mill with out using a buyout which with as tight to the cap as they are they will need to use both just to sign enough players to fill their roster…

          • They aren’t going to buy Lu out so that part of the suggestion is just plain stupid. He will at the very least be traded for next to nothing.

          • I didn’t say they would I said Grabovski plus a goalie plus they would still want a prospect worth something would be just as stupid as it would put them pretty much over the cap….

        • Almost as bad as Kessel for Coyle in the middle of battling for a playoff spot.

          • Again Iknow reading isn’t your strong suit but I said something like that could be looked at in the summer possibly at the draft…

  6. I could be wrong but I’d feel pretty confident betting the farm that Leaf fans would like to have that Rask deal from a few years back reversed. This whole Bobby Lou to TO would never be taking place.

    • Ya and I wish Darryl Settlers was still playing cause we wouldn’t need a center…what does that have to do with anything????

      • Stupid auto correct…lol

    • He’s implying not to trade Scrivens, perhaps.

      • Maybe….seems like an odd round about way to say it…

  7. The Sens will get Anderson back shortly and Michalek in about 3 weeks. But I don’t think they let Cowen play even though he is practicing. And no Karlsson and now also appears no Spezza.

    I don’t want Murray to trade any good young prospects like Ceci, Puemple or Noeson to get a short term fix.

    Just play with what you have this playoff to see what happens. Gets the young players more playoff experience and hopefully some other NHL team has these stupid injuries next season. Too many of Ottawa’s top players are out with injury. And to think, the Sens have the best GA/G average in the NHL and for over the past month have played with 2 rookie goalies and for most of this season with 3 rookie defensemen in the lineup. It’s just incredible what the coaching staff has done with this lineup with a lot of inexperienced NHL players..

    If McLean doesn’t get coach of the year.. then something is wrong. Therrien has done a real good job in Mtl.. but they are playing with a healthy lineup. As for Quenneville (sp?) in Chicago it’s pretty easy to win with a loaded team.

    • 1000% agree Ottawa coach deserves the jack.

  8. To Chicago : – Boyd Gordon, max Talbot or Eric Belanger
    – Robyn Regher or Ladislav Smid

    To LA : – Michael Ryder, Jaromir Jagr or Ryan Clowe
    – Jordan Leopold or Ladislav Smid

    To Boston : – Jaromir Jagr, Derek Roy or Ryan Clowe

    • Montreal just traded for Ryder and he’s paying way better than Cole did. Why would they trade him to LA when they’re ahead of them in the standings?

      • Agree I knew Dallas made a bad trade.

  9. the smoke blower has spoken again murray says something and the sens think its gold

    • Well coming from a Leaf fan who hates the sens can’t blame them really Murray has done a nice job and deserves the benifit of the doubt…

  10. im a life long leaf fan . I hope they keep this young team together. its the best they have had in a long time..go with the goalies they have that’s who got them where they are. and of course all the rest of their young stars. let this team jel . they are not ready to make a run for the cup yet . but I think it will be only a matter of time

  11. Why would anyone want luongo. Am I the only one who watched the cup finals against Boston.
    Add his contract. forget it not worth the price of salary or trading any assets.
    Lot of other better Goalies out there.

    • I love lu and think he is one of the reasons they made it to the finals but he makes no sence for the Leafs with the contract or for the fact I really do believe that Reimer just maybe a number 1 guy in this league a little under in the experience category for sure but how is he suppose of get experience if you pick up a 5 mill goalie with 9 years left on his deal? If you are paying him that much you don’t think they are playing him at least half the time? I do believe a vet backup up might be an idea for a year maybe 2 but that ain’t what your bringing in Lu for…Ride it out with Reimer see what he is like in a playoff scenario if it’s not pretty well chalk it up to seeing what you got maybe take a look in the summer at what’s around…you have Sparks in the OHL lookin good Scrivens Rynas who look like capable backups if goaltending ends up being an issue down the road maybe look at an upgrade then for a shower term but really the team is going better then most would have thought why not take the time and get a good look at what you got in all situations before you start jumping to conclusions…

      • I think Lu is a good fit in either situations in Florida and could be in a couple other places aswell just its not a great fit in Toronto IMO…

        • Why do you think he would be a good fit in Florida? Markstrom has proven to be a number one goalie. Panthers do not need an overpaid long term contract for a has-been when they have a great young goalie. Just because Luongo wants to go to Florida does not mean it will happen or that they need or want him. Luongo does not fit in Florida at all.

          • Agreed

          • Markstrom is 23 and sure might be a number 1 someday maybe but so far has played in a total of about 20 NHL games you’re ready to anoint him as a number 1 guy really? After an 84 game schedule you may think otherwise…not much of a resume there Theodore is Theodore has a good year or 2 everywhere he goes then fades and Clemenson is a career back up good for maybe 10 15 games a year. I think Luongo is a definite upgrade there and a much better fit then in To.

            Tampa has Lindback again a goalie who has played 30 nhl games and hasn’t really been the no. 1 guy they expected and Garon (nuff said) yes I think Lu fits either of these teams much more then To.

            Where Reimer has a sv% of .920 around 10th in the league 3 shutouts (again around 10th) and nearly 100 games played…Reimer gets a bad rap I think, he plays behind a very shaky D puts up good numbers and people still question about the need for a goalie..

          • Shticky they will get a good goalie to work with Markstrom not a guy with a long expensive contract. Markstrom is the man. Tallon has said so and has said he may even bring Theo for a year to play with Markstrom. So save your breath, Luongo is not coming to Panthers. Period. Markstrom beat the Devils last night and their future hall of famer. Better chance Luongo ends up in New Jersey.

          • Future hall of famer eh?…20 games in and calling him hall of fame material, nice…well won’t waste my breath with you…

          • What happened to your theory on sink or swim. He’s not going to get better sitting on the bench watching Lu play all the games.

          • Again learn to read…I said I don’t think Lu is a fit in Toronto and don’t think we should deal for him…if they think they need a vet backup up then I’m ok with that, as long as it’s a back up not a goal tending tandem scenario… if Reimer gets hurt or to play in a back to back situation down the stretch you may look at a vet backup up and maybe send Scrivens the other way as part of the deal, seriously man your worse than a child…

          • The post is just up the Page where I make it pretty clear how I think Reimer is a number 1 guy see how he works out in the playoffs if he chokes maybe look at something else but with his numbers and the way he’s played plus the fact he is playing behind a bit of a work in progress D. I think he deserves some credit and the chance to show he can be the guy.

  12. Reimer has played very well. If I was Nonis, I’d get a veteran goaltender before the deadline. Something that doesn’t cost much. That is not a knock at Scrivens because Scrivens has played just as well as Reimer this year. But neither goalie has the high pressure playoff experience yet.